Warn you right up front. I have got a cat in here who has to be the center of attention wherever is going on and he loves chewing on microphone cables. So maybe a few interruptions here and there, as i chase him out of the way. But, first of all let me say that, if youre in the path of hurricane ida – and you can get out, please do so and if youre stuck and cant hunker down and be safe. Okay, also, if youd like to see more videos like this one on a variety of different subjects, please dont hesitate. Donut, yeah donut hesitate. You can tell whats on my mind, please do not hesitate to click the like and subscribe buttons and for those of you who already have. Thank you very much. I appreciate it so this video is my one week review of my latest purchase my ruco f11 gim drone. If you remember from the last video i bought it monday today is monday august 30th and i bought it monday. Last week i ive been able to practice with it off and on ive gotten a total of five hours of flight time in with it, and my thoughts on this drone after one week is as good as when i first bought it. Actually, after five hours of flight time, ive got enough control of it im gaining some some some confidence with it im not so concerned its going to fall out of the sky anymore im a little concerned.

I get it out of my line of sight that its going to just for no reason whatsoever, just fly away and ill, never see it again, which isnt going to happen because its gps stabilized and its got that return to home feature. But i have had a chance to play with the automatic orbit. Ive got a chance to try out the follow. Me features the point of interest. I havent tried the map, yet this is something interesting im going to get out and try sometime, because i can actually bring up a map satellite map of my area, and it will show me the the circle little red circle, of the drones maximum range that ive Set it, for it wont, go its called a geofence and it wont go past that so, if i set this geo fence say for 1000 feet, even though the maximum range is 4000 feet, the drone will not go past 1000 feet and if i try and force It past it itll just ignore the commands and come back inside the fence, so its not going to fly away. It has a maximum range of 4000 feet which is under a mile and its just not going to go any farther than that thats its programmed range. If it violates the maximum range, its return to home function automatically kicks in and it comes flying back to wherever i launched it from its just that its out of sight and ive only done that a few times and im getting more confident with it.

Ive crossed the road gone over the go out into the golf course which ive got some shots in the video im going to show so yeah im gaining in confidence gaining in skill level. Im still practicing some manual moves like circles, orbits things like that, which i would not expect to master with five hours of flight.