Your host jordan, breeding and im joined by only one co host again because im, the only one who cares about this stupid show, which is jesse, eisman, jesse, say hello. Hi i care about the show yeah, you do uh and we have a guest this week. Will steven writer for snl and uh bit player in a thing that you maybe saw that he will inorganically reference at some point, so just stick around for that inorganically later yeah he was in rrr. Look out look out im in the background in the english scene. One of the guards beating a child in the back um yeah im just gon na im gon na lay this out up front because i often forget to say it but uh we are going to be taking peoples. Comments. Questions concerns alternate titles for this movie. If you can think of what the three rr well, the three rs, which subsequently make rrr um, did you know fun fact off the top about that. The reason he titled it rr is so that it could work in any language, and then he they had an open fan submission. They were like. What do you want it to be in india and theyre like uh? You know, i think its like rise, revolt, roar or something i i know – thats not actually correct but anyway, so we can all come up with our own rr titles and well talk about at the end.

So if you have anything, throw in the chat, brian will uh grab it, give it to us and uh. You know maybe well talk about it. Maybe youll get lucky jesse. What did we watch if i, if i didnt already, reveal it yeah uh? I guess the first question is: how do you pronounce the movie? Is it rr? Is it triple r like, as opposed to a growl like a yeah yeah uh yeah man, we watched rr, which is um the story of a man whose boss makes him spank his best friend to death, thats it tip or attempt to, and then uh yeah yeah? Well, so in in reality, this is a fake story, but about two real guys. They were um indian revolutionaries, fighting back against uh the british empire, as they were sort of encroaching on all these various tribes throughout india. I think im pretty sure they never actually interacted, but they were both fighting around the same time. They had uh their biographies like have these weird parallels, and particularly they both sort of went into hiding for a stretch of years, and so the movie is about what? If they were both in hiding at the same time, and they actually ended up hanging out becoming like absolute best friends like uh, like judd apatow level, like bromance kind of stuff, its fan fiction, its fan fiction its. What if these two were buds, you know thats exactly it yeah that is literally what this movie is its its uh, its thats.

Why theyre so jacked uh its just straight fan fiction? Its violent fan, fiction fan fiction is back im just going to say it fan fiction is back and its a riot, its a rising art form. I think more people should take it seriously and i think this movie proves that amen. Well, what was it um uh uh? Was. It twilight, fan fiction of a different franchise? I always forget. 50 50 shades of grey is twilight, fan fiction exactly there. You go that she changed the names of yeah shes like its no longer ever. I guess she had to get rid of their powers or whatever. So i look forward to the to the absolute hyper sexualized vert, like movie, that takes place in this universe, because yeah those guys are jacked, theyre, dancing, uh. It wouldnt be hard to get there ill. Tell you that much its theyre right, theyre walking a line. It was a pretty yeah im im 90 there already yeah. It was a stimulating film for sure yeah. I would love to rewrite this movie with white protagonists for once you know what i mean like just really reading it and thats our podcast folks. There we go. I think we reached the end of the uh discussion, one, no, no im just saying that thats like thats how fanfiction goes sometimes um. This will probably get remade, though this is the most we just lost like 20 viewers um. This movie is the most expensive indian movie ever made and the reason we watched it, which is what i was supposed to say, thank you brian for pulling that up is uh again.

This is another shameless attempt to be cool to watch the movies that the kids are watching uh. This is like a top 10 netflix movie at the moment, its one of the top ten uh and yeah twitter people talk about it, and so i wanted to talk about it, and so this is what were doing teens and tweens just love to fight imperialism. They absolutely do, and i i got a bunch of different things that i feel like i want to talk about, but my first thought i want to get your thoughts on this is. I think this is how netflix uh wins gets back on top. If you will, i think the thing that netflix seems to have that most of the other streaming services do not have is access to really good foreign content, whether thats, something that theyre making i dont, think they didnt make this or anything they just got the syndication. For it, and but like squid game is a great example of this smaller things like dark um. Obviously this movie – i just think they should be leaning into that rather than like their own superhero shows that are not as good or not as funny or not as interesting, and just look low budget or their own james bond spy movies and shows they should just Be soliciting the great korean stuff, the great norwegian stuff, the great freaking indian stuff, and just lean into that and be like, because not only does that, let you build a more global audience anyway, because youre quite literally pulling in audiences from other places in the world.

