Is it worth it? Okay, good evening? Everyone thanks for joining um, im understanding. It could be a little bit chilly in your neck of the woods up north um, because im kind of seeing that in the chat, im kind of guessing that as well uh lets uh lets lets welcome everybody, uh jaybirds in the house, matt bagwell lauren, is in The house, dr ted, is in the house captain ray kelly, johnny drone flyer uh, i know leonard ogles being in the house. Uh rex is in the house, lets see who else we have here: uh quadcopters in tech, all right, jose luna welcome. Jose actually actually have some things to talk about tonight. You know it its like. You know you reach that period, sometimes where you know were kind of in you know in between things and were kind of there a little bit but um. I do want to talk a little bit about definitely want to talk about autel tonight um, but the first thing i kind of want to lead in with here tonight: um drone safety, but not from what drone safety. From a perspective. A different perspective only puts you that way. Okay, because i know um, you know were not talking about necessarily you know flying. You know 400 feet visual line of sight. That kind of thing – okay, not not – that in particular, but im going to share an article with you and it was out on drone dj, and i thought it was important enough that we need talk about it and two men were electrocuted while retrieving drones stuck in Power lines now, apparently theyre, both they didnt die.

So its my understanding that uh from reading the article, it sounds like ones in serious condition. The other ones been treated uh, but again, two men in their 40s had to be rushed to a hospital. Last week. After attempting to retrieve a drone stuck in a power line, a potentially life threatening incident took place at a state managed park in southeastern australia. While investigation the incident is on its believed. Recreational pilot crashes drone into 66 kv power lines for leaving to return with a flatbed truck with a crane fitted. He then asked the bystander to operate the crane to lift him up to the power lines to retrieve the drone. This is one of the drone operators believed to have made contact with the power lines receiving the electric shock that resulted in severe upper body burns. The man was rushed to the hospital where he continues being serious, with stable condition. The bystander operating crane was taken to the hospital with minor, lower body burns and stable condition. Uh following an incident esv is reminding drone pilots under the states, electricity safety act flying drones. The way less than two kilograms within three meters of power lines is prohibited. Uh cranes are prohibited from coming within 6.4 meters of power lines. Additional safety measures in place. Okay, now reason: one of the things i did take a look, and i dont know who it was. I dont want the forms. I think he had just bought an air 2s im, not really sure but um yeah.

I think it was definitely a dji drum. It was in one of the forums, and i dont know ron ronner, marcus uh, who wholl be hearing a little bit, can can attest to that. I think it was out on drone nation, they posted it and he purchased dji care refresh and obviously we all know with dji care refresh. You need to have that drone to be able to send back to them to file a claim. Okay. Well, this drone is stuck in a tree all right now. This brings this to a head here and several people offered him suggestions, and these were the kind of suggestions that i would recommend number one call your fire department see if they come out and be able to get something like this, the other suggestion i would have A tree trimming service, okay because they obviously have to be safe from you know from from being electrocuted, because you know those guys deal around. You know cutting trees down around power lines all the time, so they have to be certified by the state and everything dont attempt anything like this yourself. Okay, even if it is a two thousand dollar drone up there, all right uh, you know let a professional do it. You know im sure the firefighters would be happy to do that and then maybe you might want to remunerate them and and especially if theyre volunteers, you know, make a generous donation to them.

Um you know, or if its not you know, ask where you can donate some money for them or you know maybe come back and buy everybody pizza there or something you know just just kind of you know to thank them for their efforts, and you know the Same thing, obviously, with a tree trimming company, you probably have to pay for that up front, but still you know it would be done safely. They would get your drone down and you know, and if it can be fixed, it can be fixed, and this is another reason why i almost always suggest you know if you want to get dji care refresh, go for it. Okay, i personally dont get that anymore. I personally get. I have my state farm policy 75 for a year. Anything happens to that drone. No questions asked. They cut me a check for the full amount and i send them the invoice that i get from dji as a copy and approve for the or the bill of sale uh. So they have proof of that. So you know again, i i just you know i. I want to make sure you guys know with something like this. You know ive hope about the whole safety aspect. Um utility company would would have helped its a shame. They would uh wouldnt have been happy but would have helped uh yeah crypto man. I agree. Utility companies, another thats, a good thats, a good suggestion as well call the utility company um, you know theyll, you know they will be happy to do something like that for you um, you may have to be patient.

It may take a day or two depending upon how busy they are, but they may get out there to do that, so this is kind of like this is one of those things that everybody needs to be aware of. Okay and im gon na tell you this. Okay, dont think youre a macho man going out there um. You know with your pole to try to get this down. Oh its made out of wood. Well, guess what, if its a folding pole, it probably has metal in it and if it has metal in it, metal always conducts electricity, so thats a no! No all right, so dont be a macho man. Dont be what you think is the hero here. Let someone else get that drone for you, okay, you know i cant emphasize this enough. These two gentlemen are lucky theyre alive right now, um it could have not turned out that way. So you know please uh something. I strongly suggest about that. Um yeah rex, you know um thats a good good thing. I just saw your comment right there, state farm offers and for those of you who are new to this or havent heard me preach about this. I get on my soapbox state farm insurance, except in california, offers whats called a personal articles policy. Now you can ensure cameras, jewelry watches a whole host of things, all right. They will insure drones. All right, i had to provide them. The bill of sale also have to give them the serial number of the drone um.

