Mr mark crawford. Welcome. How are you, sir, hey? Thank you bill. Uh. Sorry, i waited till the last minute to jump on, but uh, but yeah. No happy to be here uh its funny bill just right before the show i was. I was watching uh original dobos video with 808 state, where they compared that mavic 3 with the evo too, it was a fascinating bit of work. Yeah i mean i havent seen that one yet, but what i, what i, what i was doing, the original dobo mount is on. Okay. There you go. Let me tell you this kens right. Look at this thing. This thing is like rock solid, okay, its not going anywhere its. I was. I am very impressed and being the good friend that he is this, this isnt available for sale, yet but its a lanyard holder and it fits around in the middle right around where the antennas are oh nice. So now i have one of those that fits on the on the regular controller, but its a little different, so that just latches around the antennas right this will latch around the antennas. I got to take the tablet off to put it on, but um, but yeah. I want because i wanted to show everybody kind of what it looked like, but that looks like a better device than what i have oh this is. This is perks for being front for for promoting my friends products on my channel, okay, nice freebie.

So, thank you very much for that ken one of the other things i wanted to show everybody before we get going here. Okay, uh. I got this from gpc and i got to thank mr barry markowitz for this one. Okay, now it looks like a luggage tag: wrong: okay, its an sd card holder, look at that okay and look how how wafer thin it is and its designed to fit in the cases theres a slot in the cases for them. So you can get. I think theres a there, you can get eight sd cards. This is gon na, come in handy okay, because any other sd card ive seen holder, ive, seen its been a little bit bulky and thick and stuff. This is perfect. This will. This will be absolutely fantastic. Im looking forward to using this its going to be great, i got a chance to see your other video marcus. You just youre a machine. You just dont, stop okay ill! Tell you that drone is so much fun to fly its just such a pleasure to fly that thing. Oh, i know i know yeah and well definitely be talking about that here in a little bit um i want to see whos in the house here. Uh lauren is in the house greg pittman, welcome, greg drone views, media um, jeff boyds in the house. Welcome jeff, uh, steve mack um mr bill thomas is in the house place it here.

Akarasho drone views, media um, steve mack is here uh, who else we got leonard, oglesby uh lets see who else fly guy merrill uh. I think what and john olson okay, i think in drone shots. I think we we covered everybody. Okay got a lot to talk about rons, going to join us here in a little bit but um. You know kind of like um first things first here and one of the things that um, you know news and updates. You know were going to be spending bulk of the time talking about the mavic 3, but i do want to talk about the autel evo nano. There is a shipping update and it was posted out on drone dj. Okay – and i wanted to share this because its exciting okay, this is you know its its a its its going to be reality here. Okay, which i think is a good thing, because you know weve kind of been led down the garden path with with autel before, but i think this time i think i think, were going to be good okay, i i really think were going to be good here And um even nano neville and like shipping update, um and ill read ill. Tell robotics maxwell lee tells drone dj. Our factories are running at full speed right now. They meet production goals and should be seeing vast quantities of evo nano and evo light series arriving in the united states by december were also in the process of letting our dealers know the new product timelines.

Now that we have the update from our engineers and factories um, what i did was i went out and i looked like, for example, at b h, and they still show february 2022.. Adorama still shows february 2022. expected delivery date, so thats just kind of and – and it says in the article i believe, um um yeah, leading drone retailer b h photo recently was fired. Claire online store that ill tell nano and light may not be able to pick up before february 2022., yeah theyre going to need to go ahead and change that, but i think were going to be finding this out rather shortly marcus. This is great news. It is bill, in fact, i got an email today from uh, oh gosh. What do they call it? The autel store or whatever that exactly that same thing, that it would be shipping now uh ross langdon and i both ordered our nano pluses from uh the aliexpress official autel store, so im kind of expecting the same thing. But man like you, bill, thats gon na, be such a welcome, surprise and uh yeah i mean it would just be fun to see uh how and if autel can blow up that sub 250 gram. Drone category. I agree. I think this is going to cause a lot. I think this is going to have the effect that hubsan wished they had had. Okay, am i am i right here marcus, you know, yeah.

I mean that i listen bill. That thing was just such a disappointment to me. I had such high hopes for that drone and, and its just been, i ive got it put away back here. I dont even they had just some big update recently and i dont even want to get it out of the bag. You know its just as it has so many problems, so lets hope that the lets hope that this autel is different, and we have every reason to expect that it will because autel has a track history of of putting out a quality product, yeah and – and i Think you know, i think the only thing was okay, and i touched on a little bit last night is – is the supply and demand here and – and i really think that i think theyve learned that autel has learned their lesson. I think theyve geared up, i think, with the pre orders that have come out. You know its going to be good one things that i wanted to emphasize and i think we kind of we were talking a little bit about colors and color choices and everything i would tell people this. Okay, dont be picky all right if a white is available. Take the white if a gray is available, take the gray, because i know the red and the orange are going to be probably pretty popular, so you know just take whatever the drone is going to fly the same way whatever color.

