Of course, theres reviews of this bike on the internet, which youve probably seen from different countries, but not so many in the uk so now lets find out what this bike is like. The bike comes in many different colors, some really lovely colors. Actually, this one starts at 4279 pounds and some of the colors are a little more expensive at 4 4′ pounds. Personally, i like the red with the chrome, one that looks beautiful, so go on to royal enfields website and you can look through all the different colors and the prices. So what you really want to know is what this bike is like to ride, and i can tell you its absolutely fantastic: it has so much character. This 350cc airstroke oil cooled engine quilt is brilliant. I mean it is absolutely amazing. Its got a lot of character. It makes a lovely, sound uh on the deceleration it sort of pops and burbles accelerating. It sounds magnificent and it really is great, with only 20.2 horsepower and 27 newton meters of torque, you wouldnt think it has very much oomph, but its got plenty in the real world, and this bike is an absolute hoot to ride if youre, just exploring the countryside Or commuting in the towns, the cities, wherever youre, going like that, its wonderful, because its very maneuverable, but not at all twitchy, so the handling the geometry of this bike is spot on. It really is absolutely fantastic ill go into that a bit more later, but as a bike to just ride around it is fantastic.

I can tell you and im so impressed with it its just one of the best bikes ive ever ridden. The gear change is very positive. Very good youve got five gears on this. The clutch has a perfect feel to it. Youve got a cable clutch and a cable throttle, and you get a direct contact with the bike which i really like so theres. No electronic, gizmos and stuff on this, its a very simple bike: you dont have to have modes uh. Your mode is your throttle hand, and that is just what you need and ive been over. Some difficult terrain with sort of slippery gravel in the roads and wet leaves and stuff, and the bike handles it all perfectly its so well designed. I love the handling on this. It really is brilliant and whether youre riding in the city, the countryside, weaving in and out of traffic going out for a joyride just for the sheer fun of it. This bike will just lap it up and not many bikes. I would want to do hundreds of miles on and this isnt built for that, but because its such a nice bike id be happy to strap a few things on the back and go off 300 mile ride, say going camping somewhere and take your time enjoy the Ride it will do 70 miles an hour, but you probably want to cruise along at 60. But when you get there youre on a royal enfield classic and you would enjoy every minute of exploring where youve chosen to go, and i cant think of another bike.

Or many other bikes that id want to do that. One now, where ive been riding around some quite mucky roads today and i havent cleaned the bike. Since i came back because i thought its quite important to see what you end up with after a dirty ride and this bikes actually quite clean, these mud guards come all the way around and theyre metal and theres only a little bit of mud from there downwards And the engine, the frame, the exhausts, the tank are all clean and im clean im not covered in mud and thats important, because, if youre riding a bike in the real world, you dont want to be caked in mud and have two hours worth of cleaning. Trying to get all the muck out of the cylinders and what have you or the radiator and um on the triumph, bonnevilles thats very much the case. The little mud guard at the front just puts all the muck onto the bike and they are difficult to clean and on the back here, youve just got a little bit of mud on the chain guard, but most of its been caught by the mud guards or The fenders and theyre very effective, indeed just looking at the bike style, wise youve got. These lovely fork covers which i like all metal, solid, nice, solid mud guard and beautiful chrome, wheels and spokes love, spokes, single disc, brake. Stopping power is perfectly good. Um got a lovely chrome exhaust piece user exhaust this.

This bikes got quite a few accessories on and see if you can spot them, um the screen being one of them and this guard down here being another and theres a few others. This rack on the back uh again thats an accessory, but its the best designed rack on a motorcycle ive ever seen, because youve got this little area here and with my tripod i could slot one leg into there and secure it on there with a bungee. So if youve got a bit of luggage and a few difficult things to carry, it will go on there, no problem whatsoever. This engine is very beautiful to look at as well as being very good as an engine, and the whole bike is still very classic, even though its brand new and, of course, without the seat and the thing here and the screen and the accessories. It looks more minimalistic and, in my opinion, looks better um. This guard, underneath here uh, although it serves a very good practical purpose, it would look better in black because you dont really want to see it its its, not the most beautiful thing, but um youve also got a center stand, which is great to have. So if youre oiling your chain or washing the bike, you can spin the wheel, no problem at all and youve got a nice side stand as well, and both stands work very well indeed. Now me being six foot two. How do you think i look on the bike? Um riding it? It feels fine, no problem whatsoever, its very comfortable.

I like the riding position. I probably look big on it, but then youve got to say to yourself: does that matter? My feet are flat on the floor. Of course, if i was say from five foot, five to five foot, ten, like most bikes id, be the perfect height for it, but at six foot two i feel its perfectly all right and i should put it on the side. Stand. Um ive got a bit of an issue with sort of size of bikes, so kind of i love big bikes, but sometimes the big heavy harleys and things are so cumbersome, uh at slow speeds or uh maneuvering. So a bike like this, you dont have that problem. At all, because its very maneuverable and uh, very confidence inspiring the suspension is really good. Um these bikes get tested and uh in the process of uh pre production, um ridden all over the himalayas and all sorts of places like that. So theyre very good on bumpy roads and the farm track leading down to this property here um is very bumpy and unmade in most places and this bike just handles it with no problem whatsoever and uh. I felt i could go along quite fast, quite confidently: uh theres dog she likes to get in the shot this dog very confident. Now i had a honda uh crf250rx a little while back, which i bought for sort of green landing around here. But i told it after a while, because i wasnt enjoying it and one of the main reasons why i wasnt enjoying it was because the engine was so peaky.

