A Fun DroneJJRC H45 BOGIE Drone – Обзор & Демо

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  1. hope you can review the poweregg drone im planning on buying it at the end of this month
    the real egg drone not the tiny china made toy

  2. Just speaking for me personally, I wouldnt buy a done that didnt come with its own controller

  3. I just started playing with a buying drones, nothing too expensive its a new hobby and I am trying to find just the right type drone for my needs. Вы, Сэр, have a great attitude and are both informative and funny. So far because of you, I purchased the little S9 just for the hell of it and we fly it around the studio at for, perfect for that, and I just ordered this one for another fun drone with protected props. I still need to get used to flying and its winter here so smaller for now.

    I do have the Bugs 6 and the Hudson h216a but there was a battery issue and I am waiting for a new one. and the elfee+ and babby elfee. and waiting for my Redpawz R-1. and Its addictive to say the least, I just started on Jan 1 and I have all these.. But they are all to see what type of flyer I want to be. Once I see what I like most I will stick with it. I may be more of an FPV guy.

    Any way thanks for the reviews you do and keep up the great funny personality, it helps.

  4. It looks good I like it all but no remote controller. I wonder if it can be used with jjrc h20 or jjrc h36 controllers. Can anyone answer this?..Please..

  5. В избранное и подписался! The way you explain drones features and show how they work is perfect! Plus the funniest part of this video, the Chinese voice commands lmao that was priceless! I have a very basic drone and I'm thinking of buying this one. Спасибо за ваши видео! Love from Buenos Aires, Argentina 🙂

  6. hey Cap'n, question if you don't mind please. I just got my JJRC H45 and noticed that video recording is rather jumpy, it cuts off and comes back as if it was losing signal or something but I'm right behind the dronedo you think it's a malfunction that would require a new unit? or any idea why it could be doing this? благодаря!

  7. how far it can fly (на открытом воздухе)

  8. I bought this drone after watching this excellent review! This is about my 20th drone! I am SO hooked! Lol Thanks for your excellent reviews and experienced information. I foresee your subscribership to really take off! С уважением, JP

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