It is guys. Okay, hey! I forgot to ask you bill: did you did you? Do you have one ordered no im gon na go ahead? I get my bonus on friday thats when im gon na order it so so so the the other product thats intriguing, of course, is that evil light too so yeah yeah thats a real thats, really tempting. I mean that is really really tempting and i think its going to be a great drone. I mean it really its going to have a lot of great features on it and um im excited about that too yeah im, just you know, um its gon na. I im this is good. This is good news because it its got. You know, as ive always said you know, competition is always good and it drives companies to do better. Okay and finally, i really believe the autel gets some traction here with this and they get going and it picks up some steam. I think theyre going to be on the map and i think theyre probably going to be a good. You know with a good year. This year and well a good year next year, i think theyll be a good, solid number too, and as far as it can in the consumer drone space, i dont see any anybody catching you know going past them. I really dont yeah with this um one of the other thing one you know in you know just one more thing before we switch gears to the mavic 3 here um.

You know i got to say this. I had i i did a lot of in depth. Looking at the nano today – and i didnt read an awful lot and im gon na say this: if those specs match what we think they will okay, this is going to knock peoples, socks off, okay, um, its a pretty powerful little package for hundred and ninety nine Dollars um: well, you know, you talked to uh sean geeksbana and hes really excited about it, because what it does for them over in europe and in the uk and in canada is huge. I mean you and i are excited about it. Can you imagine how you would be if youre someplace like canada, where it helps you you know you can fly that drone, a lot of places you otherwise couldnt and its a full featured product? I mean it has all the stuff that it has on there yeah and to do that in a 250 sub drone i mean thats. Just you know: wow, okay, it amazes me the runtime everything on there so stay tuned for this. This is going to be. This is going to be some good news. Okay, um talked a little bit about this last night, with my mavic 3 were going to talk, switch gears here and spend the rest evening on the mavic 3. night on our donation. I shared it took 10 hours 10 and a half hours charged my first battery.

It took 11 hours to charge my second battery all right now. You know i have ping dji support and they theyve been asking me questions. Okay. Now the latest question they asked me was: what was the room temperature that you were charging the the batteries in, and i said it was 73 degrees and i told them the temperature outside ranged that day from 80 degrees down to 50 degrees at night. Okay, so – and i havent heard back so i havent heard anything so stay tuned for this im interested to find out what is going on here and i think, to be honest with you marcus. I think when i go ahead, the second time after i deplete the batteries, okay and i charge them for a second time. I think itll itll be normal well, the other thing is that bill will tell us if its your your charge, brick or not. Right i mean youll youll know that uh. You know, of course the clue. The big clue was. You said that the battery discharged normally right, so that kind of tells you that it probably isnt a problem with the battery yeah thats. Exactly what i was thinking too, and i asked them that i said – is there a possibility that the charger that you supplied is defective and you know again im waiting on an answer so ill? Keep everybody posted on this, and i know you know tom ivins whos an admin on on some other groups.

It took him six hours for one of his batteries to charge as well too the remote controller charged without a problem. Okay, i had no problem with that. So um so stay tuned, but yeah. The discharge rate, like marcus, said that was a good thats, a good point. He brought up marcus and i talked about this last night. It seemed like it was a normal discharge. While i was flying okay, i expected after you know so many minutes of flying for it to discharge a certain amount, and it did so. I feel i feel pretty good that the batteries are fine um. You know i checked them before the broadcast theyre, both full uh. You know, because i havent flown today, because i work so you know what we got going for us, though bill whats, that our friend lauren donnauer is going to recommend ill bet. You ill be hell. Come up with a good after market charger that well both probably have to buy. Oh, i know i know well well, you know and i thats a real good question because last week i asked our friend off camera, mr rick smith, about that and he said somethings in the works, so stay tuned. So, oh so he might have something that yeah hes gon na have come here, yeah yeah! Now he he did tell me he has some. He has a few things available, hes going to have in his store real shortly for the mavic 3.

But you know he said it has to wait till it comes out before they can actually go ahead and do some of these things so uh stay tuned for that and stay tuned be on the lookout because ill tell you what that one charger i bought it For the mavic air 2., that thing was phenomenal. Okay, it worked like a champ, had no problems, and you know people. You know one of the things that i like is buying it off of rick, because he tests all these products out. Okay, it just he doesnt. Just throw them out on his website and say here: these are for sale. No, he tested these things out and you know the charger i got was from him and it worked like a champ, so stay tuned for all that, okay um. Now, one of the other things that i found out today that there is a mavic 3 accessory that will not be available in north america. I bet i know where youre going yeah and uh yeah, and i wanted to wanted to get this out here because i did did see. Some people have some questions about this and um. Okay, yeah um, dji, mavic, 3, 4g dongle unlikely to come to us anytime. Soon and heres that heres actually what that is okay, you can see how its mounted on the back of the drone – and it actually looks like it – has a port thats um connected to the usb port here so and what it does is the dji smart controller.

