ВИДЕО ЗАДЕРЖКА – фантом 4 Про против Mavic Pro против Тайфун H

How briskly are the brand new drones in the marketplace at dealing with video latency? On this easy take a look at the extra well-liked prosumer drones are examined.

Video latency (additionally known as video lag) is the period of time it takes to your drone’s digital camera to show and replace a picture in your controller. If there’s a vital quantity of video latency, your drone may very well be flying into one thing earlier than you might have time to react.

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  1. u should test with more distancelike 100-500m / 300-1500фут

  2. большой материал, thanks for the test.

  3. As Johnny Carson used to say"I did not know that" 🙂

  4. My mavic have a lot of video lag some time (1 second of more), I have a Galaxy S5, any tip to improve it?

  5. 230 ms lag (почти 14 frames of latency!) is everything but "excellent".

  6. Прекрасно! большое спасибо!

  7. Typhoon – 0.32 Mavic – 0.23 фантом 4 профессионал – 0.22

  8. Good tests. The latency differences are the result of the app running on various computer platforms. It really depends on the CPU speed, number of cores, and the h.264 decoding hardware in the tablet. Next time include the newer iPad's to this test, I think that would be interesting. спасибо!

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