I, unless im totally mistaken, im, not aware that anybody else really has accent like disney doesnt. Really they have to do it themselves. Theyre, like oh, its, like moana, but its not made in well. The polynesian islands or wherever paramount plus, has rugrats go to paris. Sort of the rr of the 90s of france yeah, it was certainly it was certainly uh – an exploration of americas, foreign policy and relations. You know it was. There were undertones of american nationalism just like there were undertones of um indian nationalism in this film wow yeah. Im just saying, i think, youre right yeah man – this is actually this was bankrolled by klasky supo. Oh, was it yeah whos? Now who is klasky supo uh? So classic people is like the the people are like the production company. I guess behind rugrats and a few of the other like nicktoons, that are super weird. Looking so will i didnt yeah? I didnt remember that yeah yeah jesses whole thing is that he knows everything that happened from like 86 to like 94. thats sort of oh yeah, yeah jesse peaked, oh, and i got a concussion. He woke up now and is forced to talk about all these modern movies, but he still finds a way to bring the rugrats back in, of course, uh freaking dead animation. I respect him or whatever um yeah anyway, thats thats, my thought. Do you have a counter? Other than rugrats in paris or something ill tell you ill tell you something i mean i just love the the uh abs, the over the top show business of it like i like that it they just embraced uh, just the the grand huge over the top action Sequences that were completely unrealistic, obviously and like and the song and dance and the mix of action and all of it it was just fun.

It was like i loved it. Personally i mean it was insane. It was very long. It was three hours but yeah um. I really like that it just like embraced that, like this is a ridiculous movie and youre going to see a three hour, ridiculous movie, full of ridiculous things, and i enjoyed it im also, i dont know if either of you guys have have watched a lot of Other of like bollywood films, but i get the impression that a lot of the stuff that was super novel to us in this movie is sort of yes part of the algorithm of genre. Yes, yes, totally yeah um, like ending with a big dance number yeah yeah yeah, exactly yeah uh, yeah ive, only seen a lot of, and only in spurts, but like garbage like martial arts, indian, like bollywood stuff, where its like the really over the top everybodys like Getting shot and looking at the camera be like, ah, and then i dont know just like the really crazy fight scenes, even to the to the extent that, for whatever reason uh i was at alamo drafthouse and whatever movie we were watching, they didnt bother to come Up with a pre roll before it, so they just had their own pre roll and theres tons of these bollywood action movies and its just yeah its this ridiculous over the top thing and it i can see why this is the most expensive indian movie ever made, Because, for example, that opening scene, where um, how do you say it raw yeah when they introduced him as essentially a british soldier officer or whatever, and they say just arrest some random dude way out in this who broke the picture? Who threw the rock right darren insults the yeah, and then they, the king or whoever it was yeah? He just freaking.

Does it uh? He jumps over the fence and that scene took 32 days to film apparently wow, because they actually had like 2 000 people out there. It was amazing, the the crowd scene, i mean unbelievable. You dont see stuff like that in american film, really, i mean its crazy yeah its like, i cant, imagine how complicated that was yeah. They like they obviously do have cg and its pretty apparent its like wow. That tiger looks real and then it takes a step. Youre like right, um right its kind of this interesting thing where it feels like the issue now is: maybe we can make anything look real with computers, but the animation is still tricky like its still hard to make. It look like theres that one scene where uh he scales the the like governors mansion or whatever and hes hes like climbing and rolling around from afar and youre like that doesnt happen well, but it doesnt even look like a good video game. It just looks like just this weird like mob check it out. I edited a video um, but anyway i i that whole scene apparently took yeah 32 days by itself and they went all over the world. They shot some of it in kiev, uh wow yeah. Just i they only spent 72 million dollars, which is a lot of money but again pales in comparison to everything marvel, but i think they use like new lenses that theyve never used in an indian movie before and thats the thing i was noticing a lot.

Is it looks incredible, i feel like in a lot of their ramping, zack snyder stuff um anyway, i uh, i really enjoyed it yeah and all the like, the fire and the water imagery and and like sort of the coloration when they start battling kind of back To back or like with each other uh the it almost feels like a marvel sort of situation like the you feel, like i dont, think, either of them even in this movie are supposed to have superpowers, but they sure feel like it yeah ever a few times. I was going to say it felt like a sort of legend of a it felt like a like a legend of a greek god, or something like watching these. These humans, that have sort of supernatural powers like when the is it the little boy falls in the water or something happens. I dont remember theyre on a bridge yeah, oh yeah, yeah yeah, like one of them jumps in a way that is just so insane like diagonally like theyre flying basically – and i just felt like. Oh, this is like a story of like a hercules type or something like that. You know so that is actually what the director wanted. So it was uh. Not only is it fan fiction of two historical historical fan fiction, he was drawing on uh these. I i believe it was indian gods, i i would assume or like hindu gods or something specifically, but he was drawing on some kind of mythology as well, so i, i think, thats exactly whats going for it.

It makes total sense. It is funny, though, because it it definitely keeps weaving in like. Oh, this is a story about two revolutionaries and then its like, oh, but then they they do things that are so utterly impossible. Uh like like what youre saying that scene, where the train blows up and they got ta, save the kid the plan they come up with. Is the weirdest possible way to save that child theyre? Like i got a rope, i was thinking about maybe lowering into the kid and theyre like no, no well jump off the sides as as high as speed as we can swing. Grab the kid give you a flame retardant flag, i guess, and you will go through the fire and the power of water. The flag was a nice touch. The flag was a nice to make it nice and political. You know to bring in yeah yeah the government bring the government into it. Yeah yeah yeah should have made it a dont, tread on me, flag, thats, how you get that guys like me on board, well its interesting kind of looking back its like from their first meeting. It was like uh, water is gon na save that one guy from fire – and i dont know if fire saves the other guy from water. But when, if you fast forward to the end of the movie, they each kind of take turns like saving each other. From certain deaths, sort of like a like an opposite of romeo and juliet right because theres at the end, they each think that the other is dead at one point and they each come back to save the other one.

