This is my flight review, video of the ruco f11 gim. For those of you who watched my previous video a it was an unboxing of the f11 gim, but i didn’t really get a chance yet to get to know it and try it out yet, and i really wanted to give it the attention that it deserves. It’S got a lot of features and functions that i wanted to cover, and i wanted to make sure that i knew all that stuff before i got into it. So i spent the past few weeks flying it. I really appreciate you guys, patience with that um, but i got to know it really well, and i got to figure out everything and get to try all the different functions and features and i’ve got a lot to uh a lot to tell you guys. So i don’t want to spend too much time yakking right now, uh if you’re curious about the stuff you see here and everything you get in the package go ahead and watch the unboxing video i’ll link to that above. But for now this is just going to be flight, related uh information. So what i did was i took it to my local flying site, i charged the battery packs and on a full pack. I tested every feature i could think of during that single flight and i actually got quite a few in um. I was really surprised with the flight time so i’ll cut to that right.

Now we can watch that actual flight and then, after that, i’ll come back and introduce the other two things that i tested, which was the actual flight duration and the fpv and signal transmission ranges. So, stick around after the flight review and i’ll cover those things as well, but for now here’s the flight review. Okay, guys, i wanted to do a quick review of the ruco f11 gim, the weather’s kind of crappy today, but i think i can get this in before the weather rolls in. I wanted to just go over everything that you get here. Everything you see here, you get with the uh. With the f11 gem uh, you don’t get the helipad that’s the exception i’m flying out here, it’s kind of sandy and gritty. So i put my helipad down but everything else. You get a cool, quick start guide, a detailed instruction manual, this awesome controller, uh charging cables, extra set of blades screwdriver, an extra battery pack, the drone itself and then a really nice carrying case i’m, not going to go into the details of all that i’ll. Do the unboxing video and go into more detail on all that you get with the unboxing, but right now i want to get into the actual flight stuff, which is what everybody wants to see anyway. So let me get right into that i’m recording with my phone. So first thing you want to do is take the gimbal cover off you get a nice little gimbal cover on here, uh you’re, gon na pinch this and pull down there’s a little tab that sticks inside there, it’s kind of flimsy make sure you don’t break it And the gimbal is very sensitive and very fragile, so don’t physically manipulate the gimbal at all, just be real, careful taking that cover off when you unfold it make sure you take the arms that have these gear sticks, these gear sticking down, make sure you take these Out, first kind of pops into place: you’ll hear it kind of snap and kind of feel it snap into place.

That’S, how you know it’s fully extended, but if you take, if you don’t, take this one with this with the gear sticking down out, first it’s going to lock up on itself. For instance, if i try to take this small one out when you try to open the big one, they’re gon na hit so make sure you take the front one down first or maybe take the front one out first and then extend the back one. So first thing i want to do is turn the drone on i’m gon na long hold this button on the top it’s gon na make those chime sounds and the lights in the back are gon na flash blue. I don’t know if you can see that lights in the back are flashing: blue, i’m. Sorry, they’re, flashing, red i’m, going to turn on the controller by pressing the power button and now you’ll see them start to flash blue and the front’s flashing white. So that means we’re connect we’re connected now the drone and the controller are connected. So next thing i want to do is connect my wi fi to the drone, so i can use my app so i’m going to go ahead and go into my wi fi ruco gim you’ll see it there. It starts automatically connecting on my phone checking the quality. All right so it’s connected no internet. I would expect that that’s fine, now i’m, going to go to my rouko app i’m going to insert it into the clip here.

Hold your phone nice and securely i’m. Not worried about my phone falling out feels really secure, and i really like these fold out handles um. It keeps the it gives the controller some mass in your hand, it makes it easier to hold instead of just being this tiny little thing, they don’t actually hold your phone, even though they kind of look like it. Maybe a phone will slide in there if it’s the right size but um. They do have this nice bracket for holding your phone, so i just really like them. They give you something to hold on to and manipulate the controls. I think it’s a fantastic design um anyway, i’m gon na go to my controls here and you’ll see the live screen uh, it says ready to fly, but i’m gon na do a quick calibration to calibrate i’m gon na hold up and out on both of these And it showed me on the screen what i wanted, what it wanted me to do, so that is what this is doing is calibrating the gimbal, so it calibrated the gimbal horizontal so now i’m going to go up and in this is going to calibrate the drone Itself so up and in is not working here we go. Okay, i just got ta hold a little bit longer, but now it’s asking me to spin the drone around. So this is the classic drone calibration thing: i’m gon na hold it level and spin it in a circle.

