So today we have got our second team of the year player that were going to be reviewing and it is going to be kilian mbappe, a player that i dont believe should be in the tv. It should be salah, it should be benzema one of those two but and bappys got it. I think we all know why, as well the cover starand i dontthink anyones gon na really really complain. Lets say because this guys, gold cod, is an absolute beast. So youre expecting his team in a year to be an absolute beast as well: hes got 99 pace with 98 dribbling knife, shooting 90 passing with the 88 physicals as well hes, a six foot player with high low work crates, five star skill moves and a four Star weak foot just take a moment and just look: what is this genuinely? What would just what is this card? Ive gone for a sniper, chem style. It was hard to find the chem style, Таме. Очевидно, что, no point of hunter theres, no point. Even the hawk chem stone unless youre boosting up strength and aggression, theres no point of like a dead eye. Theres no point of anything like that. I mean there is kind of a point of a dead eye because you boost up the passing, but you might as well just go ahead. Give him the sniper. Chemist, Хотя, give him that 99 shot power. Give him that 99 long shots give him that 99 volts with 90 penalties as well, while also boosting ill, be strength to 93 а также 82 aggression.

The sniper cams, though i feel like its perfect on this card. I dont think theres many chem styles that you can use on him because theres, so many stats are already maxed out lets, say so: yeah pace being 99 acceleration 99 sprint speed its understandable, i think thats. I think we all knew that was gon na happen. The shooting with it he literally won out of uh the six stats arent 99, его 90 penalties. Thats amazinghas he got any shooting traits. He does hes got the outside foot shot rate. Passing ability short passing being 96 is amazing. On a striker, we dont really need anything extremely good out of the long passing, but the fact that the vision is 92 and the long passing is 82. I reckon theyll balance out a little bit and it will seem like he actually has better long passing than what he actually has now. The dribbling ability golden bappy feels amazing. On the ball. I cant wait to see how this card is gon na fill in the ball and, if were looking at physicals hes got 99 jumping with 90 heading accuracy. He is now a six foot player this year. я верю. Last year he was a five foot 11 player. So the fact that hes six foot this year with 99 jumping and 90 heading accuracy tells me that he will also give you an amazing heading ability. He has got 99 stamina as well, so he will be lasting throughout the whole 90 minutes and he has got 93 strength with the 82 aggression hes gold, cod.

When it came down to strength and aggression, it felt like you, couldnt get him off the ball. It just genuinely did so the fact that this team in the ear card has got 93 сила. I cant imagine how people are gon na get this card off the ball. Теперь, when it comes down to the links french psg that says all you, you dont need to say anything else, really its just french psg gg thats, why i say it so yeah the links ive gone for is maka laylee and the qatar. I could obviously go for psg players, but it would be a little bit boring saying i already got campaign in here now when it comes down to uh positions, i am going to be playing in bape in one position and one position: only this card is currently Going for eight mil on the market, if youre paying eight mil youre, putting him straight into that striker position. So that is exactly what im gon na be doing today. Now the formation im gon na be using is the 442 and the four two three one so lets get into the games and lets see how good mbappe is actually going to be scooter or fake, Выстрел, doesnt really matter and bappes glitch straight through him as well. Look at the pace go for the early shot green time and we end up hitting the post and then lawyer ends up saving that one okay, not the way.

I wanted to start it off, but its fine. We saw the pace come into play. We saw how fast he was to get through that gap and lets see if mbappes going to get up there. Теперь, Ох, Боже мой, he jumped really high hes, just noise going to get it well played vinnie. Can i get drone past there? I can just go for the turn of mbappe. Is he gon na finish that one? Obviously he is look at that run that hes making he literally came from all the way, the other side just to make a run on a gap that didnt really open up. Like it opened up slightly and he instantly saw it, that is genuinely amazing movement. Can we get the finish there as well? Neue is putting off some nice saves. Oh wow hes got a red card, гм да, i dont i dont know like. Did he really take me out? Oh hes, slight tackle okay, То есть, i didnt see. Can you give me my guaranteed goal? No really nice going in bappy, oh my god yeah he had to take us out. He had to. Is that a red card as well? It isnt, if hes gon na, take us out its game over its one nil already in the third in literally the third minute. I cannot believe how he accelerated there through the space as well thats good fake, shot brought to a scoop. Can we get a goal? Yeah i mean it thats i mean the golden buffet can probably do that right.

