I have a really fun review for you here today. This is the new eachine cinephone and what makes this whoop well different than some of the other ones out there right away. It does have 4k option. We have the cadex loris on this one and this one runs close to 200, but the benefit of this. Not only can you shoot in 4k, it can also fly a lot like one of the micro brushless quads that doesn’t have prop guards. It does have very thin ducts, so these 1102 motors run a little more efficient than i believe on 1s, the 0802 motor series. They just seem to get a longer flight time um and really seem to have a nice power outdoors. So you have sort of a lot going on here: you’ve got up to a 200 milliwatt vtx excellent. Здесь у нас есть 25 at the lowest 100 а также 200, что является большим. We also have the split 3 light option on here, which is a 1080p camera that’s, going to be a little bit cheaper than this loras 4k version, but um if you don’t, want it to run quite as hot running 4k that’s going to limit your flight time To you know down around two minutes also, if you crank up the vtx too hot it’s, also going to limit your flight time so a lot of times when i’m flying loops. I just fly to 125 milliwatt unless i’m out in the big field, but it does have a lot of fun stuff going on here.

We’Ve got a frame that is around 75 Миллиметры. It is kind of the sort of the middle ground for whoops, 65, being the smallest of the bunch, mostly 75 а также 85 а также 95, Конечно, but this one is running on a 1s 650 battery and what’s cool about. This is actually that these are 1s 650s from alien, and these have an xt30 on there. So what that allows us to do is have a little more authority in the punch out which is really really nice. So when you’re going to do freestyle with this quad, как я уже упоминал ранее, it flies similar to a micro brushless without ducts, so i’m able to do like really nice punch, outs and flips and rolls and all kinds of cool stuff outside and then inside it’s still Manageable enough with the 1102s to be able to kind of navigate indoors and that’s what’s really cool about. It has a lot of even more than duality because it can cinema, it can freestyle and it can do indoors and you can sort of shoot. You know you can shoot 4k indoors as well, so this thing is loaded with options, but let me go ahead now: let’s go outside have a little bit of fun with these batteries. Let me show you the big difference between just that ph 2.0 Соединителя, как вы, normally see on the channel for these 1s quads, and let me show you what difference the xt30 makes on this type of power system at this size.

This is really a lot of fun and to top it off today, i’ve got a tbs nano on there and i’m running my tango too. При этом, so i can go way out there. С этой вещью, um really really cool. So let’s go ahead to go out now. I’Ve got my micro sd card in there, как вы можете видеть, we’ll record some 4k and i’ll share that with you. Guys and i’ll also share a link down in the description below. If i forget, please remind me, because i’ve been testing these for several weeks now and they’re really doing pretty good, so um i’ve tested this on the xeno pro plus 2 and now on a few different lorises, and they they work pretty great. They are called flyhow. 64 gigabyte cards so we’ll go ahead out now. Do some flying we’ll come back in get a little more on the bench. Look at the cine fun super cool little quad. I think that you guys would like here we go all right, ребята, let’s go ahead and start out with some outdoor fpv because that’s. The first thing i did with this squad, since it has 1102s on here and that xt30, giving us just a little more speed than your typical whoop. So i wanted to really see how it flew as far as the tune first and see if it would have any kind of kickback or any kind of washout. So i was surprised that it actually flies really good in stability mode.

If you want to do cinema and once you flip into acro it’s a great acro trainer for anybody just getting started and learning how to fly freestyle, so it will do a lot as far as the freestyle aesthetic goes. So i showed you some smooth flying on this first part of my battery, but i i just want to flip over to some acro flying now, because i think you’re going to be quite impressed with the freestyle capability of this woof. None of the other whoops recently have had sort of this much authority being able to recover after a flip and a roll and a lot of elevation change that’s, where a lot of these whoops get thrown off and they have wash out and wash out. I mean tumble it’ll have a kickback and it’ll cause it to wobble and sort of wobble to one side or even almost crash into the ground. Now right there, i just kind of got a little too low to the ground, but i mean with whoops it’s so fun because you can just get out of the craziest stuff in the craziest situations, but i was able to power loop these trees, even though this One was kind of a bottom out look at the speed and power coming back around from those trees. So a lot of speed and power, but what’s really fun about this. Whoop mostly, в значительной степени. It will do just about anything that you throw at it, because it has these 1102 power motors on here instead of zero, eight zero twos just finding a lot funner and more efficient motor.

