I hope everyone is doing well tonight and today is what january the 18th 2022 all right got a lot to talk about tonight. Um one things i do want to talk about is the mavic 3. were gon na hang on, hang on, for that um got a number of things um. I want to welcome everybody thats here so far: steven ewing, johnny, drone flyer, drone guy leonard oglesby, uh drone master and jay birder in the house. Welcome to all of you and stephen ewing. Thank you. Of course. We know that it really truly is an effort to tune in and to stay up, to, watch us, and we greatly appreciate that here we and we thank you very much, and i personally thank you very much all right, um first thing i want to lead in With is is this, and i just want to spend a minute on this here and im going to share this picture here with you. If you think we can hang on a second here um, as many of you know, if youre friends with me on facebook and also um, you know – i talked about this last week – uh valeries, dads in intensive care and hes not doing real well. In fact, um theyre getting ready to make a decision to call hospice so um valerie and i and the family would greatly appreciate your prayers uh. My father in law is a tremendous guy uh. Since my dad has passed away, hes been like a dad to me.

Um cant say tell you how much i love him hes, just a great guy and um its all so hard going through this again. I went through it with both my parents and and uh now im having to go through it again, and this is its never an easy thing to do this. So uh. Thank you for those of you that have have mentioned um us and kept us in your thoughts and prayers appreciate, um those to still to come, so just wanted to get that started off with here all right. You know it never fails in. You know our good friends and um, hey kestel, who found this and and i wanted to go over this now. I know a number of you out. There are football fanatics like me: okay, and we wont talk about steelers, okay, i got a whole mouthful of things to say about that. None of them are good, and none of them are good about their theyre good for nothing anyway, im not even gon na go there. Okay, all right, uh, greg, pittman. Welcome glad to see you back, i hope youre doing well. Uh thanks for thanks for stopping by tonight, okay um lets get this article up here. Okay, now this article is on drone xl and we all know it was wild card weekend and there were a number of games during wild card weekend. Well, it just so happens that during wild card weekend somebody decided to fly a drone by one of the wild card games.

Thats right. This happened in cincinnati, ohio, okay, um ive, been by the stadium. I have never been inside the stadium, but um. There is a link in this article and again all these articles. As you know, i attached them to the um. They are located in build a drone, reviewer, facebook group and page, and there is a link for a video. This gentleman decided to put the link he. This video is still out on youtube. It was out as of the time i checked it this afternoon, so um he it was a short clip, but he flew all around stadium from above. Of course um got lots of views and yeah i mean you know and hey castaloo. You know he points out. Obviously um. You know all the rules that this guy possibly had broken and he left his comments on on his video and boy. He got raked over the coals, which was very deserving, and you know one. You know you know and ill say this again. Okay and – and i know you guys know – ive been on my soapbox about this. Okay, before you know, and ive said this before and ill say it again all right, this kind of stuffs got to stop all right and they need to make an example of this guy uh. As you know, you know the bengals prohibit flying there. The nfl prohibits flying there. The faa prohibits flying there, theres a tfr there.

Okay, so you know right off the bat they need to throw the book at this guy, whoever it is and hes out there bragging about flying in his comments. You know why youtube hasnt taken the video down. I dont know because you know theyre posting something thats illegal out there. So you know i i dont know i dont know thats a thats, a good question that that is a absolute good question had to be a non dji drone, though, because of the um nfc um, you could be right there, jaybird or somebody could have. You know um, cracked, the software and broken the software, and it could have been an older dji drone, maybe on lychee or something who knows. But anyway, you know its just. It gives every one of us who go out there and follow the rules a bad day. So and those of you, you know we have remote id and you know its good – that we have a remote id but were probably going to get more rules and regulations. Because of idiots like this – and you know in in im going to get on myself box here for just a little longer, i bounce people out of autumn, you guys know i got a bunch of groups out there, dji autel, hubsan, feeney, okay. For the most part, the humson and the femi groups, i mean a lot of those are overseas, so you know you cant, really im im a little im, not but but somebody here in the united states, these groups they just flat out their br theyre, breaking the Rules – and i stated the rules and the groups that you have to follow the faa rules: okay, theres, no, its no gray area here so – and people get all get their get their 90s in a knot with me and the other admins.

Why are you doing this forward or done all that? You know what take it up with the faa if you got a problem with it im just following their guidelines here, guys thats, what im doing im doing doing what im supposed to be doing? Okay, um! Maybe you know tell no geofencing thats possible too jaybird, possibly is all right well enough about that were gon na move on here now, one of the other things that i found out – and this was this – was interesting now this was on um drone dj well well. Well, the mini s e is finally available over in your uk, the uk in europe. So stephen ewing youre welcome to go ahead and get yourself a mini se right now, um dont know what the price is going to be itd, be real, interesting to see um. How much, how much its going to be over there? Okay, 269 um over there um! So, okay! Well, its thats thats approved, i guess, thats a good price im im trying to translate that into dollars – im not exactly sure but um, but those of you over in the uk in europe mini se, is available now so um. That is, that is some news and, and you know, and and it is a big deal, it is a big deal, because if the rules over in the uk or over in europe are a lot more strict than they are here in the united states and being On being 249 grams or under is so beneficial to a lot of people and it eases their.

