Rick will join us here shortly. He was having some technical difficulties and a little bit later well be joined by ron and marcus hope. Everyone is doing well tonight. Uh lets, take a look and see whos here, uh drone shots is here, have drone will fly captain ray kellys in the house, uh quadcopters in tech um see. Who else we have here wayne b is here: michael wright is here flying flynn, media johnny, drone flyer uh, i know ray kellys in the house, see who else we got leonard oglesby is here: uh maddie is here um? Who else we got lets see here all right im just going down through the list here: artco drone solutions, welcome marty, um, ridgefire32 uh, dr ted, is in the house. All right got a full house tonight guys. This is the third time ive been on today. Now we were on, i hope you guys enjoyed our our release party. We had a blast today, um some of us had some issues ordering yours included, yours truly, which was very interesting but all said and done. We got them, ordered um and got everything done. Uh and then you know i was on with ron and marcus today we had we had mikey on and we did some had a good discussion on that and then now ricks gon na join us here a little bit and i got ta tell you this. I i dont think ive ever been on three times in one day.

This is just this is just incredible. Excuse me guys – and this is allergies – okay, ricks here rick. How are you this evening? All right im all right im, sorry about that, not a problem, not a problem were one of those nights. Um were were happy to have you on tonight were just you know were about as excited as you are. Okay – and you know the level of excitement rick and i got to say this since i started covering drones and having a channel. I dont think theres been this much excitement about any other drone that i that ive been around. I really dont. I agree. I i totally agree and ill be honest with you uh. I can say this because ive been flying it for almost three and a half weeks, its worth all the excitement. I im not im not trying to get you jazzed, but im telling you this this. This little guy is unbelievable in the air. You know and we had a. We had a pretty good discussion last night when i was on with ron and marcus you know, and talking about all the failed attempts at minidrones, okay, like femi in their failed attempt in hubsan and their failed attempt and autels ill call. It 50 50 attempt uh. You know in a mini drone, and you know what you know. One things that i was talking with ron and marcus is you know when autel was charging that kind of money? You expected that coming out of the gate that that drone was going to be golden, and it was anything but – and it was just nothing but problems i mean there was just there was.

There was just nothing but problems with that drone since it came out yep, and then you knew when dji was coming out with this, and this was like wow well ill, be honest with you, um ive flown all those other drones that we were talking about and The challenge is building a drone when you think about a drone, in particular, like this thing. Ive said this before on your channel. I say it on my channel all the time this shouldnt exist. A drone like this should not exist. The technology required to get this up in the air to maintain gps positioning, to have it stable in the air to be able to return the home to film footage to have a wi fi connection, or in this case an o3 connection back to the tablet or The controller, the smart controller youre using its just so much technology. So when you build a big one like a phantom, you got plenty of real estate inside there. You can have big circuits. You can have plenty of room to run wires and everything else thats hard enough, but then dji took it to the folding drone right, which was again when that original mavic pro came out. I couldnt get past the technology leap from the phantoms down to the mavic pro, but then, when they came out with the original mini, i thought okay to shrink down that mavic form factor into a mini under 249 grams theyve got to pull stuff out of there And they did kind of the mini was a pretty good drone to start with, but then they slowly started adding stuff back in and the challenge, i think, for the other guys youre mentioning, is its not its, not intuitive, to go from a full size.

Drone to this its not just a matter of miniaturizing things, especially when you build in things like crash avoidance and you build in automation, features like master shots or, if youre doing quick shots. Thats a lot of technology, so djis had some time to get it right. When you think about it, the mini the mini se, the mini 2, now the mini 3 theyve kind of grown up in that space and what i love about the company. So much is that theyre not going to jump in the deep end just to capture some market, like i felt like femi hubsan and, to a certain extent a hotel are kind of following dji into the breach like dj are breaking ground with a lot of the Features and functions are coming out with, and i can even tease you about some of the stuff thats coming for this one thats thats in the future, theyre ahead of the curve, and what i find is everybody sees that market develop and theyre like we got to Get a product in that space go build me a sub 249 gram, drone and thats kind of what happened and youre going to make mistakes theres going to be sharp edges on your first gen product. So, im again, three and a half weeks four weeks, ive been flying it every time. I take it out of the case and decide im going to put it up in the air im grinning like an idiot, because i just the butterflies in my stomach and im on my toes when i put it up over the lake or over the bay.

