I hope everyone’s doing well we’re going to greet everybody uh michael wright is here. Captain ray kelly is here: leno leonard oglesby uh, mr steven ewing is here it may. It makes my night when that happens. Uh drone shots is here who else we got grumpy vlogger welcome, lloyd and uh that’s all for now that’s what we got we got lined up. We had we got 15 already on board all right. We got a lot got a lot to cover tonight but, like i said i’m going to do something a little different um, you all probably saw but i’m going to go over again. Xenomini dates. Um got some news on that. Just it’s not a lot, but i do have some news on that and i have some. You know we’re going to share some drone news in updates here um, but let me go ahead yeah. I want to get my banner up. Okay, so i know where i’m at okay got some got some updates uh for you, you may have seen um. I posted. I had a ct scan recently and i have a what’s called a splenic aneurysm and the good news is after over a year and a half after it was diagnosed it hasn’t grown and it’s calcified and um. I actually talked was supposed to talk to the doctor. Today but that’s not till tomorrow, so i want to thank all of you who have may have seen that, and i think i might have posted that in the groups as well um.

Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers uh. The other parts of the ct scan were great um, just real, really really pleased and very thankful and again, thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers part. Two of this is, i have to have an mri done and an mri done of my left hip. I think i have what they call a labial don’t ask me: i am not tear it’s, not arthritis, but uh with more activity. It gets worse. When i rest, it gets better um, so we’re going to get that, take, take a look at and it will be an open mri it’s not going to be a closed mri. Yes, i am claustrophobic. Okay, i freely admit that, and unfortunately they have they have the radiology company that i go to has like 25 30 locations around town, but only one that does the open mri and it happens to be right along a busy interstate and all that nah yeah. So we’re gon na get that scheduled. Now i can’t schedule that for two more weeks so um but seat cushion, does a wonderful job and it’s going with us when we go up to ohio we’re, going to ohio uh to celebrate uh eliana’s our granddaughter’s birthday next week, so we’re looking forward to that And i am taking my mavic uh. The air 2s is going up with me, so we’re going to have a lot of fun.

Johnny drone flyer welcome brad alston, welcome um glad you guys are here tonight, um, so yeah, so we’re going to have some fun with that, but i wanted to kind of give you some updates. As far as that’s we’re concerned um, there were a couple of other updates here and i thought i wanted to pass it on um. I found a couple of interesting articles, one on drone, dj and it’s about skywatch data. Okay, uh – and i thought this was this – was kind of telling it’s hard to tell let’s go ahead and get that article up. Okay, um it’s hard to tell data as far as sales for dji, because you know they’re a privately held company. They don’t publish things. So you don’t really know where they’re at okay now uh the title of this article skywatch data reveals dji. I tell skydio market share, escalating and drone escalating drone prices, but one of the things that i kind of wanted to focus on here with this and let’s let’s go ahead and go down here: okay, all right, um! In 2018, more than 94 of all commercial drone pilots using skywatch platform were insuring dji drones. Today, at the end of the first half of 2021, that number has dipped to 87 percent. Drone manufacturers, autel and skydio have emerged as the biggest competitors to dji. In this time period, autel has to claim evo 1 and evo 2. Drones has risen market share from under 1 to more than five percent.

2021. skydio, meanwhile, has become a commercial drone provider of choice for 1.5 percent of skywatch customers in 2021. It’S interesting to see some of these numbers and that it looks like autel and skadio are making some inroads into dgi’s massive market share, but again remember this. Is these are commercial numbers? These are not consumer numbers um so, but i would. I would tend to think, though, that considering you know, looking at the consumer products that autel and the um uh skydio have they probably the numbers are probably, i would say fairly close so very interesting and i wanted to go ahead and get this up now. There was another interesting article, and this was on uh drone xl u.s chopper pilots claim highly customized drone performed like no other. Now this came out the other day. This was a a very interesting article um. The drone appeared to launch from an area about five miles. South of tucson and flew across tucson and over north miranda, the fbi said no one was injured in and no other similar incidents have been reported involving a specific drone. It was obvious that the controller had clear sight of both the helicopters pursuing it by the manner it would orbit us and abruptly fly behind us an attempt to evade our visual contact. The pilot from tucson police wrote in the report. The drone made erratic maneuvers and entered military air sport space at a height of 14 000 feet with speeds of over 100 miles an hour while outrunning both tucson police and cpd helicopters.

According to the report, while a crew thought, the unmanned aircraft’s battery would be depleted during the hour long chase by two police helicopters, it was able to escape and um this article’s on on drone xl, and i invite you guys to take a look at it. Um, just just to kind of kind of let you know you know my thoughts on this. It was obviously this is a home brew kind of drone, okay, this isn’t uh, unless, unless there’s been something crafted that we don’t know about by manufacturer, this is a homemade type of drone and they’re, definitely using some other kind of power source other than lipos, because You’Re not going to get an hour out of lipos okay and to be that maneuverable. It can’t be that big. So you know it wasn’t the size of say an inspire one, two kind of a drone, so just just some interesting tidbits on this. Okay, all right, i wanted to go ahead and get that up there, so you guys can guys can know that all right, femi, x8 mini update. I should turn my camera around and let you take a look outside right now ever since about three o’clock this afternoon. It has been raining and i mean raining thunderstorms. Okay, we had a period here in tampa where we had i’m gon na say almost three months, not quite where we didn’t have any rain at all. I mean very, very, very little rain.

