As i turn the drone, the camera stays level and i can control the direction of the camera right here. So watch watch us see the camera going down. How cool is that watch us right, so im getting straight down and go back up nice and smooth thats kind of cool? Oh thats, neat, so beautiful you almost dont want to unwrap it. You almost put on a shelf and just let it sit there and say yes, look at my beautiful drone, but we got ta unbox. It lets take a look at here. Look at this. We have our link to download it right to our phone kind of cool lets, go ahead and do that one time all right lets go ahead and connect. The phone here placed our link. Okay, go into the going and thats gon na go install the ruko app. All right now lets go ahead and open this box up where that installs beautiful case very solid high quality feeling case here, heres our drone, its very stiff and when it comes into place it locks, listen. That is something all right and our gimbal is covered under the seal here very carefully that slides out very carefully. Okay, all right, we have a cover over our camera ill, keep it on. For now battery comes off very simple: it comes with two batteries: 2500 mah batteries press and hold the battery. It shows the charge three three quarters of the way charged hold it down, and batteries turned off new sensors underneath Music, ah something wow its very solid im.

Just gon na hold my phone, no okay has room to hold a bigger phone lets turn this on all right batteries at 60 percent. This is uh. This is a nice feeling, remote thats impressive. That is really impressive. Music, okay, quick start guide, good thats, a good thing, good im glad i have a quick start guide. I can just go ahead and get started flying right away. The the instructions are quite detailed and im actually quite impressed. I im even telling you how to find your journal gets lost, how to find the last position and everything so even how to set your camera. So, if your camera, doesnt calibrate correctly, has that information in there as well? How dumb on your pictures? According to this its saying that um its best to download your video and photo right from the sd card, which im going to be putting into my join just a second here as opposed to having it go to your phone? The uh compression will be better on your sd card versus having it go to your phone, so thats, interesting but yeah. It even has everything even tells me how to uh start and stop the motors which you know here how to start the motors? How to calibrate and everything extra blades probably will screw into place. Okay, so hes gon na be screwing blades, as you can see here no well find out yeah. It looks like those these screws probably have to screw them in cord usb c and a another.

Usb c, so we got two good were gon na need it because uh, the controller is charged by usb c feels good feels very solid. You can tell this is definitely not a toy. Its the real deal here check out that gimbal. Oh wow, look at that! The gimbals working – that is something look at that. Oh, my incredible stays still, no matter what i do. Thats impressive turn it off and now the gimbal is no longer reacting. Lets go ahead and insert the card into the drone, its a spring loaded, as you can see there, but im going to put some tape over top because look kind of pops out a little bit there. So if you have a good crash that way, i dont have to worry about the card popping out if it gets, if anything happens, press the battery down for three seconds, one two: three there we go turn on my remote and my route says: 93 hit it Again and it comes on to turn the remote off press it and then hit it again and the remote should turn off so you hit and then like that, all right, so im gon na hit the root code. Drone im connecting and its gon na give me the option. Do you wan na allow the switch so just waiting for it to connect stay connected? Okay, and we should be connected all right. We should be connected all right, good.

I guess thats it all right. Get back to my rooko app and i would imagine i should see the uh information any moment now. It gives good controls a lot of using while using the app hello, hello, okay, oh look! First, flight video guide, nice, okay, the flight environment, choice demo, so heres your demo for the uh drone 98 feet nice all kinds of information here for you as you get really started. I also noticed that, when the app appears theres lots of great options for um how to oh wait, what was that? Okay, all right so now, im not gon na calibrate at the time, so im gon na fly indoors right now turn off the gps. When i hold down the speed button and now its adding mode, that means that yep – and that means that i have now disenrolled the gps, and now i can fly indoors. It says the controller is not connected to the drone, but the drone turns to calibrate compress. So the the drone wants to calibrate the compass, all right, fine lets go and calibrate it. Even though i have the uh adding mode turned on okay – and i guess i go like this now see how its telling me what to do so ill. Do this turn. It and there we go and that should yep there you go its back to normal nice. Okay, there you go thats. Oh look at that now. The camera will fix itself okay, its supposed to anyway, but now see the sd card, how it needs ill, see the camera just fixed itself and its a little line.