It makes that it makes them be able to fly in a lot of areas. They wouldnt be able to fly in so thats. Why? This is important. Well, look forward to hearing, if any and if any of you who um any of my international viewers, either over in the uk or europe, get one of these feel free to drop me a line. Let me know – and let me know what you think about it and um. If you shoot some footage, i will go ahead with your permission, put it out to youtube and ill feature it on the channel, so so how about that all right lets see what else we get. Oh yes, yes, yes, yes, okay, john xl and john dj put out some great information, also sally french too. Now, if you also, if you look at my timeline on build your own reviewer facebook group and page, i post a lot of sallys articles because she does some. She does some great work guys and i highly encourage you if youre not following her to follow her and, if not theyll, be out on my on my on my page. Please do go. Look at her articles. She puts a lot of effort and work into it and um. I think she would really appreciate it especially drop her online. Let her know all right. This just absolutely is well okay. You know everybodys talking its 2022, all right and everybodys talking about what are we going to see this year, drone wise all right? Well, john dj, just put on an article dji mini 3 fpv mini phantom 5 autel nano skydio new drones of 2022 all right! Well, i think we all know now.

You know the minis a given uh lets lets just drop down in the article a little bit, uh refresh the djis cheapest and smallest consumer drone wouldnt be surprised, um. The successive mini series has caused companies like cotella joining the competition with the nano uh the interest to see what smart features dji can add to compete with adele obstacle voids quick shots. Anything would be nice to have. Of course, we wonder who uh this? Oh, mr oceanalev and his and his concepts, okay um, you know sometimes uh im, not gon na, say anything all right, but this is this is a concept from oc, love and well well, take that for what is what its now hes, also talking about here in The article theres still debate if this is an actual product or a rumor fpv support coming to the mini 3. um. It would be wise dj to take the success of its fpv drone and put it in a smaller package may even make it less than 250 grams. I doubt it, but who knows at this point: okay, so thats, just a clear conjecture and a rumor inspire 3 and phantom 5? Oh yes, djis professional drones, where you can choose between the immensely capable inspire the iconic phantom lines both are in need of an upgrade camera systems, battery life, efficiency, etc. Maybe in a combination of the two bringing the camera system and modularity of the inspire with the phantoms flight, reliability and form factor; okay, so who knows okay and its just its just conjecture at this point uh about the phantom five? Of course, you know weve seen lauren piping in uh.

You know when i talked about pricing estimates. You know it kept kind of going nope not close, got to go higher, so this is going to cost some serious coin right here now ill tell nano light in evo, the three evo, the third okay and were gon na be were gon na talk about that Interview that um drone dj had with maxwell lee uh the gm from autel in a minute here, but um you know. First of all, you know the nano is out. The evo light is out and theyre talking about an evo three coming out all right. Well, you know one of the things you know and well get to scottie. Oh here in a second you know, one of the things is youve evidenced um im. Sorry its been our heats. Our heats come on today because its actually gotten cold enough to do that. Down here in florida – and my throat is extremely dry tonight – so has lots of water all right weve now we know marcus has had quite a few concerns with a nano uh nano plus that he has and hes, not the only one theres been several others that Have expressed some concerns with it um you know uh as far as you know, the jello and then some other things that are hitting it and for its price point its rather its rather pricey, and you know we were hopeful of expecting something out of the box That with just you know, charging the batteries, maybe a quick firmware update.

It was good to go and unfortunately, its not the case, and you know im talking to marcus its like he has to cross his fingers every time he finds it. You probably saw his latest one of his videos. He tried a number of user suggestions in none of the work, so its kind of back to square one with that, so thats kind of you know thats kind of where hes at with this now you know um. You know im im still of the opinion here that um, i i think you know autel kind of rushed this and – and i think the mini drones that came out in 2021 were rushed, and that includes the the hubsan xeno mini pro the um femi mini and Now this, but you know the evil light, has seen seen a little bit of modest success. But again nobody was expecting anything about the evo light. This year, ever all the eyes were focused on the nano and the nano the nano plus and the evo light has kind of stolen the show in a good way, and our good friend, original adobo ken has given a pretty good review on on the light. Hes. Really hes really up on it and im interesting to see what is um. You know when he revisits this here in a little bit to see whats what its like for him now, the other other one of course, and we kind of talked about this a little bit last week, um the skydio2 plus and really you know, theyre theyre, adding On the antennas, which increase the range in the new, the new software on there and um, you know that was that was their edition, theres ron, how are you, sir uh hello bill? How are you and welcome everybody in the chat out there? How are you guys doing tonight? Uh talk about skydeal here bill? Well, you know were talking about the drones of 2022 and we just hit the skydr2 plus and we kind of hashed this over last week ron.