As far as freestyle goes now indoors, they are on the borderline. For me of what i would typically fly indoors, um smaller motors are better for indoors. For a little, you know a little more control. The biggest thing about flying, что-то вроде 110 to motor indoors is the fact that your throttle is more sensitive. When you’re flying around the house, you really have to use hair like adjustments on the throttle, otherwise you’re going to be jumping up and down in the house. Так 1103 would be getting to the point where hey it’s kind of like too much motor and let’s. Just take this outside, but with this power system m1s, if it was 2s, it would be a little too fast, but 1s is doable, это, manageable inside and once you get flight used to the flying characteristic of this quad on the 1s, 650 it’s quite enjoyable indoors. Так что прямо сейчас, Сегодня, it’s snowing outside and i’m able to just fly around and film in 4k practice. My circuit that i have going on here around the house with this quad and really have some fun with it and, как я уже говорил раньше, if you want to get a little longer flight time crank that down to 25 milliwatt when you’re indoors, and it made the Under the couch test, so it has good clearance on it, and this one doesn’t do the sucking up to the top of the surface, like some of the other loops loops that i’ve had on the channel.

Like recently the mob light series, they have a flat top on it with no canopy on top, so the motors suck to the top of the table when i’m flying under the table. So this is nice that this one doesn’t do that traditional canopy mount on here with a much better adjustable camera on this one than on the mob light series. This one has two bolts on each side: loris. If you get the split from run, cam that’s, also adjustable by the screws on the side and pretty much all the time you don’t really have to use any type of drivers on them. You can just move it by hand and tilt it down. Вот так. On a low angle to fly indoors make those gaps and right here i’m, just playing around with so much speed. I was really trying to get it go going like a little bit faster, but the other good news is that the tune on here is decent there’s. Like zero wobbles or any kind of jello in the video and for a little tiny, cinewoop that’s, really what you want, and especially at this price i mean, if they’re, going to charge around 160 в 200 USD. I would expect that the tune on here would be pretty damn good, and i just keep hitting things with this quad and bumping into everything, and the frame is extra durable. It is a different type of material than what i’ve seen on some of the other whoops.

Recently so i just couldn’t seem to get away from the table and the chairs at that point, but kind of like a magnet at times when you’re flying you’ll notice, like i’m, just hitting everything right now, but uh let’s go ahead back into the studio. Вы, ребята,, and let me show you on the bench a little more about what the cinephone is all about. Я думаю, что это, на самом деле, one of the one of the better eachine releases this year so i’m pretty excited about the versatility of it for cinema, freestyle and indoor. It has a lot of fun to be had all right. My friends welcome back from the flight test, so one of the first things that i did notice is that they are using the hq props. Это 1.6 от 1.6 и у нас есть 1102 motors on here and those are 19 000 кв. They’Ve got three screws on the bottom. Those are phillips. Screws we’ve got the xt30 on the bottom. With the capacitor, we have a crazy, beat f4 flight controller just below this loras 4k stack, the sd card is here and in the very back right here you see this little tiny button. That’S your on off start stop button for your video. You can also hook this up and make some changes with the cad controller, что является своего рода хороший. You can also change the resolution on this loras. You can change. The frame rate do 60 frames at 4k or you can do 30 frames at 4k and you can also do lower resolutions like 2.

7 k, but i felt like the frame was really really durable. As far as the durability goes on, this quad is is quite durable. It does feel better than some of the old school whoops. It has four bottom braces on each prop guard here: you’ve got extra internal bracing on in between each prop guard as well a whole lot of bracing going on here. They also give you some extra foam inside the box and quite a few accessories. Two sets of props in there stick two layers of this foam inside your battery tray right there and that’s gon na help. Keep these in place when i didn’t have that there a lot of times when i bump stuff i’d have a dangler guys i’d be flying with a dangler um. You know and that’s that’s kind of hard to do, but you also have a spot back here for leds if you choose to add those later that’s what these two little dips are for right here. You can just slide some leds right in that slot, and it also has tbs crossfire nano on there, which i thought was a great option. You can also get fly sky receiver and fr sky as well, and i believe there might be a built in spi receiver version of this flight board. So there has been in the pastand i don’t see why this one wouldn’t, but i would typically don’tchoose those because they don’t go very far so a lot of times.

I recommend that banggood sends me crossfire, so we can really have some fun with the range. As far as the vtx goes. Yeah you’ve got smart audio on here you can change bands and channels. We can also crank it up to 200, which is kind of nice and the biggest thing the biggest difference between this and all the other loops out there right now is that this one is running the xt 30, which i think is absolutely fantastic compared to running The ph 2.0 so years ago, when xt30 first came around, i did a lot of experimenting, building micro, loops and changing out this ph 2.0 connectors on the quad and on the batteries to an xt30 and some of the quads couldn’t handle it. But some of them did fine, and what i found was that when i got rid of this connector, i had way more power so that’s, where we come into the freestyle aspect of the cinephone and that’s cool, because you get the nice boost that you want with It and it flips and rolls really nice so in my mind, it’s kind of like one of the more maneuverable whoops out there for outdoor freestyle and typically these little guys are not really known for freestyle. But i felt like i could really just kind of loop around myself: do orbits uh play around with big tree power loops in in a way that i couldn’t with other woops, because they felt maybe a little bit too light and honestly, this one is more heavy Than some of the other ones out there i mean we’re, you know still under 250 граммов, with this quad and i’ll just go ahead and throw it on the scale for you, мы, Глядя на 41.

