How is everyone doing uh lets see? We got johnny drone flyer in the house: leonard oglesby uh, stephen ewing, ted, dr ted bulman, steve mack, um, drone shots and b wayne. All right got a lot got a lot to talk about tonight. Um just wanted to get kind of well well start out im, but you know you know were start out with news and updates and ill give you guys an update on me im doing great uh. You know it it thats all thats 100 im doing great. I want to thank you for all your support and well wishes and prayers and great thoughts and all that, because its made a world of difference for me uh truly, i i kid you not. I kid you not about that. Um its made all the difference in the world. I want to thank all you guys for that. Thats thats thats, been thats, been pretty tremendous for me. Um. We actually do have a lot to talk about tonight and i got something from all three sources here, believe it or not. Um, you know were gon na were gon na dive into this, got something from a different source tonight that i thought you guys would really enjoy um. You know, and of course you know last but not least, were going to talk about the hubs and zeno mini pro update, which yeah so well well get to that here in a little bit um.

You know one of the first things that i wanted to talk about here. Let me see if i can im going to bring up, got to bring up the article here um. You know this. One actually really surprised me here, um, you know i. I know um ron braun our resident expert here, along with marcus, but ron has a autel evo too. Okay, and you know one of the things that they did was they added geo, fencing and yeah lets go ahead. Im going to look at the article on drone dj and then were going to read a little bit about it and then well talk about it here. Okay, let me go ahead and share my screen here with you guys all right, autel, robotics, add geofencing to evo2 through firmware update, um autel, robotics launchers, new firmware and app versions for autel evo2 um through the new firmware update, autel brings geofencing and a range of Other new features to the drone, its important to point out that autel will only send you geo, fencing warning notifications and will still allow you to take off unless the country in which you fly requires hotel to restrict you not the end of the world yet, but It does open the door for the faa to impose restrictions on autel, pilots um, you know, and then they talked about a number of other updates, which you can read at your leisure and by the way everything that were going to talk about tonight was posted out On build a drone, reviewer, facebook, page and group so feel free to go ahead and check those links out.

I just want to let you guys know about that. Okay, so you know, and and theyre talking about airspace regulation database update in order to continue to provide users with a safe flying experience. Weve implemented a compulsory, no fly zone database update this update will be uploaded to your aircraft. It will allow users in countries with no fly zone, laws and regulations to apply for a waiver, if required by the local government. In addition, with updates to the database, customers will have the latest information regarding the local airspace. We believe this will assist users in executing saver flights in, according with local laws and regulations, okay, um and then theres theres, a video which you guys can can watch at your leisure. Regarding this and yeah um. Well, you know i i. What can i say i mean they were the last hold outs um. You know, as far as far as thats concerned among the among the really big drone manufacturers im, not talking hubsan or femi or anybody. But you know interesting to say the least and im sure were going to hear more about that. But it doesnt prevent you from taking off, so it gives you a warning so well see thats, opening the door and theres a lot of stuff coming from from that, i mean a lot of stuff here. Maddies drone word welcome steven ewing, autel and geofencing no more freedom ahead for them. The advantage of the evil may disappear very soon.

Steven ewing, excellent point um. You know i know thats why a lot of people bought the atl evo one and also the evo ii, is that there was no geo fencing and now, when you know – and you can always not do the firmware update. But of course they have a lot of other goodies in there that you probably want to get so. You dont really have a choice and uh yeah, so its youre in a catch 22 here yeah. So what can i say? I was kind of surprised to see that, but you know you may have seen dji drone in a box. There are so many jokes that could go with this im, not even not even gon na go there um, yeah theres, so many so many here, but lets go ahead and im going to bring this article up because i thought um, you know this is dj, has Obtained a and a patent for this and and lets go to this and lets look at the diagram. Of course, you know a cedar lev lets lets give him cut him. Some slack hes been posting some pretty decent stuff. Okay, um hes kind of calmed down with this, but uh lets go ahead and read it. You can see the picture here. A couple of posts on twitter, combined with inconsistent wonders of google, translate indicate that dji has obtained a patent for a drone in a box solution. This is a key feature for conducting automated beyond visual line of sight.

Inspections having a drone in a box or dock system can really open up the doors for numerous use case scenarios. Drones can be dispatched on automated missions, such as infrastructure, inspections, surveillance and more all. By software alone, with a human monitoring, the mission and now, according to two different tweets from two well known sources, dji has a patent on its own version of the technology. The news comes from well known sources, acetylav and kanshaji, both tweeted. These images, which appear to indicate after finally originally 2017 dji, has been granted a patent for this device. Um patent description. This application provides a base station and charging system for drones. The base station 100 includes a housing. An apron on top of the housing includes a first protective cover and a second protective cover. The first protective cover and the second protective cover can rotate towards each other and gradually approach or turn back and gradually move away, corresponding to close or open the protective cover. Okay and then they have a thing about the skydio dock, which is basically excuse me, which is basically the same thing: okay, um god, allergies, scottyodox. Basically, the same thing here is this: so and once again this is an enterprise business type solution, this isnt something for for consumers, but i still wanted to go ahead and point that out, because i thought it was thought it was noteworthy here and you know its Something anything acetylene always causes a stir, and you know hes hes bringing up bringing up some news, and i think this was important enough to go ahead and share with you guys to make you aware of this um.

