I use large washers in each of the four bags it opens taut for the drone to take off and land it has met. All my expectations got this for my mavic air 2. My first drone it’s, a great high vis landing pad, has stakes to secure it and, if you can’t use stakes where you are, it has weighted bags to use you provide whatever weight to put in them, excellent landing pad for your quads folds, fairly easy and the Pouches for weight are nice. I filled mine with one inch washers and then taped them together then placed in bag and tied closed sand did anything like that as too messy carry case as good too ground stakes are decent and have their own little pouch. В случае, highly recommended, my first landing pad the purchase was decided by the weight bags brilliant, yet stupidly, простой, a no nothing rookie like me could see the value in function of the weighted bags and face palm the fact this was the only producer to utilize. It got mine when i was planning a small trip to the seaside. The pad worked perfectly on the beach no sand mass when launching landing, rotor and camera were safe. The pad is lightweight but feels solid. The carry bag is indeed convenient. Everything easily fits in it and all small parts are secured in the inner pocket.