The thrill is there its just an amazing drone, okay, im going to ask you a loaded question to begin with: okay sure the the air, the air 2s versus the mini 3. Would you would you sell your air to us its a tough question, so the guidance if theres such a thing from my good friends at dji, is that the mavic 3 is their enterprise product? Now, who knows whats going on with inspires? Who knows whats coming there, but the mavic 3, for the most part is pretty much the best drone flying today. I think bar none. Okay, maybe you could argue that the new sony product is better but its a lot of things. You got to deal with there, but the mavic 3 for foldable drones, the best the air 2s until the mini 3 hit. The market was my drone of choice. I would take that any commercial flights i did for the most part. That was the drone. The one inch sensor captured everything i needed to capture, but this little guy with the one over 1.3 and sensor like im, doing a clip. I think tomorrow, the next day ill be posting it where ive got footage from this and with the hdr built in the focusing elements of it. Just the camera quality on this thing is phenomenal, so ive had a bunch of people. Ask me on the channel. Is that the drone to do commercial work? I think it is, and i think its a really tough decision between the air 2s and the mini 3.

The only thing id say between them is the air 2s, because its larger has got better ballast in the air. So when you put it up its not jockeying around as much now, this will compensate for it with the gimbal, so itll keep that image straight. But if youre watching the display youll see it moving around fighting that wind up there. So if youre going to be out in high wind conditions, if youre filming around the shore or youre filming out with a lot of flat land and big winds coming through on a windy day, the air 2s is probably a better choice but 90 of the work. I do i can fly this thing and itll fly commercially and ill get exactly what i need out of it. So i dont know if that answered the question or if i didnt yeah it did yeah, it did and one of the things that i did you know. Of course you know i normally watch yours. I watch potato jets. I watch frost, i watched billy um. You know um, i i watched them all that were out there. You know, and one of the things that the guys talked about was htr and it was real interesting because i think potato jet said he was trying to find a button to shut off hdr and there is no button to shut down all the time. Yeah – and you know, one of the questions i had for you is: do you think dji is gon na in a future software update, firmware update, you know, address that, be able to shut that hdr off.

I think youre going to see a lot of changes in the next couple of weeks when this thing first hits um. I was a little surprised that it wasnt in stock to be honest with you, because had enough notice it was supposed to launch earlier. They delayed it. I would have thought for sure that it would be in the hands of retailers and im thinking. Whats holding it up is the software, as often happens where the products ready its rock solid. I mean i havent had a single problem with this. From the day, i spun it up to today and ive flown it in completely abusive environments, where the wind is real, heavy ive flown it low across water, which is a no no because of the vio ive flown it in really noisy environments. Where ive got a lot of wi fi interference and its just been rock solid, the software im using is still beta, as all of us testers have so theres a lot of features that arent enabled yet ive. Given them a lot of suggestions back and ill, ask your viewers, if they have anything they want to see, you know, shoot me an email shoot you an email. Let me know what it is, because ive got a direct line back to the people that are developing the the firmware for it, but i expect that youll get more advanced controls in the firmware um. I fully expect therell be other tweaks and things in it that you see today on the mavic 3 and on the air 2s that arent in there, yet because the data firmware is pretty basic, yeah, thats and thats.

What i thought one of the questions i got several emails on and because people werent able to find this information, okay, um, is the difference between the the standard battery and the upgraded battery. Are they completely different chemistry, same chemistry or no, just just different capacities? Theyre. Both lithium polymer, so i have them both right here, so youll notice on the smaller one here, um its got the 249 grams on it and thats to let you know that when this is in the drone youre under the 249 thats the larger battery and its Its not thicker, i mean its the same exact size, but its got a better energy density inside and i think thats, a smart move and i kind of predicted that before i actually got part of the nda group, where i said i wouldnt be shocked at all. If they came out with two versions, one that was a little over 249 that had a bigger camera and one under 249, what they did instead was give you the bigger camera and then come out with two batteries um most of the days im flying with the Heavier battery because ive registered it, i dont really care about the registration, but if you got to stand at the 249, you got to use the smaller battery. You still get plenty of airtime out of it now have you have you with flying with the with a quote: unquote: 47 minute battery um, what kind of run times you getting out of it, its its insane, its absolutely insane ill.

Tell you heres heres the metric when you fly drones as often as we do. You put a drone up, and you have this internal clock. That starts from takeoff, where you kind of lose track of what the battery level is, because youre out there focusing on what youre, trying to film and youre trying to get that perfect shot. But your internal clock, like your circadian rhythm, kicks in and you go. Oh, my gosh, i better check the battery level because youve gotten used to how long 30 minutes is or 23 minutes is, with this battery im. Looking at the battery, you know indicator and im, like 38 left 42 left. How is that possible? Ive been in the earth 30 minutes youre not going to get 47 minutes out of it lets be honest right, youre going to get a solid, i havent landed it uh. I dont bring it down less than maybe 15 left in the battery because i dont want it screaming at me and doing emergency procedures. Im going to say 40 minutes is pretty average 38 to 40 minutes is pretty average. So and of course, everybody out there is going to test it on their own and on me, but uh its its flies a long time now, one of the things that we joked around with you know ron and marcus, and i its like. Well, you may run out of room on your sd card if youre shooting much thats true and what a good problem seriously.