Does not support dji cellular transmission dongle, therefore, dji smart controller cannot be used with dji mavic 3.. Thank you for your understanding and support um not said because every country has separate laws and regulations for communication and radio frequency equipment. Dji is studying the applicability of north americas regulatory requirements to the 4g dongle. Thanks for understanding, so itll work um, it seems its unlikely itll come to north american united states um. You know it would help provide better connection for the mavic 3 and tough environments with a lot of interference and make the video transmission range irrelevant. Therefore, this means the mavic 3 could be flown well beyond visual line of sight, so its all about vvlos isnt. It yeah exactly yeah yeah, no, so you know so so that so thats thats thats. What that is – and you know i you know for for me – i think you know its its a you know. I could take it or leave it marcus. You know with something like that. Well now, yeah i mean listen, yeah what you and i do gosh. How far do we ever fly a drone, but if vvlos became a reality for us it it might be kind of fun, sometimes in certain situations uh but yeah. I mean i dont see it as to me that dongle is more of a commercial application than it is for a hobbyist, but i think the good news is is that it tells you that dji is also thinking about bbl os, and i suspect that that we, We may get uh the ability to do that uh sometime in the future.

I think so too, and – and i think you know its very interesting if you know let me go ahead. I want to put this picture back up here. Um. Where is it? You know lets get this picture back up here, its interesting because you know one thing is not showing up on the screen: there we go there, it is yeah there we go. Okay, you know its interesting because you know this is plugged into the back of the usb port right here. Okay – and you know this and the in this setup here, which is nice, i mean its a its a way to a mountain accessory module. You got to believe you know: dji doesnt, waste tech like this okay, so there may be other things that theyre going to mount on something like this. In fact, it may be a mavic 3 enterprise kind of a kind of a deal where they get it set up. You know to have the speakers to have the strobe lights, that kind of thing to looks like it would hook up to this portion of the drone, so stay tuned for something like that. I think its interesting so lauren is asking. Did you notice the name on that i dont see. I couldnt tell bill on that picture. What is there a name im, not sure or laurie? Can you enlighten us what whats going on there dji mavic 4. 3. Let me let me put this back up here.

Again, you know lauren. He made that comment for a reason yeah. This is what it is: yeah dgm, mavic, 3, 4g dongle, so um so thats. What thats? What that is so okay, um next thing that i wanted to talk about, because ive gotten, a ton of emails and a ton of comments on this is the smart controller, compatibility and im so thankful that our good friend, hey castello, put out an article about this And ive been ive been sending this link to a lot of people, but i wanted to cover this on purpose tonight, because um i was getting just a flood of questions on it and the mavic 3 is not compatible with the original dji smart controller version, one. Okay, um its not good its, not going to work that way. Okay! Now, what is an unanswered question is: is the new smart controller backwards compatible? You know, will it work with other drones that the original smart controller work nobodys? I havent seen an answer for that question, yet: okay um, but i wanted to go ahead and point this out here that this is not going to work. Okay, um just wanted to. Let people know this, so they dont go um. You know off the rails and get all upset, and everything and remember you know the basic thing behind this, and i talked about this with rick on last weeks. Show was remember, this is ocusync 3 or they call it os3 now and remember.

The original smart controller is ocusync 2. and i think its like apples and oranges. I dont think they would be able to communicate and i think rick was right. I dont think that theyd be able to communicate with something like this, so that, basically i mean you know that thats thats it in a nutshell, its not just you know its just, not gon na work, okay and i think thats important for people to understand and To know that so they dont get their hopes up and they say well, i have a smart controller, it should work, it should work with the mavic 3, no its not going to work with the mavic 3. Okay, so be that as it may, okay – and i have to say this – all right – okay guys! This is the way to go all right for for me and and for a lot of you, uh 759 dollars for the tablet: okay versus twelve hundred dollars for the uh new smart controller, okay, its kind of a no brainer. You know um and, and of course definitely you want to support our good friend original dobo. This mountain was nine at 19 bucks and im telling you this thing is rock solid, okay, its not its not going anywhere um. It is absolutely not going anywhere so um hey bill, just for contrast, i wanted to show you the the this. Oh your holder, yeah. I had im trying to remember where i bought this.

