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  1. Очень прохладный человек!!..I just got a sharper image drone for xmashavnt got it out yetnew supporter here from pusa!!

  2. I'm still trying to learn how to fly my drone. I don't fly it often. Очень хорошо! I seen you on Pusa Studios stream. New frnd showing love. Очень хорошее видео. Liked, watched in full and added to my #IAMACREATOR playlist. Hope to see you soon. TFS!!!

  3. Хороший обзор! Отличное видео! I found your in Pusa Studio's chat so I came by to check out your channel! Full view, подобно & Red Button!

  4. Здравствуйте! Came over from Pusa Chat to spread some love to your channel!

  5. I love to see drone footage over water and beaches. I came from Pusa Studios livestream.

  6. You are gonna blow up fast. But remember who has here since the beginning! 😂😂😝 help a brother out when you do blow up

  7. You deserve so many more subscribers than you have

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