And i wonder if that from the very beginning is like uh is sort of a little bit of a foreshadow. I really want a quick mark taylor. Thank you, uh whats up mark for the donation, thats insane. Thank you so much and also yeah the corridor crew. Does a lot of really cool, i didnt know they did bollywood movies necessarily, but they do a lot of like graphic effects, breakdowns and other kind of behind the scenes stuff so uh have they done this movie mark? Do you know you, can you can put it in the chat? I might not see it, but um yeah, they its its sorry, go ahead, keep going! No. That was it that i i was keeping my eye out for sort of like highly metaphorical sorts of things, and i feel like that might have been one instance where, from the beginning, like water will save the one guy from fire and that sort of thing um. They also, if you, if you were able to keep up with the lyrics whenever they were whenever there was songs going on in the background um theres, a lot of like conjecture like here so so one thing we didnt mention in the recap is that it turns Out that theyre, essentially enemies, but they dont know it like one guy – is searching for the other guy to bring him to justice and all that kind of. So then theres this background, songs, thatll be like if they find out.

Will the veil like when the veil falls? Will they, like you know, will there be bloodshed and all this kind of stuff theres, also references to uh, east and west right, like presumably one is one of them, is from the east and one is from the west im not actually sure, which is the more Urbanized well like presumably one of them is from an urban setting in um uh. Why can i remember? The freaking name is from obviously a rural thing. That was also part of the thing that i was a little bit confused by where theyre like hes gon na come and hes gon na save the girl and the you may never find him its like well doesnt. He have to go back to the village that you were just like. Are they gon na move? The whole village, like i didnt, understand just i dont know it seems like itd, be very easy to capture or, if not capture him. At least you know where hes going to end up later or you could do the thing where you threaten to burn down the whole village. You know thats the thing that people do in movies too. I dont know. I thought that part was. I mean it was great if you dont really think about it too hard, but it was kind of like theres no way his plan works uh, except for blowing up the entire mansion and killing every british person in the country, apparently um.

I dont think things working was the was the uh. You know aim of this movie. I think like this was a. This was a big ass spectacle movie, you know like i, i dont know how much logic plays in you know what i mean, oh, that right so thats what yeah its its that thing where its like things seem realistic, and then they immediately flip into yeah uh. The dude riding the other dudes shoulder with rifles that he just like points down and he reloads without looking. Oh thats cool thats, one of my favorite scenes um. I i i was just gon na say that i i feel like the creativity of the fight scenes to me mirrors like the best jackie chan stuff, where its like all its always prop, based its always like what, if we were fighting but its a revolving door. How wacky would that be? And honestly this is one of the first movies that ive seen that has rivaled the raid in some ways the raid is my favorite series of action movies. I dont know if youre familiar with it. This is indonesian movies and um. They just have some of the craziest fights ive ever seen, and this movie does a really good job. It i mean the raid is cool because it still tries to be mostly grounded. This is cool because it doesnt at all try to be great, which i think is fun yeah. Well, to your point, i forget who was just saying it that, like the uh? Well, i think you were saying like being realistic wasnt the point of any of this.

They they kind of touch on that, like toward the end when raju is in jail, but hes still working out, even though hes about to be killed the next day, and that his whole thing is like. I have a goal. Im not like everything i do is in service of getting closer to the goal. Just because that goal is impossible. Doesnt mean im not going to keep on trying. So that seems very similar to to just the idea of like who cares, if its impossible, just like itd, be pretty cool right if theres a whole zoo just unleashed in a oh, my god that was so cool holy crap yeah. All the animals just hopping out at once that was so crazy. I was gon na, say thats, also, like kind of like a right wing fantasy too, like the the whole like nationalistic, like the sort of dr make america great again, like the dream, the impossible, like that, you know what i mean like the thing you can never Achieve uh it just i, i found that side of the film so amazing the sort of nationalistic under undercurrent of it. I just i like you uh, you just equated all the right wing stuff to les mez uh youre right. I did i thats where my brain. I guess thats, where my you know something about les mis spoke to me in terms of white oppression. I guess i dont know uh yeah, no, it yeah.

That is interesting, too, and i think its so funny that its undercut by the very first title card that you see is by the way this doesnt mean that we hate britain i dont. I dont want you to assume that uh we have anything against anyone or or anything. We just have this big thing, thats like just so you know, im gon na kill, so many british people yeah and they are so evil in this movie, except for the one nice lady, but that doesnt i dont want to. I dont want you to take anything from dont, take offense to that yeah, just because its based in history, i dont like read into it yeah yeah. I dont actually feel this way. Yeah. That was that was actually like. An initial title card was like hey, youre, gon na see a lot of people dying, uh. No, it just is like its like. This is fictitious. Everything is fictitious, britains, not even a real country, dont, even look it up like it. Just it felt very uh. It was, it was much more careful than like. Usually you know, youll theyll do uh some movie about. You know like zero, dark 30 and at the end they might be like. Oh, you know: maybe some stuff happened, maybe it didnt uh, but this was like very much trying to get out ahead of the like dont get mad at us just because its truly all of the white people um isnt it is it.

