The best mini drone is drumroll. Please all right, how’s everybody doing tonight talking to you florida has the hottest drone reviewers. I kid you not. It was 97 today. What can i say? Okay and all of us, we we’ve we’ve, decided we’ve skipped the month of may we’re really in june right now. Okay, just to let you guys know it was 97. Today, 97 it’s may the 4th, and by the way i have, may the 4th be with you all right may the force be with you too. All right got a great line up tonight. Got lots to talk about i’m gon na be joined a little bit by mr ron. Braun marcus crawford may be showing up as well too got a lot to talk about tonight and we’re gon na spend some time talking about what we think the best mini drone is so stay tuned. For that got a lot to talk about with that got a lot going on. Oh, and i want to let you guys know we’re getting settled in the house just a little bit more and more. You know each weekend goes by. We try to get some stuff done because work during the week and you know all that stuff um. I was on the road for three and a half hours today, all right yeah. I got a service award from work. I had to go pick it up, so that was a round trip. It was about three and a half hours by the time i got back home but um, but that wasn’t to celebrate my work anniversary there, which is nice and it wasn’t nice, something nice.

My company did anyway all right like what, like i said. We got a lot going on here tonight. Oh, oh, all, right, allergies and all okay. All right got a lot of people in the house. Already we’re gon na go ahead. Um let’s see stephen ewing, john olson is here: uh dollar uh, johnny, drone flyer, leno, er leonard oglesby, um lauren, is in the house tonight all right, uh let’s, see if floyd motes is here tonight. Drone views, media um, who else we got drone shots, is here all right. Okay, um, like i said, got a lot going on here tonight now you know we had now. As far as and i got ta apologize about the camera shaking i’m ordering a different stand. I spent the weekend rearranging this desk and getting things organized and trust me, i pulled pulled some hairs out doing it and a lot of weeping and gnashing of teeth: okay, when you’re 63 years old and you on a linoleum floor and you’re moving stuff around and I’M, trying to get wires set up for the computer and everything it’s, just not an easy task. Quadcopter’S in tech welcome glad you’re here tonight, all right let’s go ahead. I wan na yeah. Now you guys know, i have talked about and you’re probably tired of hearing this okay, just to let you guys know: okay, there’s there’s the defect right there, you can see all right. The pins are bent.

This came. This came with the air 2s all right. Well, lo and behold, i got this problem solved now number one i just want to let you know i did not send this back to dji, because i would have to send the whole thing back which i’m like. Why would he have to send the whole thing back? This doesn’t make sense, and i know last week in the chat, or maybe it was two weeks ago. You know lon dennard popped in and he heard heard about it from somebody else and some other people did the same thing. So you know this is just not a peculiar to me this half this happened to more than one person and you’ll. Never guess! Well, you know you won’t, because you don’t know him. My incredible son in law gave me the answer. He knew he knew this and the reason he knew this is he he was. He worked in retail for a few years, all right now we’re going to get a little bit of an education here all right. We all love getting a little bit of an education, so you know, let me start off with this. Okay, let’s, look! Okay! What do they scan in okay? Not serial number, but you see the upc there. Okay, they scan that in at best buy your retailer. Wherever you get this okay product comes up, you purchase it all right. Okay, now upc is universal product code: okay, that’s, something that is across, probably all north america.

It may not be worldwide, but it is universal. Okay, here’s another thing: you’ve heard of sku numbers before okay, now skew numbers are particular to a manufacturer. Let’S, look at the definition of a skew number. Let me go ahead and bring that up on the screen here. A skew or stock keeping unit is a unique number used to internally track a business inventory. Skus are alphanumeric and should provide information on the most important characteristics of a product, price, color style, brand, gender type and size. For example. Information, excuse should also be placed in order from important, to least important, or in other words, the most needed information to the least skus. Also aren’t universal they’re meant to be unique to your business and can be tailored to represent what your customers or vendors ask the most about your store’s merchandise and here’s an example of a sku with a upc number. Now the skus aren’t written on there, but dji does have them. Okay problem is solved, okay, let’s, take a look, and this is the best thing that i can do is show you the picture on the back of the box. Okay, each one of these by themselves like if you were to buy the case, for example, all right. It would have its own skew number if you were to buy, say a controller. For example, it would have its own sku number all right! Well, guess what guys this has its own skew number as well too, and the fly more kit has its own skew number all right, so, in other words, okay, this would completely throw off dji’s inventory if they were to go ahead and just take this back all Right that’s why they said that they would repair it all right now this is sold individually and when it’s sold individually, it has its own skew number so that’s why? They are ask you to return the whole item back because it’s, a part of a unit, a fly, more combo had i purchased this individually and had this that wouldn’t have been there.

