Mavic drones are the best selling drones so far, mavic mini is their latest version, it’s being sold in two configurations. The standard version comes with the drone controller and a single battery. The fly more combo includes everything in the standard version, as well as two extra batteries, a pad recharger and a carrying case outwardly. The dji mini 2 looks identical to its predecessor, the mavic mini, что хорошо. The drone is wonderfully small and light in fact adjust to 49 grams it’s light enough, so that you don’t have to register it with the faa. The minitree spores the same folding arm design that dji popularized and many other drone makes have since copied. Мини 2 is about the size of a can of soda, which makes it ridiculously easy to stuff. In a backpack, Мне нравится. Dji now includes a strap that wrap around the drone and secure the propeller blades, so they don’t accidentally snap off, while in your back the biggest difference physically between the two is the controller. The mavic mini has a much smaller controller with folding arms that hold your phone below the mini 2’s controller is at least twice the size and has an extending arm on the top to hold your smartphone. While there are some things to be said for the smaller size of the original controller, the newer one, the same as the one that comes with the mavic air 2, makes it easier to see your phone, мини, to prove just as nimble, stable and easy to Fly as every other drone from dji that i’ve flown the miniature took off and hovered in the air remaining as motionless as if it were still on the ground.

The dji upgraded the motor in the mini too. Так, in addition to getting an additional minute of flight time after 31 минут, it can also be flown in wind up to 24 mph a boost from the 17.9 mph limit of the older model, apart from its larger size, compared to the controller that come with mavic Mini the many tours controller communicates with the drone using dji’s aqua, syncs 2.0 transmission technology rather than wi fi. The minitoo’s controller communicates with the drone using dji’s ocusync 2.0 технология передачи, rather than wi fi, this more than double the maximum effective range of the mini 2. От 2.4 miles to 6.1 миль, given that you should always keep your drone inside, the range is more theoretical than anything while the dji mini has a similar sized sensor as its predecessor it’s, been improved, so that you can shoot video at resolution up to 4k by 30 кадров в секунду. This also enables a few other tricks, Например, when shooting video at 1080 Пикселей. You now have 2x and 4x digital zoom, which turned out to be a good, not great feature. You can’t incrementally increased zoom. It jumped right from 1x to 2x to 4x and at the max you lose a lot of definition. Dj could have probably left the mavic mini untouched for the next five years, and it will still be one of the best drones around as this mini 2 reviews has shown. Its improvements are incremental, but the foundation on which its build is as solid as ever.

It’S compact easy to fly and takes fantastic videos and photos. Those looking for more advanced tracking and camera features should check out the mavic year 2, Хотя, while the mini 2 cost around 50 dollar more than its predecessor, it still remains the best drone for most people. You will want to pick up an extra battery or two because you won’t want to stop flying and that’s all from mavic mini 2..