I open so without any further ado lets open my new dji mini 2 drone guys so lets do it. So guys this is the dji mini 2. В нем говорится,: сверхлегкий, 249 граммов, Хорошо, the bundle fly more combo and lets open it. So here is the mini: джи мини 2 here guys. So when you open it guys and then here it is so this is the bag. Там, its very nice guys very compact and its very light and then were gon na open. It here now ill open this Applause, and here guys, when you open the one the box, then you can see it here. Первый пункт: this is the controller. It is really sealed, so this is the controller, and here is the mini guys. Боже мой. Super light super light talagashas in so small its like masmalaki painful. My mobile phone is bigger than this one here, so my android phone is bigger than the mini here. It is the mini guys so cute, Боже мой, there is the mini and Music. О, да, and here are the one here. The extra propeller three sets of extra propeller here and we have here the screwdriver and we have here the two extra joystick for the uh controller. And we have here the manual and here is the box for accessories box. And this is the accessories box guys and lets. ой. Ач, это. What is that the the one that you will use when charging? So here is the battery charger there and its included two batteries.

I guess three batteries, другой, maybe its already in dark one nandidito na sigurusa drone the other battery, so that oneand we have here the cable for the android and Music Applause and the charging usbc cableis here and thats all for the accessories guys And thats all inside the bug, so it guys this is all inside the the bag. We have the dji mini very cute and very light the cable and an extra cable for if you using uh, если вы, using android or um ios. So i think this is the one that you have to change and you have to checkand this is the charging cable and we have here the battery charger and extra propeller here are the extra propeller and the two extra joystick and a screwdriver and uh samana, Guys uh, you need this screwdriver propeller thats. It super hero, screwdriver this one, which Applause grown like that one, the mini one guys the first mini it. Doesnt have the this one, but ito mini tu merona, so which is very good protection for the for the gadget, and this is the controller guys. I will uh gon na open this one, and here is the controller very nice and mahabhakara. So you enjoy stick poland here, Applause so actually guys. I will um learn much more on how to palipa this drone so well see how it will goes so for this one guys open this.

Ач, this is the one a quick start guide for the mini tool. So nandi di sila hat with all the papers and everything so guys, thats all for today for the unboxing of our mini 2 DJI беспилотники, guys so im looking forward guys and then um, Музыка, Музыка, um and i have the three i have. The extra butter is the hell fly component, so im looking forward guys um dji mini 2. So once again guys.