This is a 4K drone with a 2 axis gimbal. This drone advertises to have a 9842 foot remote control distance, which will allow you to fly this pretty far without any control or display issues. I dont have an area where I can keep a clear visual on the Drone and fly that far out, so I wont be testing that today, but even if this does fall slightly short of that, that is still a very impressive distance. Looking at the specs, this has a two axis: gimbal plus electronic image: stabilization level: 6: wind resistance, GPS, follow me mode, two batteries for a total of 56 minutes of flight time and a Max altitude of ‘3 feet all right. So I already went ahead and got this set up, which is a very easy and quick procedure. Its been snowing a lot lately, but today we had a clear day out so lets go ahead and test this out. It is about 25 degrees outside, so hopefully that doesnt affect the performance of this drone. So here we are in an empty field near my house. When you launch the Drone, you always want to make sure you have a clear path to not only launch the Drone but also landed as well. The last thing you want to do is try and land it and instead it gets stuck in overhead, cable or a roof and then well. There goes your new drone Im in a few different Facebook and Reddit groups for drones and theres.

Always a post like this. Almost every week so take proper precautions, so you arent joining them and losing your new drone as well. One of the main reasons I got this drone is for its follow me mode. I do all my e back videos alone, and this is going to make it a lot easier to get alternative footage of me. Writing simply set the Drone to follow me mode. Go for a ride and just like that, without any additional help or tripod. I can get more footage to enhance my videos keep in mind. This drone does not have obstacle or collision avoidance. So if you do this, you have to make sure it is in an open area where the Drone can fly clearly without hitting anything Music. Thank you. Music, thank you. Thank you, Music foreign ly, just as I was about to start recording myself get on the e bike, then test out the follow me mode. The remote control died. I had it set up in the air and I heard like a crashing noise and I turned around. It was the Drone that landed and it was blinking red at first. I wasnt sure what happened. But then I went and checked the remote and it said power off and I did charge it before I left, but it is rated to only operate in 30 degrees and up right now, its about 18 degrees outside so Im sure that played a part in the Battery dying a lot quicker than it should have, so, unfortunately, I wont be able to get any writing footage or test out.

Follow me mode at this time tomorrow were supposed to have a snowstorm and then, after that, were all on the negative degrees for the rest of the winter. So, Im just going to put the video out like this for now and hopefully in the springtime Ill, do another video and test it more thoroughly all right. Well, this drone definitely does everything it promises to do and for the price is definitely a great value drone. Well, I do wish it had collision avoidance for a better peace of mind that, aside its still the perfect drone to either Fly for Fun or capture, writing footage on bikes like myself to top it off the 4k camera on. It also looks great as well keep in mind for the best video quality you want to record on the internal drone storage and not on your phone from the transmission all right, well, that about wraps up this video once it gets nicer out Ill, be using this Drone a lot more and anytime, you see any drone shots in any of my videos. Those will be from this drone here as usual.