This just recognized that and told me to hold it vertically nose up and rotate again so i’m going to do the same thing, holding it nose up all right, it’s the screen went off so it means it’s calibrated. It gives you instructions on the screen and the lights on the back of the drone, also change color to indicate which step it’s on. So that explains all that in the manual. But it does give you very clear indication about how how it’s calibrating and then it gives you on screen instructions as well, so they do a great job of covering all that stuff. Now one thing i want to show you real quick is: i am taking off in beginner mode and i’ll switch modes, as i start to fly just to show you how all that stuff works, but i’ll show you the benefits of starting in beginner mode. If this is your first or second drone and you’re new to all this, definitely a good idea to fly in beginner mode. This is your map down here. You can see that red orbit around my location also make sure your gps is turned on. I should clarify that, but make sure your gps is turned on on your phone, because that’s going to recognize your location and this red orbit, this red circle around my position is my geo fence that i have set up, which you can turn off, or at least Extend i’ll show you how to do that later, but for now, we’re gon na go into flight mode there’s several different ways to take off i’m gon na take off using an auto takeoff to demonstrate that feature but manually to take off.

I would just pull my sticks down in the center here like this. You can see it started, the rotor started spinning and it said flying on the app now. I would just give it upwards throttle to take off right now, but instead of that i’m going to actually do a auto takeoff – and that is this button right here – press that it’s that’s gon na ask me: are you sure, i’m gon na say? Yes, she pops right into the air, so it is in gps mode right now and it’s kind of windy today. So this is a great test of how it does in the wind it’s just gon na hover there waiting for an input so i’m gon na give it a little bit of altitude and go forward a little bit just keep it away from me, but i’m gon Na try to keep it in in the frame. If i can so you guys can see all this, it is pretty windy today and normally i wouldn’t be flying a wind like this, but i really wanted to get some get some footage. So uh first thing i want to show you is the different flight modes i’m, going to press record on this i’m going to switch to camera mode on the screen here and start recording, so everything the everything i’m doing is recording on the drone right now. But the benefit of this beginner mode is it won’t? Let me fly outside this fence now, i’m going to show you what happens if i try to fly outside the fence outside this red circle, i’m, just booking it straight ahead, going straight towards that fence as soon as i hit as soon as i go outside that Frame, it says distance limited and it brings me back inside that circle, so no matter which direction i fly in it doesn’t matter.

Whatever direction i go, it’s going to automatically say distance limited and it literally like cranks the drone stops it and brings it back inside the circle. So if you’re flying near objects – and you don’t want to be um, you know you don’t want to be hitting anything or you’re you’re right outside your airspace, location, whatever it is, set that circle to the distance that you want and it the drone literally will not Fly outside that circle now i can turn all that off another benefit of beginner mode. Is it keeps the drone a lot more stable? I can disable all those settings by going to this screen here. Turning off beginner mode, yes, and now i can set my flight distance and this is going to change the width of that circle. The max is 1500 meters, i haven’t tested it to its full range, but this is supposed to have a really good range. I have gotten it pretty small and uh it’s unsettling enough to be to want to keep it close, but i’ve got a lot of confidence in this drone. So far make sure you hit the save button when you’re done doing that, or else it won’t save your settings. It says save successfully. Now, when i go back to this screen, you can see that there is still a circle but it’s a lot farther out there and i have a lot more range of movement farther than i want to go, but it’ll be good for our demonstrations here.