You know and its good things, because beyond visual line of sight, flying is coming, which is a good thing, and you know lets lets hope. This leads to good things, all right, not only for the for businesses, but for us as well too. I think thats a good, i think, thats a good thing. I think thats definitely a good thing here. All right, let me get on to um there theres another one, another article i want to share this. One is from my good friend, sally french, the drone girl and the articles called why drone photographers need a bigger sensor. Okay, all right and theres a theres, a myriad of jokes there, but were not were not go, were not going to go there as far as as far as thats concerned: okay, um, okay, now the article talks about when it comes to sensor size, bigger, is better. If youre getting a drone for photography purposes, the one with the most important specs to consider is sensor. Size worry less about transmission range or battery life that should have little bearing on photo quality or even the types of photos you take worrying more about sensor. Size is thatll differentiate, a photo that looks nice from an uber high quality photo that really pops um and she gets into what a sensor does. Most of you know this: okay, low light photos and weve talked about that um a number of times um. You know, especially the mavic 2 pro, with its low light capabilities and the sensor that it has on it its just outstanding, especially during sunsets, its its incredible um with a larger sensor.

You typically also be able to generate larger pixels. Pixels are responsible for absorbing light. Producing electric signal, which is then converted into a digital image or photo bigger pixels, can absorb more light, creating a stronger image signal which is ultimately just saying a sharper crisper image. Okay, now you know what drone should i consider? Air 2s has a dji phantom 4 uh advanced mavic 2 pro mavic air 2 mini 2. Okay problem with a larger sensor, bigger, is better, so its a problem also means a bigger burden. On your wallet, larger sensors mean your drone will cost more. It also means the drone itself is generally bigger. For example, the phantom 4 pro is incredible for photographers and hasnt won any sensor, but its also big and bulky. The phantom 4, in its case on its own, will count as one of your carry on bags its possible to fold up the phantom 4, the size of a water bottle: okay, uh mavic, 2, pro um and then its its gon na its gon na change. From here on out, but i think this is an article if you know, if youre looking for a drone uh amongst considerations, you know – and i think one of the important things here and i think this is something that everybody needs to needs to kind of focus. On with this is what do you buy a drone for okay, you know what what what? What are we doing these for? Okay, im, michael wright, welcome glad to see you tonight, jakes drone life uh, see who else uh, demarco moore, welcome, uh glad youre here tonight.

My friend um, you know lets face it guys were out there buying a drone. Okay – and you know yes, we love to fly all of us love to fly okay, but the bottom line is we want to go out and get that picture that you can only get from 125 feet all right uh. We want to get that video that you can only get from 125 feet all right and you know in it with the long and the short of it. Okay, distance real. I mean you know so many people harp on distance and you see the better video the most viewed. Videos are the ones that do the range test: okay and im not going to say anything about that, all right, all right, if you you know, you may be in a position and heres. My thing with this and sally had a good article and a good point with this. You know, and one of the things that i want to say is this: you want to be able to get to close to what, if you know, if youre planning a shot. Okay, you want to be able to get close to your object as possible. For example, you know when i went down the sunshine skyway bridge um about a year or so ago, with um about probably about a year and a half ago now with uh original double kendano and valerie, and i we went down. You know we picked a point at you know where the it it at a rest area.

That was closer than the point that i did when i tried made my first attempt with this. Okay, because you know one of the things you want. You want to be able to still be able to get that shot. You want to be able to get back, okay, its its no no darn good. You go out there, you film it you shoot it. You get the photographs. Okay, yeah! I know you can record your s, you know record it to your phone and all that, but you know what guys you know what if your drone goes, goes bye bye, you lose all that all right, you know, so you want to try to get to. As close to your subject as possible, especially if youre planning it okay and you should be able to okay, you know theres a lot of things that are unplanned and stuff, but you know getting a sunset, usually its unplanned, but youre, probably up there and wherever you Are youre gon na get a good shot? Okay and thats? Why you know shes right, bigger is better in terms of the sensor size and, of course, youre going to pay more money for that. So you know thats just some kind of some things that you know. I think are good in the long run, for you guys to know uh, you know and and and bank this in there. Okay, you know its. Not always you know how you know how far i can go uh.