What a good problem to have ill. Tell you that theres nothing about this! That i would change – and i say that every time a new drone comes out that i like, but if i were thinking about what i would have designed into this drone, its got o3. Its got 4k at 60, one, the 1080 at 120. itll, give you 12 kilometers of distance, which again i always caution. People dont fly that far because youre violating line of sight, but the the rock solid connection in close, because i take it pretty much to the same test areas. I fly all my drones and a couple of those test areas are like thick like down in the pine. Barrens are thick with trees and trees are your enemy, because theyre, full of water and water can block an rf signal. So if you come down behind with standard trees, itll block that signal like nobodys business with this one i cant i cant force it to lose signal. Ive tried to trigger the return home in an emergency. I cant make it happen, so i just think they got everything right with this drone. Well, you know one of the things that that we talked about, and you know um im going to ask you. You know the the the rc pro that came out for the mavic 3, all right and then and then the the new controller that came out here with with the mini three okay and a lot of people were like one of the questions.

I got a ton of you know is compatibility, you know, is the one with mini three gon na be compatible with with other ones and is the one for the mavic 3 going to be backwards compatible and stuff? And you know – and you know i i said at this point – you know im hearing no but thats – no for now theres theres, a lot of questions there that to unpack that its going to take a minute or two so djis philosophy has always been the mavic Series, the high end mavic series mavic 2, pro mavic 2 zoom now mavic 3 are a different class of product and ive tried multiple times to convince them that, just because youre flying a mavic 3 doesnt mean you wont, buy a mini product. So, if youre going to make a smart controller its not that hard to make it backward compatible with smaller drones, but their their stand has always been nope. That smart controller is really for the enterprise space. Nobody buying a drone like this is going to want a smart controller, so i think the short answer is if they follow that philosophy that new smart controller probably wont control the mini 3.. Now, the minute i say that it could come out tomorrow with firmware to do it, theres, no technical reason that couldnt happen, because that controller talks o3. This talks, o3 youre good to go. Having said that, this controller, which im more interested in quite honestly, is 03 as well and backward compatible with o2.

So this should, by all intents and purposes, be able to control at least the air 2s, probably the mini 2 – and maybe even the air 2 going backwards, which would be wonderful right, because a lot of people fly. The r2s and the mini 3 and theyve got a controller for both at present. It doesnt do that now. One other interesting thing about this controller thats different than the smart controllers is the underlying operating system is android, but you it doesnt boot into android, like with the smart controllers they boot into android. Then you open up the dji fly app. This auto boots right into dji fly. Now you can pull out of it to do some minor adjustments, but in the beta firmware theres no way to get into android native, which means i cant side load programs. I cant do other kind of things that i like to play with in there so im thinking that it may just because im on beta firmware and im, hoping that they, let me boot into android and then open up the flight management application like we do on The other ones and scroll through to the drone i want to fly, but right now this is bound to the mini 3 and theres no way around it. Okay now, but i love it, i mean its great. We heard that it has 700 nits. How have you found the brightness outside with that yeah ill? Tell you a funny story.

So when i first got it um, i didnt get any manuals. I didnt get none of the stuff you expect to get when a drone shows up the beta guys, just they throw a drone at you and say: good luck with it right. So i spent a lot of time. You know digging around trying to figure stuff out. I couldnt find the brightness on it. I know that sounds incredibly dumb, but it was at about a third brightness and i took it out the first day to fly it and im squinting. Looking at the display going man, i cant fly this im going to be a hazard to navigation because in bright sunlight i cant see the display so im like im, grounded until i figure it out. So i emailed the guys at dj and theyre like rick. You dummy just hold the top of the screen and pull down and youll get to the adjustment. So once i found that i could crank up the brightness and for me in bright, sunlight, its fine, i dont think i think its higher than 700 nits its. Not a thousand nits, but comparing this to my iphone, it seems to be a little bit brighter than my new iphone whatever this is a 13 max. So, for me, the beauty of having an integrated controller like this is im, a lazy guy, so i can plug my drone in or in this case the charging hub charge three batteries in the controller and be out the door i dont have to worry.

Did i charge this? Do i have the right cable with me? Is this got the right app on it, like everything is in one controller, so anybody thats thinking about buying this theres only two versions. I would consider either, if you own, a drone already like the air 2s or the mini 2, buy it without the controller, because then you can just buy the drone to fly with the controller youve got, but if youre buying it with a controller, do the smart Controller because its just dramatically different as far as the experience goes, thats my two cents. You know – and this also begs the question – and this was something that that was on my list – to ask you going forward. Are we going to see that is an option? A a smart controller like this with future dji drones. I i answered your question before you actually asked it there. What i was shaking my head, yes on was, i think, youre, going to see future drones released with some backward compatibility to the previous generation of controller, because there was a lot and i actually gave him some feedback on this. There was a lot of complaints when the smart controller came out where people felt like, so i have to buy that as an option. I dont really want the controller that comes with the drone, but youre forcing me to buy that and then buy the upgrade. Why cant, i just get it without the controller and choose choose between the controllers, so i dont think i dont think the marketing team understood that well enough with this one.