So the first thing i want to show you guys is i’m going to get a little bit closer and i’m going to show you some of these awesome optical settings that the drone has now. I do have different modes i’m going to go back to here. I’Ve got different modes here: i’ve got sport mode; sorry, you can’t, see the controller sport mode, normal mode and camera mode i’m in normal mode right now. But if i hit this button here, it cycles between the different modes – and i know those lights are really hard to see. But now it says sport mode and all that means is this going to make the drone a little bit peppier a little faster. A little more nimble i do have a gimbal control. You can see that on the screen – i’m, not in the frame here so i’m, just going to tilt my gimbal down a little bit using this switch right here and there is a little bit of a lag. So when you start pressing the button it’s going to take a second to catch up so just know that, but overall that little gimbal controller works great it’s, nice and smooth it just does take a second all right. I got myself centered on the frame. The other switch over here is actually your zoom, which is super cool. I can. I can zoom in on the drone now it’s a digital zoom, so it’s not going to use optical, but it does work pretty good still.

So if you want to get a better view of something you can actually use that switch to zoom, in which i think is great um anyway, i’m going to get a little bit closer, it’s, probably pretty close enough just to give a demonstration. But okay. So next thing i’m going to show you guys is the different, auto tracking modes. These are really great. I absolutely love them and it works flawlessly so far on this ruco f11 gim first one to do is image, follow so i’m going to slide this it’s going to say, image follow and i’m going to just drag this box around myself now it’s identified me or At least this box and whatever’s inside this box, it’s going to keep in the frame and you’ll see as i start to walk the drones actually following me and keeping me in the shot now one thing to note: it will not follow you outside that red circle That radius, that i set earlier so if i walk outside the circle, the drone’s not going to follow you it’ll, keep pointing at me, but it’s not going to follow me outside that circle. It’S going to stay inside that safe zone, so that’s the optical i’m, going to go back to here turn that off. So i turn that off now i’m gon na go to gps follow now. Gps follow does the same thing. Only it locks onto your phone’s gps uh. This is saying gps phone signal two week: wait for a minute to change another place, that’s unusual, because it’s doing just fine.

Okay, now it says, follow me ready. I don’t know why it said that. But apparently i had a gps issue, but now it’s actually locked onto my phone’s gps, so you’ll notice it’s going to do the same thing but it’s actually using the gps. And one thing i want to note is when i’m doing the optical mode. I can walk below the screen like i can walk out of the frame underneath the drone and it’s not going to follow me using the optical. I can actually walk out of the frame. Side to side is okay, but i found that i can walk outside the frame down and the drone won’t follow me, but gps. If i walk out of the frame, if i walk below it, the drone is locked onto my gps signal and it automatically backs up and keeps me in the frame, or at least close to it. So it does a great job of actually following you. I prefer the gps mode if you have a strong gps signal, but if you don’t, the optical mode works really well as well. All right next thing i want to show you is the i’m going to turn that off by just pressing gps again, it says exit follow me up in the corner there. All right next thing i want to show you is the waypoint flights. This works really well. If you’re setting up a waypoint or setting up a series, you want the drone to do an automatic flight plan of some sort.

I can go in here. I can do route rules. You can see there’s a little go button down in the corner here. So what i’m going to do is just set up a series of points, one two, three four five i’m gon na set those up and i’m gon na hit go and the drone’s literally gon na fly. Those uh fly that path and it’s just gon na go for it now you can’t see, i know it’s really tiny it’s right. Can you see the it’s right here, but it’s literally flying that same waypoint path that i just hold it to? I can’t get both of them into focus, but you get the idea now. I can control the altitude as it’s doing that i’m going to go up a little bit, so i get a little closer but it’s just automatically flying that way. That path that i set also, it is going to fly straight down that that path, but i can actually change the yaw setting if there’s something i want to film, but from what i’ve seen it automatically repositions itself facing forward when it gets to the when it Gets to each waypoint, so i think you can control all those settings the speed it flies and all that stuff, but just to demonstrate the waypoint functionality. It does work great now, there’s one more thing that i wanted to show you guys as far as the um as far as the auto stuff goes and there’s an auto orbit.

Now i want to be specific about this because it took me a second to figure out what was going on, but you can set the an orbit flight path where it’s going to orbit around a point now the trick is it uses controller inputs to lock the Drone’S location and it’s going to orbit around the position that you lock into. I want to do an orbit around myself, so i’m going to come and fly directly over. My head i’m gon na look down on my gimbal just to make sure i’m getting myself in. I get directly over my head: oops, sorry, it’s, really windy Music, all right, that’s good enough that’s as far down as it points but that’s plenty. So what i’m going to do now is i’m going to hit these two camera buttons. The camera button and the recorder button i’m going to hit both of those and tap them both simultaneously and what that does that says up in the corner here it says locked around center point so that’s locking in this position now. What i want to do is back the drone up to the distance that i want to fly the orbit to now. My gimbal’s still pointed down so i’m going to tilt that up. So you can see me all right. You can see me there go down a little bit and get a little bit of altitude and what this is doing is locking in the radius that i’m going to fly to now.