Actually i take a physical picture of the upc off the box and i send that to them and my rate is its 75 for a year and its full replacement now thats. What its 2 200, you know by the time you know, and i have my batteries and everything in there and and they will cut you a check for that full replacement value, and you know other people say well lets get your your rates will go up, especially If you have state farm, that is not the case um or your rates will go up. Even if you dont have state farm, your homeowners will go up. That is not the case um. You know. Theres been a lot of fake news about that and thats. Not true um, i want to tell you that firsthand so um well thats good ray thats, very thats, very thats, very smart um! You cant beat that um and you know for for that kind of 75, for an annual premium, for that is, is a steal. I think its fantastic and uh, you know ive ive. I said too bad. I dont get commissioned from that because i think ive sold a lot of state farm policies here, locally um, you know, but you know i have an agent whos close by um hes, a pretty big office and uh. You know all i got to do is email them if theres any changes and also too like, if you, you can add drones to it, you just dont have to have one.

You can have multiple drones to it, but you keep sending them the bill of sale and how much it is and theyll add it to there. And you know if you need to pay more premium, you pay more premium but its for a year. Okay, its 75. Its for a year, so yeah thats something thats something thats, pretty good. Um steven ewing, its good to see you my friend, i hope youre doing, i hope youre doing well. Um also wanted to pass on to um uh drone news, media um, hopefully um youre, doing well and um. You know our thoughts and prayers are with you. Also um wanted to mention too greg pittman, who normally sits in on the show hes recovering from from surgery and from what ron it said last night on dronation uh sounds like hes doing well, so our thoughts and prayers are with you greg for a speedy recovery. Um hope you do well – and this is time were gon na – take time out here for a commercial break. All right well were also gon na take time out, so bill can have a little swig of water, but my stickers were such a hit, so im gon na do the stickers again: okay, first ten people out there who dont have stickers already all right. Send me an email, buildajoinreviewer with the title stickers in it, with your name and address continental united states. Of course, ill get ill, get it to you all right.

First 10, people as uh, i guess its 8 11 eastern time on tuesday, the 11th. Okay. All right there you go were gon na starting off the new year right and i know a number of you got stickers already and i found out about that and theyre enjoying them. So thats, fantastic, okay, thats, absolutely fantastic, john jays hope you hope youre doing well and um. You know, hang in there, um uh, the you know. Well, our thoughts and prayers are with you too, as well. Also for this commercial interruption. Here ive had a lot of commercial interruptions. Um valeries father is in the hospital. He has a number of underlying health issues that that theyre addressing right now. So if you can hes in hes in his mid 80s. So if you can remember him in your thoughts and prayers, we would greatly appreciate that at this time, so all right moving on here, all right now, you know i had mentioned in there. Oh leonard oglesby, you got your sticker good deal lauren. I would love to send you one lauren, but its its insanity. Okay, it is just absolute insanity, so um, if you can figure out an easy way for me to get you one. My friend, i will be more than happy to get you one. If its, you know uh its just, you know everything theres so much to fill out for stuff, so um but lauren ill. Tell you what do me a favor.

Send me your address. I will get you something: okay, build a drone. Viewer Send me your address. I will get you something so, okay, all right. Moving on here, all right now, we said in the in in the in the in the show notes here tonight. In the description, i hope you guys read the show notes. I actually do put some uh emphasis in there. Okay, all right, um, i said im going to reveal a new drone im considering okay. Well, i am considering this and im im considering it, because ive actually seen several good reports about this drone and thats, something that i wanted. I wanted to share with you and the drone that im considering is the femi x8se 2022. Now you know everybodys going oh bill isnt that more of the same didnt, you didnt, you go through all this again, i said: well, you know it. It does have a lot of upgraded features, okay, uh, and that is one one of the reasons im considering it. It has um a better transmission and heres marcus marcus. How are you, sir dont, do it bill awesome? Well, i was just so good brother doing the great reveal here that this is a drone that is under very strong consideration for the buy button. Okay, um because ive seen ive seen some good reviews on this drone and the price is very good on it too, and ive seen video footage from it and it looks good.