Now, for the past six weeks, let’s say five weeks: it’s pretty much rained every single day. Okay, um days usually start outside we’ll, see it’s different here in tampa. The weather is just different here and trust me when i say that guys it is just it’s just different, and because of that yours truly has not been able to get out and take the mini out it’s like every single time since i’ve gotten it it’s been Raining or it’s been extremely windy or it’s been, as most of you know, across this country, extremely hot. Now, coupled you have to understand something here: okay, a lot of areas of the country it gets hot and it doesn’t have the humidity okay. Our community has been over 85 90, so it’s like a sweat box. When you instant, you walk outside okay, uh and, like i’ve, told people before you go from your air. Conditioned car to your air. Conditioned house – or you know, to your air, conditioned work and repeat the cycle again and you just don’t go out in the middle of the day, and even in the evening i mean sometimes like at nine o’clock at night. It could be 80 or 85 degrees outside it’s, crazy, it’s, absolutely insane, thank god for willis carrier he’s. He invented air conditioning you’ve, probably seen that on facebook, so but yeah that’s, the that’s that’s. The reason that that guy hasn’t happened, and just in general just to let you guys, know um my hip – and i told you about that.

I got an mri coming up, but my hip got aggravated when we moved all right, because you guys know even you hire movers and they do the bulk of the big stuff. But you still got stuff to do. Okay and it’s a lot of stuff and the other time this happened was shortly after i moved down to tampa with valerie one after i married valerie um in in moving in and getting stuff rearranged everything so yeah so um. You know you get to be a certain age, certain things or you have to cross off your list, and one of those things is lifting heavy items anymore. Well, yeah well, i’m, not gon na i’m. Not this is not. This is, this is rotor, talk, live this isn’t medical talk live bill, okay, so anyway, we’re all done with that, all right, all right! Now, all right, hubsan xeno, mini pro okay we’re hearing july now you probably saw my video all right guys. Ah, you know i just don’t know what to say. I mean i mean you: haven’t phoned your new fev because it’s either raining or 110 humidity. You know it’s that’s, that’s, right, lloyd, it’s, just it’s, crazy, absolutely crazy! Insane um michael wright’s 87 here in dallas fort worth and is expected to be over 95 for two weeks very yeah. That is very unusual for you guys michael i’ll tell you that wow wow, oh it’s, demarco moore, welcome to marco glad you’re here flying zone drones.

Yeah it’s called old age, yeah you’re right lloyd, i’m, telling you it’s absolutely right: 100 percent uh. Absolutely i agree. Dr ted bowman welcome, quadcopter’s intent and lauren is here. Welcome, lauren, matt, cundiff um akarasho is here welcome. Thank you guys for showing up tonight, xenomini pro uh. In the comments on the video i did. I know i did a short video last night on this boy. The comments are just ripping hubsan apart in in you know, i got ta agree with my good friend marcus. You know you’re right, you pay that kind of money, like all of us have done to get this. You know, and you can delay, delay, delay and there’s. All kind of stuff going on around this, so you know i those of you. You know i purchased mine off hubs in usa, this time so and i think that’s that’s a good thing just to let you guys know i i i think that’s a that that’s a good thing to have for this. So we’ll see july’s around the corner. It’S coming up okay, nice holiday weekend coming up time for some nice barbecues, hopefully not a lot of rain guys so um so yeah. But you know, with july, comes up: oh yeah, it’s, valerie’s birthday’s coming up yeah. What am i gon na get her? I might share it with you guys, but not tonight, probably probably next week. I might share it with you guys anyway.

Okay off topic here come on bill, get focused here all right, but xenomini pro it’ll get here. Let’S just hope it gets here sooner rather than later um. You know i, i know we’re all anxious for it and we’re anxious to see if it’s going to live up to what hubsan says it’s going to do. Okay – and i really do sincerely hope so – i’m hoping you know that list that i read you from skywatch about um. You know who’s, whose drones are insured um in the in the numbers that they have and percentage wise, let’s hope, maybe hubsan or femi makes that list as well too, because that kind of competition forces autel and it forces dji and skydio to be better so it’s. A win win win for everybody, so let’s see that all right, that’s a uh. You know that that’s a good win all right. Well, you know we’ve, all probably seen and probably already have taken the faa trust test system. Okay, um there’s been a lot of reaction to this and it’s been what from what i’ve seen generally positive. Okay um i mean it really is. It is so straightforward and simple it’s, not funny. Okay um, you know, i think eliana could take it and pass it. That’S, how easy it is it really is. Is that easy they want you they want. They want you to have a basic understanding and it really helps give you gives it really helps.

