MENGTUO M9955 X-DRONESuch a cool looking drone

One other cheap GPS drone to overview (there’s a $30 off coupon under). This one appears totally different in look from all the remaining. You could find out extra about this drone right here:
Discover the Drone at TomTop: HTTPS://помочь = f9631
Here’s a $30 Скидочный купон: Z6WQ

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КАМЕРЫ: GoPro Hero 7: HTTPS://
GoPro шляпа: HTTPS://
Sq. Пусковая площадка приземления малых: HTTPS://
КАМЕРЫ: Канон 80D телосложения: HTTPS://
ОСВЕЩЕНИЕ: Студия Софтбокс: HTTPS://
ОСВЕЩЕНИЕ: FalconEyes т 40тД: HTTPS://

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  1. сожалею… I've decided to never again buy a Brushed Motor Drone with GPS for more than $50-$60 доллар США.

  2. Does it make sense to review all these upcoming drones in a more and more fragmented market ?
    Я купил 2 times or 3 times cheaper, but well reviewed drones that did not deliver what I had expected and sold them instantly. Now I'm stuck at dji and the spark worksexcept range and flighttime – Для меня. So I had to add a range extender and things are better.
    I will upgrade to a mavicone fine day but I would never want to do another odysee I had done before. A spark alone is below 300€and with rc used about 366€
    I don't know if there's something of the spark quality that deserve such attention. I currently use also a Xiaomi Drone for 360$ that works beyond spark limits.
    You put such a lot of work in each review of these drones but do they deserves all your efforts ? They come and go, which one would be still noteworthy in Oct. 2019 ?
    I hope to see more in depth things on the major ones cause now the constant flow of notifications became so annoying that I simply would have canceled subscription and notifications. But then I gave this review another trial and thought it is better to write then to leave in silence cause I like the way how you do the things you do except the content developement direction.

  3. Bad apology it is damn cold. Captain Drone should have learned long time ago to put the batteries in the inner pocket of the jacket so it is close to the body's heat. If we do not see that happen the next time, we will have to demote the captain to a fairly ordinary private soldier. 😉

  4. Is that really 1080p? It did not look like 1080p in the footage. До сих пор, a great value drone for a beginner or someone who wants a drone that they don't care much about should it get scuffed or damaged.

  5. Rotors! I see rotors everywhere! No Gimbal, rotors, shown in the footage, range is dangerously short, well at least it has a GPS. Did I mention it shows rotors all the time?

  6. Very interesting and fresh design. I like the way it can be flown right up to the wall without additional prop guards. And as always the Captain is in top form. еще раз спасибо.

  7. In EUROPE we have an incredible hot autumn is crazy in italy now were i live near adriatic coast about 26 celsius !!!i live near Rimini

  8. Good video as always 👍 I like the design of the folding mechanism-good idea..

  9. It's currently showing for $119.99 on the TopTop link that you provided. Not a good choice if you're planning on using it as a photo drone. Not being able to take horizontal shots without having the props in the picture is kind of a bad design. What phone were you using that didn't agree with the drone app?

  10. I really like this form factor for a highly portable drone. It would be outstanding if it could have the innards of a mavic/evo/anafi class drone.

  11. Whip up a western omelette, then get a photo from 100m high of your creation lol.

  12. With your promo code, that drone will cost just £70.92 GBP which is £23.64 off👍🏻

  13. The camera was a bit substandard at least as it looked on youtube. i personally dont mess with usual horrible cameras on these <$100 drones and just affix a true small HD video unit like hawkeye firefly which has 4k at 30fps weighs 15 g and cost only ~$20 and take great quality HD. Just remember to attach with some foam to absorb vibration (например. 3 mm double sided adhesive x2)

  14. Perfect vid CD! Incredible functions for the price. Только… those props… очень, veeery visible indeed. Nice props but not on the film.

    Funny thing 😀

  15. Капитан! You make even the weirdest drones look most interesting! Another great review for another cool little drone for under $100 НАС! Just as with most technology, you get more features for less money as time passes on…Любите видео, Капитан….😃🛩

  16. Большой обзор! Спасибо, что поделился!

  17. Классное видео. I like the design concept for the drone.

  18. It loke like it is stable and smoth flyer. It should be much better if the camera was mounted on the top of this drone. i should never accept the propellers in my video recordings. Is it possible to remove the camera and mount it in the top of the drone?

  19. Seriously who buys these awful drones with their terrible camera quality? Except the captain of course to test out

  20. Uh so are the props always in frame?

  21. Been eyeing this one for a while. Спасибо за обзор – I'm impressed how well it flies indoors. Спасибо, Cap'n, for a thorough review. I hope drone cams improve next year as much as $20 action cams improved this year (a LOT). ура – Glenn

  22. Can i get one od those from you? Lost my drone 😭

  23. You must have a lot of drones by now, can you send me one please LOL

  24. Big thing to me is……….how much wind will it hold up to one position?
    My last drone couple years ago was $170 from Radio Shack, forget flying if breeze 2-3 миль/ч. Let me know how well this puppy holds up please.

  25. Ryze Or dji TELLO is way better, i have one.

  26. The fact the props come out in the video it an immediate disqualification for me.

  27. Спасибо за обзор. I wasn’t really interested the moment I see the contrast between your GoPro video and the drone’s but I continued because I like your passion.

  28. that so funnyfollow me it goes far away

  29. Good and funny video man. Just subscribed.

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