The Amazing EPSON MOVERIO BT-300 FPV Glasses for DJI Drones! The Best?

The Moverio BT-300 glasses aren’t simply an FPV pair of glasses for the DJI digital camera drones, they’re truly a full fledged Android Pill able to huge potential.

Extra particulars concerning the glasses will be discovered right here: HTTPS://

Вы должны купить этот продукт прямо здесь. Remember to search the online for retail shops that supply greatest costs.

HOW TO SIDE LOAD AN ANDROID APP ON THE MOVERIO: The time periodfacet loadmerely signifies that the APP you want to set up isn’t coming from the Google Play retailer with the automated set up. This implies you need to use your property laptop to seek for the Android App to find the .APK file of the APP. You then obtain it and place it on a Micro SD card. You then place the Micro SD card into the MOVERIO. Goto the Moverio file supervisor (MOVFILER) and discover the SD card. You’ll have to hit “ВВЕРХ” on the display screen till you see SD0 and SD1. Your micro SD Card is SD1 and accommodates the .APK App you want to set up. Simply choose the .APK file and lengthy press on the file title (maintain your finger down on the contact pad) till the choice to INSTALL seems. Then simply set up it. You are able to do this for any Android App you want to set up on the Moverio that isn’t out there within the Moverio App retailer. CAUTION: Epson doesn’t help this methodology since they don’t have any management over the Apps you put in.

Видеокамера Panasonic 4K: HTTPS://
Canon 80D: HTTPS://
LENS: 17 – 50mm Lens F2.8: HTTPS://
BOYA Lapel Mic: HTTPS://
Manfrotto: HTTPS://
BIG Gorillapod: HTTPS://
DJI Mavic воздуха: HTTPS://

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  1. how does it compare to DJI Googles? благодаря

  2. Только $1399.00 I'll take 3 for me and my friends.

  3. I don't get it! If they just add a silicone visor attached on the top and side, no disturbing light can enter, почти, which is good enough!

  4. Так, someone could actually wear these while driving. And be watching a movie at the same time. NOT COOL!!!! Cell phones are bad enough!!

  5. According to reviewers the battery is weak, start-up slow, no Blue-Tooth, и т.д. an unfinished product with potential!

  6. Does utelek with autel EVO or autel xstar premium???

  7. I was on the fence, but I believe you saved me some money. The tech is changing so fast, by this time next year the market will be saturated with headsets.

  8. we need you to populate the earth with our species 🙂

  9. Use the Moverio since 3 Month and quiet happy with it! As earphone i use one of my AirPods, works fine via BT! In bright sunshine i wear a cap, that solves all the problems with light entering from behind! Regards fron Germany !

  10. Hi Captain Drone, just on a side note, where can i get get one of micro drones you held in your hand (@ 7min 56sec)

  11. Would I be able to side load the Autel Evo app to these.

  12. Such cool tech. Hope dji puts something out like this or bt35e soon for less coin!
    Anyone know if I use the Apple adapter from lighting to hdmi if this will work with my iPhone six?????

  13. I hate it when people think dji drones are fpv and that photography drones are the best
    Sorry but fpv racing and freestyle is where it’s at
    Редактировать: plus I tend to notice that people flying dji drones have no idea what they are doing or how a drone works

  14. Where can I see the telemetric flight data ? How do I switch from film to photo when I dont see these options in the goggles ?

  15. Thank you for the wonderful review and also on the other model BT-300. Now i am about to order one, but which one is better? Вы можете помочь? Tq

  16. Both glasses are really good. I have both and will have to decide which one to keep?? I did have to get the CrystalSky thanks to Captain Drone's reviews, I am really glad I did. FYI both glasses seem to have the same quality projected picture, and also the BT-300 glasses will work with the BT-35e interface box. So if they ever release just to interface box then you would basically have both units. I did not really see a really big difference between the glasses BUT the BT-300 do fold up smaller which I think is a plus. So decisions…. решения….

  17. Удивительный обзор… I love my DJI goggles tho. The big clear picture and the darkness from the big goggles is awesome. The law doesn't say you cannot fly with goggles, the law just states that you need a visual observer if you do utilize a goggle to fly. So as long as your VO can maintain visual line of site your okay to fly with goggles. These are interesting tho, I just like having a bigger picture. I have fatsharks too and the video image is so small your eyes strain trying to focus on the little image.

  18. Great concept, Epson are clearly on the right track. Epson need to think about improving light leakage and get rid of those cordsthat set-up looks like something from the 80's. I will keep my money for now and wait for the improvements to come through but I can see a pair in my future unless DJI or someone else beats them to it.

  19. I just received my BT-300 and it comes with a bracket for the Mavic Air – Мне это нравится!

  20. Отлично – work really well with Inspire 1 профессионал (professional PfCO enviroment) except vignetting means battery level very difficult to see so more work needed on display. Very little work needed to make these ideal for professional drone users. 🙂

  21. I am so glad I subscribed to you. I fly alot and was looking for something that would allow me to see my surroundings! The DJI goggles are way too big!!!

  22. is it also works with other wifi drones?

  23. I enjoy vids BUT please stop saying “ these here….«. Again great tech

  24. Does the controller download maps like the tablet does when connected to the internet?

  25. Absolutely ridiculous they didn’t give them to you that doesn’t impress me

  26. So is DJI going to make a second gen smaller goggles? Or should I go ahead and buy the BT-300?

  27. Капитан Дрон, have you tried the glasses with the f11 drone?

  28. Спасибо за большой обзор. I ordered a pair tonight but alas everybody is out of them. Will have to wait a couple weeks before I can use these.

  29. Wow never thought that anything like this existed.

  30. what other goggles work with mavic air besides epson and dji?

  31. Will this work with a Iphone or with Litchi on Android

  32. Good mount can be 3d printed for free or cheap if you don't own a 3D printer 🙂

  33. captain drone my name is bob and on your video you said that a wifi drone will work I down loaded the apk it works and wifi connects up the screen is dark and wont work . Ты можешь мне помочь? благодаря. [email protected]

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