Give you a basic understanding of things. Okay, um. You know for me um, it was a no brainer, the longest one. You know i took it the day that it came out and um. I took it through academy and model aeronautics website and it was slow. It was super slow super super super, so um uh matt cutter. If i flew my femi xa 2020 in the rain today, by the way, pouring rain flies per matt that’s great to know but um yeah, wow i’ll just i’m, just going to say wow i’m glad you got it back and make sure you dry set it in Front of a fan make sure you dry down that got ta. Do that i mean absolutely positively have to do that. You know i’ve been talking about and and and and i want to want to preface something here – okay kind of a segue into the big topic for the night um that i’m going to have in – and i hope you guys have your caps on or thinking caps On or get out some pen and paper because i’m going to give you some things you’re going to want to want to write down here: okay um for those of you that have drone channels all right, this it’s going to be some good, concrete, solid tips. Who knows, i may even pass on a secret or two that will help you propel you to start them. No um! No, but anyway, there’s been a combination of reasons why you haven’t seen the normal amount of content that you’re used to seeing on build a drone.

Reviewer, okay number one: we moved okay and sold the house and number two all right since we’ve moved and i’ve told you this before, and i told valerie the first time we moved the old, the other house previous house. We never actually got 100 settled in okay. My goal is to get as close to 100 as possible. We get to 90 or 95 i’m going to be good. We were at 75 at the other house that that’s not acceptable so we’re getting there we’re real close to that, and the other thing is my dog on hip: okay, um it’s, a lot better um nsaids help like aspirin cushions help um. You know it’s just i’m gon na get an mri, they may do an injection or something it does not sound like. I have arthritis osteoarthritis, which is good, so my dad had osteoarthritis and had to have both not one but both of his hips replaced and that’s. A that’s a whole other show anyway. Okay, all right, you know one of the things one of the things that i’ve i saw the other night, patrick sutton, welcome ted. I do too, and and let me and let me back up here before we before we get into into tonight’s big topic um, i want to let you guys know, and we we knew this was coming, but i didn’t want to want to talk about it until Um until now that our previous home has already been sold, which was a good thing and congratulations to the new buyers um, unfortunately, they’re going to fill in part of that lake and put some homes in there, so um yeah.

That view is going to be interrupted. Let’S just say uh and that’s very much a shame ted. I know i i liked it. I i loved being able to fly over that lake. You know i had absolutely no after flying over it once i had absolutely no fear of flying over water, none! Okay, absolutely none, and – and thankfully i had no incidents over there. I always got my drones back um. You know paid attention to what i was doing for the most part, except when i’m distracted by my gorgeous valerie, so anyway, all right, but no um. Just i wanted to make sure that view is interrupted now it’s going to be interrupted and there’s. Some changes happening in that neighborhood that the street that we lived on had a dead end on one end of it and they’re, making it a pass through to the other community and it’s going to be a main road. And people are going to use that. As a side road to cut through and down our down down the street, we used to live on and down the street where there’s a playground with children on it and to get to another road to save them. Maybe what 20 minutes and it’s going to be? It’S going to be a lot of traffic there it’s going to be just bad news, um ray i am i’m really hoping so my dad had osteoarthritis and it was. It was not fun for him.

I saw him. He had to have four hip replacements, not no! The first two they used cement didn’t take and then they had to go back and drill the bone and you know put stuff in and everything, but he was fine after that um yeah and my mom lived with it for years. She never did anything about it. So anyway, okay, i want to get to that. I want to get to the main topic here. All right. I saw on drone nation on their group and by the way, if you’re, not a part of their group, uh ron’s group, please join it. It it’s a it ron puts in and marcus put some great tips out there and suggestions just just stuff. Besides the show uh notes, okay, go out there and take a look at that. Okay, they do a great job. You know that they put a lot ron stays on top of news. He really does. He does a great job at that. So a lot of times i find out things because ron’s posted it and i’ve looked out on drone nation, so kudos to ron and demarcus too okay. One of the topics i saw – and i don’t remember the member, the subscriber’s name but um. He expressed some frustration because um he’s not he’s he’s, he he did, he did, did a math count and he doesn’t have um for the numbers of a group. I think he’s in and he doesn’t have that many subscribers and he feels kind of frustrated about that.

Well, you know that, and there was some discussion and some really good discussion in in that chat ron provided some good tips. Some other people provided some good tips in there and what i thought i’d like to do tonight. Okay, um is to pass on some tips from you on on on. You know: youtube okay, as far as drone channels specifically related to drone channels. Okay, because drone channels are unique. Okay, you know, you know you pass on cooking tips or you pass on sewing tips or you pass on makeup tips, okay or music tips, or you know film, editing, okay, whatever okay. This is, this is a uni. This is a. This is very unique and specific to drone channels. Okay and i i wanted to go ahead – and you know from my i’ve been at this for four years: okay, i never thought i’d get to a thousand, let alone 11, 000 and i’m very, very blessed and very thankful to each and every one of you guys. Okay, everyone here, okay – and you know i wanted to go ahead and do something. This is a way of giving back to you guys. Okay, am i giving away the company secrets no i’m, not giving away the company secrets, but these are things that i found out through a lot of work, a lot of effort, a lot of research um. You know a lot of time. You know and deciphering. There is so much information on growing youtube channels.