There have been no questions asked they’d have done this, but because this is a part of of us of a skew it’s part of it. Okay, you can’t do that there’s no way to track this. As far as inventory is concerned and that’s important to eat to companies, so this problem has been solved and again i want to thank my son in law – andy for this andy. Thank you so much. I know you watch so i’m, giving you some props here on this one he’s a great guy – and i love him very much, but this this was. This was brilliant because we had a conversation, the other night on the phone and he enlightened me and i’m, like wow wow, okay, and this is something that i have actually learned a long time ago. So, but we solved that problem here. Okay, you know that’s what we do around here, build a joint review. We solve problems. No, we try to solve problems no i’m, just kidding guys. I am. I am totally just kidding. Okay, you know that was a good thing, all right, that that was an absolutely good thing. Now there are a lot of air2s videos out there right now. Take your pick. Okay, one of the things that i wanted to talk about. Some problem. People have kind of found some things all right now, um. I want to bring him up. Okay, um, i think you guys know henrik from tech, drone media all right and i’m just going to share we’re not going to watch his video but uh.

He found an interesting issue here: let’s go ahead and share bill all right. There we go okay, dji air 2 is dangerous with dji. Smart controller do not fly um, he said dji. Air 2 is dangerous, dji, smart controller and i do not recommend flying it with it before dji gets it fixed, as the signal breaks up all the time. The standard controller is not causing any issue and provides a nice flying experience so um, and i encourage you guys to go ahead and watch the video i’ll make sure to drop a link in the description henrik’s, a great guy. You know if you haven’t subscribed to his channel. He has an excellent channel. I highly recommend him. He does a great. He does a great job with his videos. Okay, so this is something that people have found with with the air 2s. All right – and i wanted to call this to your attention because i know a lot of people are like and i know marcus is like. Oh well. You know i got rid of my smart controller. Maybe i shouldn’t have maybe it’s an oopsie okay. Now, what a lot of people are thinking with this – and this is something i want to throw out there all right now. Mr d may may know the answer on this dji may be coming out with a new iteration of a smart controller or a smart controller. Two okay, which i kind of think they might with the mavic 3 coming out uh.

You know – and it might and remember the communication on the air 2s is a little different all right, so it might work with these protocols. I don’t know this is just a guess if this is something that is being talked about, and it would kind of make sense with a mavic 3 for that to come out now, there’s also been the pot’s been stirred a little bit. How about the mavic 3. guys we just got this okay, everybody’s stirring the pot about the mavic 3. have fun with this enjoy this. I am i’m going to get out this weekend again and do some more flying as long as it’s, not it’s. God bless it’s. Stinking hot, i got to do it early in the morning or late in the afternoon, because trust me out there it’s it’s, just like you need a shower after you’re done when you go out and fly it’s when you fly out these kind of temperatures but i’m Gon na i’d go out early morning or or late in the afternoon, so i wanted to make you guys aware of this. I didn’t know if you knew this regarding the air 2s and the issues regarding that, but i kind of wanted to throw that out there. So you guys guys had some had an opportunity to know that so all right, ray kelly’s in the house, jaybird’s in the house, welcome uh demarco’s here, uh michael wright is here tonight all right, all right guys.

This is just this seriously. This weather’s crazy down right kelly. You left florida at the right time: okay, it’s just it’s too stinking hot down here right now it really, it really is like my daughter – goes it’s like 50 up in ohio, it’s, nice and cool. I said send some down our way: okay, because it’s a little little bit too much on huh. Excuse me on a hot side, all right. Moving on here, all right. You know one of the nice things that i really like about the many too is it had everything when it came out, it was it it was. It was so it was something to behold, but before we get to that all right, i have a b h update all right. Now i did actually. I was on the phone with customer service for them now they do have disclaimer here b. H has excellent customer service, so i a little caveat right and i they may be short staffed because kovid, i you know, understand that all right, but i was on hold with them for 40 minutes and i never got through so i engaged them with their chat. I only had to wait about 10 minutes and i actually got through to somebody on their chat now when you engage somebody one of their customer service reps at b h, they are awesome all right. They every one of them that i’ve had interaction with there. They’Ve been fantastic that’s.

