In the middle of 10 days the Ottawa River ice melted & flooded one in every of my favorite flying areas. This video exhibits how rapidly the soften befell. Filmed with a Yuneec Storm H, DJI Phantom four Professional and a DJI Mavic Professional.

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  1. Another great session, many thanks from Australia!

  2. Please Send me your Drone before you lose it!!! Lets see +! Degree Celsius

    That would be Cold Weather OperationI don't Own a Good Drone Yet, but I have Researched that Cold WX Operation you need to Keep the Batteries Warm Before you Run the Drone!!! Or you get just what you Experienced

  3. Отличное видео… nice view!!!

  4. Классное видео, i like the music in the mavic part.
    Greetings from switzerland

  5. So rare to see unbiased video of a guy just flying his drones without geeking out swearing his whatever model DJI is the bestest drone the world has ever seen! The proof is in the pudding with the videos, но в конце концов, it all really comes down to subjective tastes. I personally preferred the Typhoon H video. Just curious as to what was the temperature on the day you experienced reduced capacity with your battery? I once read in a forum to never to fly any drones below 28F. Просто любопытно.

  6. Great video as always 🙂
    I get a kick out of all the comments from people trying to teach you about batteries LOL If they only knew how much you could teach them. Happy flying fellow Canadian

  7. did you figure out the problem with the typhoon h? Mine did the same thing week ago.

  8. A buddy of mine has the H and the same thing has happened to his multiple times this winter, но не каждый раз. Sure makes flying around water a little nerve-racking​.

  9. The low battery warning and auto land has happened to me. I wonder if it was related to a new battery I purchased. Is there a way I can check if the battery is defective? I fear flying over water for this reason

  10. I didn't know that yuneec birds auto landed because of battery levels I heard a guy from yuneec saying that because they didn't use smart batteries like dji they didn't have the same issues that come with dji. Still you're so lucky it landed on land great video as always

  11. How do you fly now with these new interim laws?? ;(

  12. are you away from airports at 9km, 2km from animals, 100km from people, and so on and so forth………лол……..these laws, действительно?? great work Captain, Храните их ближайшие……….sharing images like these and calling them illegal, what can i say……….

  13. Вау, a sub from me, truly an amazing shot. I hope to see more from you. Спасибо за размещение.

  14. Hello Capt. that's is good video showing the best of 3 different quads I own Yuneec Q500 it has awesome videos, but I purchased a Mavic about a month ago and I was wondering what's your camera settings, because I have trying this. and that looking at all the video I can, but will you please help me out? благодаря

  15. Cool видео!!! I have got the DJI Mavic to make better videos in my travels,
    Check my channel to see what I already make :

    People subscribe me please!!!!!! 🙂

  16. Отличное видео!!
    Now you've got me worried about my Typhhon H as we come into winter down here in New Zealand.
    Can you remember if you had a green light on the back of the H when you first turned it on?
    You have amazing scenery in Canada.
    For someone who is as crazy about Phantoms and Typhoons as I am, it must be like being in heaven.
    Take car man, looking forward to your next video.

  17. Looking at your Video in detail..I will never understand why Dji haven't go/gone with a 360 degree rotation gimbal
    I could never get/got the same images and cinematics ''movies'' from a Dji as the Typhoon. Maybe with the Phantom 5 😉 … they gotta wake up (Джи)…its not all about the money(Вдохновлять)… and believe meI hate my Thypoon H because of many reason (Mainly I don't trust it) , but nothing like it [ unless Inspires ] .
    Как ты думаешь?

  18. Вау, you're very lucky you didn't lose that Typhoon H. I would lose flight confidence with that behavior. FYI, you should never hand catch a moving drone, let it hover a few seconds in place at 6' high near you, take your fingers off the sticks, then walk over and grab it and hold in place, then touch the left stick to turn off the motors.

  19. for some reason, I like the video coming from the typhoon h. Either you did a wonderful job with post processing or the video from the typhoon is getting better with each firmware. Great job captain!

  20. Getting warm in your neck of the woods and cold in mine

  21. Looks good Captain. So the Typhoon did't crash as a result of a low battery? Are they designed to land by itself as a result of a low batter or did you just get lucky? That question is for any owner. Let me know guys.

  22. This video doesn't make sense to me.
    I came here to choose which camera is better.

    I'm comparing typhoon H Pro and Mavric Pro cause of their prices.

    Please correct me if I'm wrong, but the Mavric Pro is capturing better quality videos than the CG03+.

  23. holey , water water looks like sewage bro , come to Saskatchewan and see real pure water

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