But the bait is getting Music. Эй, ребята, thanks for tuning in check it out today, we’re doing something new we’re at the beach here. Beautiful maui and i’ve got the dive blue nemo. Вот. Это вроде прохладно. You may have heard of these things, they’re kind of like this little snooba device, where it has an air pump that floats on the surface, and then you actually put the oxygen in your mouth down below and you can do stuff under the water it’s kind of, Like a scupa system, but you have a tube just coming down. Basically so we’re gon na put this thing thing through the test at the beach today we like to come here and do like shells look for shells down below the surface, so i haven’t used this. Yet so this is going to be a first for me. Um join me as we test this thing out and see how it does with the dye blue nemo let’s. Do it okay! Так, Прежде всего, i got to show you what it comes in. It comes in this backpack it’s got all these kinds of straps and stuff, so you can strap on a bunch of stuff. It’S got a pocket. Вот, does have two nice pretty durable, straps got some padding here and a nice durable handle and then that’s about it. В основном, all you’re doing is opening this thing up with the zipper doesn’t look like it’s really waterproof, so you know you might want to keep it out of the rain it’s, not really rain proof, but here we go first time kind of checking this out.

We got our pocket with instruction manual right here. We have this thing’s kind of like the flag and it’s, also like the snorkel, so you’re going to want to put this on and i’m going to be putting this on with you so just unrolling. The flag here looks like we’ve, got two different kinds of flags, maybe for two different kinds of countries. This is the one i’m going to be using here in the u.s. A regular 12 inch five flag, and then this is the snorkel. This is actually going to go in the top of the actual pump, where it pumps the oxygen down to you and sucks the air from the top here. So we’re going to put that on in a second definitely want to be careful because there’s already, i can feel some silicone oil on these little gaskets. These little o rings, so don’t want to get this in the sand that’s for sure. В основном, это 10 foot system. It says it’s only can really um. You can only go like 10 feet deep, so you know the smallest, but not the best for as far as depth. But it’s going to be perfect for out here, because the shells are kind of like just 10 feet below the surface and if you can kind of sit on the bottom and sort through the shells and find shells. This is like the perfect system for us, or whatever you’re doing you know, maybe you’re you’re, looking for whatever oysters or doing some stuff that’s only around 10 feet under the surface.

Во всяком случае, you saw me unbuckly, straps here’s, the tubing, like the breather, tube and let’s. Just pull this whole thing out, so you can see how it’s, like all inclusive it’s, got this little warranty card or caution card it’s just got a lithium battery. В основном, inside of this thing, you just have to charge it up and make sure you hook everything up correctly, so you can see how it’s kind of cool it’s got like this foam floater right here to kind of probably keep it up on the surface. If this deflates, so this is actually going to be going we’re going to be inflating this and then setting the whole unit in this, so let’s go ahead and unbag this thing, so you can see what happens here is the whole unit just sits right inside of This cool little inner, tube and buckles right in so here’s the little blow up tube so i’m just going to blow this thing up: реальный быстрый! So when you’re blowing it up, you want to push this in blow it up and then, when you’re done and it’s full, you just unscrew this and it locks it shut. So no air can go in and out so kind of a cool little design. So just blowing it up as much as possible and then unscrewing this thing, so it basically locks the valve it can’t go down, and that thing is nice and solid. Next step is going to be making sure that the battery is plugged in.