Why? I highly recommend them that i think they do an excellent job there, um that’s, why? I will i’m glad i just purchased something else. Besides, besides the mini i purchased, i purchased an accessory for this and there’s a video coming out on it. Now. What would i tell you what the accessory is? Well, stay tuned, it’s going to be coming out, probably in the next day or two all right. All right that aside, all right, i had told them well posted on b h’s website was they had a they had. They stated that. May the third was a release date for the femi x8 mini all right. Well, may the third has come and gone, i have talked to them and what they told me last was it will. It will come in on friday, what they were told is. It was going to come in on friday, which would have been what the 30th yeah friday was the 30th, and it would be ready to be shipped on monday. Well. Monday came and went didn’t happen so um monday afternoon i engaged their customer service and i did get a hold of somebody in the chat now. What they told me in the chat was if there is nothing by may the 12th to go ahead and either call back or chat with them to see what’s going on uh that’s the best. They could tell me at this point because the website is showing back ordered um on the order.

Well, the website, the the website it’s kind of confusing it shows back, ordered when you look on your order, status, um, but it it has. It has something different when you just click directly on the website so and again why they do that. I don’t know i i i don’t have any idea why they’re doing that, so just to kind of throw that out there. I you know i i wish. I could figure that out, but there are, there are quite a few actually many videos out there now. I know marcus got a couple out there and he he actually and – and i think you guys probably know he took his tour local electronics shop – to see if he can get it repaired because, obviously you know you buy from aliexpress you’re not buying it. It’S not like dealing with dji, so you kind of you’re kind of on your own um, you kind of have to figure stuff out metro jones bill. Thank you. So much appreciate that um. Thank you for stopping by matt cundiff. Welcome my friend good, seeing you um. So yeah, so you know because he had that shake, i mean everything else. Dog gone. It looked really well and i agree with him. You know i don’t know if this was peculiar to his drone in particular, because i’ve seen some other x8 mini videos, and i haven’t seen that shank um, you know – and you know, marcus – is going to follow, go things by the book.

Okay, you know he’s going to do his gimbal calibration. You know he’s going to do his remote control calibration. You know he’s going to do his compass calibration um. You know and – and i think there’s an imu calibration and you know marcus – is going to do all that and follow those steps. So you know i i hope, and you know that the issue can be corrected. Um within and, like i said, stay stand by with b h photo. You know. The thing i like about dealing with b h photo is because, if something ends up being wrong with it, i just sent it right back to them. Aliexpress that’s a whole other ball game, all right, so that’s, a big reason why i ended up buying with them. So, but you know, early returns are it’s kind of mixed i’ve actually seen some other other videos out there and they’ve looked okay. They haven’t looked absolutely terrific, so you know. Is it? Is it a mini 2 killer, no it’s, not a mini 2 killer, but is it going to give a mini to a run for its money? We’Ll see okay, the jury’s out it’s still a little too early on this um. You know we’re going to need to see some. You know you know ron brown still hasn’t gotten his yet last i talked to ron um and he still hasn’t gotten any update on on his shipping notice either so um, you know we’re in a holding pattern here i wish i wish i had more information about This i i’m real anxious to get it i’m real anxious to get it up in the air to see if it has, these gimbal shakes that marcus was talking about so stay tuned.

That’S coming that’s a work in progress, it’s gon na it’s gon na come soon. Well, you know the title tonight’s episode, the best mini drone is okay, now we’re gon na do what i want to do. Is this okay we’re going to take some time we’re going to spend some time on this tonight because the world is huh. You know the world is getting smaller. You know, everybody said the world’s getting better the world’s getting smaller the drone world’s getting smaller, all right uh. You know the phantom 4 pro v 2.0 was. Was you know the gold standard for a while? But you know it’s. Now the mavic was the mavic 2 pro, but now a lot of people say it’s this guy right here. You know the jury’s out on this too, by the way, but from everything we’re seeing on this early returns are. This is looking really really good. I’Ve been very pleased with that video i got several coming out. I got one coming out in 5.4k yeah. The the this is. This is the real deal this one inch sensor on here. The real deal like cliff taunton was saying. You know that processor on here yeah this is a real deal, but you know: okay, let’s let’s, look at the mini situation. All right! You know the best mini drone is all right. Drum roll! Please all right! Uh bill! You should have joined drill flyer to a survey. He does great service right.