You know, you know they did a far. You know, with a firmware, upgrade and being able to get that new feature. This skydio added plus you know the battery being interchangeable. You know the only real benefit to getting a plus was the um additional range so to speak and as we saw in billys video, you know and marcus brought up a good point. There really wasnt a lot of benefit. I mean you know for that range for what what weve seen yeah. I think we kind of conclude that you know if you do not have a schedule now that would be a nice purchase against upgraded model. But probably if you already own the study, the two youd probably want to sit pat until the studio three comes out, thats kind of our conclusion. I think bill yeah. I think so, and you know – and i think thats rightly so, because you know i i dont see that being in you know, of course you know theyre packaging it up and making it pretty nice and pricey, and everything and um, but are they gon na, come Out with a skydio three, you know i dont know um, you know and thats one of the things that that yeah, i thought it was a good sign. They even did this because i was afraid skydiving may have given up on the consumer market and going all in in the enterprise market, so this kind of shows me that they still have interest in the supermarket.

So to me bill. This is a good sign. It is a good sign, thats, a great point ron and – and i wouldnt put it past them to see us guide. You three um. You know, because from from the original skydio to what it was now, it was night and day from the skydio one. You want to call it that to the two. It was complete whole change of everything on that, and you know from two to three: i dont see it being a quantum leap here. However um you know, you know one of the things that i think well definitely see will definitely be like an increase or a definite like a controller um. That would you know, probably an integrated controller, hopefully like maybe a smart controller with a screen built in and like they have for their enterprise drones, uh, maybe better communication system, better ai, better artificial intelligence, um, better tracking um, those kind of things so and bill. If uh, you know, if, if the gloom of doom, we have talked about over the past a year or two uh, with the dji facing the wrath of several big government organizations, most roots of the fcc say, for instance, dji can no longer get any drones approved For release in the us, it will leave kind of the market kind of almost wide open. What what would it behooves got you to like jump, jump right in with making you know, camera drones to kind of fill that void, because obviously they have it.

You know they have a lot of great technology im sure it wouldnt take a lot for them to you know, because again we weve, you know we weve seen enough of the skydio and ive owned it whatever. You know its, not a camera drone in this. In this iteration its never going to be a camera drone, you know, but i mean, if dji would struggle to release drones, would it behoove them even to make two different models like the one skater thats, more of a of a mavic, you know three type of Clone another one is more of a just tracking uh avoidance. Drone, like you know, first camera guys like if, if if they made a model that wasnt quite as good as obstacle woodens but but had better range, better camera, we wouldnt care wed, buy that one right. Oh yeah, there wouldnt be a problem with that and you know, and it would kind of make sense if, if that does, if something like that does happen, the only thing i think where skydio would probably fall short, is manufacturing capability because, as you know, you know Early on with the scottie 02, you know these were all made by hand. They had not. It was very laborious, yeah process out in california, which was good and its good to just say so. Im almost like kind of. If i knew the drone was being made in the u.s by us, citizens id almost have a little more patience with it coming yeah i would too um and – and i would think you know if they could get enough capital to gear up to maybe have a Decent manufacturing facility kind of a thing um then i think that would be you know they could do something like that and they could make a real inroads if, if dj gets hung up, dji gets hung up, and i dont know if you saw my first segment Or not um, but hey kestelu reported.

There was a drone that was flying over the wild card game down in cincinnati. They talked about billy and ken talked about that last night on on drone nation, and you know i met the look for the video today, but i never got around to doing it. Did you you didnt, show this yeah. I actually watched the video and – and i looked at some of the i mean he it wasnt long but boy i mean he was like he flew right over the top of the stadium over the players. Everything the crowd went through did a couple of pans um in the guy. In the comments section, okay, he was just he was having a field day in there, and i mean you know in in. I saw russ from 51. Drones says something about. You know be prepared for that, knock on your door and and some handcuffs and the guy kind of like replied back like with a clint eastwood. You know make my day kind of stuff or something like that. Well, you mean the actual flyer responded like that. Oh yeah, you mean the guy, the guy put his own video up on youtube, yeah, oh no, that is that is brazing huh. You know, and and the other thing is you know last – i checked you know thats illegal from any, which way you look at it. The bengals prohibit it, the nfl prohibits it and the faa prohibits it.