If i wanted to do a really tight circle, i would have just kept it really close to me and it would have flown a circle around that point. The next thing i’m going to do is hit these two buttons again and it’s, going to automatically start flying that orbit around the point that i just told it to so. As you can see, the drones find a nice circle around me, basically it’s a little bit off, because i didn’t dial it in really good but it’s going to fly a circle around the point that you hit those two buttons at so make sure if you’re flying Around like a car or something parked like a stationary object, just get the drone directly over that object, hit those two buttons back up to the distance that you want to be at and then hit those two buttons again and it’s going to fly its orbit now, If you don’t want to for it to wait until it completes that full circuit, which i don’t want to, i got other things to show you guys just hit this right stick and any right. Stick. Input is going to disable that follow me. It says, surround exit. I don’t know if you saw that up in the top corner, but it says, surround exit up in the top corner. So next thing i want to demonstrate: i’ve demonstrated the follow me functions and the waypoint um. The gesture photos these work great, but they’re a little finicky, but i do want to demonstrate them i’m going to get it a little bit closer to me.

You have to be in close range to do this that’s. The only way i found for it to work and the instructions even tell you that i’m going to do gesture photo slide to start now. The camera should recognize me and whenever i make a piece symbol, it’s going to give me a three second countdown and take a picture see if it works. It does take a second for the drone to recognize you. I might not be close enough. It’S. Also a me against the light background. Oh you know what. Maybe this is not a great place to be doing this all right, let’s, try, gesture i’ll turn that off turn on just to record all right there. It goes it recognized me holding my hand up, gave me a countdown and it starts to record it actually stopped recording, because i was already recording so i’m gon na. Do that again, all right and it started recording again, just using my hand, motion just waving. I recognized that motion and it started. Recording again, the uh gesture photo works. The same way you make a peace sign. It gives you a three second countdown and starts recording, so i demonstrated all those they do work. These are not the conditions. I’M. Against a really light background and it’s, really windy i’m, not mad – that that’s not working um it’s more of a a gimmick anyway, when i can just press this button and start recording or press this button and take a picture um, the gesture photos are really.

If you don’t have your hands free um, which is fine now i can control the angle of the gimbal using the phone screen as well. I can tilt that up or down, but i see no need when i’ve got my my physical control, which i like a whole lot better. So i’ll show you that you’ve got these other like you, you can make a music video in the app itself. I don’t really like that um i haven’t messed around with it too much, but it seems a little gimmicky and then the vr. If you’re flying with vr glasses, you can actually turn your phone. It splits the screen down the middle and you can put it in a set of vr glasses and uh actually fly vr, so that’s kind of cool i haven’t played around with that yet, but all the other features there’s a few more things that i wanted to Show you you can see, i’ve been flying for a while now and i’m still just over half of my battery. So this has a fantastic battery life you can tell from the video. It is really windy and breezy out here today and the drone is doing a fantastic job of canceling out the wind motion. Obviously, the wind’s making it go up and down a little bit, but as far as side to side rocking the gimbal is doing a great job of keeping the video stable so i’m really happy about that.

There are a few safety features. I wanted to show you real, quick i’m going to go ahead and gain some altitude and back up i’m still in sport mode, so it’s being pretty peppy there’s a camera mode as well. I think i told you guys and camera mode makes it a little bit smoother as you’re flying keeps the transitions and the it does like more sweeping turns and it helps for recording. So there is that mode um. I wanted to show you the return to home. There is, if i press this button, it’s going to return to home and i’m going to show you that later, but i’ll press that it’s going to return to home and land there’s, also a land now button. If i press land now button, which is this button up in the top corner here, it’s going to land wherever it is, but if i press to return to home and land it’s going to go up to altitude, whatever i have set in this altitude screen return Altitude it’s going to fly up to that altitude make its way point directly towards the position that took off, which is right there and it’s going to come down automatically. Now i can tweak it as it’s coming down and get it in position, but what i really wanted to show you guys this is one of the coolest features to me and i had to test it to make sure it worked.