You know that’s a good that’s, a good thing. Johnny um, you know, feel free to do this. On my mini pages for the femi mini for you know, and i got ta add i got ta – add the um zeno mini to the my xeno page, so um, but yeah johnny you’re. More than welcome to do that on those pages here – okay that’s a ray thanks for bringing that up that’s a good point. Surveys are always real good. That kind of you know you kind of gauge some feedback with that they’re, not real scientific, because i majored i minored in stats in college they’re, not really technically that scientific, but you know they do provide somewhat of an indication of what things are going on. As far as far as that’s concerned, so all right then, like i said things have gotten smaller, okay, not bigger all right. You know the inspire is now you know there is no inspire three. You know this is where things are at well. As far as i know, there’s no inspire 3. – maybe maybe mr lauren can can enlighten me on that. I don’t know but that’s what that’s, where we’re at with that? Okay, so the mini all right, so what’s the best mini now. What i want to do first, is i posed this question to ron and marcus and, as always, mr ron braun always has the spot on answer for something like this all right now, let’s go ahead and bring the screen up.

Okay, well, here! Well, here’s here’s, the other other half of drone nation, mr marcus crawford, mr marcus crawford with a haircut. Okay. Definitely let me let me guess sarah threatened to throw it. Kick you out of the house right. She she made me: do it yeah there’s, a story behind it, the the the lady at this at the styling shop, the barber shop i went to, i went to supercuts. She didn’t want to cut it. You know i told her a number four all the way around and stuff and and she really tried to talk me out of it. She goes oh, like i can trim it up. I can you know i said huh. No, we we better do what my wife says so yeah so give us an update on on your femi mini because i know cause. I was talking about a little bit here, yeah yeah, i was actually watching while i was eating dinner bill uh. So here is the little uh the little guy right. There still has a broken arm and for people that don’t know what happened uh i took it out to fly and i dropped it. I was literally getting setting it down on the landing pad and butter fingers. It fell out of my hand and it hit and it landed on this arm. First uh i was about a foot and a half off the ground, something like that, but it was on to a sidewalk, so it was on cement.

So it was a very cold surface uh and it definitely, but i was still kind of surprised at how fragile it is. So this arm i’m pretty sure i can epoxy that and get it in good shape. But what happened was i i took it to electronics repair because the gimbal was malfunctioning, it is malfunctioning. Uh pardon me bill uh and then so you know we’re all experienced enough to know that that’s very likely a ribbon cable. My hope was that it it just dislodged, you know the ribbon, cable had come loose or something and – and they told me no – that that the ribbon cable was uh is broken on. It was torn. So my next move is – and you alluded to this earlier bill – and i know you’ve – had experience with them. My next move is, i got a hold of femi again. I guess i should back up a little bit. I originally got a hold of femi and asked them if i could buy just a drone and – and they said no absolutely not – we don’t have any – which is kind of understandable right. We know they’re they’re producing them as fast as they can, but when i found out that it was the ribbon cable, i got a hold of him again. I said: listen. Can i just buy a ribbon cable, i said and and and an arm. I know i could epoxy that, but i thought heck i might as well buy an arm too yeah and uh.

They said absolutely not. They said we don’t sell parts. We have to service our drones. There are no uh, you know there. We don’t want outsiders servicing our product. We have, we have the tools to do it, etc, etc. Gosh pardon me bill. I noticed that i’m getting the same allergies that you’re dealing with yeah but uh. So anyway, they refused to sell me any parts. So i mean it’s, basically, you know i can get it flying again, uh, but that’s going to be about it now. There is another interesting twist to this, and you know this bill from the the communications that we’ve had back and forth uh, but our friend jet martin uh came through and offered to. Let me take his order. He ordered from b h, just like you did, and he said marcus i’ll, just redirect that and and let you have it so uh, so that was that was really nice of him. So so, whenever b h, ships i’ll i’ll have another one and get to fly. Some more and there is a bright side, there’s a bright side to this story. Okay, i may be the only person that has two batteries for their feed me. Yes, yeah. I have a question to ask you: okay, did you look on banggood to see if they had any parts out there? I did i, of course i didn’t i looked on aliexpress yeah, yeah, yeah there’s, nothing and you know six months from now.

There, probably will probably will be yeah yeah yeah, but but there certainly isn’t right now so, and i thought it was really odd that femi would not even send me a ribbon cable, but but that is something that, as a consumer, you need to take into consideration With both femi and hubsan and what we know of hubsan, at least in the past, i don’t know how they’re going to be on their new drone when it comes out, but there really is little to no service after the sale. So when you buy that thing, you just need to understand you’re, pretty much on your own it’s, not like dji. When i had problems with my mini 2, i started a ticket with dji bill a week and a half later i had a new drone. In my hand, oh yeah, you know, and and and i know you had an issue with your charge – hub kind of kind of an issue, but at least they do have a service department and you can get resolution uh it’s a little different thing. So that should be fair bill. Femi offered, they said, hey, send it back in to us to china and we’ll repair it of course, for a fee and then send it back, but but let’s think this through. As you know, it would probably cost me 80 to 100 bucks to ship it to china. It would uh by the time i don’t know what they would charge to repair it, but let’s just give a good round number and say a hundred dollars right.