Okay and the since the city of cincinnati prohibits it almost all athletic. Events of that type become automatically um temporary flight restriction zones, for example yeah so its illegal. So why is the guy part 107 pilot or we dont, know dont, know um? So why does youtube? Allow something like that: okay, that thats illegal all right, you know youtube has been you know very judicious and getting rid of, like you know, questionable videos well, yeah like, for instance, if i played a video, i had two sections of music in it. Maybe somebody elses that video will get ripped right down, but yet you can go out and make a totally illegal flight and and youtube doesnt care theyre, so theyre in it for the money. You know what i mean, like you know, theyre theyre more concerned about somebody having a few seconds of a song in there than they are somebody doing illegal, uh, uh flying activities. So – and you know, and what else i talked about too, was you know this is going to lead to things like what were seeing with the fcc with dji um? You know their scrutiny of the chinese drone companies plus. Was it a dji drone bill? Could you tell no you couldnt tell, and you know a couple of people in the chat were kind of guessing, probably autel, because you know it would have to have had an nfc. You know yeah a no fly zone, kind of a kind of a thing or you know it could have been an older dji that somebody had, maybe you know, had on lychee and not on not on their system yeah.

So who you know, did you see the gel in the video? Maybe it was a natto, no, no jello yeah. I was kind of thinking the same thing, but you know you know in in line with that. You know you wonder why the faa is imposing. You know remote id um, you know and heres heres a prime example of that all right. This guys going to get wrong. After seeing this video, remember hes going to get a fast track or whatever yeah yeah, but really you know really even they have remote id. Okay, they already know who did it because he posted the video, and all that i mean and and he you said he did it quickly enough that youve had remote id like you know it would have been over by the time they said somebody drove over the Same anyways right yeah, he was it was not a long video at all, so you know it it. Would it takes time for them to be able to to get that. You know to find that even with remote id, so i guess its gon na be an ongoing story. When uh the knock does come on the door and uh you know um, you know: could this actually lead to a real arrest or or i would hope, oh, that would be great. It would be great if if somebody would be there to record that, so we could see that happen. You know, and you know i know people you know were going to say people are going to say: oh boy, hes hurting the whole drone industry or whatever yeah.

He is, but you know what okay, if, if, if some full goes out in the road and drives 100 miles per hour, the speed limits 55 whatever and gets arrested, nobodys going to say hes ruining him for all the other drivers. Does that when somebody does a traffic violation, nobody says a ruiner for all the other drivers: oh yeah yeah. So why why? Why is there a double standard? Why, if you break drone laws, does it hurt all the drone flies, but when you break automotive rule rules and regulations, it doesnt hurt anybody else. Well, why is that its their double standard existence, yeah thats ron? You bring up a great question and you know it was dangerous what he did there. If he would have left statement drove at 100 miles per hour down a crowded road, he would have been even more dangerous, yeah, yeah or even even if he did like. You know uh 50 to 25. He could did his just as we did more dangerous stuff driving his car home that he could have flying that drone around oh yeah. Oh i i agree wrong yeah. I agree, of course, that, and that you saw i dont know if its on youtube, but i saw little snippets of videos where some cartels in mexico were dropping bombs from drones on other cartels yeah. I i see that happening now, its great i know. I know the i know our ffa doesnt have jurisdiction in like juarez or anything yeah.

No, i dont think anybody has jurisdiction in juarez that no probably not well. You know one of things and and im gon na post a link to it later in the week, but im actually gon na be on a ham. Radio talk show on saturday morning, oh wow, talking about drones and ham, radio, okay, wow and how drones can be used in ham radio. Now there are several ways and one of them, and because i found three videos, one is a lot of guys put up a tower for their antenna. Okay, like at least a 50 foot tower. Well, you can use the drone to inspect the tower okay theres theres, one way, okay, one of the other ways that you can do – and i saw this and somebody did it with a mini uh, because you know theres, no theres, no obstacle avoidance on it. He you fashioned a you know, just some cheesecloth and he tied an antenna around it. Now its whats called you know, just for an n fed, half wave antenna and thats, probably one of the best antennas that you can use to to do. Shortwave radio and he flew it up 50 feet in the air and he was able to get a signal from it: okay, wow, obviously now you know thats great. While he has, you know hes only going to be up in the air, 10 or 15 minutes. You know so that kind of limits his time with that and the other other way is somebody with a phantom 3.

What they did was okay, instead of they had a catch and release system. You know those you know, those ones where you know you can drop bait and that kind of thing. Well, the guy used a phantom 3 because it doesnt have the sensors like on a phantom 4, and he got one of those bait release systems. But what he put on it was a um, a weighted ball and it had paracord on it and he flew up over a tree okay and he flew onto the other side and he dropped the did the release of the ball. Now. What happened was that the the paracord was also had heavy antenna with it it tied up to it. So, on the other end, you pull the ball down. You pull the antenna up. He had the antenna 50 feet up in the tree. Okay, oh wow. You know theres thats, at least three, that i found and were going to talk about that and just you know some things about um. You know what kind of drone, if you wanted to get one, that your ham, radio guy, what would what would be recommended so ill ill post, a link for that later in the week. But im looking forward to this this guy and i have had some great conversations online, so im really looking forward to that: hey unrelated to drones, but related to ham. Radio. I saw you know the island tonga which you know.

