Ever since i became a drone, enthusiast ive had quite a few different drones. Some of them are great. They go super far get some very clear video. Some of them are very bad. They blow with the wind, and you can barely do anything with them. That being said, ive still had a good time and got a lot of different images that i would normally not be able to get such as mountains, oceans, you name it basically things that would require having a helicopter on retainer. That gets those amazing aerial shots. With this, its just so much easier, and with that being said right here, we have a drone that if it actually turns out to work exactly as its advertised should be so much better than all the ones ive tried for really one reason, because this can actually Transmit hd video from the drone to your phone from up to 9 800 feet away, doing some quick, math thats, roughly 3 kilometers, roughly 2 miles like that is insane currently in my arsenal. My most powerful drone can only go about one mile and sometimes it cuts out before you get to a mile. So i mean if i can get a little bit over a mile without it cutting out id, be happy, but two miles: oh its gon na be a great day now, although it does do that, it is going through the five gigahertz wi fi band, so depending On how congested the area is with five gigahertz signals, you might lose some range.

So keep that in mind, but right here, inside of this big fancy, looking box, we have the ruco f11 gym: 2 4k wi fi drone with a 2 axis gimbal stabilization system. It features brushless motors along with seven levels of wind resistance, so you can fly this in the wind and itll stay pretty still, especially with the two axis stabilized camera. You should get some very smooth video, no matter what the conditions are and plus the wind resistance will allow you to fly it around without too much issue. Even in windier conditions were looking at up to 56 minutes of flight time with two batteries. Of course, id recommend getting as many batteries as you can on hand. So you can fly one for 20 minutes fly back fly for 20 minutes fly back. You can fly this thing for hours on end. If you have enough batteries because the batteries do take. Quite a few hours to charge, so you want to always have some extras on hand, so youre not left stranded with a drone, just in your hand, because whats the good in that. Of course, this drone does also feature all of the standard. Drone features such as a one button come home, so itll come back to exactly where it started within a couple feet as well as coming home automatically if it goes out of range or if the battery is about to die. So that way, you never lose.

Your drone thats always a good feature to have it even has follow me mode. So itll follow you around without you having to do anything so it can capture you riding a bike or whatever youre doing, maybe, if youre hiking as well as point of interest. So you can actually have it circle around a certain object and get a full 360 degrees of it, which is pretty cool. So that being said, im super excited about this. The box is looking great, really really smooth. I like it a little bit of shine to it, looking great feeling like a quality drone so far, but you know its a drone that matters not the cover of the book. You know. Oh man, we got a ziploc bag and inside the ziploc bag we got a nice almost its pretty hard shell for a carrying case. Ruco branding up here on the corner, definitely going to protect your drone nice little carrying handle here. Oh, it actually goes down too thats pretty nice. I like that. Okay, this is actually the first drone that ive had that has a usbc charging cable, usually its micro usb, which i hate so very nice to see im getting more excited. We also have a quick start guide, disclaimer and safety guidelines, a user manual and a box of extra blades. In case you happen to break them, which you probably will and now the moment of truth lets get to the actual drone and wow this things.

Looking like a beast, this is a drone all right. We also have the spare battery and the remote control, which is looking very nice and also feeling very satisfying. Oh just look at that shine. This controller is feeling very good in the hands. Of course we got to extend these antennas just like it said this will definitely support a large phone now. With that being said, lets take a look at the actual drone itself. I mean this thing: has some weight to it. It is a big boy drone. This isnt, a toy thats for sure lets, extend all of the arms out. Oh man, this things looking nice lets, remove all this cardboard seriously. This is looking like a nice drone. Of course, up here on top, is where we have the power button, as well as one of the removable batteries. We just hold down the power button it powers on. It looks like we have three quarters of the way charge, thats very nice, as it feels very easy to turn it on once again just hold down the button. The lights will go down and itll turn off completely very easy. You can easily remove the battery by pressing the buttons on both sides and lifting up. It comes right off, go charge it with that usbc cable, which is a big thumbs up and then easily replace it with the other battery. That way, you can double your flight time now. Take a look on the front.

We actually have this cover. That is covering up our two access: gimbal stabilized 4k camera, although it does say full hd, wi fi camera. So we actually have to check out if its 4k or 1080p. But as you can see, it is stabilized on a gimbal and you can easily rotate it down and forward, depending on what youre trying to capture right here slightly below the camera. We actually have the micro sd card slot, one isnt included, but i definitely recommend getting a fast, powerful and large capacity micro sd card. So you can capture all your favorite moments down on the bottom. We do have two rubber feet, so it can land properly along with these two rubber feet on each propeller in the front over on the back, we do have some ruco branding, i mean seriously. This is a pretty simple drone for being so powerful. So let me just turn this thing back on once more Music, because really the only other thing to see are the lights on each propeller and that way youll be able to see it at the dark and other people will be able to see it. So theres. No chance of collision so with that being said, let me actually turn on the controller now that we have the drone powered on its connecting. It says it takes about 40 seconds to connect. So now that were connected to the drone lets take a look at the remote control, of course down here on the bottom.