So you know this is why this is one of those ones that its its in the its its in the mix right now, because i am going to be getting a second drone – and this is a really strong contender at this point marcus. I i understand uh, the the price point, i think, is really good gosh. I dont know bill. You know i. I ive seen a couple of reviews of it that had gimbal issues and so forth and and uh im im struggling so much with that autel nano plus right now. I guess just the thought of another troubled drone. Just you know, oh i know i know and ive been following and ive been following you and were gon na were gon na get to that here in a minute um. You know one of the things that i wanted to talk about tonight and and im glad youre on, is and were going to talk about um ces here in a minute, and i didnt not want to well share this here in a minute um. One thing that i wanted to talk about is i signed up to be notified on multiple different websites. Uh adorama b, h, uh best buy you name it for when the evo nano and the evo light hit some of these retail establishments and they still havent hit there. Yet now i talked to our good friend original dobo. He said he said getting information from mattel.

He said it would be easier, getting your tooth pulled without novocaine than getting information from autel, because you know hes, hes, hes heavily involved with your own works and hes saying you know they keep telling them things and its just. You know its this. You know kind of like leading them out, leading them out, leading them out, leave them out some more and – and i saw one of kens tweets out there and he says well out here at ces 2022. I think i have three drone manufacturers that want me dead right now, so well, well, ive heard rumors about his issue with his nano plus, and this is just a rumor. I i i dont know if its true, but what i heard was is that he took off lost connection and he could not regain connection to it and had to wait for the battery to get low enough that it auto landed. Oh wow. Well, i know i saw him today, you know i, i checked those that met ill call, it message board out on youtube and he posted something. He said hes gon na hes delaying his review on the nano because hes waiting for a firmware update for montel, so that kind of leads me to believe what youre, what youre saying may have uh a lot of weight to it. I just got back from flying mine, so im in a im in a bad mood. Right now bill i mean the the jello just it was just the video was just horrible and i paid a thousand bucks for it.

So i you know im just discouraged im feeling discouraged, you know and – and you know so here here i am stuck troubleshooting another drone that you know i paid a lot of money for right, its just discouraging yeah. I mean you know and well again you know my hats off to you and – and i think you know ive said this quite a few times is you know you know your travails with hubsan and and now and with femi and now with autel i mean you Know it seems like its a revolving door here. Call me a dji fan boy bill. They freaking work, thats yeah, you know, laugh about it, but you know the thing is when you open that box from a dji drone, you know you get the batteries you charge them up, maybe do a firmware update, maybe a calibration or two you get out there. Its ready its good to go yeah, and i disagree with crypto man hes in the chat here saying their warranty service is terrible. I dont know if you its its always been really good for me. Ive had a couple little problems that they were right on. So i mean i dont know what experience he had, but but uh most people i know – have had good luck with with djis yeah yeah and the same here and and its all how you approach dji and i know, and one of the things ken kendano and I had a conversation about this and you know, and one of the pieces of advices he he handed out was you know, approach them on twitter, send them a direct message on twitter um.

Also, when you send that direct message post the same thing at dji support on twitter, because when that gets out there, it will get attention right away, theyll see that out there, because they dont want anything out there. They dont want anything out there forward facing. That makes them you know something that somethings wrong with a dji product kind of a thing, so theyll get it addressed and theyll get it addressed quickly and to you know – and ken says, this is kind of hard for him sometimes is to kind of keep his Cool um, you know and not not go flying off the handle. You know i got ta, be honest with you thats how im feeling right now after oh, i dont blame you mark. Do this thing, i i just feel like throwing it on the ground. You know. I i dont blame you, you you, if you pull a brian singleton and throw it off im, not gon na get that carried away, but yeah, i mean you know and thats thats. One of the things that i want to talk about is you know now were seeing some things like now. Did you see um captain jerome just put out a video um, his review on the nano plus? Have you had a chance to see that i i i did? It was very creatively edited yes, yes, yes, i i agree um. Now he bought it from a company over in china.

I believe, okay uh, because he couldnt fight. You know because adorama b h, everybody still doesnt have stock, so he bought it from them and and yeah. I i i agree with your with your assertion. There yeah, oh im, sorry bill. I didnt know no go well, i so so i got mine from uh. Autel, pilots uh – i i emailed them initially last friday, of course, just crickets i havent heard back so i just uh pinged them again and uh. You know hopefully well hear from them, but you know we were talking about dji trust me. Had i put that kind of a thing out on twitter to dji support. I would have heard from them uh almost immediately: hey, ronnie, hey ron, hello, everybody. How are we doing tonight were doing good were were in the middle of of giving marcus a handkerchief and tissues for his latest travails with a nanoplus. Okay, hey ron were even better now that youre here pal – i i you know, did you marcus? Did you tell the nano plus the big nano plus news of the day, uh? No, the nano bill, the nano plus found his way to hamilton uh louisiana, oh that one its in the hands. That is, that is the big news of the day that that that is definitely the big news of the day. So we got ta wait to see johnnys first crack at the nano plus. No, i got a little sneak peek of whatever some of johnnys images and videos.