I think i got it off of etsy or something but but its very similar to what youre talking about, but i think yours is better because it goes around those bars yeah. This thing goes down into the well. You know where the cable is okay, thats part of it right here and quite frankly. So then, your whatever your mobile device is the base of it is sitting right here, so its secure uh, but anyway, its just interesting. The differences in the two designs, but it works really well for hanging on to that controller yeah, and you know – and i have to say this – you know everybodys right and you know, and ken points out as well too. This thing is heavy okay, its not its, not light, so you want to have a lanyard and have it hang it hanging around your neck, because this thing is kind of on the heavy side and something that i would encourage you to get is you can look On kens etsy shop and get one of these as well too and its something you know ken is is, is a genius for this thats all i have to say, i mean just its just its phenomenal. You know now. I have to say this, though um triple tech provides you with a screwdriver, and those screws are son of a gun to get in because they are very tiny, theyre really small and i did it at in a wide open area.

I used a white paper towel to put them on and um. I turned this on on a on a microfiber cloth, so i didnt scratch the screen when i was putting putting the mount on, but that mount is on there rock solid its not going to go anywhere so thats a thats, a very good thing. All right. You know um one of the things you know we want to probably spend the the bulk of the time is impressions now marcus tell us about your latest video uh. You know ive watched it, but go ahead and tell everybody about it. You may have not seen it yet yeah. Well, we talked about it a little bit uh last night, so yeah. What i did was. I just found another a a place: a different spot on the snake, river canyon and ive kind of flown out over there before. But in this case i thought well, you know i dont need to drive all the way out to the canyon rim. I because of that that drone it has such great battery power and and so forth. I could stop right in a spot where i had a nice little paved spot to take off and land you know and and be comfortable took off, flew the drone out there and uh and went over the rim of the canyon and and uh. You know, one of the things i got to thinking of people are always asking me to fly down into the canyon.

Can you fly down like that? Well, this thing is occusying. Three lets see what it does right, so i just hold down on that stick and started going into negative values. You know below my takeoff point and it got down about 14, 15 meters or so, which is about what 45 feet below and i lost connection just lost everything lost, fpv lost connection and uh. The drone did what it should and it went into uh return to home and it rose and one of the things i had to return to home heights set at 35 meters. So i was kind of like or maybe 30 meters i dont, remember which, but but im thinking you know when it came back over the canyon. It was only about 15 meters high and i guess i kind of spoiled it there. It did come back and then rise up over the top of the canyon and start coming home. But lauren pointed out to me earlier today with smart return to home. Well, thats, exactly what it does it. You know as soon as it saw that it was high enough to get over the canyon it just it it uh. It did the boogie so anyway, uh thats, smart. You know, and thank you for for for talking about that, because you know what watching it that you could see and, and that was that was thats a genius part on djis part. Okay, because you know one of the things i talked about – and you saw in the in the video on the premiere night – was that you know theyre theyre, trying to do things to conserve battery as much as possible on this drone in this new smart return to Home it does that and thats one of the things you just pointed it out: okay, its its a genius thing that it does that and it really just impressed the daylights out of me.

I i just absolutely i loved launching that i absolutely loved watching that yeah and i dont want to say how far down the canyon i went bill, but its further than ive ever flown a drone before and it was a perfect, perfect connection. The whole time i mean you know other than when i went down below that i just described right. It was the fpv was just stunning uh, and you know the control was perfect, uh it just its just an amazing amazing piece of tech. Well, you know – and this is one of the things that really amazes me is – and we talked about a little bit last night – was how quiet this drone is. Okay, um, you know i had it up 100. It was a hundred about a hundred and ten 115 feet above me, and it was like a whisper. It was like, like a brit like like, like a just a gentle breeze going by okay, it sounds like a fan doesnt. It ive been trying to figure out how to describe it. You know it doesnt necessarily sound, like any drone youve ever heard before yeah its just its real interesting. Mr ron brown. How are you, sir gentlemen, are? We are? We are we live here tonight? We are live you guys, i i didnt mean to interrupt a great conversation, but you know i just got in from flying this new guy everywhere. Oh hey! How come that gimbal isnt flopping around ron um somebody made a video where they showed the the gimbal locks.

Would you turn off, i think its, that idaho quadcopter channel obviously subscribe to that guy. He he knows his stuff, though that is. That is one of those things that you didnt, think of and its a neat feature, and i also uh something that i um learned off of marcuss video bill was when i was out uh flying. It was in 4k, 60, and one of the things is when i you know, started the flat. It inherited all the settings that i had in texas when i was flying the um, the air 2s with the same app, the same device and all the settings carried over. So it started out in 4k 60, but, as marcus pointed out every time he wanted to do zoom, it would seamlessly change over the 4k 30.. You could see at the bottom. You know where your settings are at the bottom, but it wont be any jump. You didnt do anything if you you switched to zoom it just automatically without really noticing anything with the 4k 30.. So i mean its nice that it switches without some kind of a message popping up. You know. In other words, you can keep on filming without any interruption. Thats great ron, thats a great point. It did ask me to stop recording ron and i did i did see that a couple times yeah, but i dont remember doing it every time but uh i like recording. So we will, we will review the footage and uh and – and you know, get the get the complete skinny on that, but i do got to make a confession guys.

