I got the bird and its upside down theres right side up. This is my new gopro knock off. They call it the gopro killer, which i think it is give me a closer look here. We go because its 69 wait a minute it aint, focusing there. It is its 69 dollars and this gopro is three hold it still. I dont have i dont have image stable, yeah image, stabilization whats. It called able what able grid no its called the gopro hes. Talking about this one thats, the nickname they got for whats, it say on there. It says uh, a3 grid eight yeah, but that aint that aint the company, the companys name, is uh. Star switch. All right so were back to the comparison. This has the micro card, and this one has the big card. This one has the big card: hey gene: where did you buy this? I think maybe best buy or somewhere, like that. My son got it from my wife. What is it its a pill holder? It doesnt look like something: youd get at best, buy usb cord, so you can plug it in and you put two only one battery goes in at a time, though yeah, but you can charge one in the camera you charge one in that. At the same time, did all that stuff, the wall charger and you can charge it with your computer too, so yeah it has both of them. Did all seven plastic box go with that camera right there yeah all this.

This is this is the uh waterproof case. Thats worth 50 thats, where 50 bucks right there right theres that one that one here is the handlebars where you bicycle. When you turn these things boy, you can sure feel the armature yeah thats another thing about the uh. What do they call these? These motors? Oh theyre brushless, brushless, yeah and theres less drag because the brushes aint holding the commutator back ill show you this uh. When you push the button on the front, you turn the camera on. You push it again. It goes to 14 megapixel still still pictures yeah punch. It again, and it goes to playback i can play back the video. I made a hand okay, just by hitting this up here and i start to play back what he was filming with me yeah and you hit this again. Let me stop this. It doesnt have an internal speaker. Does it that you can hear the audio you cant hear it back home cute lets just play and turn around and get you Music turn that off yeah dude thats a little thats still pictures actually yeah and look how little greg is in the in the picture. Yeah, so why not? Okay, now that was animation yeah! Well, it takes animation too huh yeah next animation. You hit it one more time and there is your menu okay. How do you choose errors on the side? Oh okay resolution you can set that i got it set at the highest one tv out, yeah osd, on screen display turn that on or not time lapse, recording capture cycle record that lets you just go over the card and just start back in front and go Again, that would be a security camera yeah.

It could go down the next hdr or whatever. That is and have to look in the book. Then its got motion, detector, second ones, motion, detector, audio, set up something on your audio date, stamp image, size quality. You get fine. That would be the best you know yeah and then sharpness white balance, color os uh sharpness, oh thats, for playback isnt. It exposure anti shake thats. What i got known, yeah language date, time, auto power off beep tv mode screen saver, rotate the pitcher upside down, yeah yeah car mode to make it more stable in the car. Well, i believe this in car mode huh well be doing some car mode in the other thing for stabilization might be super stabilization. Okay, wi, fi, password license set delete all right format. Your card i had to come over here default settings for wi fi, because i wouldnt know how to do that on my phone and maybe you wouldnt either since you dont – have a smartphone, oh im, being shot by this little gopro killer. This is the gopro killer. 170 uh degree lens, and that thing is less than a foot and a half from my face right now. Where am i and im shaking, but the cat? The pictures not shaking does it have a macro ability to get real close to stuff? I dont know get as close as you can to my nose. Can you still see me well there, how you doing, i think, im, okay, but theres, something about an inch from my nose.

You see that no does it work here. Let me see we dont have to we dont weigh so many grams assignment doesnt huh, the simon doesnt, no thats, why you thats the only one up there. You know that little one like this and the one we got about like this. They dont have to be registered well, my simon is bigger than that. My sign was about like this. Did you buy the big one? I got a simon yeah thats, a little one, thats a little one, thats, not very good thats, the one you dont have the one he bought the other simon was this big wasnt. It yeah the other ones, this size it had nine inch props on it. The other one did youre like me: you leave these these things. These covers oh yeah. I just left it on our protector: yeah, Music, okay, theres, a mini hdmi on the back and theres a okay. Now its initializing, the gyros, okay wheres the front uh the fronts right here, its got a headlights on okay, its got a tail light on the back now its doing red its looking for the gps, its got everything stabilized, it wont find the gps in the house. Will it yeah it will yeah its that sensitive its got a good, sensitive thing on it, the early gps wouldnt work under a roof. Well, have you got the remote control handy? Oh well, thats, why its a red light? Okay, let me unplug it this.

This is kind of interesting isnt. It yeah you got to have it. You got to have this out here and its 300 and something bucks right, yeah id buy it id, buy it in a minute. If i didnt know, i would might lose it, and i hate that. Okay here we go its uh its going to stabilize now and find the uh its a flashing red. So red is rare yeah and it also it now its uh. Now its got green and red its got more hey when its doing it going around you in a circle, then its going to have the leg right in the front of the picture every once in a while, as it turns no. No, it turns this way. Oh yeah, its right. I see its okay all the time, because the cameras not turning the whole thing is turning. Now. It doesnt have a gimbal. It doesnt have a gimbal that doesnt have this one dont cover it. It just comes with a gopro mount right, so youre going to get some shaking, i guess. Well, i didnt mine was pretty darn good, the orange one i had one at the other one. It was pretty good. He called that jello effect. You know wavy stuff and the gimbals make them real, smooth, apparently yeah theyre really youre. You can be doing this and that gimbal is as solid as a rock, so its kind of motors it got motors in it then hadnt it yeah.