Look like the best ive seen on that bird. They look really good. I know i saw wow. I havent seen that he just sent us some low res stuff bill, but but what he sent us looked wow yeah good. He got hurt. He got the good one bill. Johnny got the good one. He he got one of his curated ones, marcus thats it yeah, because they knew that you know he was going to review it on his channel yeah. Well, you know, you know what i think you know ron. I im formulating a theory why marcus has been getting these bad drones. Okay, i im thinking that the femi drones that he has had has have the um hubsan mini drones, that hes gotten and now the autel mini they were all built on the same day. Im thinking that has to be whats going on here, come off the same production line. Yes, they came off the same production line. It was probably a monday or a friday. You know and everybodys ready to go. You know um get their. You know not ready for work on monday and ready to go home on friday kind of thing, hey bill. You want me to upset the football fans here. Maybe my tablet was the uh, the manager that day they were making him Laughter. I dont want to discourage you from that x8 sc 2022. I mean its its priced right and, and you know if the camera is as good as they say it, it may be a it may be a fine product im.

Just saying ive seen a couple of reviews that didnt look too good and and uh im just in that kind of a mood today so well, i want to hear a funny story. I dont know richards last name he he hes. The subscriber of our show is his screen names like s, a bunch of you know, letters and and numbers, but he told me that uh hes a big fan of the phoebe x8 2020 and he said he um. He let captain drone know that they had a firmer update a day out for now that supposedly fixes the the the the horizon issues, and i guess what captain uh wrote. Captain drone told him back, he said uh. I dont have time im done with that drone. Oh heres, the thing though, but heres what i can relate to thats. All i keep hearing is oh yeah. Wait till the next firmware update. You know, i i hear that about the the the hubsan xeno mini drones. You know i heard that and endlessly on the femi mini and now people are telling me that on this uh autel mini oh yeah, the firmware next firmware update will probably fix that. Well, you know what uh enough is enough. Well, you put up at microsoft with patch tuesday for a long time right, thats, true, remember: microsoft is always patch tuesday. All the patches came out on tuesday back in the heyday of, i guess ill say the 90s late 80s 90s.

It was patch tuesday, oh yeah. Well, you know its like okay, you know, and i was sharing with the guys here um, you know im having an interesting thing with youtube. Uh – and i shared this with ron and marcus – is you know, ill go out and look on and now this is on on edge, and this is on chrome ill, go out to my channel. All right, then ill scroll down ill see my intro video, which is fine, then scroll down below that and then theres nothing down there theres no content. There should be my playlist, so i go click on click on videos. Okay, i have close to a thousand videos out there. Nothing shows up down there, then ill pull somebodys video up at random down. There. No comments are on any of this. Now you know i ive done this on both google and edge and nothing so i switched over to mozilla firefox its working out there so crossing fingers. I i actually i found a way youtube actually has some help through their community help pages um out on google. So i emailed it to them, and i sent them a screenshot and hopefully ill get some kind of answer on that, because this is just its a head scratcher. I have no idea whats going on well and and for for youtube not to work properly on two of the largest web browsers out there thats thats a epic fail.

Isnt it bill yeah. It is thats, not theres, something somethings going on there with that. So have you tried your mobile phone and and yeah its fine on my phone? Okay im on my phone on my tablet too and um both my phone and my tablet use? Well, you know their google um. You know you know the you know their android, so theyre using google and everythings fine im not having any issues. So i i dont know what it is. You know its a good thing that you know what one of these like the hotel, and that is not mixed in that equation or whatever Laughter you know. You know. Besides the issues that marcus is having – and i know um, you know, he allude marcus right before you join – was telling us about ken dono and and his supposed issue that hes had with his nano um and kens kind of like taking a step back exhaling and Waiting for an update before he does a review on the nano right um, you know, and that being said, kens had good luck with his light, so yeah where they deserve the lights, been a big success. Yes, thats kind of peaking my interest as well. So you know thats garnering some attention from me, but the the big thing is – and i kind of let in with this okay, i signed up to get email notified on both the light and nano from adorama from b h from best buy you name it any Kind of retailer boxes flooded down bill.

You know my inbox and im waiting to get emails that theyre available and its like cricket. Okay, now autel pilots, where marcus got his from okay theyre available um, they ship them dhl uh, which ive always your favorite shipping service. Right now, ive always had problems with dhl theyre kind of they get kind of sketchy, sometimes because what happens is when they come to the united states. They get handed off to the us mail service and good luck with the us mail service. Okay, ive, you know thats no offense to anybody who works for them, but i mean just its just. The handoff doesnt always happen smoothly. Lets say all right: its not like big ben hand off to dodgy harrison. No! No! No hey! Can i give you another. John john adrenaline flyer story that relates here: yeah johnny ordered his from the from the all tell pilots, and we calculated today. It took eight days from ordering to show it up for his door: okay, thats, very good, yeah, dhl thats, not very million labels on a bill, but oh yeah, yeah they go through and see what i found out was when i i just. I ordered the smart controller and by the way i sent my smart controller back, i got a refund for it because i was number one. I was pretty ticked at this whole process, but what dj? What? What dhl does is they probably had like a thousand units in a in a pallet okay and they just scan one barcode and accounts for all of them as far as going through customs right, but it takes time for that palette to move physically move so thats.