At least 100 and then shipping it back is another. You know 50 bucks or whatever. Well you you know it’s just not worth it. You might as well buy a new drone, yeah you’ve just spent you spent. You know 300 bucks just doing all that and you’ve pretty much bought yourself. Another drone, yeah that’s it yeah we’ll, see okay, you know, and i have a little sidebar story, that’s kind of in line with you: okay, i’m, getting an entertainment center. Okay for the new house all right and went out to wayfair bought it brought it in here’s ron, hey ron, hello, gentlemen, hello, everybody out there in the uh in chats tonight uh, i hope everybody’s doing well. Sorry. I’M, sorry, i’m late, but uh better late than never. You say when i was growing up, that’s right, quick story like and it kind of fits in line with marcus. Here all right. I bought an entertainment center off. A wayfarer of course, assemble put together i’m. Getting ready to put together this weekend all right, the main piece on the bottom that supports the whole entertainment center. It was cracked beyond repair, okay, just cracked and i’m like okay, so i had plenty of options and what i ended up doing was and listen to this okay, wayfarers customer service is out of this world. I called them up and here’s what they did. They gave me they gave me several options. They said. Okay, we can offer you a full refund.

Oh by the way you don’t have to ship it back i’m, like huh what’d, you guys say you i don’t have to ship this back and i said that’s right. You don’t have to ship it back. So what i ended up doing is i contacted the manufacturer of the entertainment center and i said: can i get this piece replaced and they said it’s hot stock right now i was just like okay, because i want to give it to like a family member or Something i wouldn’t would not sell it, but um you know as it ended up. I ended up getting a better entertainment center, um, probably about the same price it’s already put together. So i want to mess with that, but anyway, okay, oh well, bill can. Can we arrange for wayfarer to buy uh phoebe and adopt that same uh return policy? You know ron. That is one of the best things i’ve heard tonight. Without a doubt: okay, there there’s absolutely. No doubt that is the best thing that i have heard tonight. Okay, i i really my my the story. Doesn’T. Surprise me, my brother in law bought like like a like a fire thing or whatever from wayfair and, like you know, something’s wrong with his so the same thing they he got another one didn’t have to send the old one back or whatever. So he wound up giving to a friend of his or whatever um, because whatever is wrong with it, it was still usable, just wasn’t like right.

You know just 100 rate, but the same thing happened. They didn’t want to back, because i guess all that shipping back and forth would would make them lose money. But, oh it was enough. This box was, it was a hundred pounds. Okay, oh yeah, the same thing with this one too and bill. I i feel you’re paying them weight there. Uh we ordered a outdoor. You know a deck set like a you know like a sofa and two chairs and like a table, and i spent better a week putting all the pieces together in wayfarer. You know my hands still feel it. You know from turning his little things: a million times – oh yeah, oh yeah, but sorry folks, i i didn’t mean to come in and turn this into the uh bill. The wayfarer reviewer Laughter. Well, oh and i don’t know, if you guys caught it, i found i found the issue. Why the the big issue, what ah i did it again to ron – i accidentally hit that ron. I did it again. I do all the time bill. No, no apologies needed two weeks in a row: okay, um. I found out why dji wouldn’t, let me send this back by all the mystery sobbed. The mystery was solved, and you know what my son in law enlightened me my because my son in law was in retail for several years. It’S called a sku number. Okay, the air 2s fly more kit, has its own skew number all right, it’s one skew number for the whole thing all right, so they can’t they can’t break it apart like if you were to buy this on dji’s website, it has its own skew number.