But if i turn off the controller, the drone is automatically going to come home. I don’t know if you can see it out there it’s right right here, i’m going to turn off the controller, and i want to. I want you guys to see it actually come home as soon as it loses controller signal, press and hold okay, controller’s off the drone is going to say uh. Oh i don’t have connection anymore. This says return home and here comes the drone. Can you see it? I don’t know if you can see it, but it’s gon na fly up to altitude. It starts making its way directly here. I’M gon na step back. So you can see sorry, i know it’s out of the frame, but it came back to this home point and it’s coming down right now says down landing now. One thing i want to show you is: you do lose signal. I can turn the controller back on and it should automatically reconnect with the drone and it did cancel descend all right. So it saw all right, controller’s back it’s, happy again, but it was ready to land it’s directly over the land spot and it was ready to come down. So it was doing exactly what i wanted it to do. It came back home as soon as i lost controller signal i’m gon na go back out again and show you the return to home. Hopefully, this time you can see it out there all right, there’s, the landing pad now i’m going to press the return to home button and it’s going to do the same thing.

Oh, i pressed the. I pressed the autoland button, so it was trying to land exactly where it was. So this is the return to home, but it’s going to do the same thing, just heads towards me and it starts to come down. I don’t want to land. I was just showing you how that works, but it’s going to as soon as it touches down it’s going to turn off the motors and it’s going to stop right where it is but there’s. One more thing that i wanted to show you and that’s turning off gps mode, now right now, it’s in gps mode. So it knows where the drone is and it’s keeping the drone stabilized and it’s keeping the drone locked in where it is. Oh i’m. Gon na turn off return to home. Sorry, it kept wanting to come back down and it kept wanting to return to home, because i still had that selected. You have to unselect it or else it’s just going to keep wanting to come back home. So make sure you have that selected uh and turned off so last thing i wanted to show you is turning off gps mode. I know these lights are hard to see, but you can see the green gps mode. Light is lit up if i press and hold this button it’s going to turn off gps mode and that’s going to put it into manual mode or sport mode. Some people like to call it the problem with that is there’s, nothing, keeping it stable, there’s, nothing, keeping it locked in because you just turned off dps.

So the drone doesn’t know where it is so the wind is automatically going to start taking it. I got to be on my toes because it’s kind of breezy today, but i just want to give a demonstration of how that works. Let me get this turned up, so i can show you i’m gon na hold this button here and i’m gon na turn off gps mode and we’re gon na watch. What happens hold it for five seconds. You see the drone starting to shift. I have to actually put the control inputs in here and i have to keep it stabilized it’s up to me to control it there’s, nothing stabilizing it there’s, nothing, keeping it stationary it’s, all me doing it. So if you turn off gps mode, make sure that you are controlling it now there is one thing that you can do you can you can trim the controls when you’re in gps mode, so if i’m flying indoors or i’m flying outside there’s a real gentle breeze And i want to keep it locked in. There is one thing you actually can uh i’m trying to show you get in the frame. So i can show you this, but um sorry, it’s really windy. But if i press and hold this button here, i’m going to put it back in gps mode for a second just to show you because it’s really hard to get it all, lined up all right back in gps mode, she’s locked back in not moving around.

But what i was going to say is: if i press and hold this button it enters trim mode. I have to press it for five seconds and it’s gon na start beeping and whatever control input. I give it it’s gon na compensate for that and it’s gon na lock that in as trim so i’ll try to give a quick demonstration. It might be too breezy for this, but let’s just try it i’m going to turn off gps mode. All right, gps motor is off it’s, automatically drifting, so i’m, going to try to keep it locked in there i’m going to press and hold this button. Okay, i don’t know if you heard those beeps, but every beep was a input of trim and i don’t know if you could hear it. I know i’m really close and probably all you heard was the drone rotors. But as i input right control, it was going and each one of those was a was a click of right trim to compensate and whenever i let go of the button it’s going to memorize that that trim, setting and it’s going to keep that trim locked in. So it does take a second um to get that locked in. I don’t know if you can see but i’m, not in gps mode, and it did take that trim, setting it’s still going up and down and it’s still going forward and backwards. But as far as the side to side goes, it’s doing a lot better it’s, not just drifting constantly to the left, so it did intake or it did take those trim settings that i put put into it so i’m gon na put it back in gps mode.