There tells us thats, correct. Good sd card needs to be formatted, so ill hit that the current operation will delete. All contents, yes go right ahead and start card was formatted very nice, and now i can take pictures. Okay, good all right looks like the drone is ready lets see. We got the white and blue lights on, which means that were ready, so i have it in addie mode, so i should be able to take off yep there. It goes Music, all right, so uh its flying Music flying it indoors. I guess its stable Music, although there is a delay while im flying indoors lets see if i get the land, though come back down and its not stopping united stop, so it took a long time to stop. There lets try it again: okay and then press it should stop when it pushed down, see right shouldnt it stop. If i do that, its not doing it, why is it maybe i put the uh put the antenna up even though im indoors, okay lets try that again, all right lets do it again. Here we go addy mode, okay and stop interesting, so its not stopping it. Should stop? In my opinion, i mean, regardless of whether im outdoors outdoors and when i put the throttle down it, should stop, in my opinion, in my humble most accurate opinion and its not stopping so thats. The first time ive seen that with any other drone before ive, never seen it before normally.

If i hit stop so hit, stop once and then again: okay, thats thats, just too too long for it to stop for merchant stuff youre going to hold down this stop button and you hit it once and then you hit it again, so bring it a little Further, so not too far, we just fall here. We go ready all right and hit once and again, and it just falls so there you go all right Music, so that was the emergency. Stop Music now lets see if it stops. This way still a delay, though, in my opinion, that delay is just too long lets. Do it again, Music, all right, fine, whatever fly inside the house again up, we go all right, so i guess thats stable its. You know, i dont know it flies. Okay lets bring it down for landing down, come on Music, oh that wasnt, good, okay got stuck there. All right! Well lets go ahead and recalibrate. I guess lets see if it works all right, stop everythings open all right, um indoor flying its not as controllable as i would like it to be. Personally, i should be able to stop it now. I brought i got to stop just now when i did this lets. Do it one time, though, here we go last time Music, it climbs up high there. It wants to clay up high Music good. Looking drone, though see, why is it taking so long to land? Okay, um, i would prefer if it had a better control ability, even though im flying indoors, i shouldnt have this much struggle flying indoors.

All right lets go outside and see how it does so. This is the rootcoat f11 gim2gim2 watch. The light here see look at how it flashed isnt that cool im gon na go ahead and start it up. There we go, and here we go ready, Music, okay, so the gps for the ruco f11 is turned on right now and its sitting still right. There thats impressive lets, go and bring it down with it. There so get a picture myself and right now the camera is facing down so im bringing the camera up and there i can see the camera there. It is cameras up im going to take a picture of myself so im going to hit this little photo button right here here we go Music just took my picture. How cool is that and its saving the photograph to my phone and to the sd card? The drone is quiet its not that loud, normally its pretty loud, thats actually fairly quiet. My opinion, nice, nice and smooth a lot of other reviews are saying that its uh pretty quick to respond. It responds, i dont, think its super quick, but it does respond. Lets change the speed, so this is slow, speed right here and well go to the side, nice and slow. This is like your camera speed. Nice casual speed there for flight nice speed there lets go a little faster. This is normal speed right here. The two here that beat place all right lets: try, oh shoot Music, all right! All right lets go ahead and try.

Now this is the fastest speed. This is normal speed, nice. Here it comes thats, normal speed there all right its a got. A nice size in the air there pretty nice size all right lets, go ahead and try the uh. Oh lets record myself. One time lets go ahead and record myself heres my record button record myself, nice, so im recording myself and its going to put it on fast for speed all right now. This is the faster speed, speed three and lets go ahead and try that a lot quicker, but not much Music, its not that much faster, its a big drone. This things got a size, thats, impressive, Music, all righty there. You go all right, easy to catch all right, so this deroco f11 from uh is the gi. M2 ruco f11gin2 guys what dont you think, im tommy drone in this video. We reviewed a lot of its features. I do have a part two coming up as well. So be sure to check that were going to look at additional features such as to return to home and were going to see how well that works. It has three different return. Home features, uh return to home where um you press the button. Itll, come back to you, return home where you lose power and return home where you lose signals. So three, various types of return home were gon na. Try all three see how they work. Let me know what you think of this drone guys to do it.

Direct links below im tom and joe thanks for watching my review of the rooko f11 gim2, pretty nice drone. I liked it. Why is good good video quality good pictures, but let me know what you think is this a drone youd buy, and what would you do with this drone? I love the fact that it has an incredibly far reaching range, which is really important. It has a max range of three kilometers, which is really impressive uh. I love the fact that, if im on a boat somewhere im in a large open field – and i want to take destroying how far i can with that kind of radius – three kilometers thats impressive, Music, Music, Music, uh Music – all right guys.