You know now now one thing that im not going to disagree with sally on this, but i think transmission is important as well too, because you know youve seen on on a drone like the fema. All right now were talking all dji drones here, but on a drone like the fema, you know, transmission would walk out on me at a certain point in the lake, where theres probably a lot of interference, you know and you want a drone like dji, its really Kind of you know, i wont say immune, but you dont often get interference with them. Okay, marcus is in the house, hey marcus, um. You know you, you want a drone that youre not going to have. You know to have problems with okay, and you know every time i put that pimi x8 sc 2020 id go down that other on the like boom lost a signal boom return to home, okay and id beat the other on the lake. Itd be fine. You know you cant fly a drone just like that. You want to be able to fly a drone pretty much anywhere. You know within reason that you can its not restricted. So you know thats that thats huge, that is absolutely huge. Range tests are useless. Get your shot and get out johnny drone flyer. Thank you. Youre 100 right, you know range test. You know my car is faster than your car. Okay. My car gets me from point a to point b, comfortably with air conditioning: okay, its thats and safely thats.

What i want in the car you know im not looking im not looking to to do 125 miles an hour to get to my doctors appointment, although sometimes i need to because i leave late, no im just kidding you, you guys know what i mean: okay, um, Just taking a look at the chat here, it seemed seeing seeing what we got here: okay, um – this is another article and i dont have a banner for it, but i do want to talk about this here and um. This is a real interesting subject now, like i said, i didnt get this article from drone dj or um drone, xl or or sally french. I got this from model aviation magazine now. Model aviation magazine is published by the ama um and and its and its an incredible resource. Okay, and i would highly recommend that you guys get to be uh, you know get a membership in it and let me hold, let me hold the actual issue up here. Okay, all right there. It is all right – and this get in and its on and its online as well too, but i def, i always like to have the print version, its kind of nice. You know, especially in bed at night, being able to read this okay. This is, this is good stuff all right now, one of the things and and im you know id love to play clip, but i dont want to.

I dont want to get in trouble. Okay, you know youve watched, i i know you guys watch the rc sailors. Okay, all right – and i love those guys theyre fantastic, all right, one of the things that they do all the time is, somebody is flying and drone trailing them. Okay, whatever plane that theyre up and up and flying there theyre playing nate is flying okay, they have a drone up there. Well, we got. This is an incredible article that i wanted to share with you guys: okay, because um, i think, theres a lot of opportunity here. Um, remote aerial photography platforms is what this article is called. A one veteran pilots perspective now um, you know he talks about. This is and theres a link and ill drop, a link in the description after the show tonight um and he talks about his background as an rc pilot and then what he does in here. Um, you know um, ap plus, is and thats what. What hes referring to as ap is is the um is a regular drone platform. Okay, onboard gps allows it to hold its position with no sticks. Stick inputs implied, has multiple build built in fail, safes to help prevent damage and loss buy and fly capability was a short shallow learning curve. Batteries are typically smart. Self monitoring, discharging multi axle gimbal virtually eliminates jittery footage. Gimbal mounted camera can usually be aimed straight down. Can also shoot still photos.

Okay, now talks about ap minuses, limited maximum horizontal speed precludes filming tracking faster models in flight uh proprietary batteries are expensive. Repairs typically require a return to the manufacturer. Geofencing can prevent pilots from flying in many areas, limited options if a pilot prefers to use goggles. Okay, no one stop right here now you guys know what im talking about here is a chase drone chasing quote: unquote, you know playing up in the air all right and done for the purposes of videography. You know, like the rc sailors, do and theres other lots of other channels that do this. Okay, i think its absolutely cool and in realize it is probably one of the most difficult flying is, whether i say part 107 or hobbyist that you can do, because you have to remember. Okay, you want to try to stay in sync with that plane and a lot of these planes can top out at some pretty insane speeds well over 100 miles an hour okay, so obviously, even at 60 miles an hour, its still a stretch for a lot of These drones to catch up like what 40 miles an hours top speed on a lot of the dji drones, so you know its its going to take a lot to to for these drones to catch up to this now, the other thing here: okay, it talks about Fpv pluses now one of the big things i just talked about speed maximum speeds of 100 plus miles an hour.

Allow success. Powered aircraft to keep up with faster models can be used to shoot cinematic quality aerial media uses, affordable, mainstream lithium chemistry, batteries, repairs upgrades can be made by pilots average technical abilities not impacted by geo. Fencing limitations. Minuses will not hold position when sticks are neutralized. Camera can only be aimed straight down via a power diet, potentially steeper learning, curves programming and flying no camera gimbal. Getting smooth cinematic footage is dependent on a pilots. Skill gps, fail safe, is more complex to configure, cannot shoot, still photos okay, so this kind of gives you a take. Looking at looking at a regular drone and looking at fpv drones, you know which one would be better: okay, its kind of obvious from reading this here, which one would be better and you know, ive looked at ive watched, so many videos that obviously theres a drone Up in the air chasing them, okay, um, one of the things that this works really well for is powered. Regular control sail planes, okay, which i have one. I havent put it together yet, but you know thats one of the things and you know one of the things you know. If you get obviously um, you know hes talking about the mavic pro um typical flight duration in 20 minutes couple of compatibility with dji goggles. No need for any connecting cables, um thats, what he used for his ap platform, um and theres. A number number of things here in this article that you can take a look at okay conclusion, although media capable fe drones, cannot offer always on stability of a multi axle, gimbal equipped ap drone its nonetheless possible to generate amazing in flight media using them pilot skill Set and death touch on the sticks, the defining elements when it comes to shooting quality, aerial media using fpv drones.