Is it top gun where, like the they just they never name the enemy country yeah? Is that right, itd be very funny if they tried to do the same thing here, yeah exactly so. This takes place in 1920, india and theres some imperialist force. It could be anybody really yeah yeah in the in the first top gun. They make several references to the enemy and its like its fine, because its a cold war scenario – and you can you can infer that its the russians and whatever, like you, everybody knows, youre talking about kind of thing and you dont want to overly do it because You dont want to overly assign blame its like the same thing in any any movie where the spies get disavowed, because whatever, but in the new one. Theyre like this country that we cant talk about, has the greatest fighter jets of all time like theyre, not like. Whoever they are, it would be a big deal to like blow them all up and theyre still like, but were not going to say who it is, but its russia probably um its just such an interesting yeah. It would be funny if this movie too was like. I dont know who these guys are: theyre, not gon na, say yeah. You know, at least at least sonic 2, had the courage of their convictions and said outright that they were in russia briefly, and they got brutalized by a bunch of local russians until they until they did a dance off.

Just like an rrr thats. How you bring people together and yeah sonic 2, the greatest bollywood movie of 2022., its definitely top two. At this point, i think all movies about war should end in dance. You know yeah about conflict or military oppression. Death imperialism should end in a dance number everythings. Okay were all having fun well, and you know the nothing bad ever happened again. It was all a big laugh, yeah and people love the the peacemaker intro title sequence. I dont know if you guys have seen this but its the whole cast of peacemaker, which is the suicide squad spin off dancing to essentially what is a proto hair, metal song and so its john cena dancing, but its its literally all the characters and its super Fun and obviously theyre not nearly as uh adept as these actors are. There was some good dancing, yeah theres, something really fun about just taking all your actors and forcing them to dance for no reason, uh its really awesome. This is reminding me of uh ally if youre listening. Sorry, if im getting the story wrong, but uh ally was saying little shop of horrors when its actually a play, not a movie ends vastly differently, like, i think everybody is it that everybody dies is that everybody does, i think they take over the world. The plants. Do i think its something like you see, theres like a lot of like on stage deaths, but then the curtain closes and the actors come out and they sort of take their bow and everythings fun and all that and they tried to end it.

That way in the movie, but they they realized like its much different. When the last thing you see in a movie is your favorite characters, brutally dying and then cut to credits right. So this takes the complete opposite approach where its like okay, so we got out alive and now were all having a great time. Yeah festival, my uh, my high school production of the musical grease uh changed the ending uh. My director chain changed the ending where uh you know how sandy in the movie comes out and shes like all of a sudden in the leather and shes all like badass at the end. So in our version she comes out and she actually hasnt changed at all. Shes in the same shes, in the same thing as before, and she says you know what danny i made up my mind and i am who i am and if you dont like it, then too bad and then he sings youre, the one that i want as If its, like the sexiest thing that hes ever seen and well, i dont know if you can legally do that, but we did it. John travolta will find you yeah yeah, exactly thats thats, really interesting. I guess i dont hate. That necessarily i mean thats. Always a criticism thats leveraged at greece is: why does she have to change, and why would she change like the shitty, like greaser car culture, like of all the things to become its like, oh yeah, no, the the culture of greece is not its, not a perfect Message lets put it that way.

You know, unlike what weve been told, our whole lives yeah exactly thats, funny um, oh, i was gon na say this is just this is sort of an aside but uh. You know, i assume you guys both watch it on netflix and the problem i found is the the dubbing is off like, even though its in hindi. I noticed that, yes, the the dubbing does not line up for for most of the stuff thats because they actually filmed it in at least four languages, wow and so thats. Why? You notice youll notice during scenes like when raju is how you say his name as far as the subtitles told us um when he is infiltrating the revolutionary uh meeting, whatever coffee shop, um theyre talking like people are translating in multiple languages that are not english. During that scene, and so they actually dubbed it into four different languages – and i dont know why its this way, but the version that netflix has is not the version that was originally like when they filmed it the first time its, not whatever language. That was because its hindi, but its not thats, not what they spoke in the movie, its just a really weird its interesting that they didnt get the native like whatever it was actually recorded in and yeah its if they had them all – and maybe there are more Hindi speakers that use netflix than the other languages that i didnt necessarily recognize, but i just thought it could be weird and to its detriment, they they did all of their.