Then they hit it, they nailed it because you can buy it without the controller you can buy with the standard controller, which i call the gen2 or you can buy it with the smart controller, so thats the ultimate choice, but i think going forward. I dont think well ever have a universal controller thatll connect to everything, obviously, because weve gone from geez, i dont know weve gone through seven generations of connection topology from the original occusync docusync203, who knows whats coming next. I can tease you a little bit on that. If you want to hear about it, i dont think im breaking any ndas, but i i think today, with this controller id, be very comfortable with this flu, the mini 2, the air 2s and maybe the air 2 and the new mini 3.. Because now ive got one controller for pretty much all the drones i fly, except for the mavic 3. yeah, and you know one of the things that i wanted to get your take on, and i thought this was dji has come a long way since ive been Around them, as far as their marketing is concerned, okay, yeah and one of the things that i really liked here rick was how how they they bundle these and the options uh in putting these things together. I just like to get get your take on that. No, i agree, i i think its great, because when you buy the drone you get the standard 249 gram battery with it and then you can buy the fly more combo.

I got it around somewhere. I dont have it in front of me, but the fly more combo comes with this beautiful charging hub, which were pretty used to right. So this will charge three batteries at the same time. You can slap them in there and put it in backwards. Slap me itll charge three batteries. At the same time, it has the ability to use this as an external charging, brick, so its got a usb a right there. It charges through usb c and it charges fast charge that comes with the kit and then with the kit. You have two choices: you can buy the standard one which gives you more of the 249 gram batteries. If you care about that or you can buy the plus fly more kit, which includes two more of the higher powered batteries right, i like the fact that they do it that way the bag comes with it as well. Um and im being honest here, ive never been a fan of those soft bags. I know nailed it with the original mavic mini with that foldable case. I really wish theyd carried that forward, because that to me was the perfect carrying case for the drone. I like that, that worked out real well when i had that had the original mini. That was that i i thought they did really well with that yeah and now going forward now you know it kind of begs the question. You kind of kind of kind of led into this.

Okay, we have 03 now for for for uh for a you know, communication system going forward, i mean wha. How can they improve on it? I mean i can share a little with you um. I cant share a lot, but when you think about it, um whats whats the most prevalent connection topology today that all of us are using yeah, okay, yeah a lot of 4g towers out there. So, on the bottom of this unit, youll notice theres a little flap that opens up. I dont know if you can see that or not, but right theres, the micro sd card slot and next to it is a host port thats, a usb c port. So uh there are plans to have a 4g connection to this. The problem is regulations in the us prevent that presently, but thats something you may see coming soon. Now that wont be a connection to the drone necessarily but itll be connection to a 4g network. Its not that big, a leap to move off ocusync to some type of 4g connection for a rock solid connection to the drone. The challenge there is: what carrier are you using? What kind of plan are you on how much data is transferred across that connection, but a lot of companies are testing that. So i think that may be where youre seeing it go next and i think, where thats going to come into play and im getting way too far afield here.

But when you start talking about beyond visual line of sight, which is something everybodys wondering about. When are we going to get to be on visual line site? Well, its going to require a much more secure, topology and a much more robust topology than occu sync 3 can provide because youre flying over horizon, you may fly 2 miles away. You cant do that with wi fi, which is what occusync is based on, so that 4g carrier 5g carrier is going to be something youll see in the future. I dont think itll be in the next generation, but it is available for this apparently in other regions or will be available in other regions. So if they get past the regulatory humps, you may see it in the states as well. One other thing i wanted to mention – i almost forgot is that the division that builds the drone is not the same division that builds the controller so, with these integrated controllers, its completely the different division, so syncing, those two up a lot of times is a bit Of a wrestling match and i think thats why youre seeing some lag in the firmware for this versus the firmware that comes for your phone. Well, you know one of one of the things that i wanted to ask you too, and because, because ive seen just this, the this wide band of different delivery dates for the drone um. Some of the smaller brick and mortars are saying august.

