tv and today, im very very excited to finally check out the following modes for the mini 2. Музыка. So we finally have tracking and following modes for djis mini 2 – probably one of the best budget, 4k mini drones on the market right now, and the thing thats so exciting about this is its really in its infancy. So you guys get to really see um how it operates in its beta, because this is actually the android beta of lychee which allows you to use following and tracking modes on the air 2s, мини 2 and also the mini se as well. I will be showcasing the waypoints mode as well, для мини 2 and ill also have a separate video for the mini se, where i showcase the tracking modes, as well as the actual waypoints as well. So therell be a few videos on the channel. But this video right here is focusing purely on the following mode. You can actually use a tracking mode, which is more of like a, Наверное, a software based tracking mode, where its similar to the active track on djis drones. Where you draw a box and then the drone just kind of tracks that box or that object or that vehicle or whatever it may be, but the thing that i actually really really love about lychee is they have a following mode? Which is something that i believe we used to have on dji drones and then, for whatever reason: theyve just pushed it towards active track, which is more of a software based tracking mode.

The thing that makes the following modes so special on lychee is that its actually tracking the signal from the controller. So that means that, even if youre completely invisible to the drone, its still going to track that signal from the controller, so fantastic honestly, it makes the world of difference because even in this example here you can see, i go behind trees and if it was active Track it would probably stop following you at that point or it would struggle to figure out where youve gone to, but thats, Почему, following modes are so much more powerful? На мой взгляд, and its more of a hardware based tracking over you know, focusing purely on an algorithm and the software focus from drawing a box on someone so out of all of the tests, ive done so far with the following modes. It does a fantastic job. It literally never stopped following me and thats because its not trying to find someone in the environment, you know its not using an algorithm, its literally just following the signal from the controller, which really allows you to have some special opportunities uh to get some really unique Shots uh, even if youre not visible to the drone itself, so thats, where i was really impressed. It never stopped following me: it never had issues and considering this is a beta. I was really impressed with the stability of the tracking mode of the following mode. Um had no issues with it.

I know that when ive tested lychee in the past, i had a few little issues here and there, and that was in its early stages of testing the beta um but yeah. This is flawless. I literally had no issues it never struggled to track me anything i actually put into the settings here whether that was like the altitude, the distance or the way that the drone was actually following me. All that worked really well and the drone was smooth. You know it was responsive, but it was smooth and thats what really impressed me. На самом деле, it did a great job of the smooth movements, which was actually something i had an issue with um. предварительно, when i tested lychee, i noticed that it was maybe not as smooth or it had a little bit of like awkward movements um. I actually found that it was so much more smoother than my previous experiences and it worked flawlessly. Another side mention here is something that i actually really like again about the lychee app and what that is. Is it allows you to actually record the audio like from the microphone in your phone, so you can have some commentary on the ground while your drone is flying in the distance and thats, something that dji used to have and then all of a sudden it just Wasnt a thing anymore and for whatever reason, theyve just cut that completely out so thats, something that you can actually get from the lychee application.

And i guess well show you some audio here of me, like maybe beatboxing or talking to myself or something like that, or even just some ambience of like the wind or whatever, just to show you that, like its actually possible to record the audio on the ground. While your drone is flying, this is something a lot of people ask me about in the comments on my youtube videos. So this is an easy way to do it through the lychee application, and it also adds a bunch of other features as well, including obviously, Прямо сейчас, the following mode that youre seeing which is just not a thing for many two users. If youre using dji fly, the light g literally opens up a whole new world for many two users, как я уже сказал, я, really impressed with the reliability of the flight. I think it did a fantastic job and very responsive to all of my inputs. I love the dynamic shots that you can capture as youre adjusting the different parameters in the settings, so i can just have it set up to follow me and it will just automatically follow me at the altitude and distance ive set it at. Но потом, if i want to adjust those parameters or those metrics, the drone will you know intuitively, go back to that point or itll go up to that height, but it does it in a way where it actually looks really smooth it doesnt look as jarring as It used to, and it actually can create some form of a dynamic shot like a revealing shot, or you know something very unique that you wouldnt be able to get from just the dji fly app, and that was something i really liked.

Знаешь, especially if youre moving and then you adjust those metrics um. It does a great job of really creating that dynamic, look and something thats actually usable. You know which is really cool, to see something unique and it creates, like a whole new creative perspective, uh for many two users who werent able to do stuff like this previously. The other thing im really obsessed with from the following mode through lychee, is the option to change the heading. So that means that the drone will be tracking. You from you know a different heading based on what you tap on and its as simple as literally going into those settings tapping on a different heading, and the drone will fly to that location. It will fly off to the right of you behind you. You know on a diagonal or in front of you. Однако, you want it to track now, То есть, something that dji have only just released for their mavic 3 and thats, one of their big calling cards its like a directional tracking, but literally with our mini 2. We can replicate the exact same thing, basically here um through lychee, который действительно действительно здорово. You know you can get some super unique perspectives in front of you behind you on an angle and you can get those dynamic movements as you change the location. So if you want to track from the front and then go off to the rear side, lets say like the rear right side.