Okay, it can be mind, boggling, okay, it can be absolutely mind. Boggling um. You can get bogged down on a topic for over a week. If you wanted to okay, there are ones who show you how to do things. Okay, now i learned a lot from sean cannell, okay um. He does think media all right and i use videos from about four years ago. He had a good selection of videos. Okay, don’t get bogged down into getting new products or anything like that. If you want a link to some of his videos, let me know – and i can get you some of them – okay, but there there’s other ones out there. There’S daryl eve there’s, nick nimmin um. You know there there’s countless others out there that um um show you youtube: okay and all it’s all it’s in intricacies, okay, i’m, going to kind of break things down for you tonight, um, hey drone views, media! Welcome, greg, pittman welcome! Okay! What i want to do is just you know, it’s kind of like maybe like a fireside chat, kind of thing all right now. The first thing that i i wanted to go over and a lot of people get bogged you know get bogged down in in it. It’S it’s super, and this ties in with um number the number five tip that i’m going to give you okay, make sure you use your keywords wisely and keywords: keywords are underneath your tags: okay, so when you’re putting your video together on youtube, okay, you know this Is this is probably one of the most important things that you can focus on, because this is how it gets into youtube’s algorithm? This is how it gets searched.

Okay and there’s, going to be number five is going to have a tip on how to select the it gives you. It really helps you get the best keywords: okay and number. Five is the only thing that i’m going to suggest that you get and i don’t purchase – and i don’t make any commission off of this, but this will this will this will help your video pop up in the algorithm all right, um there’s, no other, if ands Or buts about it and that tool that i’m going to talk about here in a minute. Okay – and you know what i’m just going to go ahead – we’re going to kind of skip dot here, okay, tube buddy um – it will be the best i don’t know. Is it five six seven eight bucks a month that you spend as a content creator all right it will. It has incredible amount of statistics, maybe too much at times, but the one big thing that i use that for is its keyword, generator and um it will it will you type a keyword in it will tell you if it’s going to be a hit or a Miss it’s really easy to use okay it’s, something i highly highly highly highly recommend: okay um, it will be money well spent all right now, let’s go i’m gon na go ahead and go to number two here all right. I can’t say enough about planning your content out right now.

Okay, let’s give an example here all right, i’m gon na go to a drone, meetup right. Just all right, um um, let’s say ray uh. Captain ray kelly’s drone meet up for next year. We’Re gon na go okay, i’m gon na plan things out; okay, now, probably what i’m going to do? I’Ll, probably plan on putting two videos together: okay, i’ll, probably plan on doing a video of talking to people at the event. Okay and just not really, you know – maybe a couple of drones flying but really focusing more on a people aspect of things and then do a second video on just just flight footage. Okay or – and maybe you know, get my drone up there and shoot other drones. Okay or from a distance look at the look at everybody at the meetup. All right see: that’s planning some things out: okay and that’s, and and the more that you plan the better. Your content will be and you don’t have to you. Don’T have to get. You know take a day to plan this stuff. Take 15 minutes 20 minutes to plan this stuff out. Okay, it’s, not rocket science, guys it’s super super super easy all right. You just draw up. Remember, like the old outline that you’re teacher great school teachers used to make you do. Okay, just do an outline for this it’s really easy. Okay, it doesn’t it it’s, like i said, it’s it’s, it’s, really really easy.

Ah matt kind of i will be there unless my my my hip is giving me problems or um. You know, by hook or by crook, nobody’s moving nobody’s going anywhere that time of year, except we’re, gon na, be there okay, all right, yeah! Now here this one! Okay, we’ve all been, i i’ve been very guilty of this myself. Lately, okay, i have not been following up and commenting on videos from channels i’ve subscribed to okay and to you out in the drone community. Please accept my apologies. I i have been i’ve been nose to the grindstone and getting this house ready. I’Ve also been trying to deal with my pain issues and whatnot, but i’m getting there and i’m starting to get back on the wagon. But this shows that you’re an active member of the drone community. This shows that you’re involved. That shows that you care just don’t type great flight. You know put a couple of sentences out there, make it meaningful uh to that person. Okay, you know you could you could really end up helping that person could have had a lousy day and they see a great comment and it could really put a smile on their face. It’S it’s that important and it does make that much much difference. Okay and it shows that you’re engaged, it shows that you know what’s going on in the drone community. You know, for example, you know somebody could put out something um, you know so and so is not feeling.

Well, can we pray for him or we got a fundraiser for somebody, you know, or somebody has a need or something you know the drunk community has responded in times of need, uh, like no other, and i think it’s important for you guys to you know you Guys do such a good job in communicating and letting people know things okay, um, you know get out. There comment subscribe to other channels. Okay and also you know it goes without saying, like the videos, because you know what, despite everything you hear, okay and you will hear a lot of stuff out there – okay, all right, it makes a difference for people coming in and seeing oh, you know what you Know what you you have you know 75 likes on one dislike boom. Okay, you know this is going to be a good video i’m going to watch it. You know versus oh, you know you have 50 50 likes and 25 dislikes. Something must be wrong with this. Video you know, whereas you know somebody may be spamming. A troll, maybe spamming you. So you know that’s why i’ve shut mine off you know, so nobody can see my account except for me um. So i mean you know i i think it’s. I think it’s important and – and i i really hope, um – that you guys do this um now one of the other things – and i think you guys know this lloyd, that’s, a great point that is, that is a great point um and thank you for making that.