Some are saying like june um, you know, and i just checked djis website and it says, will ship on 531.. So i mean you know its just like and it kind of begs the question that – and this is what i told people you know. My advice was the: if you want to get it the soonest order it from dji. Okay, you know thats, always a given. You know i didnt have a choice. I had a 200 gift card from best buy, so i i did mine through best buy and its not even showing a date up there, yet thats right, thats concerned. What do you think of all these dates in everything thats going on with that? Well, if you look at them, theyre the different packages have different dates: uh. Ironically, this is the one thats the quickest, with the smart controller or with the rc controller, the dji rc controller. I keep getting it wrong. I got scolded because i called it a smart controller, but the dji rc controller is the one thats available to soonest and i think thats the end of may. If you just want the drone alone or you want the drone with the original gen 2 controller. Those are the ones that are later in the summer and i dont know what happened there. I really im sure that the pandemic and the supply chain with chips and all the other stuff thats going on and the delays with shipping from you know, countries overseas to the u.

s messed everybody up, but im pretty sure that some retailers got some stock. Now i dont, i dont know how they distribute that i dont know who gets what first, but i was a little surprised because when they said the launch date was the 10th and they delayed it. Two weeks i thought for sure itd be available on the 10th and shipping on the 10th because they you remember back to the mavic pro days. I mean we all know the mavic pro was gosh four months five months waiting for that drone yeah people were yeah. It was october when it was released and some people didnt get it till january right now, its not as bad as the v copter i spent. I have one in the other room. I spent 100 bucks on that v copter deposit and i think it was 13 months before the thing shift so its not that bad, but you know well be here this summer and and the honest truth is theres a lot of good options out there. I put a clip up a couple weeks back where i said: dont wait for the mavic 3. dont wait for the mini 3. like buy the mini 2 and fly it. I still think thats a valid argument. I think youre going to get 80 percent of the same experience out of the mini 2 that youre getting out of the mini 3, except for the larger sensor: okay and the cool controller thats.

Really it yeah yeah, i i agree. You know, because you know and thats one thing and it started, and you know our good friend original dobo, you know hes like enjoy what you have right, you know have some fun have some fun with that right now, ron welcome. How are you hello, gentlemen, uh good to see you good to see you rick back on the show? How are you good im doing great ron? How are you man good good? I want to interrupt the discussion. Uh you go right here. Jump ron youre welcome to go ahead and ask rick some questions because ive been ive been ive, been picking his brain for a few here. Youre youre welcome to go ahead and ask them. Well, you know i dont have one on the tip my tongue outside. Just a general question uh how you enjoying the new uh drone right, yeah, im loving it. I was saying to bill before its a perfect machine. Its got everything i want in a drone, the only drawback to it compared to the air 2s, as i mentioned, is that its extremely light? So if the winds are im checking the winds, if theyre over 20 miles an hour im, not flying it, because at that point it gets a mind of its own if its got a gust. So you just have to be a little aware of that. It will fight the wind pretty well. I had a situation the other day where i was out flying over the bay and again i get giddy as a kid.

When i put the thing up, i really i should take a minute and breathe before i actually watch it, but im down at the bay and its sunset and its like that golden hour and im like oh man, i got ta get this shot and i put It up not realizing the wind was at my back, so i take it out. Im out, i dont know 1000 feet 1500 feet over the bay and im done, and i turn it around to come back and i realize im fighting a headwind. So you know, and its its coming back really really slowly, so i had to drop it down at the deck so im under the wind to come back, but short of that. I think it flies great. Well, you know im in new jersey also, so i know the winds youve been battling the past couple weeks down here when you get near the uh, the waterways um. You know from from what ive gathered you know from the specs and watching some of the videos. This morning, as well as yours or some of the other ones, i i think to me a lot of these a lot of camera wise. It seems to match kind of the specs of the original mavic air too. It does a lot of things that drone did its from camera wise yeah, its really close. That hdr makes a huge difference too um. I did some low level low light shots with it and its incredible, how much detail it can pull out and how much? How little noise there is in that shot like it, does a really good job of differentiating between light and dark and very dark environments which is really difficult to do, but if you think about it, the camera.

On this thing, i mean that hood should look pretty similar to a lot of the products that djis come out with. I mean theyre wizards in the camera space um, plus its got a much heavier processor too. Its 150 megabits, a second of video stream back so its getting a lot of detail back to the processor right now, thats, probably a big jump on up in the uh. The original air too yeah. I think there too is maybe 80 or 100 of that. So, of course, this has a bigger sensor than the air tube, but again a lot of the hdr stuff and uh. Just i saw similar camera specs from out of the air too, and of course, you mentioned ios as a dual ios, which uh you know. I dont understand it completely, but i i know that uh, it helps keep the digital noise down, as you rise your ios higher from 100 to 400 to 800. It controls that noise and thats a very important thing yeah and that those are the small details. You know we were talking before about the competition in the 249 gram space. Those are the small details that take generations of experience to build into a drone. You know like a lot of people, ask me what drone should i buy whats the perfect drone yeah. I like dji, i like them a lot based on their engineering prowess and the years of working with their products and talking to their engineers, but the small things, the subtle things where you cant actually hold one up against another and just compare them on raw specs.