Um pilots who place a premium on acquiring buttery, smooth, stable cinematic quality. Video will probably want to use an ap drone. There are veritable aerial, tripods and a pilot can almost set it and forget it. They can also be used to capably track both ground air based subjects. Although the maximum lateral speed can be a limiting factor. Okay and again theres going to be a link to this article, and i highly suggest you guys read this and becoming a member of the academy of model aeronautics. Okay, there are a host of benefits, including liability insurance, which is fantastic and check up on that on their site, its, i think, its still only 75 a year, its a huge bargain, okay plus potentially – and you know i dont – know if you could end up charging For something like this for a part, 107 pilot um, and if the fields would allow it these ama sanctioned fields would allow you to do something like this. That would be fantastic. Okay, theres an opportunity there for an untapped business. I think, okay, i think thats a great opportunity for that and and i i would highly recommend getting an ama membership and it will tell you when you get on their website. It will tell you all the fields that are around you um their ama sanction, and you want to go to an ama sanctioned field, the one thats by me. They have paved runways, they have they have a nice picnic area, shelters there, electricity ample parking its its several acres, its huge its its its a great place, probably going to go up this weekend and take a take, a look at it and check it out here And obviously, im gon na prob im.

If theyll, let me im gon na shoot some video of it just to give you guys a flavor of what it actually what its like, and i think now you know memberships in these clubs are. Are you know to pay for these paved runways, uh and nice facilities costs a pretty good coin, okay, 200 up front and then 125 each year for your membership, so its actually 325, your first year 125 after that um, you know it would be five dollars to Get valerie to join as well. They have social events, they have a lot of things going on, especially on the weekends like during the week, its a breeze to go up there and fly, but saturday and sunday are always packed so um. So this is something to keep in mind. You know you know everybodys wanting to do real estate. Photography or you know, power line inspections. You know using your part, 107 kind of a thing or you know, wedding photography or something a lot special events. This is something thats a little bit different okay and its going to require some pretty awesome piloting skills. Okay, if you do fpv its going to require some insane skills, but ap is probably like they talked about aerial platform. Is what that stands for? If you do, you know it it, you got to have some great skills. Youve got to be a seasoned pilot to do it, a part 107 you know and if there are guys up there that have youtube channels and they want to get footage or if they want to get footage.

You know just you know, offer to do that sometime or you know. I always you would want to talk with the president vice president of that club see if they would allow something like that. You know you dont know: okay, it could be they might. They might do it, but they might not. So you know just just give that just give that some thought, but i thought this was. This was a different kind of article, but i saw it today when i was reading through the magazine, and i said you know i want to share this with you guys, because i think i think its important, and i think you guys i want to give you An opportunity, you know yeah its another opportunity for for use your part 107, but its also an interesting thing here, because you know, if you look like nate from um rc sailors. Okay, he has a great channel. He and his wife are on a great channel over there and you know being able to share that. I think is absolutely incredible and awesome, and you know its just something i think would really be beneficial and you should definitely, at the very least, get an ama membership. Okay and then check out some of these fields that are local to you. My field has a facebook page and a group um. You know they are super friendly. Super nice im gon na join them here in a little bit, um really really really like them stay tuned, um, hopefully theyll.

Let me shoot some video of going up there to give you guys a flavor of what its like up there. Okay, i think, thats, i think thats important here: okay, um yeah yeah its time again, the xenomini pro update. I was you know what seriously i i was hoping by now. Ron would have his first video on marcus would have his first video on. I would have my first video out. No such luck. Okay! No such luck! First of all, i want to give you guys an update for me personally now i emailed i, i emailed hubsan us support. Okay, they replied back yeah, i know drum roll. You know shock waves, all that kind of good stuff earths earth shaking. You know they actually replied back good thing, good thing: okay, lets go ahead and im gon na go ahead and share this here, all right, hello bill. Thank you for your inquiry. I cant offer an exact date at this time, but itll start shipping soon. I see your order is scheduled to be shipped on the first batch, which is already completely sold out thanks support team. Okay, now weve been hearing ad nauseam a date of august, the 10th okay um. That has been that thats about as good as it gets. That is about as good as it gets folks, okay, um and look who we have joining us at the perfect time. Mr ron, brown, hello and hello. Everybody in the chat welcome welcome uh folks from uh south jersey here how you doing bill im doing great tonight ron.