So the the main actors did all four languages and all the dubs, so they did all of it themselves, but they did it at home and i feel like the worst thing about this movie is the audio was like i mean the music was really cool and It was really interesting, but there was a lot of. Obviously the dubbing was weird and the voices were off, but even there would be scenes where, like hes, like im gon na start, the motorcycle yeah youre, like yeah its like the shittiest, saddest little noises. Some of the noises were great, but there was a lot of like i dont know it just didnt feel like it was mixed, quite how you would expect, or the theres a lot of like punching where its kind of like yeah and then you would like sometimes Youd hear footsteps, and sometimes you would ignore footsteps and that sort of thing it was like it felt like. I was in a quiet room with somebody like live uh whats that called when they do like sound effects with like foley artists, oh yeah, yeah yeah. It seems like i had a live fully artist in room hes like im, just getting everything i can im getting the important stuff right this, despite having clearly invested a lot in all these songs being like whats gon na happen. Next uh, you know um some of that stuff like that first one and i think they bring it back again, but its like for lack of a better term, its like theyre borderline, rapping, theyre singing so fast, where its like its very unsettling, were like i cant Im not going to try it because im sure thats, probably ill advised but um whatever that song was.

I was so fascinated by it, its just it, for whatever reason it reminded me of the beginning of dune, i dont know if you guys saw the dune movie in theaters but um before all the title cards they have. The like, like hes, like dreams, are the gateway to sand, or i dont know what he says: um, but its like this really unsettling, not unsettling, but just like uh, unexpected vocalization that i wasnt uh, anticipating that i felt like this movie kind of hits you with That, like that first song is just so aggressive and kind of people yelling all over each other. The other thing about that i thought was funny is uh because im not familiar with any of these companies opening stinger logos i kept thinking. The movie was starting its like, oh, its just whatever pictures that has the most elaborate like that, one that did the fire and the water and the like, going through space and all this stuff, and i was like wow this movie, oh thats, just who made it. But also this movie had about like 20 title cards right like the r the rs kept coming up and all that yeah yeah jordan always gets confused when he sees like a little boy fishing from the moon at the beginning of the movie whered. This kid come from. I thought i was here for an ogre um, the first sort of title or not title card, but like the the i dont know when they were saying like no animals or birds were harmed in this movie, and then they were like heres.

A list of all the animals that youre gon na see that are fake, dont, even think about it. The wolves were fine. Did they do yeah yeah? Oh my god. I didnt even notice that thats funny that i noticed that the the british people arent real, but not that the animals werent real Music yeah theyre, like animals dont exist either um, nothing that dies is real. Its like a secondary title card that says if they did get injured, how would you know they cant talk its fine, its fine thats funny um yeah thats, most of my thoughts on it did you guys have anything else specific that you were had in your notes? I think the uh yeah, like the dance and music numbers, like being like several degrees removed from you, know watching it with with an eye that understands that sort of that, like wing of the culture and the language, and all that i didnt get any of that. But i got the energy and like following along with the uh, with like the lyrics. Thank god were like really like was able to keep me focused on like whats important, okay, embers lots of ember stuff im gon na be a lot of metaphorical, embers well, and i think its an extension of the revolution, sort of right and and theyre like will You kind of mention the nationalism of it like the the theyre. They literally at some point say the the british guy is like.

Do you know how to flamenco and hes like no, but i know how to do this: freaking, crazy, suspender, dance uh until you fall over and die and you know i think it was just another example of indian culture prevailing uh in this very specific way, and I actually did think the scene where hes getting whipped with the the crazy nail whip, um and just everybody in the crowd getting pissed about it. I thought was really well done. I uh i felt like that was the part of the movie that i i most emotionally kind of connected with it was like. Oh, i kind of feel this like. I dont know that there was a way when they were focusing too much on the british. Lady. Being like, i went to see bull blood that didnt yeah that didnt like wow shes, so evil im like this woman is an idiot shes, also a former bond girl, if im not mistaken, so ah keeping the dream alive, absolutely cant believe she hasnt had many roles In between those two um but uh yeah yeah, i just think they did a good job with that yeah. The crowd work overall, rivaled that of uh of perfume story of a murderer. I dont know if youre familiar with that will, but no, what is that? Its? A 400 person fully nude orgy scene yeah, the climactic scene, is like a huge, huge orgy that they choreographed oh cause.

You know what, because what was it was like 70 of all those extras, hundreds of extras were actual like dancers um, so they were all. Yes. They all had this intricate choreographed gigantic orgy and in comparison, thats easy all you got to do is get across like horny for everything and anyone right this movie theres a lot of like pat, like the looks in the eyes of each person watching get lashed like Escalated just enough for me to be like, oh, like theyre, going from fear to to righteous anger now yeah. I think one thing that they they do really well in the movie. It sort of happens in that scene, but it happens a lot. Is they do the truck flip from dark knight, where the truck flips all the way over they do that like 17 different times and its cool every time like during that scene, all they do. Is they flip a barricade and pin a bunch of british soldiers on it? It still looks rad and they do so many scenes every time that happens, we get one shot from underneath the hero. As behind him, the thing is flipping and hes, just like sauntering. They just they did a lot of. I think it felt very thoughtful in the way that they did all of their action sequences they just they kept finding ways to make it look rad and not even just from a wouldnt it be cool. If we had two guns and we were shooting people while riding uh, piggyback or whatever um, but they would they would always they would like frame it in really interesting ways and really fun.