Because those tiny details of a whole team working on just the imaging aspects of what the drone can do, another team working on the artificial intelligence technology thats built into it, the crash avoidance theres, another team for that the ocusync 3 topology. Another team working on that. I mean this is a its a moon launch for lack of a better term so right it makes a difference, basically, a real stuff, its not your fathers mini drone were weve, been used to being drones in the past for the good drones, but theyve had limitations Of whatever, where yes, we sort of brought some of the features we have from the professional drones down to the um, you know this level for the first time virtually. No, i agree it uh. I made the joke before its like. They left it in the dryer too long, its okay. They took an air 2s and stuck it in the dryer and forgot to take it out because its really its really form factor as well. Its got the two eyes above it. You know like the air 2s. Does for the crash avoidance, i wasnt i wasnt so worried about the obstacle avoidance. What i really was looking for was the a pass, and i got some testing set up for this week, where im going to go out and do uh. Do some testing for the a passes im really concerned about that? I want to take it down to the pines and fly it at a tree and see if it can avoid that tree and follow me through the woods that would be spectacular, yeah.

One of the questions i thought about rick and i havent asked yet um. You know a lot of people were saying you know. Oh, this is probably going to have the gps issue with with with the mini three, but from what im hearing thats a non non issue. Now its not its, not i i dont, i have some suspicions of whats going on with the mavic 3.. I dont want to say anything because im speculating, but in this one one of the first things i well, there are a couple things i tested and i will share some things that werent as flattering about it, that im hoping they fixed in the firmware. But let me talk about the gps first, because the first thing i thought was: okay, its o3, its using a gps thats using baido and galileo. So all three of those gps to sort of zero in on it, im wondering if the addition, because the mavic 3, i think, was the first one using the baido in addition to galileo and gps im wondering if theyre tripping over each other well, this ones using All three does it have the same results and it doesnt literally im up to 17 satellites, no matter where im at in new jersey in 15 seconds 20 seconds at the outset and honestly, you know, i know a lot of people say: oh thats forever, if youre A reasonable pilot and youre a responsible pilot theres, no way you should get a drone out of the case and up in the air in under 15 seconds, you just havent, had a chance to survey the area around you to look for hazards check the wind.

All the things you need to do so for me, 15, 20, even 30 seconds ill. Let it sit on the mat ill track against those satellites and im good to go, but it hasnt been that long. Its been 15 seconds already thats great news right, thats gon na make a lot of people happy out there that you just said yeah yeah. Definitely, definitely all right, so ill share a couple of things that are troubling and i im sure theyre going to fix these. But i want to make you aware of them before somebody starts a to clip up and dont buy the drone, because it does this all right. So the thing that concerned me was when you miniaturize a drone like this now weve seen it with the hubsan xenomini pro weve, seen it to a certain extent, with the auto products as well. Youre packing circuits physics when they work theyre going to heat up right. So we saw with the xenomini pro when youre doing firmware, updates and theres no air passing through it. It gets hot and i argued at the time it gets hot, but it doesnt get unbelievably hot, where you cant touch it and honestly, when youre flying it, the air passing the drone evacuates that heat away from it so youre good to go, not a problem. So i was wondering how hot does this one get? It gets warm it doesnt get hot and again, theyve got a plastic enclosure on the outside, but i did notice if i let it sit on the mat for too long and not fly it like.

If i set it 10 or 15 minutes sitting on the mat waiting to go because im fiddling around with a camera or something i will get a processor overheat, so my recommendation is right now, with the beta firmware im sure theyre going to adjust that threshold, but Dont, let it sit on the mat like when youre going to fly power it up. Let it track against the gps satellites and get it up in the air and thatll cool it off. Itll be fine, so thats, my first caution, the other thing i noticed and i havent got a chance to really relay this back to dji, yet is with the larger batteries because of the extra weight in sport mode, occasionally not every time but in sport mode. Occasionally that extra weight of the battery would give me some errors around um motor issues where its saying motors are being overworked. Motors are running running too hard and im trying to figure out if that was really just the manifestation of the drone with the heavier battery or if it was the fact that i was fighting wind. So, im waiting for the wind to die down its been like a tornado here in new jersey, once the wind dies down ill, take it back out and see if i get that same error. But those are the two things i noticed that had me sort of peak in my interest a little bit. You know thats good, because you know – and i have to say this rick and you kind of kind of nailed it.