If i bought this individually and had this happen, that had not been a problem, all right, we’re moving on here, all right bill – well we’ll, say i’m staying on topic here. So when you told me that story you know i had bought the uh. I bought the non five market because i kept my old uh air 2s, but you made me think, and i went eventually open the box up because i never touched the charger from the from the new one because i’m, just using the the you know the charger You have in your hand there from the first air too, but i opened the box up to make sure the charger was in good shape. It worked that came with the air 2s, the smart charger, so i charge the battery fully up on it. So, okay and that’s, all because of what you went through, i made sure hey i’m, not going to when i try to sell this thing a couple years down the road i have to tell somebody. Oh, i got a non working, uh, uh charger. Okay, oh there’s! Our little friend up on the screen there old friend here, okay now, you know you use the bracelet. Well, look at this order in three hours and 26 minutes to ship tomorrow. It’S, zero dollars price is right here, guys, hello, yeah, any complaints we would have about the drone at that price. Point: they’re all they’re, all uh, nothing right! No matter what’s wrong with it.

No, nobody can comply with that kind of price. Nobody yeah can we get a case. A power load yeah get a pallet. Now we you know, i was telling ron marcus what we were going to talk about tonight. Now ron said instantly. He goes the best drone on paper is, is right before your eyes right now, guys the zeno mini pro i mean, and the yeah the best mini drone and actually the bet on paper. This is the best. What what do you call a bang for your buck of any drone? Right i mean, even though we don’t we don’t, we don’t know a price but we’re sleeping we’re assuming 500 or under yeah yeah, and you know it’s, you know the the whole. You know the old like, oh, if you know it’s too good, to be true, it probably is but the big thing on this and nobody, i mean we’ve, seen we’ve seen videos, but we haven’t seen a couple of things we haven’t seen. We haven’t seen a video of this flying. Okay, unless something’s come out that i don’t know about, and we really haven’t seen a video from the xenomini pro. Am i right. I see a sea level hasn’t had the hanging leaks yet on the uh mini pro yeah and you know it’s just yeah. If maybe you can find a spot there. Did you hear the news we kind of broke uh recently um on, i think it’s on these specs.

Here it was in the second video. They revealed bill that he has an internal member. You know how we were happy with our madness, because they had eight gigabytes of this terrible memory. This thing has 64 slash 128 of internal memory and ron explain why that’s important you made a good point and one of our commenters on on the previous episode of drone nation. I’M. Sorry, i don’t remember the common matters name. He asked me he said well. If this has 200 bit rate no memory card out, there, you know is rated for 200 bits. Well, guess what, if it has internal storage, you could record a high bit rate to the internal storage. If that bill, you may not even need a memory card for this thing unless you choose to have a memory card as, as you know like a backup or whatever, and here it is, it says, built in emmc 64g. Slash. 128 g. Can you imagine that amount of insta it would be no use, put the memory card in right, yeah and of course, and hopefully they have some whiz bang transfer method. So when you, when you bring the drone back to your desk, i mean instead of the cumbersome hook, the usb you know, cable too. Maybe they have some kind of quick transfer, uh method, where you know they can wi, fi or bluetooth or maybe send it to your phone, or i hope they have like a quick way of getting it off there and onto the off to wherever you want to Edit it at i heard what the quick way is.

You have to take your controller, get an alligator clip to find open it up, get get one end on one of joy, six get one in on the other joy six and then plug it into your computer and they’ll transfer it in less than ten hours and And it’ll runs right, it’ll, take probably about ten hours and boy you’ll be able to get everything on your computer we’re jumping around bill. But how many? How many reviews have you seen of the uh, the air 2s? And you know all the big time reviews they got to find something wrong with it. So all of them stop and pause and say it’s got eight gigabytes of internal memory. I was hoping it would at least have 32 this time around. Almost all the big reviewers said that or whatever so, like you know, it’s like hop, says, listen, okay! You guys want more external memory. We’Ll get we’ll, give you more enter we’ll. Give you more internal memory. I mean. I think this is this. Is this? Is a real, i mean a win win if this gets delivered with this external storage, you know the more you see this, the more it just screams like. How can it? How can i it’s the best mini drone available bill? Do you really think the rumors are true that they scooped up all this fire uh dji employees, and maybe those employees brought over ideas that they threw around in the dji think tank.

You know i’m sure all of those ideas were thrown around again in dgi’s internal meetings and whatever we should do this. We should do this whatever and these guys all came out of the upset and said well we’ll. Just do it all and use reminiscent like i can’t go in a big detail, but i got the insta 360 one x2 recently and it’s the same thing. You look at the box. It has every feature in the world in that box. It’S, like it’s like they just said they just took everything as possible. We’Re, just gon na put it all in hey ron, so the only the only caveat that i’m going to throw there is we heard that same rumor about the femi mini that the guys that designed that were fired, dji engineers, so you know well, maybe phoebe got The bad ones yeah yeah yeah yeah and got the good ones hey. Did you did you marcus? Did you see the comments? Somebody left one? I think it was our show two weeks ago with drone engine, a commenter drone psycho said joe said: i’m. Sorry, i didn’t mean to make a psycho drone, send him who uh who, who seems to have it inside with femi. He said he’s heard from his sources that this first batch of feedbacks are sad. They were all test units and they were sold to us. As you know, you know they didn’t tell us that we were getting the testers.

