How To Cause a DJI Drone FLY AWAY and CRASH

On this quick video I’ll trigger my DJI Spark toBathroom Bowlafter which try toFly Away” & авария, by merely having an inaccurate compass and weak GPS sign.

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  1. Thanks for sharing Captain. I'm sure this has happened to droners before.

  2. So you were getting error messages and still took off? I know you were just demoing it but you're saying people are ignoring the warnings and still launching?

  3. Спасибо за кончик.
    I'm still smarting from my first drone and my first fly-away (still unrecovered)
    Hard learned lesson: look out for microwave towers where you least expect them.
    I took off from a baseball field and did not know the park district hid their radio dispatch repeater out of my view behind some 60ft sheds beyond a picnic grove

  4. I wonder if softwarewise it is possible to detect sudden compas error/disturbance and then hold drone in one possition or at least decrease its speed to very very small valueMaybe that would be a solution

  5. Привет , Bro , im in Saskatchewan , its -27c then the winds on top , love your videos bro

  6. Great basic "need to know" info for any new inexperienced DJI drone pilots..

  7. That was very helpful, благодаря, I did subscribe to your channel, Следите за большую работу. Дэвид

  8. I think someone is getting cabin fever! Would the same compass / GPS issues apply for a Typhoon H?

  9. да,I got question,? My mavic pro does not verbally tell me home point has been established, what up with that, благодаря. Дэвид

  10. Вау…looks toooooo cold! Thank you for sharing Captain. Недурно.

  11. That was truly a golden nugget of information! благодаря! Теперь, insulate and drywall that garage!! [chuckle]

  12. So the question is, if this happens, what do you do? Are you screwed.

  13. Thanks for doing that for us spark owners

  14. Wow thanks alot now I understand I thought my was broken, and man I feel like DJI company should address this as a warning in the manual book.

  15. HI Captain Drone, Last Saturday afternoon I did the usual preflight check but the Mavic Air did something unexpected. After taking off It did not hover steady but immediately drifted forward towards the wind and drop in altitude from 4 to about half a foot. It was also very hard to control. I was flying on our 2nd flr balcony, beginner mode, prop guards on. There is also a slight wind. Could this be a result of a compass or gps error? Спасибо, что поделился.

  16. I cant fly because it says GPS error

    I have no idea how to make it strongeror to make it appear at all.

  17. Lmfao, you need gps to hover? I can hover a fbl head cp heli without it even having gyros on it..

  18. I had a Mavic 2 pro fly away last week and it scared the [email protected] out of me. I was on the 22nd floor of a hotel and it dropped about 30 feet and took off like a bat out of hell. After thirteen minutes of frantic running around the streets between tall buildings it finally crashed and landed softly.. by the grace of God.

  19. Good lesson for any brand of drone or flight controller- the same issue affects them all. I'd love to say it's never happened to me

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