How are you doing well, uh? You know we had a kind of overcast day here, but luckily, for me the whole. I know the whole countrys burning up, but its been you know a cooler than usual summer at the jersey shore, for i dont know why well its kind of it was actually kind of on the chilis, i wont, say chilly side. We got a lot of rain today and then the sun came out, but it never really kind of warmed up. It was quite breezy. It was a cold swim tonight up at the pool. When we went up after dinner, it was a little a little on the chilly side, but the hot tub was nice. Well yeah, you probably just saw i had you know i got. I got an email from hobson um. They said mine mines in the first batch, which has already been sold out and ill be shipping soon, and i was just saying just before you join. You know its like. I was hoping by this time id be watching your video or marcuss video or people would be watching mine for the first flight, but here we sit again a week later from last week. Still talking about about this doggone drone, i mean we, you know even uh. What captain, even captain, drone those guys dont have it so i mean yeah yeah i mean we keep talking about its its just its just. You know either theres no drones thats, sending out to the reviewers or theyre just keeping this on total lockdown and and for whatever.

The reason is it. You know it kind of i hate to say it scares you, but it just. You know what i mean: it does kind of concern you right yeah, you know its just. This is probably one of the most and ill use. The word puzzling drone releases ive, seen in a long time, because you know even when you know even with femi, okay, and you know they they put up that that video from what is it? How many me probably probably a thousand feet up at night, and you know, and do all this stuff at least they even had a video okay before before it came out, and here we are okay, a week away, we still havent really seen a video from the Mini pro, you know right and the only person that we know that actually has it is alvary toys and for some reason he only made one video on it. So he again he must be told not to to do anything with it. So i i could think of it, and you talk about your response from hobson and marcus reached out. He got a good response, so apparently the pr people, hubsan must just be told, just tell these people anything they want to hear. Just you know say yes, its coming, you know i dont know for getting any youre getting true feedback because everybody keeps getting you the answer. They want to hear right its exactly right.

You know thats what you know, and this is what i wanted to hear. You know its mines in the first batch, which is a good thing and ill ill be getting it, and you know, and and if its like rick smith said it is okay and if they come out of their east coast. Youll get yours right away, ill get mine fairly soon, you know um, you know who knows when marcus would get his, but i mean if, if theyre doing it, theyre distributing by the east coast, okay, thats gon na thats gon na bode well. For those of us on the eastern seaboard for anybody east of mississippi, though theyre in good shape, yeah yeah yeah, you know – and you know one of the things that im still you know in this big mystery and this big puzzle of things. Okay, you know the the set of features on this drone. You know its its weve talked about it ad nauseam, but you know its its a potential mini two killer yeah, i mean its almost like you know. If we, if you and i sat down and made our wish list up, you know when we make these wishlists up for drone. We go out, they never all happen its like. We sat down and made our wishlist up and they all came true, yeah yeah. Exactly so its like its like, we took a grease board, we wrote things its like its like you and marcus, and i got together had a meeting and we just wrote things on a grease board.

What we want to see in a mini drone, okay, we wrote it all down. Okay and whats. Hubsan do here here here it is okay and its like huh, the only other devices like this. I know youre not into 360 cameras, but its like the insta 360. One x2: you know like that. I that i got earlier this year or a couple months ago. I mean it, has everything in it. I mean they didnt leave one thing out: you know i mean like uh anything you could think of its built in its like its just like were talking about here. Somebody wrote all this stuff in the whiteboard and he said: okay. Well, just put it all in im, not saying it all works like a hundred percent to the max, but its all there yeah yeah. It really is you know, and, and you know and what you know and the other thing here too. Okay, its like all right. You know one trying to up the other one trying to up the other all the time all the time you know its like. Okay, because dji you know, dji has something in the works already for the fall. Okay right right, the the mini the main three of the mini 2s, whatever were calling its already, you know if they havent built yet its its its very far along in the planning stage. Mm. Hmm, exactly you know, um, you know and one one of the things too.

You know with all this. You know you wonder why you know now you know some of the pieces of the bubble of the puzzle here really are starting to make some sense. Okay, um! You know the the fee me rushing their mini out. Okay, it was, it was a rush job. Okay. They got that thing out so fast and made your head spin and you know, like gorilla. Man said you know it wasnt beta testing. It was alpha testing, okay, yeah, everybody who got it was just you know, thats exactly exactly what what it was like. You know, and – and we were the ones that suffered through this okay – and you know i just think for me – okay, i dont want to have to go through this with, with with the xenomini pro okay, i want a drone out of the box, maybe with a Firmware update, okay, im, not im, not saying anything, even dji has that fur update when you first get their new drones. Thats acceptable, mm, hmm yeah, you know one one update is is good for me, thats, something that that that i really like. But you know, on the other hand, you know i dont want to have to do like with a femi like four or five updates and oh yeah horizon tills, taken care of, but uh sort of yeah. Well, we broke into the next update, though so its back to what it was its back to what it was.