You know i i flew at sunset and i did kind of you know pixel peep or whatever, on the computer, on on the images and and the video and i mean uh. I love my mavic 2 pro. You know i really do, but you know i keep it down the video i mean just on one look and i didnt do anything special. I just filmed it on. You know regular mode or whatever the video does look better guys. Yeah you dont, like dont, talk too loud. Your mavic 2 might hear you yeah yeah a lot of magnitude. We are all just waiting for your sunset, slash sunrise, videos and i got i got a decent one tonight too again, i didnt do anything, fancy just a doctor, auto and everything and uh i mean, and even the the i looked at jpegs and jpegs. They look better too than than the mavic 2 pro or the air 2s. So i mean you know. I know a lot of people wonder about the high price of this and uh. You know i know outside the camera, everythings kind of an incremental upgrade its a little faster. It flies a little further. Actually, its got much better battery life, not just a little bit, but the camera youre going from you know a one inch sensor drone to a micro, four thirds, which is which is a considerable increase in in the camera hardware and what it takes, and just that Alone is probably um.

You know more than half the price bump from the previous generation mavic 2 pro just again, this camera isnt, just slightly better its not like you, went from a like a you know, a a one, a one over two six sensor to a one half. Is this a substantial bump, not just a point bump so um and you could the proofs in the pudding? You can look at it the first, your first video out. You can see the difference. Oh i did. You know its like im gon na put my first video together tomorrow. I didnt have time today because i was working but uh, because we kept me too busy on uh gavin on drove nationally. I was gathering on drone nation last night. That was a great show guys you need to go back and watch it. That was that was a fantastic show and and demarco got got taken to the cleaners with his pick last night. Well, i mean we could get somebody to come in and make the easy picks but demarco he he hes hes. He picks the team is already down a couple touchdowns. It goes with thats. What i mean hes feels in his forecast hes stuck with his conviction, didnt. He ron yeah well whats that thing he uh steve jobs, said at one time about something you you know your conviction or something like that, but anyhow yeah uh, but yeah. We know it was great yeah, yeah uh, but anyhow um yeah bill youre right, the niners man.

I i went down just watched that last quarter and another. Just i mean it was like, like old style pittsburgh football from the 70s. They just got too physical for the rams. They were taking match. Mouth, just smash smash mouth, you remember the old steel curtain stealers they they got physical with the opponents like they should have got physical. Like we said last night on that uh what uh uh you know goal line or whatever, instead of getting physical pittsburgh, they got. They got fancy throwing those three passes in a row. They thought there was a pretty boy team out there, huh dont even go there. That was just that was atrocious. That really was actually thats, like you said they got that what 230 40 pound rookie running back from he should have saw. The ball. He should have saw three carries only to do one yeah, oh yeah. He had over 100 yards that night. He was running, the offensive line was cooking. Why not? You know, i know we died right here. We i just pulled a joe scarborough on that morning. Show and just disrupt the whole show with a football talk. Sorry folks crack the drones back to drones. I got ta say this ron gave me an excuse to pick it up. I just enjoy holding the damn thing, so, oh god yeah yeah im getting better at uh at managing the uh. You know the holster here you know yeah i got it.

I got my own holster down, but im im figuring out, you know better ways, and you know what i like about this is i just drop in any camera bag. With this thing, when i dont have to worry about, you know the uh props getting bad or anything, i just threw it in a like an all purpose: camera bag. It took out an act, the same camera bag. I put the all tel evo uh, uh uh. Two pro in because its kind of like rem that reminds me of this drone more than any others. As far as the wide base and uh you know the long, the the evo two pro has long uh propellers like this does so ron. You make a good point uh, so you having flown them. Both i mean. Can you give us just kind of a feel of uh, just kind of a 50 000 foot view of how you feel the flight controls? How are they very similar? I mean uh. You know i i cant tell you out of the box, because ive tuned, my um evo 2, pro to my own likings and i cant really recall exactly how full of the box, but this one i didnt tune at all. I just flew out of the box. Im gon na definitely change the settings theres a few things i didnt like about the way you know it handled again, its all its like the. What do you like for chevy better? What i said what i like? How i think it should fly doesnt mean anything to anybody else, but uh yeah yeah, i i you know it kind of feels like the same bird, a little bit uh.

You know i think theyre about the same like with, but the evo2 is a little heavier and, and somebody released a if somebody sent me this video, i forget, maybe youll enjoy nature, maybe private it was some video of somebody in the eastern european language saw, and It wasnt uh. What do you call subtitles? I couldnt hear all the words but a guy compared the low light uh video from the evo 2 pro and the mavic 3. and boy. It was darn, close uh. You know like uh. It wasnt that big of a separation yeah – we were just talking about right at the very top of the show about the video that dobo just put out. Oh, i didnt see it yeah cannon 808 state got together and they did it. Oh yeah yeah interesting yeah. I mean i was on the road all day today. I just got home just got home in time to get like my first flight in, but i think ill be around more to marzo ill definitely get another. I only got one battery so ill get one foot, but i did get one long flight in today. It is like that extra five minutes, or so you get out of this – is uh. You know nice and im jumping suddenly. So you talked about uh, uh, 808 state and hes a big all time. Man. Somebody sent me this message if the if the evil, if the, if the all time nine plus, is advertised in 28 minutes flight time i mean hes, somebody would say, were hoping.