Why it was taking so long? Finally, somebody explained it to me and im like okay, but i mean because it was taking forever, and i decided at this point. You know what this thing was working like a champ right now, my z, my z, fold. Three im like i dont, i dont i dont need anything. You know i got. I got the mav mount for my um for my controller for the mavic 3. im im. Im doing im doing good im, not having any issues so right now. No tablet did you watch the interview of uh of the guy that invented the mav mount on uh. The old farts with drones live show. No. I didnt yeah yeah young guy, too yeah hes fascinating. He started a whole uh drone videography business in california, and it was interesting, an interesting story. Now. One of the things that i wanted to do tonight was to kind of go over um. Our good friend, sally french, had an article here about you know: ces 2022, the biggest drone products from this year and, of course, the skydio two plus drone, and i wanted to stop and take a minute im going to say this. The definitive review that ive seen on the scottyo2, plus our good friend, billy kyle, okay, im sure you guys probably saw that right and my biggest takeaway i got from that. All right is this: is the skydio2, with the exception of the um, the range will be able to do everything the skydio2 plus does okay, because youd be able to buy the extended batteries which will fit in it.

This this keyframe will work with it. Thats a firmware update that will work with that. So why, in the world, do you go with a two plus for better range? Okay? Well, lets be honest here: guys, okay were getting were using, keyframes were not gon na be, were not gon na be at two miles away using keyframes, all right were probably gon na, be about a thousand yards away. Watching this thing all right, so you know for my money, scotty o two plus, i think its just a hook to get people into skydio. You know i loaded all that up and and all of those updates are available bill. I did right as a matter of fact right before drone nation. Yesterday, i loaded it all up on my skydia, so im anxious to get out and try that out. It looks like a tremendous product bill. Dont you dont. We have to give kudos out to you for um. Actually, you know uh sharing some of this new technology with their older product, the um. You know the waypoint features that you guys just said it escapes my my brain instantly. The waypoint features the increased battery that that you know they, basically, you know, did um. What do you call it? They definitely kill their old drone off yeah, they made it reverse, uh, compatible and but but the other thing i got to tell you, i watched billys video of the of the two plus or two pro or whatever.

They call the yeah the one with the antenna on it and the range it didnt. Look that much better to me. I mean he got out there not very far, and the fbv started breaking up on it and stuff. So lets be honest about this. Mark is, if you, the study of two cylinder instead of two plus its still not thrown, is going to replace your uh, your you know your dji, you know uh drone or even your hotel driver youre, not so going to pick it up and fly to any Place you want and have great signal um its its still, not that dry, even with those little antennas, yeah yeah, yeah, well heres, what ill say and is. I believe that that skydio complements my mavic 3. In other words, i can use one or the other in different situations and uh. You know theres, no question that the skydio is the king of tracking and that kind of thing so ill avoid it its its good. Its good for that – and i cant wait to try this keyframe thing because it looks like it might be. Uh might be a handy way to get some interesting shots that would otherwise be kind of difficult to achieve marcus. Maybe you can keyframe this beautiful uh like kind of caribbean or island house here or whatever you know, and i think thats a really great example, because if you look at that path, theyre going in between the trees and so forth, i said you wouldnt be able To fly lines like because you couldnt see all those angles, you couldnt see them all and thats whats cool about that keyframe thing you youd fly that and youd get all those you know and you could move around then get all those angles.

And then you just tell the drone to start that path and uh yeah yeah, hey. I dont want to disrupt too much here, but our good friend steven, you put a comment chat. We talked about this a little bit on on on dro nation last night, but i dont think anybody is really interested, but uh bill did you? Did you uh see that the sdk is where were releasing yeah? The air 2s uh almost like around the first year, like the first second day of the year and already um, you know theres already a lot of apps out that have uh youve taken advantage at it. You know with litchi but theres a couple new wraps. I dont know about that. Are you know using the waypoints and uh some of the tracking features whatever? What do you know about this bill? Well, you know and thats a good point im glad steven brought it up and im glad you brought it up because i think thats something i want to talk about for a couple of minutes here. Um, you know one of the things ive always ive, always liked what i saw from uh, the lychee app. You know, and i first got you know a taste of it when i had my phantom 4 and i was looking at some of the other things and then you know it crossed you know somewhere in one of the forums somewhere or group somewhere said you know.