Uh was kind of the center point for that uh. You know the uh. You know the the aftershocks of the underwater vote uh volcano in the pacific, because uh for a long time they were, they had no communication except amateur ham, radio, uh people because the whole whole island was out – and it was shrouded in, like you know, like thats. The volcanic ash and stuff well whats, been bad in 2021, was not a very good year. Solar eruption, solar flares, uh, it really messes with radio waves and radio signals, but um its going to be a better year already because of our position where the sun is and where the solar eruptions are and everything so its going to be a better year. So thatll mean better communication, especially what they call hf or thats what we think of a short wave, so its going to be better with that. The next thing i wanted to talk about tonight was now, and i know um i watched a little bit of your guys show last night and by the way that having having ken and billy on was was just well kim was just a bonus. He just came off the cuff. He was like billy. Billy was just sitting there for like 15 minutes, just like listening to kent, but um john dj talked about um. You know posted their article about their interview with maxwell, lee maxwell yeah. You know – and he was giving various points and everything in here and trying to understand it now number one.

You got ta look um this guy, probably im gon na guess. If hes pushing mid 30s hes lucky okay and he looks a lot different, he has got a radical haircut since his last interview with ken herron. Yes, yes, he it is a lot different and you know – and he he mentioned a lot of good things in here. Um, you know what what he was talking about, but you know, i think, one of the things – and this is just – and this was conjecture after reading this article – and this was one of the things – and i kind of wanted to run it by you to see What you think here, okay now you know, we all know what fate beheld um femi in hubsan, with their mini drones, okay, their first at least their first, at least, perhaps in their first iteration of it. You know it was they were. They were not. They were not that they were failures, all right initially and you know theyre working on it and we understand that right, as, as you always put in baseball problems, they got sent back down to the ma they tried to get in the majors, but they didnt stay Long right, they were not ready for prime time. I think they sent them all the way down, like the double a, maybe even sibling, right yeah. They may be in single a where you know. We were hoping that autel with our nano nano plus, was going to come out of the gate and say here we are, you know a drone who you know the manufacturer has has had a good history with his hardware um, you know um its its worth waiting.

Lets see what comes out has a good reputation for camera quality too right. Their cameras are good, theyre, reliable. You know you dont, find you dont find the jello you dont find you know the micro shapes you dont, find it well. Lo and behold here comes banana plus and unfortunately you know and im going to say this, and i know marcus says this. A lot too is you know when youre, when youre chunking down, you know 799 dollars for a drone. You want it out of the box. Fire it up put the you know, charge the batteries charge. The controller you know put the sd card in and basically you know, maybe maybe one firmware update and go all right. Well, you know you, you know something is going on when youre trying recommendations from your viewers who are you know, these are great recommendations that were sent to marcus and none of them were working. Okay. You know it has to be frustrating here ron, because you know what you know i like to try to give autel the benefit of the doubt. Of course, you know i started out with an x star premium, so i have a soft spot in my heart for autel. You know, and i want them in the worst possible way to succeed, but this nano plus here you know its having problems out of the gate here and it really even hasnt been available in you know in to the masses yet well ken addressed some of this Last night uh well, first, i want to say you know, im im kind of a fan of maxwell lee two of them see him twice now ken here in this interview and and i think, hes a general manager that gets it – i mean hes.

You hear a lot of these people talk that they dont really get it theyre, just theyre, just money manner. You know theyre just you know somebody controlling money, but this guy seems to really get it. But what ken was telling us last night is, he said you know uh uh. This drone should even be in the hands of us yeah. He said this drone. You know well well get to all the best, buy the bees photos and adoramas. But what happened is this again? This is what kens telling us uh. He said that the um max maxs father is good friends with the guy that owns the all tail piles. Remember people a lot of people thought l tall piles was actually all tells not its a third party company kind, just like ups and u.s that somehow they got the permission to use the name – and this is be all telepods – got permission to use the name, because The owners are friends: bunny house hopeful, maxwells father sent his buddy over on top house an early shipment of these drones over before they really should have been released, wow and um yeah, and you know – and so we you know basically, people havent have like you know, Like this kind of you know, beta firmware, maybe even uh beta units at this point so um yeah, you know thats um, thats unfortunate for people who who ordered kind of not knowing this um, that they werent getting a fully finished product, and you know im just Taking a guess down were already the 18th of december.

