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  1. DJI Smart Controller now available to order and back in stock !
    https://t.co/p20dmHFsRU https://t.co/p20dmHFsRU

    Be sure to answer the Question of the Day !

    Thank you in advance for your great comments !

  2. Can you let me know how much memory the 'System' занимает пожалуйста – Я обнаружил, что мой один показывает, что это будет 48gig, из возможных 60gig встроенной памяти – кажется, как много??

  3. Ага. Definitely want this. Shame about Litchi not working on the controller but I'm sure that's just a matter of time #wantthis 👍 Great vid Bill/Ian .

  4. I luv it, i will be waiting for that email from Dji for my smart controller, just want to mention my m2 keeps saying I need to do a vision calibration ,I do it and all goes well, then restart and it says the same thing, iv tried it many times, just not worth sending back, all sensors work great, also says my controller needs a firmware update and after I do it still says the same, so I'm Shure iv got software problems' fly everyday here in Texas and my m2 always works perfect, bill what would you do in this situation ?

  5. Congrats Ian on the new controller thanks for your review of it, great job well done. Счастливый летать. Thanks Bill for playing Ian's review

  6. Прекрасно. I would say that Ian‘s review and unboxing was spot on. I really like that display case as well. It’s very very tempting for me to get one of these when they become available. The all-in-one solution is something that I have always envied from the Phantom Pro Plus. And for me with finger dexterity trouble once I figure out a way to mount this on my bracket (probably with very strong Velcro) it should be a great help and the brighter screen means even more convenience, not having to use a sun shade. I say “Good Show” Ian!

  7. Great video and information very well done Ian & Bill is there a link to Ian’s YouTube channel Bill?👍👍🇬🇧

  8. I hope they revise the price point once they are able to secure the FCC grant.

  9. My Smart Controller came on Friday, i think it is great up to now, time will tell.

  10. Билл, Great Idea to have you and Ian review the new controller. Very nice work guys for getting content out to us in the US!

  11. Been waiting for this Bill,good review 👍.they’ll need to move alot of them to make up their losses tho.

  12. I noticed on B&H ‘s website they have a coming soon package of the Mavic Pro 2 and the smart controller for$1899 USD. That’s a little cheaper than the estimated DJI price of controller for $600+

  13. Very nice collaborationIan & Билл! Thank you Bill for releasing Ian’s first flight video using the new #ДЖИ Смарт-контроллер! Unfortunately this is something we cannot legally do in the US until the FCC approves the controller for use in the US, AND who knows when that will be with the partial government shutdown??? Ян, Thank You for sharing this very nice unboxing and first flight, you lucky guy! Снова, thank you Ian & Билл, nice collaboration!

  14. Great Job Guys. So the drone has to be turned on before the remote?

  15. Great unboxing and first flight with the new smart controller. Thanks for sharing Ian's video with us Bill.

  16. Благодаря Билл… This government shutdown is killing me! Лол. Excellent idea by getting the unboxing review outside the US with Ian!

  17. Loved the opening ! Great job Ian and thanks for sharing Bill ! 👍

  18. Kudos to Ian for a great review. Thanks Bill The Drone Reviewer.

  19. Great job by Ian ! Thank you for sharing Bill ! 👍👍😎

  20. Thank you Ian for providing this great video footage

  21. ха-ха. I thought you recorded something by mistake at the beginning.

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