He gets 20 minutes and is 20 minutes flight time acceptable in this in his day and age or whatever even from a mini drone a guy and i understand it, may have obstacle voids, it actually works, but i mean id rather not have the obstacle woodens and Have like 30 minutes of flight time it uh! You know what do you guys think about that good point ron i yeah yeah. That is a real good point. You know um yeah, you know you want. You know there has to be heres heres. Let me let me go this: go back, go back here, a little bit with a spark. Okay, you know you were you were darn lucky to get 15 minutes out of the spark all right you dont youd have to have zero win to get 15 minutes. Yeah. Okay, well yeah, you were you, were you were pushing. You were pushing the outer edge of the envelope, as they say to get 15 minutes out of the spot in that day that wasnt terrible it didnt stay right, hey that wasnt, terrible right and now fast forward. Okay, like with the mini two, i can get maybe 24 25 minutes yeah with even under some, even under mixed conditions. You can you can get that out, yeah yeah, so i i would think for me for a mini drone and im gon na go by. You know the leader dji, you know, i think you should get at least a solid 25 minutes out of a mini drone.

You really should or or or darn close yeah. I worry that the nano plus get advertised in 28 minutes means its more like its gon na 20 minutes, youre going to be lucky, um, yeah, thats kind of not acceptable anymore, thats, more or less thats, the anoffice flight time yeah yeah and its a its a Whole different kind of drone, it really is and and im hoping its, not the case. Well, the features that the feature set on there, i think, is what theyre kind of focused on because ron. You know this, how many and and really in that category of drone. I dont know why its such a big deal, but people really focus on that tracking boy. They really want uh tracking uh, and i guess, if youre going to have tracking, you almost have to have obstacle avoidance. So i mean a good point: marcus is making here to get all those bells and whistles in there um its good. It takes a lot of uh, you know, horsepower well say or drug power to do all that and that – and maybe that time, maybe theyre being honest with that time, rather than saying 35 minutes when they and they know thats, not the iceland anyhow im glad marcus Has pre ordered it for us so uh he will. He will be able to do a uh runtime test on it before uh. You know, i put my uh my dollars down.

Well, you know one of the things i was going to say about this too. Is you know, and i have no idea what the menus are going to look like or anything on the nano plus? But you know there could be a way to shut off the obstacle, voids and shut off, obviously shut off the tracking and have it not consume that battery. So that may be a possibility, i i hope, thats. I hope that youre able to do that. Yeah – hey! I want to bring up one more point we were talking about comparing before we get off of the comparison between the evo 2 and the mavic 3. Our friend ross langdon changed his mind and he bought. You know. We know hes a big uh, autel fan, yeah and and he uh he went to the dark side. Yeah yeah, he brought well hes a hes had dji drives yeah yeah yeah yeah were just giving a hard time, yeah yeah, but but but he bought a mavic 3.. So its gon na be really interesting to see his comparisons with the two drones because he has so much experience with that autel evo uh, pro 2 pro uh, that you know just well just see what he comes up with between the two yeah id like to Do a comparison someday video quad compared but thats down the road. For me, i want to put this mavic 3 through his paces and not compare it to other things right away.

I just want to right away. I just wanted to stand on his own as a good drone right and ill get to the comparisons down the road well and and plus. I think where i appreciate where youre coming from ron is number one. You want to learn how to fly that mavic 3 and you want to learn its idiosyncrasies and stuff before you yeah before you go down that road. I i totally get that yeah yeah, so um yeah. So you know i i i did a you know. I did a screen quarantine because i didnt have time to set up. Like a you know, b, roll camera and i kind of made some observations on the um on the. When i get it added and put out, i made some observational things, some stuff, some things that surprised me some things i didnt know about. So where are some surprises today? Fine, i dont mean bad surprises. I mean, like you know mostly good surprises out there. So uh i i do know that i i like heres, something i like uh and uh that it has zoom. Of course it has zoom in the video marcus. You know showed that greatly in his first video, but it also has zoom in photos which we dont get that from the air 2 series. We only get that from the mini series or the mini 2. uh. So, but this has a zoom in photos. But when you use a zoom in photos, you could no longer take uh bracketed photos because you could turn on um.