I mean january weve got chinese new year coming up for a couple weeks. Probably we really wont see these in our american outlets. You get best, buy amazon adorama beach, but we probably wont see them, but for like maybe the end of february, before theyre really officially released. Because a lot of us you and me we would prefer the buying for one of those outlets because we had any trouble. Would be easy to uh return and set it back. I ive done ordering from people like all tel pals or or aliexpress or whatever. Unless that thing can be in, you know, a known company that we all know best buy amazon, all the things i just said. You know if its not there its not to me its, not a real project, its just some kind of a test unit or beta unit, or something like that, unless its available from one of those um reliable. Is that a good word built relationship thats, a very good word ron and its so well put, and – and thank you for sharing that from ken um. He is a fountain of great information, and you know with this whole thing like with with autel pilots and with you know, um aliexpress and learn from them. Okay, if you have an issue all right and they said well, you need to send the drone back. Okay, you know you got to fill out that incredible amount of paperwork to send it back to china because you got it has to go through customs and its ridiculous.

Or you know you get it in adorama, you get it at best. Buy you get it at b. H photo, you know just slap it back in the box. Um put the return label on it and boom, you know, call fedex or ubs and they come and they pick it up. I mean you know: amazon. Has that great return thing where you just you dont have to even re box it you just take it to a ups store and, and they scan a barcode, your phone or or qc code, and you know you youre good youre, taking the calls too theyll. Do it yeah, you know and well what ive done with with amazon lately um, you know i just printed out um they got and ups will come and pick it up for free at your house, and i just put it in a box put it out on My front porch, i have a nice alco cant, be seen from the street ups guy comes boom, picks it up. You know no problem, yes, yeah and advantage of you know. One of the big companies well say best buy having a drone. If all of a sudden, it is just a beta if its a piece of you know its an unfinished product and best buy, is getting returns right and left. You know what i mean: okay uh, if you and i call tell and complain – and maybe maybe theyll you know they may not answer the phone and do much but when best buy calls up and theyre angry because they got all these uh returns of customers.

Somebodys gon na pick the phone somebodys gon na get an earful bill mm. Hmm somebody is gon na get an earful, and you know this kind of is a great segue into the next topic here and you know, and – and i i i told marcus about this video – and i told you about it too, and it was you know um. You know our good friend ken original dobo is is selling his mavic 3.. Now you know he did list and i want to be fair to everybody. Okay, you know i got to say this. You need to watch the whole video number one and you need to listen to the way ken talks in this video. Okay, you know i i would say. Maybe three years ago he puts a video out like this, its maybe clickbait. Okay. This was not a clickbait video, okay, um ken is no longer considered a hobbyist. He hasnt been a hobbyist for a while hes, a professional okay and one of the reasons number one reason that he listed okay, not in order but uh it was. It took a long time it takes a long time to get a gps law to get the right number of satellites before you can take it. I had the same issue for me also, i you know. I noticed that you know the first three times that i took the mavic 3 up. You know well every time ive taken it up its taken at least three or four minutes to get that long.

Well, for you and me and marcus and most other people, you know its really inconsequential, but for somebody like ken, it makes a difference because hes looking to get the right amount of sunlight coming in at a house at a certain time and boom. You know here. He is the shots all ready to go wheres the drone oops i dont have gps, okay um, so you know so thats an issue for him. You know the other thing that he talked about was. He had lost transmission signal, all right, um and he tested it. Not only with he tested it both with a regular remote controller and with the new remote controller, okay, the new smart, smart controller, okay and both times – and he said you know – obviously you know he flies line of sight. He was able to fly back. You know he lost that fpv view. He lost the feed the video feed, but he did not lose control to the drone right right and i and thats an important point to make, and you know – and i get that and – and i understand that now – what was the third one that he said um Well ill mention too, that i i havent, seen a disconnection issue. As far as i can recall, i havent had this connect yet, but his third issue was the crooked horizon crooked horizon yeah, which which i do have i mean, and its its usually easily correctable, just by bringing a drone down doing a gimbal calibration.

But it is an issue. Yeah and ive noticed that, and i know the ken on his first mavic 3. He said he sent it back because it had his horizon. Tilt was pretty bad, but he said its better on this one, but its still there and you know hes the kind of guy because hes a professional. You know he needs that he needs to not have to monkey. He has. He has a hard enough job as it is. He doesnt need to have to go in there and have to monkey around with settings or run gimbal calibrations. You know every time he he takes that drone up. He cant do that, but you know what i think what the best point that he raised during that entire video was ron. He said i paid two thousand dollars for this drone. You know it needs to be right out of the box im kind of paraphrasing ken but thats pretty much what he said. I agree 100 with him. Okay, i parted you harder, marcus, pardon, always parted with two thousand dollars to get that drone all right. It needs to be do everything it says its going to do out of the box now now, of course, we did understand before we bought that we could be missing a lot of the advanced live features, but nothing was said about these other issues. You know we were: we werent warned that i was going to have a you crooked horizon the worlds slowest satellite, uh, uh, gain and and disconnection issues.