Okay, to reach out to subscribers um or friends, you haven’t been in contact with for a while. Definitely do that: okay, um! You know you guys have been so good to me. I i need to get back out there and get doing that and i promise i’m gon na get gon na get to that um coming up here, you know um we got. We got our trip coming up to ohio but um, but we’re i will. I will get to that all right and that’s, a very good point, lloyd, thank you. Um use facebook and twitter to promote your channel or, if you’re, on instagram a lot use instagram as well too, but the one thing that i have found that works. The best for me are both facebook and twitter, okay and more so. Facebook with the groups and i’ve started a number of groups, and several of you are admins on some of those groups, and i want to thank tom ivins and tony faz um. I know marcus and ron are are admins on my group, but they do yeoman’s work on they’re on several of my groups, and you know i run a tight ship in these groups. I don’t put up with spam and i don’t put up with people. You know posting things about breaking faa rules. You know if it’s your country, that’s, fine, okay, but realize you know. If, if i have a group out there, you know, as stated in the group rules, you know we’re going off faa rules here.

So don’t be posting things like you’re flying at 14 000 feet. Okay, that thing’s gon na go away all right, that’s, just that’s just the way it is, but no, my groups are run well and the groups serve a purpose here. Okay – and this is probably a secret – you probably want to get out of pen and paper and write this one down here: okay, when you start a group all right and don’t, and you know what here’s the thing: okay, if there’s you know a mini two group: Okay, like a good one um, you know you can go ahead and start your own group nobody’s, preventing you from doing that. Okay, because you may have a different flavor to things. You may have different things. My mini group is probably what is 14 000 right now. I started from all my groups have started from scratch: guys. Okay, all my groups started from scratch, and people have you know: there’s been good communication there’s been good, fostering good things and here’s the big here’s, the big thing, the big tip from this okay, the huge tip from this all right. You can use your own group to promote your videos. Okay, i do that all the time. Okay, all my groups, all right. It really makes a difference guys so yeah yeah that’s, just you know it really. It really does and and – and i can tell you from personal experience – okay uh it it it doesn’t, take a lot.

You know when you have good at pick some good admins. Okay, that that’s, probably my number one advice for facebook groups when you create them pick, some good admins, lay out some rules and stick to those rules. Okay, don’t be wishy washy with your rules, okay, and you will get a lot of spam. I guarantee you that you will get a lot of people trying to sell stuff and everything now normally what i tell people if you want to sell something in one of my groups, approach the admins. Okay, you know, send us, send us a you know, message on facebook, messenger and you know gladly. You know if joe smith wants to sell his phantom 4 pro v 2.0 on the group go for it. Okay, i don’t have a problem with it, but you know make sure every everything’s legit and you know it’s on the up and up um and that’s all that’s. All that i ask okay but run it by us. First. Okay and those are my rules – and you can see my my rules – are clearly posted in all my groups: right, it’s, it’s, it’s, really, it’s, really it’s, it’s, really good. Okay, now we’re going to number six now. What makes one channel successful might not work for yours. All right – and i i got so many examples here – it’s not funny. Okay, first of all, let’s pick on my good friend, rick smith, all right from drone valley.

All right rick has the enthusiasm of a 12 year old and it’s natural for him. He doesn’t put it on this isn’t a show for rick. Okay, he loves technology, okay, absolutely loves it and he’s passionate about it and he has the technical know how to be able to talk, for instance, he’s talking about batteries or he’s. Talking about the um. You know other systems of a drone, okay, he can talk intelligently about it because he’s an electrical engineer. He knows these things: okay, um, so you know you’re, not gon na be you’re, not gon na be a rick smith, okay and then my good friend billy kyle. Okay, there are a lot of uh in in for me for training videos. Okay billy does great videos – okay, but he’s at his best when he’s doing training videos, because he pays attention to detail. He does a great job at that. Okay, now you know if, if you think you can do that, go for it and if you think you have that electrical knowledge like rick has go for it, but i’m, not i’m, not saying i’m, not saying don’t emulate a channel because of what what you see? Okay, emulate a channel because you have that knowledge: okay, um! You have the knowledge about say about engineering or you have the attention to detail say like a billy kyle does okay um kelly shores, he’s he’s a he, has a great channel he’s very down to earth? Okay, very real.