Ways like that scene, where uh arrow goes into the tree, but not into the guys eye yeah, and so he kicks it the rest of the way to his head and then like flies off to shoot. That was legitimately very funny. That was a laugh out loud moment 100, and they do a lot of that where its like. They know its weird like its nonsense in a lot of scenes where its hes like doesnt, he have, he has a flashback to him, shooting his dad and hes. Like. Oh remember when i shot my dad and he exploded what if i put grenades on my bows or on my arrows and then i shot them at people and youre like i mean i think you could have figured that out without thinking about shooting your dad, but Yeah, i guess that emotionally ties the movie together exploding. British people requires sacrifice or something but anyway and then the final. The final song, the i loved, how, in the final like, were all friends song um. The lyrics are also like. No one will rise against us, like we are one united power, yeah theyre, like i dare like. I dare someone to try and uh overtake us again: yeah respect, yeah, oh yeah, and they just uh he. He, the director, seems to have an eye for just like fun, almost like his ideas like the the scene, where hes again the guys like uh. You know you dont know how to flamenco youre dumb and then the other guys like no uh.

He runs over to the drum set and just starts like playing it and its just like oh yeah. What are you playing with like a servers, tray, yeah yeah, because its got the its got, the tray, rolling the whole time and youre like? Why is that its going to happen when that lands, its like? Oh its going to be part of a drum for sick, beat yeah right? I thought that was going to be a weapon. I thought he was going to like flip out and hes going to slice off the jerk offs head with it and no they make it into a symbol for the symbolist british drum set yeah. I just they do a lot of like the fun setup of again that the like animal truck that they slam through the gate theyre like we have to. We have to make sure that the other gate is open like they plow through that first gate. I dont think a second gate would have really mattered that much, but it is or, conversely, they could just see the first gate open and slam, and i dont know whatever right: they just did everything to be visually appealing and just cool, rather than ever, being worried About anything which respect respect, i like that yeah, i thought it was really funny. It felt a lot like back in 1994, when i used to play with my gi joes. You know, like you have limited stuff you have like whatever, like you have like an old, beat up plastic motorcycle all right.

I got to use that as a bludgeoning tool. Right is exactly that sort of thing: everythings a weapon, doesnt matter how impossible right they just they also did a. It was very um kind of like gritty fighting where theres a lot of just tackling people, uh people trying to run somewhere and then just getting slammed uh its really funny, especially that scene. Its funny like they just intentionally make the british people so bad at fighting. Where theyre, just like theyre all trying to run and the one uh raju was just like slams one and the other guys, like god, i hope he doesnt catch down, yeah and theyre, just like nobody is taking their guns to be like. Maybe we should deal with this guy whos killing us one by one, as we run theyre just like im, just gon na keep going im just going to keep going, and i just im just going to ah its great. I just i feel like for a three hour movie to me. It actually felt reasonably like it held my attention, a lot better than some of the two hour movies that weve seen um, because it just kept doing stuff. I dont know things just like kept happening and and again during montages, they had a ripping song, so it didnt even matter youre like yeah im having fun yeah, because its like structured, like a variety show like it, gives you like a little bit of this and A little bit of that and, like you know, it keeps your attention its like a little something for everybody: theres, a love scene, theres, a really violent scene, theres a you, know, yeah and our special guest former bond girl.

This lady yeah, this mean lady yeah, to say i want more blood, ugh yeah. Why are you mad about your kid? I gave you two small coins right yeah. It was uh. It was a treat um i feel like. Oh. I also noticed that the stunts were by king solomon. Did you notice that i didnt think i was still i didnt look him up because i actually didnt want to know. I actually prefer the thought that king solomon inspired the fight scenes in this movie um. They found an ancient tome just diagrams of a guy, throwing a motorcycle, absolutely um. Oh and the only other thing i had uh. I cant do it, but you know they would head shake a lot specifically the guy from the tribe thats, just a thing in india that they do a lot and uh. We one of the my professors for a class that i had white guy lived in nepal for a really long time, and he would do that all the time just subconsciously. Its just kind of a like were agreeing were vibing right now, like understand me, its just kind of a its its sort of like using a vocal tic such as huh or like yeah or whatever its just kind of like interesting. I im listening to you. I suppose – and i just remembering that i was just noticing it all over this movie, especially for bean, was, would just at all times be doing that pretty much yeah interesting.

I didnt. I didnt even realize that thats what that meant. I thought it was more. He was being like confused or indecisive when he was trying to talk to like the evil governors niece that he had a crush on um, because there was there was that language barrier where, like raju, had to like translate for him. He never they never knew. What? What each other were saying so when i saw him shake his head, i thought it was like hes hes expressing no when, like he needs to be saying yes id like to go to this party, that kind of thing anyway, thats interesting im, looking it up now, Just to make sure that im okay – so it says it can mean anything from good to. I understand so its a lot of that. I think what i was saying is relatively accurate Music also, you can use it as a way to give a its impolite to say no most of the time, so maybe thats. What youre seeing in that scene is the people dont frequently want to say no. So theyll say that which is kind of like yeah, maybe but also its not going to happen im, not going to say that so its a little bit of that. But anyway, i just thought that was that to me made it feel not that it didnt at other points, but i was like oh yeah. This is an indian movie with indian people its not like um.