So this thing does have a battery that slides right out right here from the side, this slides right out and basically has this little waterproof cap, so we’re going to want to take that off. I did already charge the system. It comes with a little charger. Я буду. Just show you that real, быстрый, just a little wall, charger and i’ve already taken this out to charge it at home, but basically this plugs into your wall right here you can see how that just plugs into your wall, and then this portion right here just plugs Right in there, you can lock it off if you want plug that into your wall, and it took seems to take about an hour or so to charge. You can check your charge by just pushing this button. You can see how all four bars are lit up. So that’s fully charged if you’re wondering what kind of battery this is it’s a lithium ion or lithium polymer 5000 ма. So this is supposed to last for 60 minutes 4s, actually max charge 16.8 volts so always store it about half charge. If you’re ever going to store it for a long period of time and that’s, it that’s how you charge the thing up: То есть, basically everything out of the case, есть, nothing else. We need in there so i’m, going to close this up here and let’s get started with booting. This thing up so basically battery only can slide in one way, looks like you have to slide it in first and then plug it in so, if it’s partially slid in just basically match everything upand i just heard a boot upthat was interesting and i’m Going to want to really tighten that ring right there, because that’s what’s making that connection waterproof right and then this is the harness.

So this you’re going to actually strap around your torso it’s kind of like a little backpack. You know what i mean so it’s anchored to your body and then this is going to wrap around your neck and come right into your mouth, just like a kind of like a scuba dive, uh regulator right there we go so it’s like you want the hose To be in there, and then we just clip these front clips together and you want that hose to go right in between them, and then it looks like right down in the bottom. So this whole thing is going to kind of push, and you see how that all kind of just like locks down just like that. The whole thing is like locked in there. We take out this little breather cap. This is the part that the snorkel is gon na go in. So this is the part where we’re gon na take our flag, and it does have like a little bit of an elastic inner band in it, который является своего рода прохладно. So one part has this little elastic band. That kind of grips the tube kind of neat, see how that works, and then all we do is slide this right in here and that’s going to provide the air intake. All the way up here so go ahead and push this all the way down just push it in nice and snug, so that this these o rings are pushing all the way down and it bottoms out.

So it looks like that thing is ready to go. It has like a nice little lanyard for the plug for storage, так круто, so i guess that’s pretty much it for the setup guys battery’s already charged. Let me get this thing in the water i’m going to test it out on my son and i we’re going to go in there and try to get down there and look for some shells and we’ll see exactly how this thing kind of turns on and everything In the water, so i’ll meet you in there, Хорошо, guys here, we are in the water, see how this thing floats, and you know when you are when you just put the thing in it seems to be already on just put the battery in plug it in I’Ll show you how that works in a second it’s. Pretty neat keyan is my son right here. He and he’s going to help us out on this one um we’ve got some special weight belts. Look at this just for this review. We have to stop by the store and get some tn. Has this thing draped around himself here and if you turn around, can you see how that just that thing just sits on the back of his neck right there, and then this is going to go kind of go over his shoulder and then turn back this way There we go and then you see how we have a clip up here.

We basically want to keep that thing centered on the back of his neck, and then we do everything else from here. Так что еще раз, if you can find these two clips with your hands and clip those together, Хорошо, хорошо, we want to make sure the tubes are on the outside of those clips right, wrap this uh strap here, like this backpack strap around the back of you. Should i grab that yep doesn’t have to be too tight and then right here right, where my hand is you’re gon na just go right into that. Yeah strap that right in so it should be good. He’S basically got a harness, that’s kind of like a backpack, and then all this is going to do is going into his mouth and let’s see if we can see which way you’re turning that valve. It has a on and off so turn it all the way on and then he’s sucking in right now and then he just breathed out so it’s like an on demand pressure, pump, То есть. Так awesome. Do you hear that thing working try one more time, То есть! Just a little bit of vibration: Хорошо, that’s enough for now and if he’s not breathing in and even if he has, that valve on nothing’s happening so that’s pretty cool. You can push that check valve that little blue valve there go ahead and put your can and you see how that’s kind of doing the check to make sure it’s on so that’s a good way just to make sure and you have the dial all the way Out right, да, it’s all the way, Подождите, no it’s on it’s on it’s totally on yeah.

