This is the uh sd card slot right here, get that back in this thing’s been working great. For me, the only thing that it won’t do is give me the telemetry it’s kind of weird, but it uses the return to home. It knows when it’s gone too far. If you set the parameters and um yeah and you try and fly past it’ll stop so it’s got the data it’s, just not sending it to me. I could probably pop open this cover on the bottom here and get to the electronics and possibly find a problem. I don’t know it’d be really interesting to get in this and see it at some point, but right now it works so i’m. Just gon na fly it because i really like it um. I got it. I got the extra batteries here. Um we got the really cool remote and comparing it here’s, the mavic mini, which a lot of people are probably going to be trying to decide between the knockoff and the mavic mini, so the mavic mini. It, of course, has this badass gimbal on the front that you won’t get, but look at these remotes. They obviously modeled them to be similar, so they’re really cool um. We got nice big batteries here for the um, the f 11 i’ve got a bunch of them. They’Ll, send you one free. I bought one. I’Ve got one two three. I think i have four of them, but that way i always got a battery.

They send you some extra props. I got those it flies really good, but look at the size of this and then look at the size of this, this thing’s massive. So it flies like a huge drone if you don’t flown the big ones. This is just like it, except for it folds uh. That could be a good thing. That could be a bad thing, i’m, not really sure, because i haven’t flown them a whole lot. I’Ve been flying this one, the most i like the pictures. I think it has a great camera. This is the uh the going on here it doesn’t run close. I love the camera on it, so i’m, nothing but happy with it. I cannot get this thing to fold up. Okay, there we go there we go. I want to shut you all folded up. It’S got the buy blades like all the folders, sorry about the terrible video guys. My videos are always terrible. Okay, so it’s all folded up there. It is it’ll, show you your battery life once it’s on there. You can move this camera up and down, but it’s heavy as the gps works really well and it’s got a good battery life, but it’s really expensive for what it is. You got. The mavic mini it’s way lighter and holy stone makes a clone of this that’s. Pretty cheap in comparison to this, this is much more expensive than the holy stone, mavic mini clone and i’m.

Not totally sure. Why uh i haven’t, i haven’t flown my friends a whole lot yet, but it’s really nice. I mean he buzzes around almost like it’s, a freestyle quad. This thing don’t fly quite like that, but maybe it has more stability, and i just don’t know it he’s, pretty good flyer. He does really well and makes all the drones he flies seem. Cool. I’M. Always envious of whatever he’s got flying um yeah, so uh come back and check out some more guys. I fly this all the time i got the bugs three on the way which i want to say is just like this. Without the foldable arms, but it’s going to be with a controllable throttle like this see how this one doesn’t bounce back to the middle it’s, just wherever you put it so you control how fast you go and i’m gon na put a fpv camera on it and Use it as a trainer, but i got ta say i really do love this thing. Um i’ve been flying it the most i haven’t broke a propeller. I almost lost it once i got a video of almost losing it over an intersection uh. It was like i don’t know, 30 mile, an hour winds or something that was too much. It was a bad idea, especially when you’re not good at flying. The first thing you really want to do is just learn how to fly i’ve, never even done the props.

On these, but um yeah when you head up – and of course you want to first thing – you want to do – is send your camera drone up and like i want to go somewhere far as you know, and make a cool video. But most of my videos are very local.