We broke it you know and its like. You get tired of that. You know, and i know thats one of the things with the femi x8 sc. 2020 that i got tired of was with a firmware update. It would correct something, but then something else would go wrong. Okay and then theyd correct that and then the other thing would go wrong and you know, and you would try these stop gap measures that would work, but it would only work for just a little bit and then, when you would do the inevitable return to home. You know the horizon tilt sometimes would pop back and be what it should be. You know um, you know i dont know you know its just like you know, im hoping that when the xenomini pro gets here that its pretty much everything everybody says it is now one of the things that i saw today and i want to want to bring Up this picture – and i dont know if you guys talked about this last night or not, was um. Let me see, do i got that picture of this, the dji drone in the box? No, we actually. I talked about that earlier yeah. We we didnt get that that broke like right before the show came up and uh. I think they talked about the chat a little bit and um. You know thats, you know thats mostly enterprise subject. You know you dont get a lot of chatter on yeah theres, not going to be a lot of chatter or worse than enterprise things i mean.

The only good news for us is that the faa is creating waivers to these people to fly um. You know the drone, i guess, beyond line of sight. Yes, it comes down. There is an inspection. Yes, i did see. Okay, i saved this on my other computer, but anyway, okay, um on that, you know that video that came out last week of the xenomini pro that hubsan yeah. Obviously, we want to reveal the memory card slot right right and i was gon na put a picture up that showed that memory card slot, which okay theres a whole other, can of worms without ron. Okay, a whole other can of worms, because you know nobody has said a thing about a memory card, because everybodys been saying its internal okay right. Lo and behold guess what okay memory card yeah! Well, i mean marcus, threw a little shade on last night saying: well, you know maybe its a slot there, but maybe its still, not a memory card slot. Maybe they use the same body for the sce and – and you know that its its a dummy memory card slot anythings possible at this point, but im with you im guessing it really is an sd card slot, yeah, yeah and and and thats a whole. You know thats a whole new ball game here, because with that okay, you know people are like okay, so theres a slot there. You know and have this, but you know theyre telling the feature of having this massive amount of internal storage already on the drone.

Okay and now theres a slot there yeah im going to stop you right there bill, because you know they still may be on top of their gamers, because when it when even a drone like the air 2s came out, okay, everybody loved the air 2s. But what? What you know whats one of the few things the reviewers dating the air to us on this small internal memory of only eight gigs, everybody said it should have had you know it should have had at least 32 up to 64.. So hubsan did do what all the reviewers ding the air 2 s for yeah yeah, you know so so they got this. They got this addressed, which i think is fantastic um. You know, and now the the big question for me has been. Okay is this. You know and now mind you. You know: dji had a little couple of glitches when i tried first using internal storage and trying to get things off there and everything in it, and you had to especially with your windows, computer and all that um. You know i. I you know im not 100 sure, but there was a workaround for it all right and then finally, you know you were able to do that and there wasnt any problems. My concern is we get to it and theres. Really, you know its its a. I dont want it to be a cumbersome process ron. I want to be able to plug my cable in.

I want to see it recognized on my pc, whether its a mac or a pc, and i want to be able to download those right away. I dont want any having to having to do this, or do that i want to. I want to be able to do that. You know kind of a thing. Yeah i mean i can tell you on on the on the back side, the uh, the air 2 and the air 2s, and even the mavic 2 pro the getting the memory off. The internal storage is pretty seamless. It just shows up in your desktop as like. Uh as like an external hard drive – and you just drag the files off yeah, yeah, so im hope im, hoping its gon na be like that im, hoping we dont have you know to deal with. You know any kind of any kind of long procedure or anything. This is a good thing. You brought up here bill because just think, if youre right about this, what that did what if it did not work, what, if you could not get your files off that internal storage? Now we have the memory card slot to say today. If there is an issue bill, yeah yeah, you know thats one that probably isnt. Why? I think, because you said people would have people would have been ready – the ready to protest if, if they couldnt get their um either data off that the internal storage in the uh in the pro mini pro.

Oh yeah, oh yeah, you know, and you know, im trying to bring up. I know where the picture is well. I know where a picture is of it and im and im trying to uh bring that up right now. Um, because i want. I want people to take a look at this im, not sure if everybodys um everybodys seen this picture um. You know, i think you know im im, really hoping this time around im im, hoping that you know through all that you know giving giving hubsan a little grace here. Okay, okay, you know, i understand the deal about the chips and thats, something that was totally out of their control. They didnt have any. They didnt have any control of that. Okay, um im, im, really hoping that this time around. You know that that it is what they say: it is okay, uh yeah, im gon na give them the same kind of uh im still gon na get the best of that. Hopefully, all this extra time theyre behind the scenes tweaking this thing, making sure this thing is – is good to go. Making sure this is, you know, uh, you know ready for the average flyer, you know making sure theyre not putting out a beta product yeah exactly so thats. My great hope, too, that all this time is is going to get us a better xenomini pro on day. One well, i got that image up here. Yeah i stopped the video yeah.