You know somebodys bound to come up. Oh, you know big problem mini three. You know you know breaking news kind of a thing and and its not really a a big problem and a big deal, and i want to thank you for for bringing that up because you know itll calm, some people down when, when things like that come out, Yeah and i i get accused of being a dji fan boy – and you know we talked about this before we all do rick. I love the company. I but im im a tech fan boy right. If you build a good piece of tech, i dont care who you are im going to follow you and im going to applaud that and if theres bad stuff im going to talk about it, i dont really like to do the hack job reviews on the channel. I mean i get people saying: hey ive, never seen you really trash a product, thats, not what im about i i, when i find a product that works, i talk about it on the channel if its something i like, if i find a problem with it, that I think theyre going to fix ill talk about that, but im not going to sit down and bash a product on the channel id rather test it if it doesnt meet my expectations. Ill put a nice note together ill, send it back to the company. With the note and say, look i tested it here are six things you got to pay attention to its, not ready for prime time rather than fashion.

So i did want to point those two things out, because i think dji is going to have them fixed with the firmware by the time they release it. Thats good thats, really good, definitely rick one of the things that a lot of people are commenting on on the videos theyve seen at the drone before is the ability of the gimbal to uh to almost go straight up kind of like our beloved uh paranormal of Years ago, have you uh? What do you think of that feature? I like it um there are times where i want to get a shot of something very tall, and i can go up and down like if i got a water falling on below it. I, like that dramatic pan up and pan down, so i do like that feature. The one thing i still havent figured out. I guess maybe because im an older guy is the vertical shooting like that portrait mode like landscape to me is everything because youre getting that nice wide expanse 83 degree field of view im getting all the beauty and color there when i flip it in vertical mode. Now ive got this like race track down the middle, with black bars on either side that really limits what i can do now: im shooting a waterfall or something or a tall building, maybe, but i think thats yeah rick, i i cant. This is a good answer, but i cant explain it to you its all because of platforms like instagram right last week.

Their ceo said he wants 9 by 60. He wants to fill the phones, tick tock fills the phones right and its another one, its all about these social media apps just phone apps. They want you to fill that 9 by 16 and i guess dji has taken those to this and theyre kind of getting into that space. It doesnt hurt you, because if you dont want to use that feature, you can just never use it, but its there. For the young tic tac crowd, if they want it, yeah im, not a tick tocker not yet anyway, i dont know maybe im just the generation behind on that. I dont know ill. Try it but see were not the generation, its a whole generation out there rick that live on their phone. This is their only. This is their only computer, their only way to the internet, and they want that screen filled up sure and they want to hold it. Like this kids dont hold the phones like this, they hold them like this. I totally get it it doesnt. It doesnt, do anything for you and me, but no yeah, but but again it might be an evolution of our species. Right i mean the kids know whats. Coming theyre ready for it, an old guy like me, im like no, i shoot everything landscape. What are you doing with the vertical shots there, even when my wifes taking pictures, if shes doing this im like turn the phone sideways, get all the stuff in there remember, when this already was somebody took the vertical photo, you you right there that made them amateur.

You saw thats an amateur there, theyre shooting vertical yeah since the beginning of time, its been landscaped. What are you doing, but anyway, i say the same thing to my wife: okay, whenever she used to she shes doing that and im like dear this way. Not this way right right! Well, you know the other, the other app, that a lot of people just ive started to use it a little bit more youtube shorts, its it. They shoot vertical and i really like that as a real short, its a minute or less right, and what ive done is kind of like just promos, hey, ricks gon na be on tonight. We want you guys to watch. Uh were gon na, have a release party at 9 00 a.m on tuesday, once you guys get out, and you know, and it generates, you know it gets people. My whole use in this is to get people pointed in into some of the beefier things: okay, yeah and what you can do is you can drop some teasers in something like this, and i think that that will be good for for youtube. For for creators like us yeah, i got to get some time to start playing around with it im just too busy and having too much fun flying this thing. To really i like the way rick that has that button right in there above the the cameras up to flip it. You know its really very easy: yep yep its easy to do now on the version of the software youve been using are most of the features enabled like say: hyperlapse and panoramas yeah yeah theyre, there uh theyre all there.

When i first got it, it didnt do 4k at 60, at 4k, at 30. you couldnt do hdr. It was turned off um, you know, but again i i im. Okay with that and im actually okay, if they release it with all the features enabled. I know a lot of people go crazy about that and i guess the two schools of thought are if i can get the mini three two months early with eighty percent of the features thats two months of me, flying it right and okay, the esoteric stuff doesnt Work, not every bell and whistle is enabled, but if i get a firmware over the air update that does that ive still had two months of flying, i didnt waste the summer right. So get me the drone early with the beta. I know theres going to be a lot of hiccups and and honestly when im flying a beta product like this, i often worry that theres something not quite right and im going to take a dive in the water right and im so nervous, because i havent done The unboxing i havent done the video i havent done this and im thinking man. If i lose that drone thats it im done plus i have to apologize to dji like hey, put your drone in the bay but um. One thing i really liked in in one of your videos, you explained and a lot of people dont know about the process and thank you for taking time to do that about signing an nda and whats involved with that, because a lot of people its like this Big mystery and you know its its like its like the wizard of oz.

