DJI MAVIC PRO – ND Bubble Filter & Protection – Обзор

That is completely different. That is an ND Filter for the Mavic Professional within the form of a bubble. You should purchase it right here:

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  1. Terrible glare artifactsdue to the sun/light.

  2. What about cooling? Is there any form of ventilation?

  3. Why on Earth would you put sun glasses on your drone?!

  4. What about over heating drone with the bubble on?

  5. Классное видео. I want to buy a Hubsan h109s. I want a mavic but it is to expensive for me. But maybe in the future.

  6. Thanks again Captain, еще один большой обзор…Храните их ближайшие

  7. Вау, when you put the ND16 on the quality of the picture was terrible. Look it the upper left and you can see a whitening effect. It was even more noticable when you put the ND32 on. Yes your correct about the bubble causing troubles with the sun. Its simple too fix. Just dont but this product and buy proper, flat len filters,, problem quality solved

  8. Привет, капитан, whereabouts are you located?

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