I got that and you can see right there. You know its its its pretty its pretty obvious right there. What that is, and right, um. You know thats just something i think wow. Okay, um well id like to design the back. I like those uh, the sensors where they are in the back, then yes and the battery lights on the back seat. Kind of maybe can maybe see that from the air. If youre close enough, you know, rather than light speed on top, you may be able to have the drill in the air and still know your um. You know, i know your controller tells you but the more ways you can see what your battery life is. The better bill, exactly you know, the more the more is always more is always good and in this instance its the same same same here, you know and having that having that right there i think thats, fantastic um. I saw somebody somebody did see the okay look on the uh, the right off yeah the right arm and see the the big slot where the arm you know where it would claw open and close. You see that uh that big opening there with probably a maybe the black custodians cable, a lot of people, are saying well thats too open like dirt and stuff uh uh could get in there. You know, i think i think, but the arm look very similar on the on the xeno two.

Whatever to that yeah – and you know i dont think hubsan has not had thats something hubsans, never really had an issue with okay um. You know, i know from the original xeno the xeno2 um theyve never experienced that, and you know i havent really seen anybody talk about that. Okay, um, you know and i think thats a thats a pretty valid. You know thats a pretty valid point and you know it is. It is a fairly fairly big opening over here. You know compared to like dji drones, um, you know where its its really its pretty seamless. You dont really see a lot with them, but you know were talking about that nasty serve as also a heat release. Point also bill thats possible ron, thats very possible because you know as youre going forward. You need to have a lot of exit for that heat. As you as you, because its going to be building up a lot of heat, especially if it has the kind of processor that you know we think it has, you know its going to get hot in there and its going to need a way to cool that Down um so its going to need a lot of airflow and the more airflow through there, the better okay, because this is going to be the first consumer drill that i know that has that you know one and one third sensor in it. So its going to be a little bit its going to be smaller than a one inch sensor, but its going to be bigger than the quad bear sensor.

That was in the mavic 2. So um, you know, i guess they they. You know the heat problem will be kind of in between those two chips – yeah, i think so uh you know and and again i really think. I really think that there will be you know. You know there might be some issues with the heat on this. Okay – and you know we im just im – just obviously just conjecturing, because nobody has the drone, yet nobody can really tell, but with that kind of a sensor and that kind of a processing power in this small of a platform. Okay, unless you need all the heat release points they can get on this drill, yeah, exactly ron that you know theyre going to need to be able to release that heat. You know in a very efficient way, um you know, and you know – and i know they did their test when they had their botched um live, show uh. You know as far as as far as runtime is concerned, but of course always thats always a static test, but i dont think youre gon na get if you get 30 minutes with this drone youre doing lucky: okay and thats, probably on a calm day, if youre Gon na have some wind youll, probably get 25 minutes. I would think all right on something like this plus you dont want to push this in sport mode. I dont think, okay, but again because of that heat buildup and things like that, you know i i just i just dont see that happening with this kind of a drum.

But again, you know were just kind of conjecturing here for stuff like this, because unfortunately we dont even have uh. We dont even have a captain drone video that watch the yeah change anything on it, theres nothing out. There were kind of were kind of held in limbo on this, so you know well well see bill what you know any any word yet on whether the uh, the dji mini sce will will, you know, become on for sale in the us at say, walmart or Even through dji online i mean everybody says its gon na happen, its gon na happen, but i mean i, i know that that sounds great and all, but is there any firm dates or information i have ive been looking at when it will be for sale in The us, if ever yeah, see ive been looking ron and i havent seen anything you know you know i, yes, we saw the fcc grand id database and its out there, so you know its a given its going to come out and you know my thinking is This it will hit walmart. I think that i think theyre, probably i think its probably just going to be walmart. I dont even think youll see best buy or dji actually sell this okay, i think walmarts going to be a single point of distribution. More of a black friday type of uh release. Well, i think its going to be sooner than that yeah yeah, because why would they do that? Because if theyre going to release the mini, the mainstream media, three at their same november, say first timeline.