You know jp jpeg plus for all, and then you can bracket your photos where you can take either three or five exposures. But when you go to zooming um yeah, because it does the same thing like i said about the 4k60, it turns i think, all that off and you just get a a generic jpeg zoom in which im not saying thats bad ill. Take any zoom in photos but um its good to see some zooming in there marcus. Well, hey! I see jeff boyd in the chat, so we always talk about uh. How perfect uh dji drones are he had to take. He had to take one of his his original m3 that he bought. He had to return it to best buy because he had a qriket horizon on it. So what but the cool thing is they just handed him? Another drone, and you know, as we all say, dji is not perfect. Nobodys perfect its just that djis a little bit closer than most of the competitions at that point, but but theyre not perfect. A lot closer. Well, you know i i mean you know i mean i cant speak to all, but a lot of evo evo 2. Pro owners uh its not a whole lot of complaints going on among evo 2, i mean theres, always some outlaw. I know um whats, our friends name. He lives in california, hes changed his channel name unless he had to return like three or four because he had cracking oh thats right and decide there whatever.

So so i mean there are people that have issues, but i mean generally, you know most people i talk to like 808 state and ross and so on a lot of evo2. You know they. We dont really have a a whole. I mean we all have our firmware complaints either things should be fixed or better whatever, but big things like crooked horizons and and and falling out of the sky and losing you know connection i mean thats, not uh. You know its not rampant in the evo ii pro community, so um, you know. Well, you know its always good and you bro. You brought up a good point. Um, you know, with jeff being able to get his at best buy um. You know have a brick and mortar store to be able to take it back to. I think that thats important, unfortunately, for me, all right, it was going to be the way things are in the state of florida, and i talked about this last night on drone nation. Excuse me when i ordered mine, everything looked good and then the next day i got an email from best buy. That said, estimated uh delivery or at the store was going to be november 24th and im like no. I saw the same timeline when i was gon na order from best buy bill. No, so i went ahead and i decided to go ahead and get mine from um from dji, and i also you know i had some dji credits as well too so um.

You know so that kind of and plus they were super. I you know i got to say this. I ordered it tuesday. It was sitting. I got it at 10, oclock 10 a.m. On thursday morning, okay, it was fast, it was real yeah and as far as repairs, i mean im sure you guys have seen russ server 51 drones video. He crashed his mavic 3 already, but he did get the dji camera fresh and theyve upgraded the program. Now to where um, when he set the drone back as soon as they took uh shipment return shipment of his drone, they immediately shipped a new unit out to him, so he didnt have to wait for a repair or anything like that. He immediately had a new drone away as soon as they had his old one in their hands. So thats great. That just brings up the point: did you guys? Did you guys order uh care refreshing? I did get care. I got one year of character phrase. You know almost have to see it. Russs video, you know thats, you know again im gon na go ahead and do that i didnt i havent done it yet. Im gon na go ahead and do it because you know i was i was like. I was waiting for my bonus and i hope i didnt let the time go because i know you havent. I think its 48 hours 48 hours bill and i im toast well, but but no, no, i dont think you need to fret yet because they do have a system uh if youre beyond that 48 hours.

But they make you take pictures of the drone because they want to know that its yeah yeah, so i think well, do it but bill. I did the same thing and ive been having, especially after talking to ron ive been having those same kind of second thoughts. I was mad, let me just im just going to be straight forward. You know ive got that dji select membership and in the past theyve always given you a discount on uh care refresh for that and and they didnt on the air 2s and they didnt on this. So i kind of just threw a little fit. I said well by god: im not going to order it well now im kind of regretting it well, theres, always uh theres, always an allstate, yeah state farm state farm. I thought thats, you ron and theres. Also, a program at best buy about a best buy, but i dont know yeah, im im, definitely gon na go ahead, see i got ta call my state farm agent up its um, its called personal articles policy, its available in every state except california and my premium For the year is like 75, and you know whats nice with them, they replace it. No questions asked and wait for a repair too yeah yeah if its preparable theyll pay for the repair, yeah theyll pay for the repair, which is fantastic, 75 bucks for the year. I mean care refresh is: is a little pricey now? Okay! Yes, it is yes yeah, so its like its not cheap bill.

Youre right, you know its through 2′ for the uh. You know the mavic 3, of course, its all based on the cost of the drone. Of course, the care refresh for the mini is a lot cheaper, whatever right. Well, one of the use cases for me, and one of the things i was kind of excited about with this drone – is that 360 obstacle avoidance. I want to use it and i want to use it for tracking, and i want to do that kind of stuff. Well, if i, if im going to put the drone in that kind of a situation, i probably do want some kind of insurance on it. So anyway, imagine repair if you had to pay for yourself. Imagine the repair bill on that gimbal because everybodys crashed has had you know, gimbal damage because and thats the point. Another great big heavy gimbal sticking out there. So you probably you know repairing that gilmore, probably the cost of like uh. You know an error 2s or something half the cost of the drone right yeah. I had heard that if, if, if you need to replace the camera its eleven hundred dollars, okay sounds right: thats right a fly more air, 2s kit. Yeah, really, i mean you know: thats youre buying yourself a whole new drone right there with that so yeah that that does pay for itself um, especially if youve had accidents before or you know, youre pro youre prone to to that kind of stuff yeah.