You know slumdog millionaire had a lot of that, but its also directed by danny boyle and its you know a good approximation. I suppose, but this is this – is a bollywood movie thats, why theyre speaking hindi and stuff so um yeah? Whenever i see in a movie, spanish people say barthelona ill, be like hey, i know a guy who went there once during college, i get where theyre coming from i kind of get the culture. You know barcelona yeah, that was uh. The spanish teachers that i had growing up its one of those things where i took 15 straight years of spanish and i could basically say, like you, know, dundee a style banjo like wheres, the bathroom and kiara its all gone yeah, its well yeah. I know a lot of colors virginia accent. Yeah i dont have a think accent. I have a dc standard im gon na be a broadcaster im from dc. Are you from dc im from dc uh charlottesville virginia? Okay? There you go im from dc nice like nova area like dc proper. Oh hmm! Are you corrupt in subway, yeah, im, very corrupt good? You can pay me off for anything, absolutely thats how we got you on this. We offered to you some pork barrel spending. It yeah just send me 200 bucks ill. Do it sure Laughter, nice um, any last observations from you guys before we throw it to the unwashed masses, the uh, the one thing.

I noticed that the scene where they were piggyback fighting uh. It initially started out with a soundtrack that sounded either like a ford, commercial or maybe the home depot jingle theres, something just deeply american about that. Like theres, like a guitar riff yeah, yeah yeah, i couldnt tell if thats uh. If they were throwing throwing me a bone like okay here, yeah get your blood running for this yeah. I i started looking up hacksaws sales uh right to see if there were any nails that i could procure. I did literally think. Oh, i got ta get my dads solar lights for fathers day yeah. I should show my wife that scene so that shell give me something nice um, nice, any other one offs or anything. It was a blast. I liked it a lot there. It was yeah all right, brian, were switching to the masses, um wash up masses. We already. We already mentioned this but uh. Yes, oh yes, big time. What was your favorite? Everybody name, your favorite im, not gon na look at it. So just do whatever you want. Oh shoot, i i un starred somebody, but they asked, but they said theres a good bollywood movie on disney called once upon a warrior. Maybe somebody can can correct me on that. If im misremembering the thing that i deleted also somebody has been correcting me. Its a hollywood movie um, where is that from uh from bengali stuff, is that true segment of indian cinema dedicated to the production, oh its, so its the language thing, its its um, probably the language.

It was spoken, which is im not going to pronounce it right. Music, so that that differentiates it from oh there we go thanks amber so that i guess that ones, an actual bollywood okay, so that would explain why they had to translate it because thats, not necessarily like evidently handy, is what netflix wanted, because they, maybe more people, Speak that um phil says that it didnt feel too long. I mean you did break it up into two, so thats cheating, so you lose, but to be fair, the filmmakers could have broken it up into two thats true. Certainly, there was definitely some fat that could have been taken out. The film it was there were so like there were some uh. You know mini plots there that i was like guys lets hurry it up a little bit. Maybe you know um im gon na. Do a thing that we do every time now, which is i click on the big anime boobs over here. Oh yeah got it just so now. I click on the big anime Laughter thats, for the people. Give us give us twenty dollars and we wont click on the big anime boo bus um, so cells signed up for the the newsletter, so good job sign up for that. If you want um, none of us are really affiliated with that anymore. So yeah our newsletter guy quit i dont care burn the newsletter, so hopefully its a good time for you, uh matthew, riggs, wants to know if its like triple x but hindi.

Yes, that works um, just like the vin diesel dance numbers that we all remember yeah. Well, fast and furious is like a musical for boys um. It is its just lots of cutaways to things that couldnt possibly happen, but i wish there were dance numbers and songs well, thats. The other thing thats, why its like a musical the whole point of musicals. Typically, and this one takes it even further, which is its giving us gods point of view, but its always like an internal thing where its like im feeling sexy today on my way to work, and so i sing a song and fast and furious theyre, always cutting To them in their car and theyre, like man, i almost got hit by that car im hungry, like like theyre, just no one theyre, just like god. I love finn diesel as a person um, but i guarantee you, though, that if the, if the next one had a musical number, an opening musical number and a closing musical number, it would be significantly more successful. I i i feel quite confident of that. I really do uh the whatever song by wiz, khalifa, maybe or yeah yeah, exactly that song was a enormous hit yeah. It got like a a billion views on yeah like a day or something like that. Learn your lesson. Hollywood come on fast copy bollywood and sing. Um im only washed because im cooking dinner, i dont know what that asked me: okay, um, Music, okay, arthur good to know three hour disney stuff has trained me to just consume content without complaint.

