ЛУЧШИЙ $100 GPS DRONE – Hubsan H507A WIFI горючего обзор

Greatest GPS drone for underneath $100. The Hubsan H507A has extra modes than the earlier H502e. The H507A has Gps Maintain, GPS return to house, 720p HD Video, …


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  1. раскрытие : Я могу стать партнером любого продукта или здесь испытывались на канале. Это может быть свободным или дано мне со скидкой. Так или иначе. Это мой долг вам зритель, чтобы дать честный, беспристрастное мнение о предмете. Я довольно прямо вперед. Если что-то отстой, я дам вам знать. Если вы решили приобрести продукт из ссылки здесь я могу извлечь выгоду из небольшой комиссии. Или не может, если это компания, которая только что отправила его на рассмотрение в один раз. Я не плачу за делать видео. Так те из вас, кто поддерживает канал, я хочу сказать спасибо заранее. Пожалуйста, продолжайте наблюдать, и я буду следить за большие видео!

  2. If it possible to bind it with transmitter?

    is the Hubsan X4 H502E transmitter can work with it?

  3. Not only is the flight time painfully short in addition to faulty batteries out of the box but the forward movement is so slow it hurts to watch it move. Hubsan dropped the ball on this thing. Wish it could fly faster forward because so far 8 mins is all I get from it and cant go any distance its sad o slow. Very dissatisfied

  4. "The compass is having a hard time making a tight GPS lock."

  5. Хороший обзор мат, I see no point however in having way points taking into consideration the battery life is extremely poor.
    Pity it didnt have longer battery life and distance the little bird would be brilliant.
    Также, I take it that the motors are brushed? – Looking forward to Hubsan releasing some great priced Quads with Features that are actually beneficial and of course increasing flight time and distance. – Subbed Channel mate, looking forward to your future reviews – парша, Западная Австралия! Cheers почка

  6. Looking to buy a drone . Camera a must live time action 100$ or under with Wi-Fi

  7. I love hubsan stuff ,but I hate drones that are depended on a cell phone.,if they come with transmitter ,and then use a cell I can somewhat live with that ,if you get a hubsan 502S or a 501S the transmitter comes with a built in fps screen*

  8. i pooped a lil bit when it landed touching the pad! 😛 lol for real tho i seen vids of 3-500 usd drones that get within 3-5 ноги. has it constantly been that precise with the RTH?

  9. These are so coolreally want to get myself one. Хорошее видео спасибо.

  10. Nice обзор Джастин. The battery life on this one is just to short to really dive into the advanced features. The h501a is a better choice if your really interested in Waypoints and POI, the battery life is close to 20 минут. ура.

  11. У меня есть 502 Ethe only problem I have had with it ,is the screw are sprayed with blue lock tight,the screws for the props,real pain ,,I haven't flow it yet I afraid one of rthe props will come off,orher than that I love the copter ,the 502 s and the one you are showing today seen to be the same,in features,I could be wrong .I love the features of both ,and I love your video ,helpful thanks

  12. I have a little H107C Hubsan and love those little hotrods. You mentioned the app can go into goggle mode, like Google's Daydream goggles? Также, can I get a separate controller when phone is in goggles? Perhaps there's a different quad you might recommend for that setup. благодаря!

  13. I can not decide between the Hubsan H507A and the Hubsan H502S!

    Which of the two would you recommend?

  14. I've had the H501C model for almost a couple years now & it's a great quad. The 507A would be great to add to my collection. Отличное видео Justin!!

  15. I got the 501ss and I love it. Большой JD обзор. благодаря

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