You know behind certain kind of thing you know whats going on with that, but you took time in your video to do that. So thank you for doing that because i know so. I get a lot of questions about that. You know whats an nda. How does it work you know, and all that you know thank you for doing that today. Yeah no worries. I ive spent a lot of time with a long history in electronics with consumer electronics and big companies. Ive been on lab teams, developing products and coming up with beta products myself and we have nda. So anybody thats involved in a release of a product from the very first day when youre whiteboarding the concept all the way through production to the end signs in nda, which basically says look youre youre part of the development team. We have huge competitors on either side of the house if any of this detail gets out theyre going to come out with a press release about their product doing what were doing like you want to be first to market, so with dji its not every time i Mean theyre a very selective company and who they picked to bring in on those ndas and ive been lucky. There been a bunch that i wasnt involved in probably a bunch of comment i wont be involved in, but on this one in particular, i got a. I got the email and actually was a phone call and its like.

You know its frustrating, like i said in the video, because you get the call and they go hey. We got a new product coming, oh really. What is it? What you know me? Im! A million questions cant tell you anything, cant say a word about it. Sign this paper. All right, dont read the paper penalty of death, kind of thing. All right, i wont crash it. I wont show anybody. My wife doesnt even know its down here and then you get the product but its a blessing and a curse. Now i know it sounds. I dont want to sound privileged by saying that, because i feel very lucky that i got it got to test it, but theres a huge part of me that was thinking the last three weeks. I had a pretty good feel for what the mavic 3 was gon na and the mini three was gon na look like. I could have gotten hundreds of thousands of views on speculatory videos on the channel talking about what i thought was coming. What i expected to come, analyzing the leaks and instead im under nda and every day, im watching jasper and 27 links and all those guys with high resolution photos yeah whenever guy got the drone hes flying it early and im thinking man. I youre killing me here because i cant say a word to anybody about anything. You know so its its a catch 20 or you should say its a balance between the two but yeah in this internet driven world here its hard to keep anything secret anymore.

You know worldwide with someones going the internet, hey uh uh bill. Can you bring up barry, markowitzs question in the chat for for rick hes, asking about the um, the controller and, and you know landers its only about three comments back. Oh, i see it yeah there. It is so hes asking about the screw holes in the bottom, so there are two holes right there in the bottom, and that is for a lanyard attachment now im not trying to do a promotion here, but we have a lanyard that fits its the same one, That fits on the smart controller and they screw in right. There we have two eyelets and its got a really nice lanyard. You can use with it. Another curious feature: are these two screw holes in the back right there? Oh yeah yeah no nothings been discussed about those yeah but im thinking. If that 4g dongle comes out, i wouldnt be shocked if it bolts on right there and has a short cable to the hose port. But im going to use those because were starting to do a lot with 3d printing and fiber im going to use those with a couple of clever products were working on so creative with them. Yeah yeah yeah because thats a really nice mount point for a couple of options. Different features, yep good. Thank you for answering barrys question, yeah theres! More of them. Let me know ill answer them. Well, one of the questions that i have.

Okay, you know its like one of the things you know both you know ron and marcus, and i kind of talk about okay, djis just come out with this incredible product. Okay d is dji, you know. Are we looking at any other things in the consumer space? For the rest of this year or well, i dont think so. I really dont know that and tomorrow theyll announce something new, but i have no ndas that are pending right now, im not under nda. This has been released, so i can talk about it ad noisium. My only suspicion is the really the really high end, not the commercial stuff, like the m30s and a lot of the uh. You know agricultural drones, but in the consumer or prosumer space. The top of the line right now is the mavic 3.. Now the inspire was a great drone and that features like composable cameras. You know where you could change things and and all that and it flew longer. It was really a professional drone where you have dual pilots on it. One controlling the camera. When controlling the drone, you may see that on the mavic 3 as well, but im still thinking theres got to be something in the professional space. Ive seen some rumors out there already about an inspire 3 coming. The challenge with that is its not for everybody right. Its for the very top end professional that can afford to drop six or seven eight thousand dollars between the drone and the camera right, but for the consumer space, what more do you want? Yeah? Exactly no way, i want to take an aspire three down to the beach and fly to wrath, no yeah.

So the minute you put that up everybody within 10 miles of you is looking at it and theyre coming over asking you about it, because its so massive plus i have the inspire 2 and i fly it occasionally but honest to gosh its like putting that thing Up its like a pterodactyl up in the sky, you know the way those arms pull up its very threatening. So i dont, i dont, see a need for it, but that would be my guess if theyre coming out with anything itll be an inspire 3. now you know, everybodys been the one thing that ive gotten a lot of questions on has been the pocket.