Should you need roku, f11 grams im has to offer it has a 4k camera with 2 axis gimbal stabilization. That gives you a very clear and very stable video quality, no matter what type of shooting activity you will be doing with the drone photos are taking 4k quality and videos are captured in 4k at 30 frames per second, together with its own metric image, stabilization technology, Reducing boringness in your short and high definition, shoots noisy drones can be annoying and stressful to operate f11. Gm contain brushless motors that make the entire fleet quiet yet powerful, with speeds reaching up to 15 meters per second scared of running out of battery. Your recall comes with two intelligent batteries that can give you 20 minutes to a maximum of 56 minutes of flight time. If you plan on shooting landscapes and sceneries, this drone provides you hd image transmission from as wide 1900 to ’00 feet and is remotely controlled to up to four thousand nine hundred feet with its far reaching you dont have to fear losing your drone or with its Gps or to return home function recall f11 dm also specializes in many smart features that will make your video capturing experience unlocked better. Just your shooting point of interest, flight routing planning through waypoint fighter and a gps intelligent tracking system with all the smarter and advanced features. You may think this drone would be complicated to operate.