We had to buy the basically the beta units and and the weight actually buy yours in july. When the uh. You know the final versions come out. I it wouldn’t. Surprise me ron wouldn’t. Surprise me a bit yeah yeah yeah! Well, stephen ewing posted. He said he said this was funny he was being. He was actually do you see this for april fool’s day 2022. I think i think we said this last night bill. What what if like this is the next um what’s that little drone mark, as you saw in ces with the two, the two props. What if this is the copter of 2020? What, if a year from now we’re still waiting for the the hubsan mini 2 pro to arrive or or five years from now ron, yeah hey? Did you hear there was a update in the v copter? Now they have a v copper mini out? Yes, i did so i mean not out not out just just just. They actually had that at ces as well of the mini yeah yeah there’s, another mini coming out bill, yeah, yeah yeah. You know it’s it’s, a it’s, a mini mini world it’s, just it’s kind of you know. It’S, like you know, you get to a point. It’S like okay, i have somebody from the netherlands is coming into into the tampa area and he’s asking me. Should i bring my mini 2 or should i bring my air 2s and i told him i said: leave the mini 2 at home.

Okay bring the air 2s and i told him. I said the big reason is the wind down here, and you know that ron. You know when you go to the shore and the beach. You know that wind just absolutely picks up and it’s this week because of the temperatures it’s. Just the wind has been insane down here. Flying weather’s been horrible, hey that’s. One thing that i need to tell you guys about this guy and i was just kind of getting it figured out when i did my second flight. I wish i’d had more air time with it, but it has a climb rate of five meters per second, which is fast yeah. That is fast. It will go straight up and i had it in sport mode. At one point i had it up to like 18 and a half 19 meters per second, which translates to uh, pretty close to you know 40 miles an hour uh for a little mini. This guy is pretty quick yeah. I mean that’s uh that’s i’m. Pretty excited about that and marcus, i don’t know if you caught it or not, but when i was talking about what i found out from b h is basically you know. He said if you don’t, hear anything by may 12th, give us a holler, okay, so we’re still kind of in this holding pattern as far as that’s concerned. So you were talking about wind and mini twos and air twos marcus, and i talked about this a little bit.

We talked about off air and we talked about briefly the show they say. Did you see the video from the gentleman he was flying the uh, the new, the new air air 2s in poland, he at the very top of poland by the ocean. He said they call it hell there or whatever, but uh anyhow. He he this gentleman that made the video he was flying the mini too, and his buddy was flying the air to us now. I think it was both the guys drones, but his buddies fought here too, and he lost the air to s out at sea. It got caught up in some winds out there and it could not get back and he blamed it on dji, because the he said when the battery got down to a certain length that dji cut the power out, it did not have the power to get back To its uh to its home point, uh uh marcus has seen the video and he he a lot of people have uh. Have you seen this video at all i’ve seen you guys post it? I didn’t get a chance to watch that, but from what? What i’ve read what people have said about? It said it’s really kind of like his fault um. They they kind of defaulted to you know, and i don’t know i haven’t seen it yet. You know what well here’s what i’ll say about that walk a mile in another guy’s shoes we weren’t there, so none of us can say exactly, but it it felt odd and that the way they went sideways after they were getting low on battery to come in From a different direction was odd and when he was coming back and he was claiming that uh that it was, it went into low power mode, and i think he still had i don’t know like 18 battery or something i can tell you from experience.

Dji will eventually go into low power mode when you get low enough down on the battery, but it’s like five percent or less even before it really starts taking power away from those motors. The whole thing was weird. What what i thought was good, though, was that, did you see dji’s comment on the video ron yeah it hit to the top yeah yeah? They said they said. Listen if this is an issue we’re going to take care of it, send us your. You know your files and and we’ll look into it, uh, which i thought was cool of them and laura donner both say they think it was pilotaire. I i believe so too, but you know you know we’re just looking at a video and drawing those conclusions. So you know kind of puts the air 2s down and talks the mini up and then, if you go back to look at his previous videos, his previous videos were basic is trying to prove that the mini 2 is better than the air 2 s that’s. The other thing ron he he did there’s no question. He had an agenda huh and now bill this isn’t, some haphazard guy, this guy, the video is beautiful. He’S got narration and b roll whatever. This is a a well. This looks like you know, like a you know, like a top youtube video yeah i’ve been watching him for a while ron, phillips skaraba or something like that.