We have that usbc charging port, so you can keep it nice and fully charged no replaceable batteries very nice up here on the top. We actually have a camera shutter button, along with a video shutter button. Of course, with two little rotating wheels, the right one will actually rotate the gimbal down as well as up and the left will actually zoom in and out very cool now over here on the front, we do have two joysticks, so you can make the drone go Forward up down left right, you name it. You can go anywhere. You want then down here on the left side, we actually have a button that will cycle between modes. We start off in camera mode and, as you can see, we have the lowest speed possible. So you can get a nice smooth image. You can switch to normal mode, which is right in the middle as well as sport mode, which is going to let you go as fast as possible right here. We have a stop button, thats going to be used for emergency. So if you press this, the drone is going to literally stop flying drop out of the sky and crash land. So you dont want to do that unless its an emergency, because the drone will get damaged right here. Of course, we have the power button to turn it on and off, as well as the one touch return to home feature. So if you lose the drone, the battery is gon na die youre trying to figure out where it went just press that itll fly right back to where it started.

As long as you keep gps mode on so thats very nice. Now, taking a look on the screen, we also have a bunch of different options here over here. On the left side, you can actually see the speed which we already saw. You can see that were connected to wi fi. You can see. Gps is flashing because were inside and it cant get a good signal. We also can see the signal strength of the remote control to the drone, as well as the battery percentage for the remote control, as well as for the drone, and now my favorite thing about this is right here on the bottom. We can actually see how far the drone is, how high the drone is, as well as how fast its moving forward as well as vertically, just by taking a quick glance very nice. So you know exactly whats going on so now. If you want to actually take full advantage of this drone, youre gon na need to download the route code. Drone app from your app store were gon na open. It up were gon na, be greeted with this screen and were actually gon na have to connect to the drones wi fi. As you can see, we have an unsecured network and its easy to connect. Then were gon na head back to the app were gon na tap up here. Make sure you select your model of drone. We happen to have the gi.

M2 were gon na tap on controls and now see it wants us to calibrate the drone. But as you can see, we do instantly have a live. Video feed coming from the drone, very nice, plus all the features you come to expect take off landing return home gps map here on the left side. So you know exactly where the drone is distance. Height speeds, camera, shutter, button voice, recording sd card status, battery percentage and all of that good stuff. Now, of course, if you want to dive in a bit deeper, you tap these three buttons to go to the menu it starts off in beginner mode. So it wont let you go too far, but were going to turn that off because were pretty much professionals here and were also gon na extend all of the distances. So we can take this thing to its limits and then were gon na press save and then it sets it directly to the drone. We can go to track and you can actually see how many miles youve flown, how high youve gone. How fast youve moved as well as all the different records, and you can also go to ptz, adjust to adjust different camera settings very nice and very easy. So with all that being said, theres not much else, we can do with a drone like this. Inside a closed environment, so were gon na head outside, put this thing to the test, and hopefully its as good as im expecting.

If we can go about two miles, that would be fabulous and just like that we are outside its a wonderful sunny, hot hot. So hot day, so lets try out this drone and see how well it can fare right here. Lets get it started up. Looking very good so far and now lets lets take off im actually curious how far we can get this thing to go. I have it. Maxed out right now i turned beginner mode off, of course, so lets go up right now. We are actually about 22 meters in the sky and rising wow, all right, nice view. So far, looking very good while were going up, there were definitely going up there, like. I said i really like that. It shows you how high and how far the drone is on the screen on the remote thats. A very nice touch, even though it is on the app all right. So right now were actually about a hundred meters in the sky and now lets head forward and see how far away we can go im hoping to get at least close to two miles. One mile would be great, but two miles would be amazing. Right now were moving at about five meters per second, which is actually pretty fast and so far were about 60 meters away. When it comes to distance, the camera is very smooth, so far, very clear, im liking it i lost the drone. I should have paid attention.

Whered it go. Let me actually angle the camera down a bit. Oh look at that nice and smooth no jerkiness thats, always good to see. Let me go back up a bit thats the red truck at the red trucks over there, so shell be over there somewhere, see it see you can get a shot of it. Where is it i cant see it see? This is pretty great, like the drone is practically invisible right now, but its still going nice smooth footage. I could check the freeway check traffic condition, send this into the local news station. I do like how, on the app on the bottom left corner, it actually shows the map of where the drone is and, as you can see as i move around it rotates. So if i happen to lose track of it, i could just follow that to figure out where it is its over there somewhere right now were actually about 500 meters away, pretty crazy. Still a crystal clear image going on im impressed wow nice view of everything. Well, at least the sky is clear and theres no chance of hitting a tree or something so right now were actually about a half a mile away. I mean it seems like its much further. I mean i dont even know where it is its over there somewhere, but were still going 800 meters plus, and we still have a solid connection to the drone, which is pretty insane 1.

