Two hours later medic ready medic. ой, i am actually crying its okay come on around the back completely unseen and on the grand scheme of things you could say often overlooked. That is until today, a worm emerges from the undergrowth. What is this intro, but todays release isnt about a little worm. If were going to do this pound for pound its a ginormous snake Music, oh warm up ill delete that. So if we cast the mines back to 2016 о 2049 pounds ago way back then i received the cobra king ltd driver a very unique driver im sure most of you remember it. He had more ports than the liquor store, but it was a milestone in cobra engineering because they managed to achieve a zero cg within the driver head. The only slight issue with it was it wasnt, very forgiving. Oh no now bombs to brenda Music fast forward to 2022 ive gained 2049 pounds not really sure how thats possible seen as i just ran six years im now, a dad if you didnt already know and cobra, have added x to ltd marvelous. But just imagine if you could have a zero cg and ample enough mli for forgiveness ill be right, back Music, its always messy in here. So here it is the cobra king ltdx, not only a cobra saying its got a zero cg, its also extremely forgiving too. So Music, so barbara was thirsty there you go Music still block right.

340.. I think what i like about this driver with the shots ive hit ive hit. A few now is whatever im getting shot, shaped, left or right im, getting very consistent. Spin numbers um its not crazy high, like i thought id probably getwere still on this forgiving story with this driver im still getting low spin, but i just keep thinking what if this was the ls. So the plan on the channel is to test all of the drivers in the range. The story of the drivers are quite simple. I do like what cobra are doing this year, but i would still, if i were you go into a fitting completely open minded. Dont expect to go in with a particular driver and walking out. You might end up with an ls. You might end up with a mac. You might end up with the ltdx, but from a cobra textbook point of view, youve got the ultra forgiving ltdx max youve got the middle of the park. Ltdx, which is trying to give us both weve, got the slow, spin and weve also got the forgiveness and then obviously weve got the ls, the other side of that, which is just obviously the bomb machine. Говорю тебе., я думаю, from a visual standpoint. I think its very clean its got limited makeup, very natural, that blend of modern traditional, not too much of either and im really getting like really getting fly. Z, vibes from this i dont know if anybody else is, but as soon as i saw this, i was like oh yeah fly z welcome back, so i gave that one a little bit more with that came a bit more zippage.

We were up at 2, 4 backspin, but uh fairway, finder 346., like its a 180 ball speed. 321. Carry one thing that we cant argue about. This driver is that its got tech and innovation crammed in every crevice of it. Однако, i dont want to put a dampner on this video, but we just need to take a moment to remember some vital pieces of og technology that weve sadly lost this year with the new release. Music done, Да, Ужасно, quite ironic that the infinity faces ended dont. You think to be replaced by technology that i didnt even know. I had hot face hot standing for highly optimized topology, which in a nutshell, basically means its built for speed. So what the actual fowler is topology you may ask dont know why youre looking at me me no clive. What is topology? Привет, dum, dum. You know this if you spent more time listening in your a levels instead of drawing yourself on the masters t box. Ouch topology is the mathematical study of the properties that are preserved through deformations, twistings and stretchings of objects. You just read that from google didnt you clive, да, Да. You know what ill just give you. The owl version of what this face is doing. Хорошо, um theres this machine right, you know a machine and its identified 15 different zones of a face have come and missed it strikes and now its thicker, but the thicker parts now resemble tiny little mountains happy little trees.

The best part about this is im not trying to annihilate these. This is a very efficient ball flight. I cant seem to stay away from 340. единой системы обмена сообщениями. This is my core swing. Im saving myself my arm for the ls. I just want to see what we can generate from a standard stock point of view and uh tell you what guys this is right up there. I cant uh, i feel very in control, which is not not something you hear me say very often. If i could describe that in one word, it would be efficient and were averaging 177 ball speed, backspin two two, nine seven carry best part three. Twenty three. Four five total um. I would just like to say again: this was 9 degree and weve got the ls to test one of the big positives. Ive left right until the end with this driver is the price tag. да, its still expensive. It starts with an eight if youre in australia, 879.99 roughly to pick one of these up. It is cheaper than its competitors. Will it will it outperform its competitors? Only you know by testing this, and i can imagine some of the drivers benefiting each golfer theres. нет, this is better than this weve been here before havent we but theres. No doubt this driver is ridiculously good. The only thing i did prefer was the look of the rad speed. Thats me. I prefer the rad speed vibe um visually.

I think this is very safe, but i would love to test this against a rat speed, because i reckon this is a different Music different universe. I really do we need to see that head to head toe to toe many to come, but many total toes to come um, Музыка, Да, так что ребята. I think the moral of the story is, you know you need to go and try this yourself. We are only here for, like reference purposes, spiel tech, you cant ever take a reviewers word for it because thats based on their swing, i need low spin. Somebody else needs forgiveness. Somebody else needs launch. Somebody else needs more spin, whatever it is, were all very different. Handsomeand i do hope i really do hopeyou dont just take a review, no matter how good ive said something is or how bad something is, and you go and test it yourself, because youre the one paying for it arent you guys its been a hot One in here, его 42 degrees celsius outside which is fine im under a tin roof, is the slight problem and the aircon has decided not to bother so in here. It is like a sauna. Very warm, so ive tried my best. I apologize if its a bit short and sweet, but uh thanks as always for watching guys if youre, not a part of t mouth, please hit the subscribe button. The bell notification follow us on social media, фейсбук, instagram, twitter, streaming on twitch and, Конечно, come and join the best discord in the world.