If youre, if your phantom four is still under warning and you fly with lychee, you know its, like, you know, caveat emptor, buyer, beware kind of a thing um, because you know if you crash, you know good luck, right, yeah, of course. Typically, these sdks are not released by dji until the drones a year old, so your your original year, warranty is gone by then, unless you purchase a additional uh warranty right or unless youve purchased, that drone recently and and and still yeah right right right right. I wonder if the allstate is it all state, one of the third party insurance companies, whether they would care whether you were using lichi or or the dji? I dont think so ron. You know because ive talked to talked to a couple of the reps at state farm and they told me you know you know basically any kind of act of god uh. If something happens, you know if it gets stolen. You know if, if it gets slammed down because of a high wind, if it loses signal uh, you know a whole host of things and nothing. You know, and and obviously that would include things like software failure for some reason that software just quit and your drone dropped out of the sky. You know theyre going to cut you a check and theyre and theyre very good about that. Of course, you know they. Obviously they look at who theyre getting as far as a customer is concerned, because they do you know they.

They will check you out before they accept you as far as a policy is concerned, but you know, if you file too many claims with them, then you know youre going to you know kind of kind of muddy up the water there with that. Definitely, and once – and you know just puts me forward here – i mean – were all speculating that uh, the the litchi happening third party app, may cause more access, theres, no data out there to prove that that app like the lichi causes any more flyways than the dji App does theres. I mean this is speculation. At this point i agree and thanks jay bird for the uh uh for for the for the donation there. We really appreciate that, and just as a reminder for those of you who may have joined a little late um, you know im getting still im going to be giving away 10 stickers and you know still send your emails in because the first 10 im picking them Off there and going to send it to it and lauren as a reminder, this sticker right here bill that sticker right there. Would you do that one? It would be that one absolutely. It looks great great on a black case. Okay, thats, why i was i th thats why i was thinking, thatll be and theres. Nothing lets give lauren some love here too. There you go, get our wings today. All right and lauren dont forget send me your address, because i got something i i know i can get to you so um, but yeah, okay, thats it for the skydio here and now you know um now, one of the other interesting things is in the sony.

Air peak um, thats been thats, been coming out and our good friend, uh aldrin estacio from flight path has one and it comes in at a pretty hefty price tag. Okay, the drone itself goes for. Nine thousand doesnt include the gimbal which you want as well. That goes for 2200, buy them together, eleven thousand two hundred dollars. Okay, there you go and we thought the battery three city pack was costly. Yeah yeah youre youre, paying youre paying for some things now. Heres autels display that they have here um and of course you know, theyre theyre talking about that, and then they have a new uh vertical takeoff and landing drone right here. Its called dragon fish uh its one of their massive ones. How many dragon fishes are you going to order hey? I was one of the things that was kind of surprised. If you well, i ive got access to all those ces. They call them b roll videos and uh that dragon fish theres about four or five different versions of that guy, its not just one one uh vertical uh takeoff and landing uh aircraft. They theres several different versions of it: yeah they have several iterations with some optional option packages that you can get for them and bigger and smaller, even yeah, and they fly apparently 180 minutes on on on a charge. So thats, you know thats thats a pretty decent amount of running time as far as thats concerned.

Now that that has a plain looking design too, does it? Does it, like you, know, kind of float the wind more than a typical drone does? Well, i think when you have, you know the vertical takeoff and landing youve probably seen um the marine corps has a has a plane called or stol called the osprey um. Where the you know, the wings tilt goes up and then it does forward flight like a normal plane. You know you use less energy, you know it takes less energy. You know when you tilt those wings forward and youre using it and going forward versus maintaining that thrust up and then remember also too, you know youre also having to yaw and pitch and thats going to eat up a lot of juice when youre doing that versus. If youre going in in one direction like that, you know youre not using up that electric, that battery power, like that one of the things i thought was cool about it. Its got those two props on the on the main fuselage that that are part of the vertical lift part and as soon as it goes into horizontal flight, it locks those two props straight ahead for uh aerodynamics yeah and see that theres. Some cool engineering in that yeah – it really is. I didnt see brad kellys comment. He said the dragon fish was used by the lee county florida sheriffs office in in the brian laudery case: okay, oh wow yeah, when they were looking for that guy that uh killed.

That uh yeah wow yeah good info captain ray yeah, so you know with all that being said, you know, ces was probably more. You know the big name that wasnt there was, of course was dji and you know theres a whole host of reasons. Probably, why was it kobe related at all, or you know it could be? It was coveted, related um. You know it could be their latest interactions with the federal government um. You know with their you know or theyre selling, so damn many drones they didnt need to advertise anymore. Thats. Also a possibility too yeah i mean look apple hasnt been at ces in in forever yeah yeah, you know its. Their message is out there i mean you know its important for uh companies like autel to be there thats uh thats, that thats thats, definitely a plus and skydio thats, definitely a plus for them um. But you know we forgot x dynamics in x dynamics. What gets me, though, is why companies like femi and hobson dont show up to ces okay well spot on bill. I i absolutely have always wondered about that exact exactly too to showcase what they do, because you know theyre making an inroads in the market in the united states in order for them to really kind of do that. You know you need to have a presence at this at ces, except ces is important for china too. I mean you go to ces and trust me.