You don’t see there’s no pretentiousness about kelly. You know he does his reviews, okay, um, and he does a great job at it. Okay, you know develop your own style. Okay, um. You know your own style may be like rick smith’s, okay or it may be like billy’s, or it may be like, like um kelly shores. Okay, um, you can be like you know, build a drone, reviewer, okay and – and i think you guys know when i started my channel. You know my whole thing about starting my channel artco drone solutions. Welcome art um the whole thing: yeah steven ewing, yeah, exactly keep it real. The whole thing when i started my channel was keeping my videos. You know succinct getting to the point getting the information you need to know, because you know what you’re sitting here in front of in in front of a computer screen or your your or your smartphone screen, watching a youtube. Video means you’re, not flying. Okay, i want to lessen that time that you had to do that and that’s always been my goal and i still try to carry through with that. Okay, i think that’s one thing that i do well: okay, um. You know and i have received compliments on it. You know i don’t, you know, you know you rarely see a 20 30 minute video from me, okay, when necessary. I’Ll! Do that. But you know my videos are usually about 10 minutes or less because you know i want to get that information to you succinctly and i want you to get back out there and fly that’s the whole that’s.

My whole point that’s my whole goal here: okay and i think, that’s important, i think that’s one of the things that you need to do now. You know with this being said: okay, you know when i say specialize in one area. Okay, now you know one of the things that they talk about all these youtube gurus and everything you need to have a focus. You need to have a niche okay, you’ll hear the word niche until your head will explode all right, and let me let me just straighten some some things out here for you all right. I just told you what what’s my focus. Okay, my focus is on i’m, not don’t, put time limit, but i make videos, succinct, okay, billy, kyle, let’s say his focus is on you know: training, okay, uh, uh, videos, rick smith; his focus, you know technical. He want, he can tell you the nuts and the bolts and do it well kelly shores, his focus, he’s, he’s, very down to earth and real okay um i’m. Just you know they. He may he. These guys may say that you know their other channels have other focuses but i’m just saying for me, this is what i’ve observed from them. Okay – and these guys are all great examples right, so you know yes, you can learn off of them. Okay, copy them! No learn from them: yes, okay, um, you know, there’s been some plagiarism, that’s gone on at times, um from some other channels, and you know, that’s been dealt with on youtube.

I’Ve had that issue where people have copied my stuff and you know, reported them and it’s and it’s sad and i don’t know why people do that, because they’re they’re gon na lose their channel and um that’s an easy, absolutely easy way to easy way to do That um, you know um one of the things you do want to change things up: okay, um, one of the things that i was guilty of was i had that wonderful lake out there, as dr ted saw says, i mean that lake out there was fantastic, okay And it was how much how long would trip did i have it? It was about one minute from my office to outside all right and i can fly well. I don’t have that luxury here. Okay, all right, it’s! No, it doesn’t it’s, not gon na happen. Here. All right, so what do i do? All right? I got ta you know, go i got ta get in the car to get up there to do it, so it takes some effort to take some planning. Okay. So but you know, if you can get the content there, you know uh, you know if one of the things that i mean by changing things up – and you have to take this in stride here – okay, one of the things is, you know if, if you’re focusing So much on the content, all right um, you know other people are saying: oh no he’s flying over the lake again, okay or oh, no bill’s flying over the park again or in his development or what you know under.

I understand that. But you know what here’s something that i i would take and kind of flip that around here all right consistency is important. Okay, i knew how long it took my mavic 2 pro to fly to the end of the lake, and back i mean i could almost time it to the second okay, literally in here. Okay, i didn’t need a computer or anything. I knew that. Okay, i knew how it would react at 100 feet 200 feet and 300 feet. Okay, you know on most days, okay over there, i knew where the sun would be at certain times of the day. All right you get to know from familiarity is fantastic. Okay and you get to know areas very well, one of the persons. I think that changes things up and does a great thing. A great job at it is marcus. Crawford you’ll see marcus he’ll, be at snake river canyon he’ll be at that the one the one park he’ll go to another park. Um he’ll go to that the the dam up there um. He really changes things up so kudos to marcus. He does a great job with that: okay and that’s important okay, um, but remember it all – boils down to your content, okay in in putting out quality content, and people recognize that okay, now one of the other things that i want to, i kind of want to Talk about here a little bit while, while we’re talking about this is you know – and i saw in that comment thread on drum nation.

Somebody said man i put hours into a video and i get what 40 views first hour. Okay, you know yeah that sucks. It really does okay, but you have to remember something: okay, quality content is always going to be recognized by people. Look at the comments. Okay, don’t. Always look at the number of views that you get. Okay, look at the comments. Okay, see how people’s reaction are to to your video out there all right and and understand, and like i do when i put a video out there, i i send it out i send in you know i send that link to all my groups. I send them. You know drone nation. I have some other groups that i send them to um that that i’m, a member of you know pages. I get that information out. I put it out on twitter um. You know i get the word out, so you know it people and when more people watch it it does pick up traction. So you know, while don’t focus – and this is one thing – that’s kind of going to lead into into number 10 here – don’t focus on subscribers or views, but focus on your content. Okay, i i can’t say that enough. Okay, so many people are hell bent on getting a thousand subscribers, so they can get monetized, and i understand that okay and you got now – you got to get um. I don’t know how many hours to get to get it monetized as well too it’s.