It produced all its power way. High up the rev range like 10, 000, 11, 000 rpm. Something crazy. Like that and when youre trail riding you just want to burble along and if it had this engine in it, itd be the best trail bike on the planet. So this bike itself, as it is with road, tires handled the slippery bumpy stuff, no problem whatsoever and uh with sort of trials tyres or something like that on it, youd find you can go anywhere now just running through the things you have here. Youve got a nice little switch on the side here, the starter switch, which is nice, its a little dial and youve got a hazard light thats it. On the other side, youve got your lights on a rotary dial as well indicators which dont self cancel be careful. Make sure you cancel them a hooter and a little button on the front which scrolls, through a few things on the menu here youve got a lovely analog, speedometer im, a massive fan of analog. I dont like digital dials or tft screens, and all that computery stuff. You dont want to spend time looking at what looks like a phone on your motorbike uh. When you get home and look at your phone, you dont look it on a motorbike, so um its nice to have a beautiful outlook on a motorcycle, which is what i love about my r18, its art in the view ahead – and this is the same – youve got Beautiful chrome, handlebars and little chrome clamp there.

Youve got a nice chrome surround to the key fob and this little uh thing on the right here. Uh you can have the the um satin everything on there. If you want to uh as an accessory and um, its just looks beautiful looking out on the bike, so you do feel like youre on a nice bike when youre riding it not just being looked at as you go by now its interesting because at the moment Weve got a garage full of bikes, theyve all come at once: theres three hondas theres, the rebel 1100 theres, the super cub 125 and cross adventure or xadv, as most people call it its actually a cross adventure and this and a triumph ec1 street twin and of All the bikes that i would say which one should i take out and enjoy the most is this one. By far this is absolutely wonderful. A lot of bikes get refined so much that they become boring and, like i said about the art youre looking out, it looks beautiful a lot of bikes, theyre functional, but not pretty. Some bikes are too powerful and that im not particularly a speed freak. Some people are, of course – and i understand if you want a 200 uh brake horsepower superbike and want to go completely crazy. I can understand the thrill of that, but in the real world i think most of us, if were honest with ourselves, would prefer to just have a nice bike.

That is confidence inspiring looks, nice sounds, nice goes nicely, does everything you want it to do without trying to rip your neck off and with a bike like this youre, not on deaths door, all the time you can just enjoy the ride and enjoy the bike? Youre riding on – and i cant tell you how good it is um if anyone comments. This is an advert for oil, enfield youre being paid for this im. Certainly not we dont get paid to do. Reviews uh. We give our honest opinions about the bikes that we ride and my honest opinion about this bike is that its one of the best bikes ive ever ridden. Like i said earlier and um, you know you want me to be honest, and i am being honest. So, if youre thinking of a bike as your first bike uh as an all time bike, if you want a smaller bike, if youre downsizing, whatever your reason, i would recommend this bike extremely highly, as i would the royal enfield interceptor, which also is one of the Best bikes, ive ever ridden, so royal enfield are producing some of the best bikes in the world, in my opinion, and the price is on the lower end of the scale, so theyre not expensive. So what youre getting for your money is absolutely a bargain. I do like the key that comes with the royal enfield. Youve got this nice little leather key fob there on the left of the bike.

Youve got a keyhole which opens up a cover and theres a plastic thing inside where you put your manual and you take that off, and it reveals the air intake for the air filter and on the other side, youve got another compartment got your electrics and a Manual, a little tool kit and uh: oh hang on a minute whats, this pair of pants, so uh yeah its got up here, but theres, something written inside here tmf. So if your initials are tmf, youve left these in the bike, uh, so theres, no storage compartments. As such, but you do have the rack as an accessory. So, as i said before, this is a brilliant rack. So if youve got stuff to take id recommend one of those, if youre like me, and you think that the quest for speed and power has just gone too far, and i do think it has its nice to know that there are bikes like this around. That are extremely engaging great fun, brilliant bikes, but are not super powerful and dangerous, and you can have just as much fun on this. If, if not more, i think and when you do want to thrash a bike, thats less powerful. You really can get 10 tenths out of it and it really does challenge your riding skills in a good way and thats brilliant, so theyre fun at speed and theyre fun when youre just burbling around and the royal enfield classic 350, i think is one of the Best bikes on the planet and value for money, so if youre considering one youre pondering over it, you think its not going to be powerful enough.

Its perfectly fine trust me ive been riding bikes since i was seven years of age, and this is definitely one of the best bikes ive ever ridden. You have a 13 liter fuel tank and this bike will do miles per gallon, so its very fuel efficient, which is great, especially at the moment when petrol is ridiculously expensive, so get one of these commute better than being on the train on the bus and so Much more fun, youre free if youve just started out in the eu or great britain and youve, just passed your a2 licence. Now we often say that this bike is a2 compatible out of the box. If youre in america, you dont have to worry about that because in the eu and uk its a bit in any state, so we have to have these rules but its basically a test that restricts you to a 47 horsepower or under bike. So this falls within that and its a great choice. Of course, if you have a pillion ill demonstrate being a pillion, ive got the foot pegs the grab rails or you can grab the person in front thats, actually very comfortable its a nice seat, as is the front seat which is a sprung seat and its a Certainly, a comfortable bike so for longer rides. Uh you dont get saddle saw and it is very nice. So let me know in the comments what you think about what ive said in this video.

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