Most of the vendors there are. Are chinese based vendors, its amazing and uh? So i know its critical and you would think like xiaomi in particular, the the parent company for femi would have more of a presence there too so and bill. We know we knew how good hubsan does in their kind of their their presentations or whatever we saw. Last spring right: they they do a first rate. You know like presentation of a product. Did you guys going to see us and watching that that that show bill? That was, that was a that was a disaster beyond a disaster. Okay, that was like watching a a football team that doesnt have any wins for the season. Okay, i mean watching jacksonville jaguars play or well yeah. Well, okay, all right, and then i went there. Oh yeah, oh yeah, the raiders and the chargers as long as they dont time well be fine. The steelers will be in oh, my god. Within seconds of that time, bill uh. You know i woke up the next morning now i went to bed all right and – and i have the nbc sports app on my tablet, and i was watching that game and there was like 12 minutes left. The raiders are up by like 12 points im. Like think this is a lock, this isnt going to be a problem, you know and then i i went out and i saw um. You know i go out to nfl on youtube and i watched like the last 10 minutes of the fourth quarter and then overtime.

Im, like oh my gosh, i am so glad i didnt stay up and watch this it would. It would have been nerve, wracking, yeah, no way, no way. Uh. Sorry, im! Sorry folks for the uh yeah, sorry for that for the were back to droves. Now football interlude there, but you know i i, the evo, you know the evo uh autel evo light is under consideration as well. For me um, you know. I watched kens video and i looked at some and and i looked at the quality of the video thats been coming out and ive seen some others and im really liking. What im? Seeing from that, video wise and you know and picture wise – and i really like that feature that they have at night um, you know when, with a flick of the button uh that it really just it makes that thing just pop um. You know those images at night and it looks really nice so thats kind of thats kind of on my radar as well too right now, thats an expensive product uh, but yeah so far, so good yeah yeah. It is so you know its like. You know what im probably not much less of the evo2 pro, and you know what i just thought about that too ron. Just as i was saying it, you know its always a relative term isnt it yeah yeah. Well, you know i mean definitely drone prices have seen a big increase uh in the last six months i mean the kind the price has kind of held like the the air 2s sort of held its all old price.

Really didnt go up much from the from the first air tube, but ever since then drone prices are skyrocketing. Build i dont, see any reverse. Do you? No, i dont uh. You know this trend is gon na continue. Um its gon na go its going to go. Uh theyre going to go up and not down uh, you know, and if you see something on sale, you better jump on it as soon as you can, because we asked this question last night we went around the panel uh dji mini 3. uh. Can you ballpark me the the price for the base kit im going to say, base kit for that 6.99? We had a lot of 699s last night, yeah thats, not thats, just one battery, no primer thats, just one battery the the basics, yeah itll, keep them under the under the price of nano uh, but still its still a big markup yeah yeah its gon na, be Under it will be under the price of the nano, i can just about guarantee you that um, you know anywhere anything else. As far as thats concerned, mmm thats gon na be its gon na be wide open to see lauren lauren. He said last night hes calling 649. 649. id like that bro ill. Take that ill. Take that price too. Okay, if i can get it for 6.49 yeah theres, a good and jay barton goes up 100 every year um, but wasnt, the the the midi one was uh ‘9 right and the mini two was 49.

So we saw a 50 price jump in the base kit, but this time we think its going to be 200 jump. It probably is because of what theyre at what theyre going to be, adding to it um. You know its probably going to have a probably a new occusync for it um, probably that the one thats in the in the mavic 3, i would imagine uh its gon na – definitely have some kind of obstacle avoidance to it. Um. Hopefully they solve the problem of you know the hubsan problem of overheating. Hopefully you know its, they have. They have enough vents on it to cool that off and then also run time. Who knows what the run time is going to be on something like this? You know because, once you add the obstacle avoidance, its hard to uh increase the battery life, i guess the big we kind of that that sort of stuff. I guess we could take some of that for granted, but the the key question is: how good will the camera be? On the mini three, i mean some people speculate uh, one in sensor, uh um, any any guesses on how good the camera actually be. I think its gon na rival what im thinking the mini three, is gon na rival the air 2s. In terms of the camera capabilities, i think its gon na its gon na knock a lot of peoples socks off. As far as that camera is concerned, i think youre going to get some stellar video from it.

Some stellar pictures from it and theyre going to pack it with a lot of stuff um like hyperlapse and other things. You know the the mini drones, its definitely thats. The trend this is where this is going here: okay, its like okay and ill and ill go back to an analogy with cars in the early 80s. Okay, everybody started. Shifting away from front from rear wheel, drive to front wheel, drive okay, um. You know all the manufacturers started doing that. Well, you know were seeing a shift here now with the drone manufacturers, from the bigger drones and ill even include like the mavic series done to minis that are 249 grams and under especially its very favorable over in other countries like canada and over in europe. Um, uk, australia, you know where their rules are a lot more strict. As far as the weight is concerned. Yes, you know yeah that makes that makes perfect sense to me. Yeah, it really does yeah. I mean i guess you know that we got the mini threes. A few months out, so i guess we shouldnt over speculate right now, but im sure. Well, you know, as the winner wears on well get more leaks and and whatever as well well im just im just waiting now, okay, you know the inspire 3 talk was was. Was was started as well? I saw something i saw a few things about that and i think from what lauren said.