So these things are going up beyond uh, just not having the drone the automatic, droney uh uh, building there and bill. I just want to circle back a little bit on those uh lost salads a lot of people what they you know with the mavic 3. It takes long to get satellites and they take off without it without getting the 12 salads. And then what happens? Is they get a gps lock somewhere along their flight path or whatever to wherever? That was, you know, maybe 100 yards after they took off instead of the gps, lock, where theyre standing so when they do a return to home. It returns to where i got the lock now that locks uh over water or a bad place to land. That could be an issue, so i mean i, i know you know you know its its responsibility, the the wait until it says good to go, but also i see why these people take off early because they dont think theyre ever going to get 12 satellites. So um its its a its a tough uh, you know its a tough uh. What do you call it quinondrum? You know in something like that ron, okay, im gon na say this out, having been around drones as long as we have been around them. Okay, thats. An easy software fix, okay, thats, an easy up, firmware update to take care of all right and dji. Does it sometimes they get so long and see.

This is one of the things i think where companies like dji, get bogged down with changes or doing firmware updates right. They want to have a laundry list of things to be able to say, look itll handle all this kind of stuff, but i you know what im the kind im the kind of person – and let me give you a real life example like at work. Okay, um, you know we have we do they do they do software patches all the time i mean theyre running pretty much constantly uh. You know every day at work right and you know, and the idea of a pouch is you know its to take care of an immediate problem right now: okay, thats. What dji needs to do with some of the more critical issues? Okay, you know the additional features. Okay, that thats a whole different ballgame, but something like this thats serious, like the la though you know the gps lock, that needs to come out right away by itself, get it out there, get it tested and get it out in our hands, because something like that, Like you said you know, a lot of people are getting impatient, theyre taking their drone up and boom. If something happens, you know theres three quarters of their flight down and they are looking for that home. You know its doing a return to home. Look out its not going to go, go where theyre thinking its going to go! The drone guy mentions they could use a dynamic home point.

You know um to to correct that now. That is, that is a good put. He brings up but bill a lot of people with this a slow salad. A lot of people are concerned that its because uh gps, i mean gps dji changed um. You know they were using glonass, uh gps satellites for a long while and now they switched well. They use, i think they used three different ones, but they switched glutinous off for another one that say people that some people say: dont have as many salads up there and thats. Maybe the cause of that again. This is all just theory: speculation, im saying here: theres theres, no factual research to the back. What i just said there yeah, i yeah you, you could be right ron, you know, because you know i i think only people like dji are privy to to that kind of information and marcus reports. He doesnt have this issue so uh that does play into maybe hes seeing different salads and then, as hes coasters yeah you, you and ken are in florida. You see it and im in im in new jersey, but im were still basically the same same like this. Parallel line, yeah yeah, you know marcus is out west, so he probably gets a different patch of satellites than we do. Um thats interesting. That is really interesting and i hope they address it and i hope it gets taken care of. But ken actually raises a valid point with its.

You know when youre paying two thousand dollars for this drone right. You know its its a hard pill to swallow. I mean you know there are a lot of people who still havent purchased it because of the price and its understandable. You know, and it begs the question and ive seen a lot of people raise this point recently. You know why get a mavic 3, when i can have an air 2s, do just about everything. The mavic 3 can do right now, thats a good point bill. Yeah really is because you know that very very less. You know i would be hard pressed to say ron that you know since, since the mavic 2, i dont think theres been a better drone out there. Uh thats come out um, you know the consumer space, i mean yeah, you know top end. I mean for four. The main twos been incredible drone for the money right for the money, and the air 2s too, has been a great drone for the for the money. For anything really, you can save fred money for everything yeah. It really is hard to uh beat that drone in especially in his price category, as marcus would say, if hes here it punches a little bit above his weight class too or whatever it is yeah. But you know back to the mavic 3. I mean okay. Okay, we were promised a massive firmware update coming in january to add all the stuff that was on the side of the box and we kind of got to have that update before christmas uh, but we still dont have the full banana.

Like you know, you still dont have you know, droney and rocket, and all that stuff and its all sorts of little stuff missing uh still from it, but i mean i think you may have pointed this id rather see the bug fix come now than i would. I need i need a faster. You know: gps uh lock and i need you know: uh uh, no uh, crooked horizon and no disconnection more than i need the droney or the rocket shot exactly ron. You know and see thats where you know thats, where they get bogged down with this. Okay and – and you know – and it kind of frustrates me to see being a software, be you know: ive spent my whole career in software and seeing how theyre theyre working the problem here and thats, not how you work a problem. Okay, you address those three issues. Okay, and if you have a fix, you know and see, and what happens is and what makes it extremely, it makes it more difficult. You know if, if youre, if you have a fixed in for the gps and you have a fix in for the um um, the other two issues, all right. Look at the horizon and just comment: the horizon in the yeah. If you have have a fixing for that, and then you add in oh, were gon na do droning and this and this and this and this okay, imagine what that team has to go through and testing this now: okay, yeah! You know – and you know, because you know im speaking of it from a testing standpoint, because thats what i do for a living – and you know it complicates, and it really muddies the water and it takes longer to do that.