Just not not subscribers and people think it’s easy street. Okay, all right, it’s, not easy street, guys, okay, all right! If, if, if you’re pulling in some decent views a month, you could get two three, maybe maybe four hundred dollars. Okay – and let me also say this now too: okay, the popularity of becoming a drone youtube channel has grown and it’s grown immensely, which is fantastic because i think variety is fantastic. Okay, i think it’s great. Conversely, you have to understand something: okay, something is is gon na. Something is gon na um gon na suffer. If you will – and i think one of those things is views – okay, because let’s say – and this is just this – is just an example: okay, um dji air 2s um firmware update and it has a major advancement on it. Okay, well guess what you’re gon na see you know. Just for example, you’ll see a hundred videos on it all right, so everybody’s putting their flavor of the firmware update video out there for you to take a look at okay now, while we’re at it, and – and i think this is the this – is important here. Okay, all right – and i and i forgot to go over this it’s – the infamous youtube algorithm all right now: okay, kelly billy, rick smith, okay, they all have over 100 000 subscribers, okay, their stuff’s, going to churn up to the top okay.

Because of because of the way youtube works. Okay, like i said the very first point that i said keywords: okay keywords are the most important thing that you can do mechanics wise in your youtube video, because it will help propel. It will help get that up to the top of the search list. Okay, if you use the right keywords – and you use tubebuddy also – and this is a bonus tip – that i don’t have a big blue banner for okay, so it means you guys probably need to listen to this one. This is, this is a good one, so you want to write it down. Okay, now you know like i said you know you you you got to buddy, you got your keywords you want to. You want to be with you. You want to use keywords in your, not only your description, your title, your your title, your video here’s, a bonus tip. Okay, your title, your video put it down in your tags: okay, there’s, a there there’s there’s, some you’re getting you’re getting some build. A drone reviewer bonus tips here, guys: okay, um that’s good to see leonard. I like that that’s that’s, a that’s, a good thing and um. You know i i really really like that: that’s a that’s that’s, excellent, okay and that’s good leonard. You know you know you’re! You you want to you, you want people, you know it would be nice to help get more people to watch your videos, so you know feel free to post them out on our groups.

You know that’s one of the things anybody has that you know the only thing i ask if you have an autel evo2 post it on the autel evo group page, if you have a mini mini to post it on the mini page um. If you have, you know, mavic 2 posted on the mavic 2 page. If you have those videos femi same thing, you know just don’t post on other pages. Okay, you know post it on those pages that that really helps. But in your description you want to use, you want to use keywords all right and you want you know. What i do is my title is, is embedded in in the description itself. Okay – and i use a lot of the keywords in the description and you’ll – see a count with tubebuddy. Okay, it’ll have it’ll have like a green circle and the closer you get to the 100 100, the better all right now, here’s, another bonus tip. Okay – and i don’t have i didn’t – put it didn’t, put a graphic up for this. Okay, all right, you want to put okay all right. You want to use um the ending okay, you want to leave 20 seconds at the end, you probably see there. I have b roll 20 seconds of b roll at the end. Okay, it will suggest um, you need to go to youtube editor. It will suggest a video normally what i do now um it will pick it will pick.

The youtube will choose the best video based upon that user. Based upon you what you like to watch, okay out of what i’ve done, okay, it will suggest videos, you know what what you like you like, mavic 2 pro stuff it’ll, show you mavic 2 pro video. Okay, if you like mini 2 stuff it’ll, show you a mini video, okay, it it will come up and then it’ll also have have the block to suggest that you want to do that. You want to use that okay and put some b roll there and i use b roll from when ron and i went to the beach um. Thank you lloyd. I appreciate that um i used b roll from when we went to the beach with ron and his and his wife um. We had a great time and i still use that b roll to this day because it doesn’t grow old, okay, it’s, it’s, it’s, seashore um. You know it’s ocean waters coming up it’s a nice sunset out over the over the ocean. You know it’s, beautiful, stuff, okay and it’s always always could be used. Okay chapters – okay, you! You can break up your your youtube, video into chapters that’s a new thing, and i haven’t done it done it yet, but um and then you can list your chapters in your description. So people can go to a point in your video say: bill crashes, his drone. Okay, so you can go zoom right there if you want to want if that’s all you want to watch okay, but you probably, but i you you might never see that because i’ve never crashed a drum oops.

I don’t want to say that knock on wood. Okay, all right all right, Laughter, i’m having i’m having a good time here tonight, guys i really am okay. You know the other thing is to put um. I forget what they call them, but it’s like up at the top of the screen. You’Ll see suggested videos. Okay, put those into okay don’t overload it, you know, put some in um and suggest videos that are similar in content to the video that you’re doing when you do that. Okay and that kind of helps tubebuddy. Also, it kind of helps with the algorithm, with the more that you do that and oh okay, this isn’t you’re getting all kind of bonus stuff here, guys all right, you’ll see on every video. I have a pinned comment on there: okay, all right and – and i reply one of the other things – and this is a secret okay, dr ted. Thank you. This is a secret here, don’t you, you got to do this okay, this is so important. Okay, this is you know these bonus tips here. This is just so important. I can’t emphasize this enough. Okay, you’ve done everything all right. You know when you get out there and you promote it and you’ve done everything and you know everything’s looking good here. All right. You got to write, you got to pin a comment there. Okay and you’ve probably seen my comment thanks for smashing the like button, yada yada yada, you know and i like it, you know and i hit hit the hit at the start, button itself.

