I didnt realize the power be used up that quickly and it just did a return at home for low voltage, so im bringing it down now here how it says: drone low voltage so im bringing it down right now and uh. It returned to its home through low voltage, so it just did return to home for low voltage, something else that happened just now when i did gps follow me. The drone actually lost signal with my phone, so i was, as i was cruising down the trail. All of a sudden, my phone or the controller, one of those said, hey signal lost, so i actually lost the signal i had to reconnect to the phone for the fpv. That is the controller, still had connection, but the fpv had lost connection. I guess all right and lets see my video here lets see here, so i can hit my uh play. Button hit the video and heres the video here. You see five minutes there, so whats cool is im looking forward to seeing this, and i will watch it as its following me, while okay, while the uh all right, i lost my video thing there, but whatever go back hit. My uh hold on here hit that and hit my video and so heres the video that i just had look forward to seeing how that looks. You can see how its following me nicely and what happened right about here. I guess this one lost signal.

I did a turn and it turned around and right about here. All of a sudden. It said: hey we lost signal and it did a return to home. So this was a low voltage return home that just did there im arriving nice. Looking forward to seeing this video all right so well, we know the return to home works, thats good to know so. The ruco f11 gem 2 drone has a 4k hd camera that has a range of 9 800 feet for video transmission. Now, as you see here in this video, it has a nice stable image. Now the brushless motors have a level six wind resistance, and this is a gps drone. Now you can see here the image is kind of cloudy on this particular day, but it looks really good and you can see the trees how the wind is just blowing the trees and yet look how stable that image is now. This is a three axis: gimbal uh, two axis, plus an eis anti shake feature and the quadcopter comes with two batteries. So im just really really impressed now. What im doing here in just a moment im going to be using the gps, follow me mode, and the gim 2 has a lot of incredible features like it. It does have a um, a image, follow me where you can choose that it didnt work too well for me besides, i prefer the gps follow me mode here and take a look here.

The drone is doing a fantastic job of following me and i am not controlling the drone. I mean. I think the only thing that i do control is the camera. As far as the angle of the camera and i did adjust the height of the drone, as i was riding along here but thats all i was really doing im not controlling the drone at all, as in the sense of like telling you to go left to Right and notice also how the ruka f11 has me centered nicely notice how, as im moving along the drone is actually youre going to see in just a second its going to have me centered pretty nicely there. Um youll see that here i come anyway. The ruco f11 also has a gps all to return to home. Has a gps follow me, which is what youre seeing here points of interest and a rechargeable controller, which i think is great. You dont have to worry about. Buying any batteries you can just recharge your controller, two intelligent batteries, uh, which you know now. To my surprise, the the intelligent batteries have a uh charge, time of around four and a half hours to charge uh. But then again, it also has an impressive flight time. As well i mean your maximum flight time is up to 28 minutes per battery and thats pretty good anyway. Remember also that the roof f11 does not have any sensors in the front for anti collision.

So you need to keep an eye on your drone at all times, because you dont want to crash into any trees or anything. But i really like this drone. I think im impressed how it has a 4k photo resolution. 385 4k photo resolution and the video quality is 4k at 30 frames per second and that video quality will be stored on the car. So you definitely want to use a card. It does send a signal to your phone, but um its best to have the card in the drone itself. The maximum flight altitude is ‘3 feet all right, so just had a big crash with a tree. Here are the imprints of the tree there a little bit of pollen on my drone. There it crashed into the tree. I got a little carried away with the fly there just now, its its okay, its still turned on. Whenever you crash, you want to recalibrate your drone all over again, because it only takes one time to forget thats, all just once and say goodbye to your drone. When you consider this thing is more than 400. You dont want to lose this investment because thats what this is. This is an investment that youre getting to take quality video. If you have a boat, you want to go out on the boat. You have a lot of land having a large event with your family. Its a great video it even has a digital zoom, so you can zoom in on something were going to test that right now, actually, all right, so we did the gps mode.

We know that works. Lets go ahead and do the uh whats called circle. Follow me where you can follow me in a circle, or just back and forth so im, going to put it up right now and do that next, okay, ive already done the calibration. If i ever do want to do manual calibration, though just go up, and i can do the calibration again see up and in – and i can do the calibration again if i ever want to do it a second time, and you see how easy this is. No big deal to calibrate very, very simple and again the uh camera is going to recalibrate itself automatically. If you ever need to calibrate the camera manually, though you hit the three buttons go to ptz and hit ptz automatic calibration and thatll fix the camera all right. I like how it tells me where its pointed see the little arrow there, so i can so if its pointing away from me tells me that its pointed away thats kind of cool, so i can always see the direction on the arrow, thats, really cool, and there You go, you can see. The camera is in line thats, good, im, half battery full here, so lets go ahead and uh were gon na. Try the waypoints next im gon na go ahead and set it take off and lets see how it does, because i just had a crash, and so it does still flies good flying nice flying really nice all right! Good! Look at that nice and stable, even though i just had a crash, it ran right into a tree.