Am i just driving this straight into him? Здорово, go for a quick one, two thats, a good fake, Выстрел. Vinnie nice touch from unbappy use that pace to get around blanc were pretty much just were pretty much ease right. It was so easy to get around blanc there. It was genuinely ridiculous and then the chip hes 100 gon na score. It going head up nice hes, going to make a run there. He is going to make a run now we just use that pace. Look at that first touch and hes away chip him again. No is that trap. I thought it was about saying: neija falls neuro for a second trap, actually gets out really quickly and bappes made a good run. Im gon na see if this actually works out against. I think it wasnt getting turned gold all right yeah. It was against angola kante. I obviously trusted in mbappe to win a header over angola and thats. Exactly why i did it its just. It all came down to me aiming it completely wrong scoop it nice just use the pace, just keep it going, держать его происходит. Should we see if this goes in green time does well how much power was behind that shot? That literally went side netting this guys, paused and hes left ive only got five games on this glowing? Can people stop leaving win it well played? Then ballet were gon na flick it over go for it.

Продолжай. Хорошо, all right lets lets relax a little bit. Lets relax a little bit im getting too excited when it came when it comes down to his shooting im, just gon na switch to play here. Надеюсь, mbappe makes that movement down, который идеально, nice fake, shot as well, but pal torres ai is gon na, come in with the block and bappe keep it going going to pass it now. I think thats perfect. Is it yeah? It is perfect, good use of strength pal torres tackles through us and ends up getting it. That is an incredible tackle, especially with mbappe running straight at yall, while he was using his strength as well. I mean theres not much to say. Is there theres not much to say i got plenty of space to actually run into, but i see him bappe and you have to give him the ball roll to a scoop smack it across yeah guaranteed goal play that thats literally wide open. You know what well go for it got one quarter. Man courtois been making. Some nice saves this game im. Just gon na smash this towards the near post. Oh my god go for a bicycle, kick no. What did i just witness? What did he go for? You know what go for that again. Go for that again or go for a bicycle. Kick i want to score one of those im just gon na cross. This hope and pray.

О вау, green timed as well and quartoise saves it again, человек. How is he saving these vinny flick it on perfect flick it? Вот это да! нет! If he did that in one motion. Oh my g wait what? How is that not a corner thats? На самом деле, a good run for mackerel, То есть, a good ball as well. Nice extra pass! Can i get onto it somehow the glitch has got on to it. I dont know how he even controlled it. It looks like it smacked straight off the defender, but then he took an instant good touch. Go down belly play it early. I need the mbappe to get that. ой, my okay, keep it going referee, referee thats! Not the only way you can stop this guy honestly, like the amount of times ive seen him literally about to be thrown goal, and they just go. Хорошо, я 100, taking him out im going to send him back in behind trust in his pace. Держать это происходит, держать его происходит. О вау, Хорошо, chip, him! Please go in! ой, my did you see how he got stopped and he still managed to get in front of the center back thats. What i was just questioning the entire time when he was actually running the fact that he got stopped and still managed to get himself onto that ball, im just going to give him baby the ball right here. I see him waiting for it, nice shielding nice little turn as well.

I like how he uses his strength. A lot. You see right there like hes, not one of those players. Thats gon na get pushed off. Oh wow hes left it. He left it that wide open. The reason that was such like a mess shot lets say is simply because i stopped if i continued going and gave him a bit more, you know a few touches essay. He would have scored that 100. Its just i completely screwed up there im going to smack this towards the near post. I think thats grincher right yeah, it is grincha. Ач, we didnt get in front of him. Just pass it down fake shot. Who are the elastico bull? Roll scoot turn hit across goal no trap. Вы серьёзно? The keepers today have made some outrageous outrageous saves. Scooper vinnie well played im going to send him my payon mbappe versus collins good pass. Can i accelerate hes going to hold it isnt? It weve done well. Finesse shot look at that man right into the corner, trapped this time, doesnt actually save it. I think the most impressive thing about that, Хотя, was the fact that mbappe did that, like he did a step over and it gave him some really nice acceleration, and then he held off that player behind him and it just allowed him to have like a really Nice shot. I think this guy was waiting for me to actually play interesting play him there.