All right, we’re back at gps, i’m, trying to think if there’s anything else that i haven’t shown you other than low battery return to home. Uh we’ve been flying for a while now i’m, not sure it looks like i’ve been recording for 27 minutes. I know i haven’t been flying that whole time, but i’ve been flying for a while battery is just now showing a yellow bar, so it is getting down there, but we still have plenty of uh plenty of juice left for flying so i’m, just gon na put It in sport mode and i’m gon na zip it around a little bit and we’re gon na see how fast she can go and what she can do now. One thing i’ll say as always about flying with a wi fi transmission to your phone is, you do have limited range as far as how far your wi fi transmission will go and also there is a little bit of a lag. So if you guys are used to flying fpv with goggles, this is not going to be the same thing, there’s a considerable amount of lag with the control, depending on what you’re used to if you’re, not flying fast and you’re not used to it. This is perfectly fine and i have no problem with it, but i am more used to flying with fpv goggles, so the wi fi lag is a is considerably different, but now we’re just flying having fun i kind of want to use up the battery juice.

You can see so you can see it returned to home automatically with battery Music. So there is one more cool thing i wanted to mention. I haven’t tested this yet because i’m a little bit afraid um, but there is a really cool function that goes into track and it’s find drone. So not only is it recording the flight, you can go to all flight records, but if the drone goes down somewhere, it’ll show you on the map, the last location of the drone – and i might play around with this off camera and update this later, but again, I’M, a little afraid to test it, but you can actually hit the find drone button. It’Ll show you on the map, where the last location of the drone, the known location of the drone, was as far as the gps signal goes so that’s, one of the benefits of always keeping your gps on uh turned on on the drone, always flying in gps Mode because it’s going to constantly be recording that gps location and using that to your advantage so i’m getting really close on battery, so it should be getting ready to come home soon, um. I wanted to test it, but i wanted to show you show you it working. It should do it automatically. I’Ve already tested it once and it worked great, but i’ll do it for your guys benefit. Where am i here? I am, i see me but we’re just gon na.

Let it time out and let the battery get down and watch her come home. As you can see, i still have my circle set around my area, so it was going to. Let me fly all the way out over the water and into that circle. All right. It said, return home distance limited but it’s actually a low battery indicator, it didn’t say low battery, but this is flashing and she’s automatically coming home. So i’m going to take my phone out and show you i really can’t take it out, because i need to keep my hands on the controls, but it is coming home there. It goes drone low voltage, so it was doing it automatically. I just sped the process up, i hit return to home, but it was coming back already. It was almost overhead. I just wanted to speed it up because i don’t want the battery to get too low, but it does work, it does head home and it does recognize low battery so again, another important thing to consider when you’re flying without gps. I would recommend never do that. There’S no reason not to gps if, if you have low voltage and gps is turned off it’s not going to know where home is and it’s just going to land wherever it is and it’s not going to know its location. So, as you can see she’s coming down, i can give it a little tweak it’s not directly over the pads.

I missed the pad a little bit, but i was steering it as it was coming down. It was a little windy, so it’s blowing it off course. Slightly but i can’t give it any. I can’t give it any uh altitude input as it’s coming down because it’s it’s low battery um, but i could tweak it and i was kind of steering it as i was getting closer trying to get it back on the pad, but um other than that. Everything worked great um overall impressions. I can’t be more happy with this thing. This is a fantastic drone and almost all of the uh, almost all the features have worked flawlessly. The first time, i’ve tried them with the exception of the selfie mode and uh. You know the the peace sign picture, taking thing with the exception of that everything works great and even that it worked it just it was kind of finicky and you have to be under the right conditions like it’s got to be a nice, clear background and all That stuff it’s got to be be able to easily distinguish you from the background, so the brighter light, the better all those things, and that is one thing i wanted to say too. The camera is fantastic, i’m really impressed with the 4k camera. It does great video uh, but the better lighting that you have um. It is a more inexpensive camera compared to like some of the djis. It takes great video and great pictures, but the better lighting that you have the better.