This is its wavering. A little bit, though, see how its moving, i dont, think thats the wind i think its so maybe its a wind. I dont know look at that, though its doing a great job, okay, so for the circle mode, where it does like a circle kind of like al function, you bring it up and you put it to your center point where you want to go so ill. Go ahead and bring my uh phone down and ill be back a little bit and lets go ahead and just do a center around me. So im gon na go ahead and go out here all right so for my circle mode here. What im gon na do now is im gon na hit the uh record and the video button its the video and the photo at the same time, and we, it says, fly around so lets see now. Theyve got that hit move the set turn to status with direction press at the same time again, just okay, so we do it again so im set to where i want to be hit it again, and it should start flying. It should start going in a circle. So im, i just told it to uh start the circle, its still its okay, so lets see how its turning around okay, oh okay, so my mistake was um. I had it over here see how its going in a circle yup thats kind of neat, so its going in a circle right now.

It just didnt have me in the circle. So let me get myself into the circle where there i am there you so now its it might still be going in a circle lets. Do it again hit record, i keep taking a picture myself. Okay, its still going in a circle, thats kind of cool uh, go back to the video and now okay. So now its going to circle and uh in just a second youre gon na see me appear on the screen. Oh my phones still in power all right. So my phones really low in power, so that means i cant finish this video yeah all right. Fine, all right ill, go ahead and stop recording okay, all right so to stop the flight im. Just gon na hit the button again stop recording myself and i hit the buttons again there you go and the fly around should stop yeah the fly around just stopped, and now its still good good good lets go ahead. Now lets go ahead and try waypoints. So in the app im going to hit this and ill see, route rules hit route rules, and here i am one two Music and zoom in. I can uh now notice here on my map im not able to see precisely where im at im or let me lets, do a satellite and lets see if the satellite shows up here im, not seeing myself in the image so im not able to identify where I am in this waypoints here, so its not im, not getting a satellite image at this moment, so i i dont feel comfortable doing waypoints if im not able to see where the drone is where im at, i guess, theres the return to home, but – and i Guess thats me and thats what it is thats me so another point here right there, all right, um im not able to see myself in the map, so im gon na hold off on the waypoints, because uh im not able to see it: okay, okay, heres, a Digital, so im gon na zoom, in on myself, with the zoom here and see here: okay, thats cool thats, a digital zoom, and for that digital zoom looks like i have to go up a little higher there.

I am now im in the shot theres my digital zoom lets take my picture here we go. I can take a picture with the app as well. Okay, of course, if you use your phone to take a picture, youre not gon na be able to uh, see yourself waving so ill use. The button lets do that again: digital zoom here thats, a digital zoom for gesture mode, youre going to go ahead and tell tell the apps what you want to do so see what says: uh photograph do that slide to start and now its adjuster mode, and so, When im ready ill hold up my fingers – and it should take my picture – see Music nice. It worked so thats gesture mode. It really worked quite nicely. Actually all right, thats kind of cool. I just filled the rain drop. All right lets go ahead and try um lets, try video mode so turn that off and lets try get record video for record video hold your hand up, and here we go before you go like this im, not sure which okay so im doing something wrong lets. Try that again put record oh record video record video slide. Okay, so like this and lets see if it works all right, so im not able to get to record me, but it did oh there. It is oh, its recording, but there was no like countdown to tell me its recording, so its recording me right now.

Hello. Will it stop? If i do this, i wonder probably not. Oh it stopped. Oh, no, now its recording, i dont know it works. Thats whats important: we know it works the ruco f11 gi, m2 or gim2, whatever you want to call it im getting to calling it the gi m2. So how about you? Okay, lets go ahead and stop recording here. Um ill just hit that button. Now, if i hit the recording button, lets see: oh, oh, okay, it stopped all right lets, go ahead and do uh lets. Go back here. Lets go ahead and do image following now. The way image file works is its going to follow me might want to help. If i record myself so im recording myself and its going to follow me so here we go ready so lets see. If it follows me all right, oh, i know what i did wrong. Okay to do, image follow me. I hit this and i think i do like i put my finger on myself loss. Please reselect the target yeah see and uh hit. This image follow slide. Okay and now i hit my touch myself lost, please reselect the target yeah im doing it holding me. Stop recording lets, try that again, all right so im im hitting it, but its not working im, not sure why hit the image follow image follow slide to the right. I think i touch myself right touch myself. I touch okay.

Alrighty here, hey see its not working. What am i doing wrong? Music? Okay, well, im sure it works im, just havent figured it out, probably have to reread the directions so this Music. So this is the rooko f11 guys the gym two Music, pretty cool drone flying right above my head: Music, Music. So, Music, so Music, Music, so Music, so ill hit. My land button, okay make my landing button now all right guys.