000 meters away. You see some nice water, some green, some roads, a bunch of cars a while ago lets do a complete 360 real quick look at that. Oh wow! Look at that all that greenery right there! Wildlife action along with that nice lake or river! Very nice lets head over toward that greenery over there. Okay, there we go are those a bunch of trees or bushes about to hit a mile and right now we are one mile away from right here so thats pretty far, and we still have a connection. I can still see whats going on that green is looking very green for being so hot out here and were still going uh. Oh wait a minute. The remote control lost connection for a second but did regain connection and were still going. I still have a video feed were going about seven meters, a second right now, wow were still climbing. That green though wow thats a lot of green ive, never seen it from up here. From this point of view, thats nice, two thousand meters – what i did notice – this is a little bit weird when the controller loses connection. I do lose the connection to the phone too. So i mean thats good because were getting a pretty solid connection to the controller and the phone at the same time, even though, were over a mile away. So, im not sure if this is a thing, but now that im thinking about it, it should be a thing if it isnt have the phone connect to the controller that connects to the drone, because the controller can go further than the phone when it comes to The connection and i feel like thats whats happening.

Oh, we did lose connection for a little bit, but we are back once again at 2500 meters of distance and just look at all that green thats insane im getting a little bit scared here. It should automatically return home if we do lose connection, but im a little bit scared, because i have no idea where this thing is its way over there somewhere. I love some green see right now its connecting again, but its really got connection back. It looks like our signal. Strength is strong, so im not sure why it disconnects so right now were 2600 meters away, which is what about one and a half miles. Almost all right, so were at about 2 851 meters away. We lost connection and its trying to connect and its not connecting so far im a little bit scared. Now what if it doesnt come back, it should be coming back by itself right now, since it lost the connection. Oh wait were back connected again. Oh were still where we were, though didnt come back im, not sure if i should be scared or not. Oh, its beeping wait a minute distance, limited, okay and now its returning home. So i mean its about a mile and a half away, so its probably gon na take some time, but it should come back to right here and land gently on its own. As you can see right there, it says going home and its beeping, so we know whats happening.

We can obviously cancel it out if we want to so its coming back at about 10 meters, a second 66 meters in the sky and its currently 2 400 meters away, so its probably going to take at least five minutes or so to travel a mile and A half, but where is it? I dont see it and we lost connection. Oh its good connect. Oh there we go so now we got a feedback. We did lose connection for a little bit once again, but as you can see, it is heading back toward us right now: 2, 000 meters away and dropping. I still dont see it in the sky somewhere, but i am looking at the bottom left corner of the gps and it is coming directly toward us so im sure its gon na come back. So thats always a good sign, but i am impressed. It actually went the full distance before it got limited and had a connection with a video feed as well as the controller, albeit it did drop out a couple of times, but that wasnt too long and it did come back plus for most use cases. For me at least im not gon na be needing to go two miles. I mean i just wanted a solid mile and it did deliver on that. So im very impressed with that. As long as i can go, a decent distance away and height and still have a connection, thats a win for me all right and, as you can see, it is back within our viewing distance, its at about 150 meters right now, 60 meters in the sky traveling.

At about seven meters per second coming right back to where we started for a nice soft landing, it actually didnt take about eight minutes to come back because it was so far away and its actually going against the wind right now, because i could feel the wind Blowing on my back so that always makes it go a little bit slower as well as use more energy. But now it is right above where we started, give or take a couple of feet and its going to land on its own. Currently, at 45 meters in height and dropping im really impressed, we went over one and a half miles away, thats insane and we even had video feed the whole time, except for the couple of parts where it did cut out, which i was somewhat expecting. Okay, let me actually angle the camera down, so you can see me there. I am hi how you doing drone come on down. Come to daddy, come on dont, be scared, which way is it facing youre missing me? Where are you over here there? I am hey buddy Music. Oh, it landed a little bit rough right. There ive seen them usually land a bit smoother than that, but it did land very good. So im really impressed with the drone. It actually went over one and a half miles before it was distance limited, and that was while it was over a hundred meters in the sky. But i was really impressed that the video was still connected the whole time when i was one and a half miles away, which is insane coming to a phone with a 5g connection, wow so very impressed with this drone, its you know its one of the heavier Drones, but still very lightweight and very compact has some very good video quality and it actually came back to where we started.

So i have no complaints here. I would definitely recommend this if you want a drone that can go over a mile without a problem. Obviously that will depend on your area and how much wi fi connectivity is in the spectrum in the area. But right here i feel like we got a little bit of wi fi in the area, because we got hotels around here and superchargers and all that stuff. But you know we still got some good views and seriously. That was a good time. I like it.