Okay, i comment on all my videos: okay, everybody. That leaves a comment. I will comment on them all right: everyone that helps the youtube algorithm guys. It helps bump your video up in search rankings. Okay, it helps okay, there’s, a bonus tip that you probably didn’t know about, but you do now. Okay, because you watched build a drone reviewer all right. You know you can go out and watch brian g johnson or you know, think media or nick nimmin, okay and spend hours watching them or you could you could want. You could watch the last 20 minutes 30 minutes of this video and learn all this tonight. Okay, i i hope you guys. I hope this helps all of you all right, um and, if it’s popular enough, i may do some more of these things. Okay, because you know here’s the thing out here, all right and and and i’m going to say, i’m going to say this and then all you guys that are in this chat tonight know this: okay we’re one okay, as is a drone uh and pardon me, rod. We’Re one drone nation, okay and i’m, talking about around the world that includes my good friend, like steven ewing, okay, um, over way across the pond, and my other good friends in other countries who watch us. Okay, we’re all one and we all share a common passion. We love drones, okay, and we all want to get the word out about them in a good way.

Okay and all you guys do good videos out there, okay, all right and – and you do a good job out there – all right i’m, hoping that what i, what i’ve told you tonight can kind of help get you kick started and maybe give you a little bit Of enthusiasm and a little bit of hope, because i’ll tell you what all right there’s been some times, i’ve been super down in the dumps. All right, but there’s, been somebody that’s come along, has sent me a comment and picked me up and it’s made a big difference, all right and that’s. What i’m trying to do for you guys all right, because i know it can get yeah some of the some of the not so nice things trolls and worse than trolls and i’ve had that and i’ve had i’ve had about the worst things that you can have Happen on a youtube channel: okay and i’m – still here, okay, i’m, not going anywhere all right! I am so not going anywhere we’re gon na get recharged up. Second, half this year, we’re gon na rock with some great content, got an exciting update to finally share with you when i get back from vacation i’m, putting some videos together um to go over what what what this new thing is for the channel, and i think You guys will love it and just to let you know, drones will always be the folk number one on this channel.

Okay, the number one focal point on this channel – that’s all i’m, going to say about all that. Okay, i want to thank everybody that showed up tonight. You guys are great okay. We have a great drone nation. Okay, we have across the world okay across this earth. Okay um. You know, like my good friend steven ewing, um, you know, friends in australia, germany um! You know japan i have watching in poland, germany um all you guys, rock all. You guys are great okay and we all have this in common okay, we all speak the same language of drones. We all love drones. We all love video, photography, um. You know let’s build one another up, let’s support one. Another let’s encourage one another. Okay, you know what this isn’t about. Oh somebody got. You know somebody just picked up x, number subscribers or somebody got. Oh look how many views i got on this video here. Okay, not the important stuff, guys: okay, not the important stuff. Did you leave a great comment for somebody this week? Okay, did you like somebody’s video this week? Okay, did you maybe send a facebook messenger to somebody who needed some encouragement? Who was a little down this week on something okay in a drum community? Those are the things that matter. Those are the things that count: okay, um, Music, and let me tell you this any of the monies that i get from youtube, guess what they go right back in into the channel.

Okay, i did. I did a lot of updates on this room and i’m going to do a video on my new den here, but it costs money. Okay, i got still got some more things that i want to do. Um so and you’ll see all right, that’s that’s the thing i want to keep cranking out good content um for this, because when i retire in a couple of years, this is going to be my full time. Gig and look out. You guys are going to get inundated no i’m, not but um i’m gon na i may even start a second live show during during that time. Who knows we’ll see all right guys. Thank you so much for showing up tonight. I i i can’t. Thank you all enough. You guys absolutely totally rock you make my day every day, your enthusiasm, your encouragement, your support for one another, and i know most of you guys in here tonight, um steven ewing, thank you so much um. My good friend from ireland said it best and read his comment: um he’s, one of the good guys and all you guys are one of the good guys. Okay, um lloyd was on here tonight. Art uh was on here tonight: okay, um ted bowman was here johnny drone flyer uh, captain ray kelly was here tonight. Michael wright was here tonight: okay, um, steve, mack um fly zone drones. All you guys, matt cundiff. All you guys.

All you guys are great. Okay and – and i love each and every one of you – okay we’re, a part of this we’re one – we are one big, happy family, okay and let’s – keep it going that way. Let’S support one another let’s encourage one another subscribe to other channels like videos. Please please go out and like videos and please comment on videos, okay, and please make sure that when on your videos, okay, one of the big biggest tips i can give you guys is to go out and make sure that you answer comments on your videos. That’S gon na help you out guys that’s. Why i do it okay anyway. Thank you all so much for watching.