I wouldnt hesitate to get, and folks even and you marcus knows this too, when you hit that if you only get one years worth before that one years over dji will contact you and try to convince you to get another year. So, just because you dont get two years right off the bat doesnt mean you wont, have a chance to get that yeah second year, as as your anniversary approaches marks like been hounded by the me too uh previously for, for you, know, uh extending work for extending It yeah, hey, jeff floyd is saying that theres a snake river flyer policy jeff. I send me that uh their website id like to its like that commercial with aaron rodgers in those guys, you have to ask you had a special discount. You have to ask for it: yeah yeah, exactly you know, right there, aaron rodgers and the kansas city, quarterback and theyre all in it. Oh yeah ive seen that commercial yeah thats a good thats, a good one, absolutely yeah. So i got a call. I got to call myself lauras yeah. There you go and bill grace is saying: state farm insurance is cheaper than yes yeah, it sure is bill yeah. Now let me about this is sure its okay. So say you got. You got your state farm or whatever other regular insurance, and you crash it and theyre gon na do the full pair now. Is that a deal where you have to wait? Uh like slow roll like a week or so for them to get that check out to you.

No, i heard air i mean from what ive talked to ive talked to them. People say its usually within 24 to 36 hours. They get you a check, okay, okay. So its pretty fast yeah, its pretty fast for response so and people have said now, ive talked to somebody who she used to be my repathy at the agency and shes kind of she started her own agency and shes exclusively covered drones here in the tampa area. Oh yeah and and shes with state farm and thats all she does and its a you know, theres a lot of drone flyers down here. Where we are, i mean you know, because you know one of the things i looked into doing what kens doing you know like either real estate or roof inspections, or things like that. The market is just. It is just on top of each other. Its crazy people will will cut you off for 25 bucks. You say you have to do the job for 20 yeah yeah, so its its ridiculous. What what let me tell you, what those other drone companies dont know is that our friend uh matt cundiff is entering the commercial drone world and yeah, and when they see the quality of the product, he puts out theyre going to kick all the rest of them To the curb, oh absolutely theyre, gon na go theyre gon na find a new line of work. Thats it yeah, oh yeah yeah, so you know its.

You know, and one of the things i wanted to talk about a little bit was. I was impressed and correct me if im wrong guys. Okay, now i look now i recorded my. I ive only done one video on it at 4k 30. and i and i got to say this – i was impressed with how sharp the details were. I mean it was like really sharp and im trying to compare it to what and now my previous last flight was with the air 2s up there at 4k30. Okay, it was as sharp or even sharper like the details, um being able to see things the same altitude. I mean it really impressed me how sharp it was. Jake sloan already did a comparison, video and he you know and what he showed the mavic 3 did. Look substantially better than the air 2s in a lot of scenarios and im not disagreeing with jake at all, but hes the expert, but just when i saw one one flight today, one you know 25 minute flight today to me it it. It looks. Every clip. Look better than i got for the air heir to us at the same location, so uh just that, based on off all one time, but again you know were. Were you know this is uh. This is the uh panasonic lumix gh5, like a famous uh micro, four thirds, uh camera shoot stills, but its known as the video camera.

So now you know im kind of like you know. This is kind of on the same. You know the same image say same size, not the same sensor but the same size as this so thats. Incredible that this has the same. You know image size as this kind of like you know, semi pro uh, you know dsr video camera, so that is that is amazing. That is amazing, ron thats a great comparison. Thank you for bringing that up and real quick. I know you mentioned this on the show last night, but you have charging issues. You know you have the same base kit as i do and i, when i got home tonight, i plugged the drone. In the same thing it went i took, i think i took it down to 19. It charged up to a hundred percent in an hour and a half so um. I i think the issue may just be related to your drone. I think its in and marcus – and i were talking about a little bit before you joined us tonight, and one of the things im kind of narrowing it down. I think its the charger, because i checked the batteries and the batteries are still after i charge them still at 100 percent, both of them and when i, when i, after my first flight, it went down to what i expected it to do after a 20 minute Flight, okay, um it depleted to to the point where it looked like it actually made sense, and – and i could see that in terms of the percent use, so i feel pretty confident that theres something with a charger now.

What i did was ive pinged dji and their latest question was they asked me? What was the temperature in the room that you were charging, so i told them? It was 73. It was 50 outside at night 80 during the day, but also to ask them this. I said: is there a possibility that it could be the charger? So i what im hoping for is if they say yes, go ahead and swap out your charger im hoping, and i really hope this is the case. We could just swap out the charger, because if you guys remember when i got the air 2s with the fly more kit, the charging base, the pins were bent in it and they wanted me to send everything back and im like so i just kind of swallowed.