The pictures are going to turn out and you might be able to fix up some of that in post in video editing software, but for the most part it takes really great video and i’ll show you some actually live video of what came off the drone itself. I do have a sd card installed in here, so not only was it recording video to my phone, but it’s also recording video directly to this sd card. So i do want to make sure it’s still recording – and i don’t know if this makes a difference. But i like to always uh manually, stop my video so that it says saving if you just turned off the drone. I don’t know that it would actually give it a chance, hopefully it’s – writing as it’s going, but some some drones or some pieces of technology won’t. Actually write to the card until you actually end the video and save it so make sure you hit that video button when you’re done uh and actually save it, so that you get all of your video but other than that absolutely love it like. I said not. I can’t say enough good things about the uh ruco f11 gem i’m gon na go ahead and turn this off and i’ve got my second battery charge. So i’m gon na uh install the second battery and take it for another spin. Okay, as you can see, i covered quite a bit of stuff during that one flight, so there’s a lot you can do on a full battery pack.

I actually had some time to kill and just burn up the sky and fly back and forth. So you can do quite a bit with that flight time, but what i really wanted to test was something that i didn’t get to in those windy conditions, and that was the max possible flight time under ideal flight conditions. So what i did is, i brought it back home and i flew it in my garage first, i tested at my sunroom i’ll get to that in a second, but i tested it in my garage sealed up, no wind, no other environmental considerations other than just flying In controlled, calm air, i wanted to see what was the max flight time that i could get out of the uh ruco f11 again on a full battery pack. Surprisingly enough and i’ll give a little clip here that i’ll cut to, but i started the timer as soon as i took off and the ruco landed itself. I you know no input. I didn’t make it land it forcibly land itself after 25 minutes and 16 seconds. So that’s a little shy of the 28 minutes that ruco advertises. However, with two battery packs that you get that’s still 50 minutes of flight time and i’m, not mad about that at all i’m, not sure if there, maybe, if there’s a way to turn off your fpv transmission and stuff, like that, you might get some more flight Time i haven’t figured out how to do that yet, but still i’m, not too upset with 25 minutes um, as you saw from the flight video there’s quite a bit of stuff, you can cover in 25 minutes and that’s 25 minutes of actual flying.

So i was pretty impressed with that. Even though it’s a little shy of the advertised flight time still pretty happy, you do get two battery packs, so that’s pretty cool. The other thing that i tested uh that i didn’t do during that flight test was the actual range ruka advertises that the range of their fpv transmission with the 5g is 1900 to ’00 feet. I wanted to test that, so i came up with the uh contraption. I guess uh with the friend with the help of my friend bobby, i mounted the ruco effluent to a pole on the back of my truck and bobby drove the truck down the road. While i stood there with the controller, i was in airspace that wasn’t allowed to fly, so i didn’t want to actually fly, and i also didn’t want to risk losing the drone. So i kept it strapped down, it was never actually flying, but the drone thought it was flying. I did put it in altitude mode. I didn’t put it in gps because i didn’t want it to lose signal and to try to come back home and risk something getting messed up. So i put it in sport mode or attitude mode. I forget what ruco calls it, but the drone thought it was flying and we just drove down the road and i i dropped a pin where i lost video transmission and i dropped the pin where i thought i lost control.

The problem with the control thing was the controller, never actually told me. When i lost link, i didn’t get any kind of notification um that i was losing control. It didn’t tell me that it lost link in gps mode when it loses link or the controller gets turned off. It will start returning to home, but in attitude mode with no gps location um. I don’t know if i just never got to that point or if it never actually got there, but i didn’t get a notification on the controller and with bobby driving the best that we could tell. We did a best game best, guess as to where i thought i lost control. He couldn’t see it moving anymore. He couldn’t see my my control inputs or hear my throttle inputs, so it was our best guess as to where we lost control. Did it really i’m? Not sure, but what we found out was the fpv transmission dropped out at 0.4 miles, which was one hundred and twelve feet based on the actual pins that we dropped now ruco’s saying that they can get 1900 to ’00 that’s the range they gave. I absolutely believe that we got to 2100 feet, which is over what they said. So i mean that’s over the minimum that they said um, so i didn’t get to the ’00, but still that was a pretty good range. Like i couldn’t see the drone anymore. It was tiny i couldn’t see.