You go good touch as well. Nice turn look. How quick that is were just gon na go for the power shot and its gon na fly in, and just like that were 2 1 up a lot of people inside this guys box right now, like whos done really well, can i pass that up? Thats beautiful turn; нет, we still got it though wait for it wait for it wait for it no way. мужчина, you see how nice his skill moves come off, Хотя, like you can tell as soon as he does the skill move, it keeps it very close, nice and close to his feet. He doesnt allow it to like go a little bit too far because thats when he knows a defender can just come in and collect the ball, and that was one hell of a shot lets test out hes passing again, i want to see if i can switch The ball here um, not the greatest deposits. He was under pressure, Таме, no doubt about that. Definitely under pressure its just. I still feel like that pass. Maybe should have been a little bit better. You know well roll that turn there. You go just give it to him baby now, Это хорошо, look at the touches, oh my god and hes not make them as well. What would what was those touches? What no? I was not expecting him to feel that good in that kind of occasion, especially the fact they not make them as well, and we have to go for this by the way we have to yeah green it went in it went i cant even see it on This camera angle, but we can clearly see its gone into the back of the net, so it is time to review and we ended up playing four games with mbappe.

We scored 10 goals, double digit goals in only four games played, but this is the thing right. I feel like i screwed up so many opportunities i feel like there was other opportunities as well, where the keepers were pulling out, one to save so only scoring 10 goals. I say only, but you get a point: 10 goals in four games, its kind of disappointing to me, because i honestly felt like we could have came out with 13 goals. Minimum in this review, 13 goals minimum its just. There were so many opportunities where i was letting myself down a lot of opportunities, но Эй 10 goals in four games is still something well happily, happily take now going into this review. We all knew you know and buffet was going to be an absolute beast. Hes, gold cod is an absolute joke in this game, so you could just imagine how good the team leo was going to be right and it definitely uh reached my expectations, как я уже сказал, and bappe just being extremely fast. нет, no one being able to catch up to him. He was outpacing collins for fun lets, говорят: shooting with a t, definitely top tier. Лично, i could have done betting, as i said in certain angles, but you can tell the power the accuracy is definitely definitely there has you got a better shot than levan dolski version? I literally just reviewed. нет, i believe levandolski has got a better shot than this.

Mbappe card passing ability, the only thing that let me down in the passing was a long passing thats literally it you can tell he hasnt got that bruno fernandez or even lewandowski team of the year kind of passing away. You can just smack it all the way to the other side and it will land perfectly onto the player. He hasnt got that to his game. If the person is wide open on the other side yeah, it will make that its just. You know if hes getting marked by a defender itll be tough to get that ball all the way over, but short, passing top tier dribbling ability. You guys saw it. You saw how good the skill was came off as well, Это шутка, just straight up a joke and then the physicals he done well to win a few headers. He wasnt like a consistent head like win of the ball lets say on the in the air. I couldnt get my words out there, but you get a point. The jumping ability is just nice against certain individuals, certain players that are similar height. If he comes up against a virgil van dyke, a sulei, a pk showdown cards were talking about here. He wont win the header over those kind of players, but if he matches up against someone that is six foot one six foot five eleven sa yeah and bappe is gon na fly over them and in the strength i really really did enjoy his strength, its something That we dont see on the gold card.

A lot off like hes gold card does use strength for good, a decent amount, not a crazy man, just a decent amount, but this card right here used it an insane amount. The way he was changing up his whole body just to shield off a player automatically was something i really really didnt enjoy. Now the card is extremely expensive. Eight million coins on playstation 6.5 million coins on uh on xbox, im gon na be honest. You guys listen if youre paying 11 mil for a 96 r9. Why would you not pay eight mil for this team of the m bappy you get me like. Я понимаю, yeah its an icon. He can link up with whoever you want its just eight million coins for a card like this im gon na be honest. Leave it up there lee just stick it 80 mil dont, calm down, Пожалуйста! I dont want to be facing a team of the year and that pay every other game. I dont want that to happen, so eight mil yeah its worth it leave it up. There dont dont make that go anywhere lower, please if it goes near five mil its gg were gon na see mbappe rolling around in pretty much knowing after every single persons team lets say. But where would he go any attack as t list? The gold card goes into the sd, the the headliners goes into the s10. The inform goes into the yesterday, so you best believe that team of the year is going to go into the st as well.