DJI SPARK – Удивительные светодиодный реквизит

И наконец, now we have LED props for the DJI Spark! Certainly one of my props was not working appropriately (did I overlook to cost it?), so I used two props for the flight within the video. I truly discovered that two props regarded higher. A NOTE FROM THE MANUFACTURER OF THE PROPS: In a few of their testing they’ve discovered that typically, the usage of four LED props will trigger the SPARK problem in flying. 2 LED props work positive. They’re engaged on the issue.

You’ll find the Props right here:

КАМЕРЫ: GoPro Hero 6: HTTPS://

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  1. Kind of on the fence about them. How much and how long do you have to change them. ??? Not sure if it's worth the hassle. Как ты думаешь

  2. I think you can only use these on two anyways cause the blades are too long to fit 4 in the front and back, they would touch. These are actually made for the Air I think witch has a wider stance

  3. Did UFO sightings dramatically increase in your area that night?

  4. You should do a review on the GPS shadow drone, they're normally at Walmart.

    They are normally at a pretty affordable price to, and I think it looks and seems good!

  5. I have these props (four). The manufacturer told me that four would not work. They have tested four on the spark and have had issues. I found that problem out before they told me. Only a pair of props will work on the spark. They do look cool at night though.

  6. Классное видео. I’m glad when you sprayed it didn’t make the spark fly away from you. Лол

  7. I have just stepped in to the never-ending money pit that IS DJI,лол. Just got the Spark today. Already see a bunch of stuff I want. Thanks for your vids, I always enjoy

  8. Lol.funny that I woked up today thinking where I can get Something like this and here you Go.thanks you are Awesome. Will live to fight with you Sometime.Blessings!!

  9. Очень круто, those LED Props are VERY BRIGHT: WARP SPEED SCOTTY! Спасибо, что поделился!

  10. Thanks for placing this vid Caprain Drone. Very nice effect indeed. The spark is very visible then. Only non foldable, so it does not fit in the Spark case?

  11. Is there a on/off switch for the props?

  12. Beautiful props! Великая информация. благодаря!

  13. 🌸Hello ! ❤ I love it !!! ❤ I have a Dji spark and I want that !!! thank you so much for sharing with us 🌸 I'am your new friend now.🍾🍷🍇 Greetings from FRANCE🍾🍷🍇

  14. Hi do props touch each other when spinning?

  15. The mavic 2 will not come out until late this year I said that from the beginning and I was right I wish I was wrong but I wasn't don't know if I should wait or buy the EVO

  16. Pretty useless if you ask me. The spark is not designed or recommended to fly at night or in the dark. Save your money 💰 or put it towards a extra battery.

  17. The instructions on amazon say to only use two of these props and two stock props. Why not four LED props at the same time?

  18. Круто,, just a short question, how good is the spark on Android phone

  19. Every time I see those lights they just amaze me.

  20. Привет, I'm having a problem atraching the propellers, they go in but won't snap into place and I put the circle ones with the circles ones. Any Suggestions?

  21. Ottimo видео ! Iscriviti Аль НОСТРО canale se ti piaciono я nostri видео

  22. Product description states only two are to be used at a time, in strategic positions. Wonder why this is?

  23. I purchased them, very very unstable two minor crashes. Hard to install, hard to remove. Put the DJI props on no problem, Put the LEDs back on an CRAZYMakes me think why only two props were featured? Капитан?

  24. Just read the disclaimer….Would have liked to had that in the video Capt.

  25. A NOTE FROM THE MANUFACTURER OF THE PROPS: In some of their testing they have found that sometimes, the use of 4 LED props will cause the SPARK difficulty in flying. 2 LED props work fine. They are working on the problem.

  26. Bullsh!t. I have the air and phantom 4 pro v2 and spark. The LED lights for the air prompts errors, constantly!!!! The sparkLED BLADES, wouldnt even workcrashed my spark and wouldnt take off more than about 5 inches and crashed. This is a gimmick, this guy kust have been paid off. They dontwork!!!!!!! Swear to god, order on amazon, see for yourself and send them back and PLEASE POST your experience here as a reply to my post…..

  27. So I tried these for the first time over this past weekend. My Spark would not take-off with all 4 props on? I tried reversing them thinking maybe they were mis-marked, still the same result. I contacted the folks that sell these, and they said you can only mount one set at once! Did you find out the same thing? That makes no sense to me?

  28. u know spark isnt design to fly with prop other than originals

  29. Привет! It s cool!! Where can i buy these??

  30. Those are really cool my spark aka bones is not a fan of the night time

  31. How to make a video sponsored captain drone?

  32. It would be cool if they had props that had pictures underneath. Like on cars. The lights light up, making pictures. Like eagles flying,Or horses galloping

  33. I have a question have anyone thought of try the Dji Sparks landing gear on the jjrc x9 heron and see if the fit? Since I don't see landing gears for the jjrc x9 heron. If it does someone let me know.

  34. How long does a typical prop charge last? How long does charging take as I'm assuming you have to do each separately. Спасибо, что поделился.

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