I couldn’t even see my truck actually from that distance. Um it’s pretty far down the road, so um i’m, pretty happy with that. Um absolutely believe the advertised range on that uh and then, as far as the signal control goes, that got me all the way to let’s see what did i say 4224 feet so 4200 feet is when i think i might have lost control. Now again, i was in sport mode i wasn’t in gps mode under ideal situations and real world scenarios. I would never be flying in anything other than gps mode, just because of the risk. What i want the drone to do is to return home when it loses connection or loses controller or loses connection with the controller. I want it to come back home, so anytime, you’re flying outside of gps mode, you’re, really risking the loss of your drone. So i would recommend you not do that, but for reference um i did maintain control and communication with the drone all the way up until about 4 200 feet so again, very impressive, i’m, not mad about that. I thought it was great i’m, very impressed with the ruco f11 gim. Now all that being said, there’s two things i didn’t want to mention that i discovered during all this testing. One of them was, i had trouble on two different occasions. I had trouble connecting the phone app to the drone itself. As far as the fpv transmission goes.

I turned on the drone. I turned on the controller they connected. They were talking. I could turn on the drone and i could fly it, but when i went to connect the app on the phone to the drone um it wouldn’t connect. It just showed the blue ruco app and i’ll cut to that here and show you what i’m talking about. But um on two different occasions that happened and i actually had to close down the app and reset the wi fi and reset the drone in order to re establish connections. So that was a little frustrating. It’S only happened twice i’m, not sure why um i don’t know if it was a fluke i don’t know if there was a signal interference based on where i was flying. I really haven’t had a chance to troubleshoot it enough or recreate the problem to be able to tell you guys what actually caused it minor inconvenience easily rectified and it’s only happened twice and i phone it a lot. So just wanted to mention it not a huge deal or a deal breaker, but was something worth mentioning there’s only one other issue that i experienced during my flight testing, and that was when i first did my battery test. I tried flying it in my sunroom now. The sunroom is in the back of my house, the roof is shallower there and it’s, surrounded by windows and screens, and i had everything open and what happened was.

I was flying in gps mode indoors. I didn’t think i had any gps signal. I took off with no gps signal as far as i knew, but what happened was i was trying to do the battery test. I was trying to run the battery down when the battery started, flashing, red and it started to land itself. It just started pivoting it pivoted like a quarter turn and flew straight into the wall. So with no control input from me, uh it just turned and flew straight into the wall. Now. What i think happened is, i think, because i was flying in my sunroom. I wasn’t in a completely gps denied environment and i think during that flight it might have picked up a few satellites and i think it actually tried to return to home because i was in gps mode. I know that’s happened with other drones that i’ve owned. So i know it’s a possibility, and that makes sense because it it all of a sudden wanted to go somewhere with no control inputs, and i haven’t experienced anything like that since with the f11 so that’s, my theory on what happened again, i think it was a Fluke but i don’t i wanted to mention it just in case just so. You guys are aware of it, but other than that. I’Ve had no issues with the f11 game. I’Ve been super happy with it takes great. Video has tons of ton of features uh the gps follow me has worked great.

The waypoint navigations worked great the safety bubbles, the safety features it’s super stable. I can’t say enough good things about it, i’m very happy with it. So, in closing, this is a fantastic alternative to a dji drone. If you’re looking for something other than dji um, i really suggest the ruco f11 gim it’s a great option. Hopefully, this video was helpful for you guys, and hopefully you learned a lot and you you’ve got something out of it. If you have questions, if there’s anything, i missed or anything you’re curious about, please leave it in the comments like i said, and i will do my best to uh to address those questions and answer them to the best of my ability but that’s about all. I have for now i appreciate you guys tuning in. I appreciate all of you who have subscribed uh, please keep leaving comments and please let me know what works and doesn’t work. I’M still learning a lot about this youtube stuff. So i really appreciate the feedback, but you guys are awesome thanks. So much for tuning in have a great day.