You can tap on that and the drone will continue to follow you, but it will readjust to that point that you want to track. You from again creating a unique perspective: it works fluidly. I had no issues with any of the functionality. На самом деле, i was super impressed how stable and reliable this beta has been for me so far. Um and i love to you, know having those options like especially on a mini 2, which is such a capable drone, but its just lacking. Очевидно, что, the tracking modes, the follow modes um and its lacking the waypoints as well, but with lychee we get all of those in quite an affordable package, so yeah honestly theres nothing. I can say thats been negative about my experience. I never had any issues with it. It was very like reliable, it was on point every single time. The application is solid. It gives you so many options, but its also familiar as well. So if youve used, dji fly or dji go4 or even you know, other drone apps out there its familiar enough that youre not too overwhelmed but theres, also a bunch of options that you know. You really need to take the time to learn. Um and i find thats whats so amazing about this application. You know its got so much information, so many options, so many features but theyre relatively easy to find at a glance. You know you really need to take the time to figure it all out, but i launched my drone and most of these features were really intuitive to find.

Знаешь, like i figured out. Хорошо, i tap on follow and then i just press play and then it automatically starts following me and then, if i press that little like cog, icon thats, where all my settings are as simple as that and i can scroll down and its all detailed and it Tells me exactly what each setting is and you know just tapping on it. You get an immediate response from the drone, so you know what that means, which is again really reassuring, to know that the drone is interfacing so nicely with the application, even looking at like the altitude and the distance and the speed and all those metrics in the Bottom left corner, as well as like the bottom right corner, where it shows you uh the drone and how its actually responding in the world. I know that previous times, ive tested the beta these, Наверное. Metrics and visual aids were fine. You know they worked well, but they were a little bit fiddly and they werent 100 accurate. All the time i did find. I had a few issues early on when i was testing lychees beta back when i was actually testing on the mavic mini, but obviously theyve done a lot of progression since then, and the application is solid. All the metrics are great, и вы знаете,, as you adjust that distance its like on the money every single time it flies in nice and smoothly. It slows down at a gradual rate, its not jumpy or jarring and ive clearly seen the improvement.

You know theyve, obviously put a lot of energy into making it the most cinematic and smooth experience, и что, Для меня, is reassuring because again, this is a beta when this becomes a public release and we get a few more iterations. A few more bug fixes. This is going to be a very reliable application. I know a lot of people out there who would be nervous to use something like thisa third party application, but just to see it working so flawlessly in this beta state. Im. Very confident that you know i would be okay to recommend the public version to anyone. Thats got a mini 2. я думаю. Может быть, if youre a little bit nervous about it, still just wait until a few updates have come out and then obviously look in the forums. Look on the facebook groups and just see how people are you know talking about the lychee public release, see how theyre finding the following modes and the waypoints um, because you know this is an expensive drone and youre trusting the life of the drone. I guess on this third party application, so i think its really important to make sure that youre confident and know that its actually a reliable release or a reliable version that were up to but yeah. Like i keep saying in its current state in beta, it is flawless and im very impressed by that theyve done a fantastic job here, um so yeah as you can see, theres a point here near the end.

На самом деле, where im sitting on the benchand you know i can adjust the the distance from me, which actually creates like a unique revealing shot because its focusing in on the controller, its kind of moving the camera up as its moving away from me again. A very unique perspective, a unique shot that you couldnt capture or you could, but it would be quite challenging to capture this um flawlessly. You know so i think this is actually a very creative way to play around with your mini 2, and it really opens up a bunch of options that you know you just dont have available to you through the fly app so well worth checking out. I know that the ios version will be coming out late march, but the android beta is out right now and then the android public release will be coming out in the coming weeks. From my understanding like she said, the public version would be coming out within a week, but by the time this video actually goes live. The public version will actually probably be available so just check in the comments and ill. Let you guys know uh when thats available, but im very excited about this. я, like i said ive got the waypoints mode that you can see from the mini 2. That will be a separate video plus ive, also tested waypoints and the following mode for the mini se, which is the more budget friendly drone out there.

So keep tuned to the channel ill have some more light content very soon. I definitely will document all the ios releases as well of how that goes for lychee and the different drones, Но да. This is an exciting one and weve been waiting for this for months and months and months. Так, thank you so much for watching guys make sure to. Let me know in the comments below what your thoughts are. Let me know if youre going to pick up lychee and if youre already using the beta or youre using the public version by now.