SYMA X5C HD Quadcopter Drone – Модификации, Обзор, Pros & Cons After 20+ рейсы

Right here is the place to buy this QuadCopter: HTTPS:// Here is a evaluation, mods and opinions on the


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  1. Wow Dustin! This is so old school. I'm looking for some info on Syma quads for some I'm repairing for my students. I ran across this one and thought…. I recognize this voice. Лол. I looked at the name and realized it was you. ха-ха.

  2. Just received her in the mail mate🤙!..
    Cannot wait to take her out tomorrow!

  3. anyone here can on not overcharging my batteries with the stock charger? i'm planning to use a timer to measure the volts

  4. Большой обзор , lots of tips, great for an x5 newbie like myself!

  5. this is my first beginner drone, now i got my 5th drone: the DJI Mavic Pro.

  6. uhhh….ummmmm…………uhhhhmmmmm…….. wtf dude

  7. What is the weight of the 'upgraded' battery please.

  8. i know this video is rly old, but i did manage to make the mod on the transmitter, but i was thinking if i should make the antenna on the drone bigger? Если это так, how much bigger? does it matter?
    thanks bud!!

  9. Hello uploader,
    Can we put FPV mod seeing on cell phone attached on th TX? If so how, could u explain?

  10. Anyone know if I can use the USB charge cable that comes with the X5C to charge 750mAh nano-tech battery shown here?

  11. Спасибо за видео! Очень полезно

  12. For the led covers, they are very cheap on Ebay,(может быть $3 для 4), replace the missing ones- then put a few drops of epoxy around the perimeter of each one and they will never fall out again

  13. How do I get the connectors for battery charger for my syma. I got charger but no way to charge the batteries you recommended

  14. Hi is this compatible with any fpv goggles?

  15. how much does that extended range thing cost and could it work on m syma x5sw

  16. A real informative video for the X5C. благодаря

  17. put phantom motors on it, idk if that's possible but, Почему бы нет

  18. This is a great drone, no question, but I was somewhat disappointed when I read the manual and saw that it had only a 7 minute flight time with the 500 мАч аккумулятор. I recently bought a few 600 mAh batteries and don't really know how long one lasts. If Dustin's 750 mAh battery lasts 11-12 минут, how long would a 600 mAh battery last? Спасибо за помощь!

  19. 4 more minutes is like while i roll my ciggarette , can i patch a phone battery instead?

    this is a review for a freakin battery?

  20. I am new to drone craze and I have a couple of questions that are probably dumb questions.
    first isin videos, where do I need to go to find the link in the decription so I can look at where they actually buy the stuff one the video I am watching?? Alsooo All of the usb chargers that come with the drone say to plug the usb into a computer usb. Can I just plug it into the usb charger that came with my phone. I mean the adapter part that plugs into
    the wall socket and has the usb port in it. Can I just plug the usb end into the adapter that is plugged into the wall. Sorry if these are dumb questions but I don't want to ruin a drone because I did something wrong.

  21. All I did was wire 2 of the 600mah batteries in parallel with the second just taped and strapped to the bottom of quad and hasn't made a big difference to performance but I'm getting around 70% more flight time.

  22. Отличное видео. I learned a few things.Another thing you can do is cut off the bar and bend back the plastic things stopping the battery from entering further and use a 1000mhz battery instead. Just need something metal and heat it with a lighter to bend them.

  23. Привет, i have a loose connection on my syma x5c. When I touch the battery wire to the left it seems to connect but it has to be in the right position and sometimes the lights shut off. It flies fine and is brand new but I wanted to ask if you knew of something I could do to hold it in place like that or seal it in somehow. Any advice would be much appreciated ! Пол

  24. отличное видео … Спасибо

  25. I have problem can you help me ?Пожалуйста

  26. Great little quad for the price. For beginners probably the best choice (2016).

  27. Hey so I bought the battery charger and it doesn't have connectors for the batteries.. Was wondering if you knew or had a link to a connector!

  28. I'll try this with a paralell connector. So double the flight time

  29. Can you charge the upgraded battery with the same charger that the drone came with?

  30. Эй Dustin, great videos. I just got a Syma and was wondering about the charger you posted. Does it come with cables for charging batteries with or do you have to purchase adapters? Также, did you get an adapter for the JST-DS (the type of connection on the Syma x5) аккумулятор? Or were you using the other connector that is on the upgraded batter to charge it? благодаря!

  31. I wish you could make your own monitor for this instead of having to buy a 65 dollar one

  32. hey wanna ask you does this process works on every drone???

  33. hello I have a tech toyz x5c clone with green board in copter on it I see wifi on board just peekng in battery spot ..was wondering any info in know ??didn't have wifi or fpvon box !! plus I have 2 also x5c clones they have green boards ..would the sums x8c remote work ?? plz any help be appreciated

  34. is gearbest realiable with their products

  35. I love this quad copter it was caught in a storm, flew into a tree and survived an hour of pouring rain and still works really well

  36. hi Dustin I enjoy ur vids really helpful I bought a bayangtoys x8 could I use the same battery u got in this video

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