Good sounds joyful yeah. I guess thats. Why youre here, yeah um, uh, apparently only 60 of the directors vision, was in the film thats crazy? I mean i do know that it ran into a lot of issues with um the pandemic, like they started, shooting in 2019, or something like that, and obviously they had multiple locations and all this stuff. And so i know that the main actors kept getting hurt too, which doesnt surprise me: oh wow, they were jumping off stuff all the time and what else did he? What did the director want to do here? I was going to say this sounds like an avatar situation like he could make like. He sounds like a james cameron like he could make rrr 2. 3. 4.. I want to see them follow the wolf and the tiger from that from one of the opening scenes. Id follow literally any character in that film. Oh, i was i actually. That is one thing that i thought. While i was watching it, which is every movie that has a tiger stalking a prey somehow uses the exact same pov shot where its like kind of blurry. On the edges, its a vignette and its like low to the ground going through the grass – and i was like – why did we all decide that you need that like? Why does everybody have the tiger shot and theyre, like tigers, see kind of like humans, but more vignette its more stylized than we tend to look uh? We asked the tigers and thats what they said.

Um you ever. You ever see how like how like across cultures. If you, if you ask people to sort of describe their perfect landscape, theyll, essentially like paint a picture of the exact same thing, um its sort of like its like a bit of shelter, uh next to water, but like under, like next to a mountain, so theres. Some you know some some additional shelter or whatever its like across cultures, thats like deeply embedded in our brains, is like the perfect area to live the same thing with tigers. We all grow up instinctively, knowing what a tiger is doing, how he decides the sepia tone. Whatever it is, the filter, the instagram filter, we yeah, we used to be able to connect with tigers. Just like people connect with animals in avatar. There you go through the through the hair right, yeah yeah, yeah um. So this is interesting, so uh this. This comment saying that we should avoid the big budget movies. This is a big budget. The biggest budget movie are there other movies that you would recommend that are either bollywood or hollywood that that we should watch or everybody in the chat should watch um just stay that at some point yeah, and also, if you can, where theyre available, where we can Yeah, i would love to see something holding those yeah. Also, if tigers could sing, they would sound cute. Thank you, um um. How do you guys feel about joker 2 being a musical speaking about almost exactly what were talking about, which is a weird action movie, with a really high budget, probably becoming a musical? For no reason, i think you know how i feel about it.

I think two thumbs away the hell up. I i do think its a great idea. I do think this is what ive been hoping for, which is that companies like marvel dc if they ever get their crap together, which i guess theyre trying to do here. Theyre, like i mean the first joker he was literally like well, i wrote a script, but nobody would buy it unless his name was joker. So i just now hes the joker. I think we could do that with a lot of marvel stuff. Its like. I want to make a musical but nobodys going to watch the musicals, no, its the batman musical, who cares, and so like people can tr they could trojan horse more interesting movie ideas, just by happening its like bruce waynes musical. So hes got no powers, hes not doing things. He just happens to fund a musical its like birdman, but it just so happens that the first character actually is bruce wayne being like im trying to fund my passion project play um, thats, uh thats, my feelings, jesse. What are your feelings go? Well, i wonder if its going to be a full on musical or if its going to be just sort of like a mid summer, nights, dream kind of thing where okay, so were gon na, have a portion of it. Thats, like the musical written by the joker or whatever yeah but um, maybe the whole thing fine, either way ill, probably watch it, because this is my job and i have to watch things like the joker 2.

uh mark taylor, who gave us more money. Thank you. So much mark says tiger with cat iraqs pov. Now we all have to look at that new segment. Um porn titles, porn titles relevant to the movie pov. Would you click pov hybrids with cataracts pov um, big anime boobs blames lord of the rings for three hour movies. I think that makes sense some its to some extent. Um. Well, lets talk about titanic with that double vhs pack, homie cameron is back james cameron, youre right, i cant believe you even remember that thats, like 97 thats a little bit past your concussion. Oh, i have that mementoed on my bicep. Actually titanic 2 vhs set yeah. You wake up every morning and read it. Titanic came in two sets and they killed your wife who vhs is thats a good reference, good job jesse. I really like that. One um, i also i also have the plot of memento memento for me, including his tattoos. It gets pretty confusing thats a lot um yeah uh do movies yeah, i would love to do. I do think we should, in general im hoping to do im actually hoping to force you jesse, to talk about anime more anyway, okay um, i kind of want the cannonball stuff to start focusing less on superheroes and more on i mean it can still be superhero Stuff but anime centric stuff, because i just think its interesting and something that i personally dont know a lot about, and i can make you do that Laughter.

You have that power. I do. I have all the power plus yeah. It seems to do well because people are interested in anime, thats kind of a up and coming its not up to you its a medium to do art form yeah. You guys heard about this anime stuff. I think they just invented it. Like three years ago, um yeah no uh theyre. Right, though we should do some jeebly stuff, jubilee, all right, um theres, a million things that people said but im not going to read them. Uh lets go to titles, oh yeah, titles.