Ну и что? If you turn it off and push that blue valve and you’re feeling a click when it turns off right, Да, Хорошо, ничего не происходит, Хорошо, совершенный, so a good way to kind of test it all out before you get under the water awesome. So let’s go. Take this thing out and um see what we can find so: Музыка, Музыка, так музыка, so okay, Музыка, так э-э ., Музыка, Музыка. ой, let me hold on to this thing: , это, hard to follow you with a weight belt and no oxygen. Какие, if i give it a pressure, just get your breathing down it’s, just really easy: Хорошо, let’s let’s go into the shallows, and i want to try to give it a try. Хорошо, Да, Хорошо! Here we go guys gon na give it a try so opening the air valve all the way it seems is the best just basically, this dial test it out seems like it’s good, то так, just really relaxed deep breaths is the way to go. It seems yeah. So the key is just just relaxing and then like trying to move as slow as possible. So you don’t like take up now that much that much oxygen and then just like all the way in all the way out, just like the same pattern, again that’s kind of what scuba is too like they, they have the same theory with scuba all right, Я. Gon na do kind of a first person journey and let’s see what kind of shells we can find foreign, so so so so so so so so so so so so all right guys! Что ж, that was pretty awesome turn.

This thing off here seems like if it’s on and it’s in the water it just keeps pushing air out, so you got to turn it off if it’s, not in your mouth wow. That was pretty cool, so i think i was down there for about a half hour. What time is it? I think we started like at three going down so between kian and i went down for about 45 minutes or so so far. So good man, let me bring this thing in, and um let’s kind of get in see what my son cam thinks seems like a pretty good system, for you know not much more than 10 ноги. It’S really seemed like um. It was working well for the time we spent on it i’m going to get in here, get in the over by the tent in the shore and let’s. Ask him: what do you thought about? Это, we’ll wrap it up with like the pros and cons i’m. Just making sure i have the camera angled right, все в порядке, ребята, so here we go back in the shore here we got the shells and that was pretty awesome man. This die blue, nemo super fine cannon. Did you have some fun yeah, это, действительно здорово, yeah and we’re going to share with you some more of our experiences? I just want to show you all the shells we got today and we got a handful of them. So you know we got a bunch of cone shells, puka shells, that’s kind of what we got this thing for so big props to urban drones, for sending this over for a review thanks.

Urban drones from alex and we’ll have the link down the description down below. So you guys can check this out, but so far so good it’s supposed to be they’re, claiming the smallest kind of apparatus like this. So it is super lightweight easy to carry around you can just carry around in the backpack. The regulator seemed pretty good. Everything worked great, i noticed the deeper i went. It was kind of easier for the air to flow and you just had to really breathe like slowly and um also have a bunch of weight. I mean i have probably like 12 pounds of weight here. I had to actually steal kian’s weight belt to stay on the bottom, so just remember, Вы, going to have a lot have to have a lot of weight if you’re a big guy like me to make sure you can stay down on the bottom 45 minutes total Or so almost an hour and it didn’t, even i didn’t, even notice the battery getting low, так что мы, just gon na have more fun with it today like when we wrap this review up. We’Re just gon na have a few more members of my family. Try it out and just see if um we can drain the battery, so i’ll put up on the screen like how long this thing actually lasted. You know if you can’t, breathe and it’s not working. You just come right back up to the surface, так что это.

Probably why it’s only you know 10 feet maximum. They only give you like a 10 foot. Hose strap worked really good, so it was able to really anchor it on the back of your neck and so a really simple apparatus. But it worked great, i mean getting into like scuba territory with i’m, not sure what all the terminology is and stuff. But this is so you can go down and don’t need a scuba tank right. You can just stay down, but overall worked really well. I had a lot of fun, and this remember this is the dive blue nemo so anyway, guys again link’s in the description down below and thanks for helping out you guys check out yeah check out kian’s channel. He has a channel too a gaming channel i’ll. Have that down below in the description again, thanks for watching and aloha we’ll see you in the next one cool down. The waves is on fire, but the day is getting hot.