You know thats when you better hold on to your hats, and you know you think that that um, sony uh air peak is expensive. At 11 200, i dont even think you can get a base. I i think the base model, for i think by the time you trick out an inspire 3 youre, probably going to be at least 20 grand and bill. Am i correct in uh understanding that you pre ordered one um well have front wheel drive, it will have front wheel, drive at 20 grit thats the price of an early 80s car right now, its more of a really incredible: 20 000. Did they marcus it? It includes it includes tickets to the hotel of my choice along rennington beach, so i can fly it over there. Laughter. Oh actually, itll include tickets to the uh, the hampton inn at the great florida drone meetup in uh yeah in early april, yep thats coming thats. Coming up in in early april um, you know, weather has been very interesting here. I mean we had a couple of days with you know where it would get down into the 40s at night, but then it its bounced back um. You know its been mostly in the 80s during the day here and no rain to speak of here, some wind, but really no rain. So the weathers been great, so its been very good good good day to fly. Yeah yeah its a good its good days to fly, but i dont hope the new jersey, weather doesnt blow down that way were out yeah, im kind of hoping, my hoping on that too and then, of course you know everythings going real smooth, you know and then All of a sudden, my daughter sends us some pictures of our granddaughter and im like i go, and i look at my wife and im like okay, you know what thats wrong.

You know just to send those pictures out there, because we just saw them over christmas. You know and its like. Okay now i can see why my mom always said i need to get my grandchildren fixed, okay, um, because its its its like a virus. You know you its you pick it up and you cant get rid of it and its one of those things you got to get more of and and thats it like that. So because were already talking about making plans to go for her birthday, but her birthdays. Isnt is until july, so its like you know, yeah columbus, probably isnt the nicest place in january. Is it built no its its cold, its rainy, its its bleak theres, no sunshine, you dont see the sun doesnt make an appearance. I i told valerie from like from about november. You know, through the end of february or march, i mean its very few few days that the suns out up there so bad day to fly in columbus, uh yeah, not too good thats for sure. So laurens saying laurens, saying inspire three with no camera expect 78k, possibly cheaper, okay, thats well, but the cat, but the camera had. The cameras would be thousands of dollars right, yeah that camera will probably run were not putting a little polaroid or anything right right. Thats not gon na you know thats, not gon na, be the module youll find on your femi x8.

Se 2020.. Now we did get some news at the ces from x dynamics theyre, coming out with a 10x optical zoom camera for the x dynamics of our two drone and a a dual um, a dual thermal camera. Okay, yeah thatll, be interesting to see. I dont think there was pricing on these cameras yet no and thats the first i heard of that. I knew they were there and i expected to get some kind of an announcement, but the evolve too really needs to get a foothold before the inspire. 3 comes out right ron. I thought you made a good point about price last night on the evolve as well. Oh that yeah, you know really. If you get the base, the base kit evolve too, its less than the center impact from dji. Well, im going to answer michael wrights question: yes, as long as you know, we dont have another. You know grand and glorious pandemic, dealio kind of thing or anything going on ill ill, be there. Okay, the crowd should have peaked and gone away by then right. There yeah were not were not were not going to be, were not going to be staying overnight. Well, well, be there for the day so because its like about a two and a half hour or three hour trip from where we live so its cross state. So its nice, you could stay at uh at demarcos ocean front. Uh man well bill uh, so sarah and i are gon na stay.

Uh were going to sleep on the couch in ron and susans condo. Okay, or are you mean our villain? Your villa yeah, your villa yeah, i think right now thats the thats the plan, but it may change we may we may we may stay overnight. Who knows you know things get better down here, so um any closing thoughts, guys marcus, well ill ill. Tell you i! I listen, i you forgive me because i got frustrated today after flying that uh nano plus and and continuing to have issues with it, but i mean it seems like every fight you make with. It is a totally different flight. You never get the same flight is that is that my thats my reading is that correct? Well, yeah. It seems that way, ron and ill tell you that i just looked at the video from this last flight and the jello and shakes i are worse than ever, but they went away for a flight right. Well one flight like the last flight. I did it didnt look too bad, but this one its worse than ever so i dont know i have no clue uh and you know im tired of troubleshooting drones like that and its like again its not like its a three or four hundred dollar drone. I mean this thing right. You know you could just go with your mavic 3 out and not have any frustrations there. You go thats exactly right, so ron thats, where im thats was part of my closing thoughts.

Is i want to get out and fly that mavic. 3, some more and i really really want to try uh the key frames function on that skydio too yeah yeah, good, good thoughts, uh my thoughts bill are that uh. You know i mean im tempted to get a nano plus, you know and and like you know, i hear marxs you know woes with it.