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  1. How much it weighs with battery/camera AND prop guards in grams ? Pl reply. Большое спасибо

  2. Спасибо за обзор, I'm actually planning on buying this drone, btw the prop that is protecting the drone does it come with it or does it have to be bought separately? Please if you can send me a link as where I can buy it on amazon, thanks i liked and subbed

  3. Мой приятель & I were playing drone baseball with it. it's a cool game. The person controlling the drone is the pitcher, sending the drone in a knuckle ball, curve ball or fastball ball down the middle while the other person is waiting to hit it with a Louisville.

  4. Классное видео & пальцы вверх. Приветственные восклицания от Солнечный Синт-Мартен

  5. How do i play my recorded videos? can i put them in computer some how and upload it? i can record but theres no way to play the recorded files?

  6. Great review and many thanks for the work you did to post your video online. I'm really impressed by it's ease of handling and performance. I'm going to buy one!

  7. its actually a drone research about what is the meaning of drone

  8. Can't reply because of your settings but indeed they are gimbals. Been around longer than any camera mount

  9. You called the joysticks gimbles just for all the very young hobbyist out there I'm sure it was a slip of the tongue.Gimbles are the carriages and technology that carry a GoPro type camera I believe.

  10. Also a quadcoptor IS a heli. Don't let the idiot media get you all twisted. Look up helicoptor and you will see

  11. Wow i went to pick the thumb up and it said unlike and the thumb down I dislike this. But like i said Great Video 🙂

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