I want to give you a little backstory into my drone personal experience. I have been a drone pilot for the past three years and started doing it more professionally, recently have been getting into more fpv, stuff and learning stuff. From that. Previous to this i had the mavic mini the original one before the mini 2, and i just didn’t need or see the reason to upgrade until this happened. And then this happened and we were not able to recover that in chess passing areas. So anna hit a cliff and then it snowed the next day, so the drone was gone and i finally decided to purchase the mavic mini Music. That first reason is 4k capabilities. This youtube right here is use the mini 2 to do professional video shoots some another great feature that they have been pinned on. More of their newer drones is the flight time. 31 minutes of flight time is insane, especially for that price point, which is my third reason at six hundred dollars for three batteries: that’s getting you an hour and 30 minutes of flying this drone consistently and it’s. Honestly such a small footprint in my own camera bag. My last reason is the distance as well i’ve had zero connection issues. I originally owned the phantom 3 terrible connection. The mini was a little bit better, but still it really even sucked. I had the spark at one point: absolute garbage just connecting to wi fi.

The rc connection that is getting connected to this controller itself is absolutely amazing. I’Ve had no connection issues it’s now i did say there’s two things, Надеюсь, hope and hope they add software. Wise because it just needs to be updated software wise first one is a cine like d or a flat profile just to give whoever’s the flyer. Если вы, a beginner or you’re starting to become more intermediate and more experienced with flying just gives them a little extra room to start learning how to color grade a second theme they have given us raw photos. So thank you, but can we just shoot raw photos? Only that will be so nice give us a raw option, because raw and jpeg is nice. If you want a quick photo to edit post on instagram, but if you really like the editing process in lightroom or just the after process of actually editing your own photos. В любом случае, that is where today’s fun video is coming to an end if you guys did enjoy or you made to this part, please subscribe a good percent of people who are watching. My videos are not subscribed so yeah. I make a bunch of content on this channel once a week. It’D be dope i’m, really trying to hit a thousand subscribers we’re halfway to the end of this year, and i am 30 там. We can make it 40 by the end of june. We can do it uh, yeah and until next week, guys peace, Музыка.