IN1601 Складной камеры Дрон – Это мини Тельо?

This drone could be very small & comes with a controller. It may do most of the issues the RYZE TELLO can do & it prices little or no. Вы должны купить этот продукт прямо здесь:
Linxtech IN1601
код купона: AN9171($four off)

RC второй:
код купона: A3748 (получить 10% от любого заказа с этот код купона)

26 Комментарии
  1. I'm lovin your reviews. Easy to understand 👍❗ no plug in wires too. Cool 😎

  2. should i buy this drone or the Eachine e10c??

  3. I wonder why almost any toy level drone on the market can adjust the camera, but a serious product like the DJI Ryze Tello has camera fixed. Everyone keeps mentioning that will come with a Tello 2, I doubt there will be a 2nd version of the Tello.
    They even send you a chargerWhile DJI Ryze…. Что ж, they don't care about you recharging the batteries, good luck with that 😛

  4. Tello in… …pyong shang plastik edition

  5. I picked one of these up. Мне это нравится! Anyone know where I can pick up extra batteries here in the US? RCmoment carries them but they wont ship them to the USA.

  6. I've seen a very similar drone literally identical but it's called the Jx 1601hw it's literally the same colour and it has a moveable camera and a removable battery. Is there a difference between them or is it just rebranding?

  7. Hm. I miss optical Flow and Video stabilisation on this.
    And on the tello i miss cam pitch and foldable gears.
    I hope one of them will mix the Part of the others, and than it will Be the perfekt Mini drone!

  8. U.S Government new gizmo,I can call my Lawyer, to report spy stalkers.

  9. If it only had a 5MB camera sensor, like the Rize Tello does, I'd buy oneeven though I already own a Tello! But the camera on this tiny would-be clone is not good enough for photos, unlike the original Tello! (Love the smaller size, folding prop arms, adjustable camera tilt, Хотя. I wish somebody would do a Tello Version 2, or clone, with these features AND a camera as good as the Tello's.)

  10. I liked and subscribed can you please return the favor please and thank you.

  11. What a salesman. Run like crazy and you said you liked it.

  12. Большой обзор. I'm gonna buy me one of those.

  13. Do you know where I can get spare batteries for this drone?

  14. I would trade off. Camera 🎥 for brushless motors but that's just me….. 🤔.then I would buy it in a heartbeat.

  15. Другой большой обзор, благодаря. I’m assuming that you can fly this little drone with just your phone, no need to use the controller??

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