DJI Mavic Pro & Платина – LED низкий шум винтов – Обзор & Демо

In case you want to make your Mavic Professional look tremendous cool in low mild or darkness, look no additional. You want this product. Right here is the place you should purchase it: HTTP://

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  1. That's very cool!…I wonder if they also have them for the Phantom 4pro 🤔🤔🤔

  2. Do you have any issues flying the Mavic in the cold apart from really cold hands?

  3. What about for the mavic Air and Dji Spark? Do you have the link for those

  4. 2:42the lights should come on automatically as soon as the props start spinning. That way they would also turn off automatically when the props stopped.
    I'll wait for the Version 2 that has that auto switch😉 Nice gimmick though for $22 доллар США.
    5:45.. For the $22 USD it seems you get 2 pair as it shows on the Linked product page.

  5. These are kind of Corky but I wouldn't mind having them on the 15 inch blades on my Inspire 2

  6. Hello and thanks for the overview. Any chance you could test the balance of these props? I'm concerned that the one sided LED strip would actually throw the balance off and lead to messing up the motors.

  7. Прекрасно… now my Mavic can look like its gay. How about being able to change the colors to whatever combo you want?

  8. OH MY! The UFO reports are going to increase now. They are extremely cool and I want some that will fit my Spark. Hopefully that will happen. The cost is acceptable as long as the motors aren't damaged. Now I wait. Спасибо за обзор.

  9. They are kind of cool looking but you have to take in account 28 oz of more weight how is that affecting flight time?

    I would like to see how bright they are at 350 and about 1,500 Метрах

  10. Where did you happen to get your new lens cover ? 😉

  11. очень круто, and mine are on order. Can wait for nicer weather. I have a field behind my house so these should be great for taking a spin this spring/summer!

  12. Эй каждый, we have upgrade version with chargeable Battery LED Propeller Now. click to view it!

  13. Nice video Captain, благодаря. Those props are way cool ! Mine were delivered just today. Weighed all 4 of them up and came out with an added 1.2 ounce compared to my 4 regular Mavic Pro Low-Noise Quick-Release Propellers. A minimal flight effect I would think. I know there gunna look awesome, can't wait to try em. : ) Эй капитан Дрон, where did ya get that square clear gimbal cover on your mavic? That's nice !

  14. Them prop blades Got To Be Pretty Damn Stiff/Tight to not straighten out once you throttled up. I honestly don't believe (Even with those under-powered ass brushless motors on the mavic.) That they wouldn't straighten out. I mean it has to be tight like more than your hand could damn just straighten out easily. Come on with the games. 🤣

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