4 grams and with the battery on there one s650, the recommended battery 57.2 grams it’s not real bad um, so it is under well under 100 grams and still maneuverable and even better with the xt 30. So a lot of fun to fly indoors or outdoors and and what’s cool is it does slow down enough indoors? Слава Богу! Now here is the cadex controller. This goes along with that sticking out right out of the top of the canopy right here you have access to that to plug in this to be able to get to the osd and cadets and change things around. Также в коробке, you get extra hq props, which are here. You also get a screwdriver and a proper mover tool, because these can be kind of kind of kind of hard to remove. Sometimes you get an instruction manual in here with a little bit of beta flight information about different receivers and things as well, что это здорово. You get all the specs in here for switchable vtx power, your camera angle, adjustable and most of you new guys know that what i do is indoors fly with your camera down and you can really make some tight gaps and fly around and have some fun with A little more control and less speed when you go outside flip it up to about 30 degrees and go wild you’ll just fly faster with more tilt, lower, less speed, so you also get a ph 2.

0 connector type of usb charger in here for your batteries. Now this is kind of weird to me, but it works. I mean you’re going to take this adapter right here, plug it in the ph 2.0. Connector goes here and this plugs into your battery, and then you put this on a usb power port. They say not to put it on your computer. They recommend that you do it on a wall outlet style plug so that’s, one thing about that, but that’s how you’re going to charge your batteries to start with one battery at a time and what i would highly recommend if you spend the time waiting for this To come in the mail from banggood, i would recommend not getting this one like. I normally recommend i’m actually going to recommend the toolkit rc m6d, so m6d you’re going to be able to charge two at once. You can also get that really awesome breakout board, which is that urv blacklight and this guy will charge up to six of them at once, plugs right into the m6d, and this will actually work with the m6d because it only works with a 6s compatible battery charger. So this plugs right into the balance port there. This one will charge up to a 6s battery, but here it enables you to charge 1s up to 6s, and this thing is a beast. I’Ve shown this on the channel before, but i’ve been testing this. For about a week now and it’s a one of the nicest parallel charging boards balance board, i’ve had so very very nice max input current about 60 amps on this thing and uh it’s super cool.

Так, if you want to why don’t, we just plug this thing in real, quick and let’s see if it actually will do the six it’ll do six all the way down to one let’s see let’s just do a live demo right here for you and never force Anything: Хорошо: it goes that way now we’re gon na plug in this xt30 here and it sees it so it does see it there see if i can get you guys to be able to see this, bringing it a little closer okay, i don’t know why it’s Not seeing the screen there, we go so i’m going to switch over to that channel and then we’re going to do 1s, Hv, 4.35 volt and it’s working. So this one does work it for some reason. It only says 2 to 6s on the back right there, but obviously i am charging this battery on the m60. So that’s good news for you guys you can still buy this board kind of scared me that it only said two to six s but yeah. It supports a 1s charge and if i want to, i can get multiples going on this same board, and i can stop that. I can turn up the current a little bit because it’s actually going to share the current across into the next one and don’t go very high. With these 1s, i mean i don’t recommend going over like 0.8 amps and i’m going to put this second one in the loop down here and let’s, just see how that works out for us.

Хорошо, now we are charging both of them on one side here and charging another one over on this side, so you can also get xt30 to xc60 adapters for the m6d as well, так что это, довольно прохладно. So now i’m charging three at once and i could go ahead and add my fourth one on there. So i got four batteries inside the box as well, which is actually also a pretty good deal so also in the box. You get some extra foam here and the battery charger, like i showed you before the instructions and all that good stuff, but that’s about the end of my cine fun review, because um yeah this thing was fun and i think that uh again, if you want a Tip on having a longer flight time, getting it up to three to four minutes: crank down the vtx to 25 milliwatt and uh it’ll, do a lot better and also maybe don’t record in 4kmaybe shoot it down to like 2.7 or 1080p on the loris board And should get a much longer flight. So if you want a longer flight out of the box, go ahead and go for the 1080p version of this one, but if you’re just dying for 4k on a whoop go ahead and grab the 4k version either way. I’Ll put the links down below you guys can check those out, but thanks again for hanging out with me subscribing and flying with me, as always guysand i hope that you’re finding some peace and um fpv fun during this whole pandemic thing.

This is totally crazy.