Okay, exactly rather than that and save everything once id rather see them put one firm up that a week. It fixes one thing a week or whatever right now that massive super update or whatever so you know, theres a theres, a new chinese ham, radio that came out okay, its called zhaigu x, 6100 and by the way, just for just for reference sake. And just you know, just to kind of you know, throw throw some nuggets of information out here. Okay, the japanese make better ham radios than the chinese. Do: okay, um! You know the japanese theres a couple of brands. Icom and yaesu are the ham radios um. You know the chinese, one of them is zhaigu and its with an x okay and they just put a brand new one out: okay and its a small one, all right its about six hundred dollars. And you know it does a lot. But you know how many firmware updates there have been since its come out ron in december. There have been five firmware updates to this radio, okay, yeah and you know in and see this is the thing: okay and ill give them some credit. You know they see the problems theyre going in there theyre addressing it theyre getting it taken care of. Why dji is you know not doing that? I dont know i dont know. I say this all the time, but you know we remember the heyday of windows and 90s.

Remember patch tuesday, every tuesday a whole bunch of patches will come out. It was almost like clockwork or whatever, and instead of wait instead of waiting up waiting, you know, for i dont know. Some big super duper update to come out every three two or three months or whatever. They just did it weekly, which actually was a smart idea. Right, i mean, i know people complain. Oh, i got ta update again, but but you know, if you do small updates a few times that probably easier to the test to make sure theyre working right to try to put everything in one big. You know update package. Yes – and you know in that thats thats, so right ron and thats one of the rules that you know no matter almost every organization ive been with has has done it. You know theyll address the critical needs and then the nice to haves well take care of that. Maybe a month down the road, okay and the things like the dronie in in the asteroid and those things are the nice to haves. Okay, you know the other things like the gps lock, those are, must haves ill. Give you a better example. Currently, whatever you know, whenever you see apple, get some vulnerability comes to the phone, the ipad, the computer, man, you read about it and then a couple days later you look down your phone and theres theres. The update, all it does is fix the vulnerability, but that things out within days of of the vulnerability being published, you bet, okay, you know what they dont wait months to put it in some big update.

It says there it is its just a small update that only takes seconds to do, but it fixes some kind of vulnerability, which is one of the most important things you have with your devices. Nowadays, we had a security, vulnerability um the other day at work, and it got addressed immediately. Okay, it was just we had teams working around the clock to get it taken care of, and they did – and you know, even through the holidays, it gets taken care of and thats one of the things you just need to need to do that, thats, something that Dji, i think, really does need to address yeah right. The poor guys work on dronie. They dont, take him off the the dronie uh feature the the work on no no locking gps. He just stays there keeping trying to perfect the dronie feature. Oh yeah yeah. You know – and it wont surprise me – and i know we talked about this earlier, but i kind of wanted to run this by you. Okay, i think the mini three is coming out sooner rather than later, you think were going to beat the april deadline. Oh yeah, i think its going to come out a lot sooner. I think well see it probably late february early march well bill. Let me run this scenario by you. Then, okay, you know the the the ill tell the nano shouldnt be out now, whatever okay so say they, you know, we got chinese new years, come up to say they dont really get everything fixed up until late february, early march thing and they finally arrived the Best buys what, if dji beats into the market with a mini 3 or whatever, and they still havent got their act together on the natto.

What does that mean for the future of the of the nato drone? Well, you know one thing: its gon na force autel to do its gon na force them into a price war, and you know theyre gon na have to you know 7.99, like i, i said, is a hard pill to swallow. Ballpark, the mini three praise bill, mini three price im thinking at least 5.99. We heard i think we as ken and billy. I think we heard you know six six, fifty seven, you know, but i think 600 was the first price somebody said yeah. I think that would be um. You know i mean but kind of we. I think we did a good job of bracing everybody for higher drone prices, even over the latter part of 2021 and 2022s. I think people build a swallow at 5.99 price point yeah and you know, and and thats a non thats. A non fly, more kit, kind of price point: yeah, yeah, yeah yeah, because you know with a price point everything you know its going to go up, but – and this is the thing that i try ive been trying to tell people okay, you know – and i learned This when i majored in one of my main, i had a double major in college and one of them was business, and you know in my senior class, you know one of the things that that we had to do was we had to run a business through And it was run through an old computer.

Okay and our our group came out. We actually did better than anybody else in the class we got an a and one of the things that we did.