They wont want to have two releases in the same month. Yeah and you know my st – is hardly a. I mean its a release, but its not a release, yeah its its a kind of recycle, an old tech and and and rebranding them for a discount store. Yeah and in here with this one of the things that i think too youre going to have its going to be in a blister pack, okay, which i hate, those blister packs, but its cheap to get those things open its yeah, its a pain in the butt To get those things open, but its cheap for the manufacturer to make that okay um, you know its going to be bare bones: youre not going to have you know, youre not going to get a case, youre not going to get another battery with this youll get The cable you maybe get i dont even know youll – probably get some spare props with it. Um youre not going to get off just one e tray. What one you know one this way, one the other night with a full full set. Proudly, probably you know its going to be bare bones in order to keep costs down and – and you know, if they have a single point of distribution – would all would really help dji in terms of cost okay, because in being able to keep costs down that keeps Profits up, okay, so right if they do something like that.

That makes a lot of sense to just have one point for them, because you know, while its always great for a company to be able to sell things like that, its going to cost them in the long run. Okay and this isnt going to cost dji. You know theyre going to ship all these to walmart walmart. You can either buy it in the store or get it online kind of a thing right. The mark im small. So they need to move a ton of units to make any any profit yeah. So i think thats, i think thats going to be the best bet right and i think dji makes a whole lot of sense by doing doing it. That way, i wanted to get your your opinion on something you know i posted you know. One of the things we talked about earlier was um. I tell in their latest firmware update for the evo 2 added geofencing. What are your thoughts on that? Well, its a controversial subject and im, certainly no expert on but uh you know from if you watch the official ill tell alejandra, i think, is a guy. Does the official all tell training videos he mentions that you know i. I think i think that its only in five countries and the us is one of them and for us in the u.s, its not activated thats, going to prevent us from flying its just going to warn us at this point.

If were near, a geo zone is going to say, hey youre youre within you know a couple hundred feet of the airport. Do you really want to take off type of thing? Um and ive done the update i havent, but i dont live anywhere near. I live in. I live in the middle class, geez id actually get in the car and drive a half mile to get to uh. I mean a half hour to get to the to not non class g, so i havent tested yet but uh. I think what people worry about bill is, though, if someday like you know, the faa set requires internal and its there, so they can tell also no you got ta turn that on now boom its on then people that live either in you know, uh uh. You know non class g or near not. Class g will have the same problems that the dji owners – uh, you know, have have come across so um yeah. You know i i dont know if this is uh ill. Tell voluntarily doing this or somebody from the us government saying hey, you know, were not telling you to put this in, but uh. You know we would really like it if he did put it in there. I you know so. I dont know where this is coming from and i guess some other countries require it too, and some countries havent turned on so um yeah. You know bill.

Do you think going forward any any drone company of any size and im excluding the femis of the world right now or the hubsans, but any any other drone company like youre all tell or maybe skydio or anybody do you think going forward like everybodys going to Have geo zones built into their apps and software yeah, i think thats i mean you know, and i think i think they do autel did this voluntarily um, but i think its coming around the corner that the faa is just gon na put the hammer down and Make them do it too, which, and you know, and the article pointed out a lot of people bought autel because of that fact, because there was no geo, fencing and right now, theyre still right now, theyre still good, they can still take off. They may board them right, but the drill is still going to take off. As far as far as ive read from all the information ive read, drone drone will still take off it. May it may it may bug you that you know youre near youre near a class. You know b, you see something like that, but it will still take off. You can still get your real estate photo yeah, yeah yeah, you know, and and thats and thats a good thing, but you know again, you know this is something thats coming down the pike that you know you kind of knew. This was coming.

You kind of kind of figured it you know, and a lot of people are pretty upset about this and theyre upset about tell you know in my word my my my first thought is this okay, you know if you want you, dont have to do that. Firmware update guys, okay, all right, yeah, well, ive heard other people say its mandatory for more updates. Yeah ive heard some people say its mandatory, like your drone, wont take off unless you didnt. I i dont know that for a fact, ive ive heard that i havent heard that from all tell ive heard that from other people you know okay, but i did mine voluntarily right away. So i i dont know if it would have required me or not, because i wanted to gain the other features that have brought it brought the um the panoramic photos that have brought the uh. You know moving the uh, the speed function to the the the uh. What do you call it? The control buttons or whatever it had enough good stuff, that i was that i jumped right on in yeah, and you know, and – and you know just you know like i said you know its its pretty soon. You know youre gon na find your drone manufacturers like hubsan and femi are gon na have to do the same thing. Okay, its gon na, be its pretty pretty much gon na be mandatory that it be done here in the united states.

Okay, um, you know they. They want to thats just the way it is, i mean thats, just you know, thats, just something that were going to be faced with. I think i, if that, helps us to be an overly restricted in other ways. You know i mean i say i can live with it, but i understand i dont i dont. I live in class g, so its easy for me to say that yeah and and for me, okay, i have an airport thats two miles away, but its not its a its a um doesnt have a tower with it and its a grass runway, so it doesnt Fall, it doesnt fall into that category, so no alerts come up for me at all and im basically class g. Here too so yeah theres no problem. Yeah i mean i, i have an airport just a little over five miles away, but my whole island.