Now it came with one battery yeah whats, another one cost 42. I ordered one thats expensive, isnt it yeah thats more than one. My little simons cost its a heavy battery too, how many volts its a 30 30 minute battery. As you get a 30 minutes out of it and with the camera, you get 25 26 minutes, i said, and who makes that uh. That gp, who makes the same people makes the make who makes their other one thats just an upgrade to the v303. Oh and you had a didnt, you have a v303. No. I was going to get one thats right change it to this. Okay, now we got all green, which is satellites. What does this do with the v303 dome? What does this do? The v303 doesnt do well ill show you right here, and the v303 was about 300 bucks too wasnt it they about the same price, yeah, okay, okay, now its ready to go, but nothing happens, its all ready have to arm the motors. Oh yeah! You do that! Even with the simon, you arm the motors and theyre ready now after you give it throttle and take off turn it off. This switch here is go home. Brings it right back to where its sitting here within a couple feet, yeah well and sometimes less. Sometimes, if you put a a piece of something down there, itll up on it, oh well yeah they laid what was it a piece of something that was about that thick? They laid it down there between the legs and took off with it.

It cocked up on sideways. It was trying to get back right in the same spot. This switch over here is headless mode when you flip it down it dont, which this is the head here, because its got two headlights see yeah like a spider. Looking yeah and uh, so the green lights flash in the back well thats, showing you when youre flying you can fly this at night now see another thing: too got lights underneath too dont! Oh well see they aint lit now because it aint activated, but look what happens. All lights are on now: okay, okay, whats, the point of the headlights: you cant really use them. For anything, can you you can see them as good as up in the air. You can see the orange look good and that went on the tail and if, if i uh flip, this switch, if i flip this switch right here that turns to red, let you know that youre right at home, wow and the batteries in the front. So does it have a warning thing for when the battery voltages fall? Yes, it does. Okay, how do you, when you got a camera on there? How do you see what the camera sees down on your remote control? Well, you, you have to have a uh. You have to have another transparent gps and you have a receiver and transmitter. It transfers it down here to your phone. You know its beaming that down to your phone, you can watch it right here and you can fly it just by looking at the screen right.

There well, the bad part. Is you dont know exactly where he is up here, although youre looking at the picture down here flying, we had a guy do that 10 years ago he had a regular little tv monitor and he hooked it up to it and he would fly. Look at the tv screen and then when he got ready to land hed say where is it because hes flying here it could be back there over there? Hey yeah yeah, you say its two oclock on your left side. You know you look over there and then he looks over there and he flies it by hand. Now that loses the signal from the transmitter onward. It goes in gps mode, yeah and then comes back yeah. Are you going to fly? Thats cause thats called safe mode? You cut the transmitter off. I did i tried that with that other one, i had that other one flew away the other one wasnt a gps, no, but it had uh all right landed. Well. How did it do that uh? It didnt know where the ground was at, but it cut the throttle back, so it didnt hit very well, so it slowly came down no matter where it was into a tree or whatever. This has that too? Oh really! This has two buttons right here. This is automatic takeoff. You just push this button. Itll take off and stand about six or eight foot in the air and were gon na do that in here.

No, he cant do it. They said not try in the house, you might hit see them, but it will do that outside and then landing same way. Itll come down its got a landing button there really and when you come in it, you know its heavy and youve got to be careful that throttle not bring it down hard. You know, but you can just hit the link hows, that itll sit down real soft. How does it know where the ground doesnt have some kind of gps sensor? Tells you where it is that that that accurate, though itll set down as soft as you ever seen so gps gives you altitude too, though yeah, but i wouldnt think it was that it wouldnt sensitive. I wouldnt think you know, i think its like three feet or so how would it know its in inches? Well, it might miss it with two or three inches, but i mean it sets down. Soft and youve tried that. Well, no, i just watched the video. Oh okay, yeah! I want to see it do something make it fly two feet off the ground or something and then well yeah. I could fly off the ground, but its these motors are so powerful. You move one little inch, itll go into your teeth, thats. Why? I dont want to mess, you know, hit the ceiling or something with it. Let me let me feel it with the battery in or just you know, dont dont connect it, but i just want to feel the weight change.

Okay, yeah, that is, oh yeah, man, thats twice as heavy yeah as the thing is without the battery, but its a nice big battery. Well, i think thats what they saw that i saw they saw a growth on her thats, probably assist my daughter had that last year. She would kill me if i would, if i knew, i told you guys that oh yeah well my daughter, theyre funny. She had a cyst on hers last year and they have to do hysterectomy, yep howd, that go good good. How old is she shes? 50, 2. 1 yeah? Was she bleeding for a while, though uh? I guess so, yeah okay was it you know. Sometimes i think it was just like spotting, you know, but it was between the period. You know, yeah vickis been through menopause. I dont know five six years ago, so so um so it went well. Did they just take out all the parts or just eat? One of these all right, thats, a hissy isnt that what they call a hissy i dont know.