Yeah yeah, i don’t, know yeah i’m gon na i’m gon na watch that. But you know a couple of comments to make on that. Okay, now, when i flew out – and when i fly out to the sunshine skyway bridge down here in tampa, you have to do it from one of the two rest areas: okay, you can’t technically you’re not allowed to take off there’s a north, pier and a south, Pier and basically those are the old bridge that’s the old bridge down here – um, you guys, probably i don’t know if you heard the sunshine, skyway bridges, disaster, uh freighter hit it and knocked it down, and you know a greyhound bus went in. You know there were dozens of people how long ago was that bill? I think it was like about 1987 and i vaguely i vaguely remember here. It was it’s been a while there was a guy’s car there’s, a picture of his car. He just stopped and his back wheels were still on the bridge. His front wheels were over the edge okay yeah so that guy’s gon na have a story. He, if he’s still alive, he’s still telling his throat today, uh well i’m sure he is well what they did. What they did was that they left they left part of the bridge intact and people fish from the piers okay, but you have to go either north or short, north or south rest area. Now, the southwest area, you have a shorter flight than you do from the northwest area.

Okay, so all that being said, when i went to fly down there, i calculated at what percentage i needed to i looked at the wind, okay, i went to uav forecast and you know. Unfortunately, it was a calm day, but i had figured at 60. I need to turn around and come home. Okay, i knew you know even without any win. I knew it’s, 60 and wouldn’t. You know when i landed. I had like nine percent battery left all right. You know you know and – and i said i didn’t – let it linger for more than 30 seconds at 60, because i wanted to get some shots because i got up to the bridge, so it takes a while to get there and then and then i flip back. Okay, when you’re out flying long distances like that, when you’re doing things like that, especially and marcus, knows this when you’re up against the wind, okay, that’s a whole different ball game, all right, you have to calculate you have to know, okay, where that wind is coming From how how how fast it is, you know, because if you go out there with a tailwind great, you know, but guess what, when you’re, coming back? Okay, you’re going to work twice as hard to get back and you may not make it back with something like that. So you need to put all that into context. Mark marcus uh bri talk about the about how that guy in a video that when he knew the bringing back instead of coming straight back, they came back at a crazy.

Like angle, right, hey, hey bill highlight steve mack. He hadn’t there’s a good good comment. There he’s a great one, yeah you’re right, uh ron, that’s exactly right. They decided to kind of tack off a different direction. It just was phony before they even tried to come back against the wind lower altitude right. What would we all do you drop some altitude and see if you could get out of whatever high winds and then the whole thing about the way they they they were trying to fight the wind and it? You know they were at full throttle and he was saying that it reduced power. It just didn’t feel right, and so i i’m not. I don’t want to accuse anybody of being a liar because we weren’t there and we don’t know yeah. But what would conversation about it? Next we could give a bill, see the video and you know, you’ll yeah yeah that’s, on that’s on my that’s on my to do list of videos to watch um. You know, and you know what brought you know. This brings to mind marcus is, is your incident with the mini um, when, when you know you had to bring it up? No you! No! I i got to give you credit, you know. While it was, you know, pilot hair. You had enough head about you and you kept your wits to find a place to land that you knew that you could go recover.

Your drone from okay and there’s a lot of kudos to you for keeping your cool and doing that. Okay, um there’s! A lot to be said for that now i’ve there’s been times i haven’t kept my cool, but when you do keep your cool, usually it ends up being in your favor when you do stuff like that. Now this return to home, okay here’s. What here’s? What i have to say all right, you know what you know what he needs to do: hit return to home. Okay, you know get that thing coming back uh because you know it’s going to do a 180 right away, you’re, not and and it’s. It calculates things when you’re doing that automatically it’s it’s thrown it’s thrown a lot it’s doing a lot of number crunching internally when it’s coming back all right and if you can see if it’s struggling okay, you may want to take it over manually, okay, but i Want to start right here, okay, do you think if he would, if you hit return to home and not tested okay, do you think in return to home mode, the thing would not go into his low power mode like the return, yeah power mode, i don’t think It does, i think, depending upon i got ta, i would have to look at the presets okay, because a lot of times people don’t mess with you know when people fly it out of the box, they don’t adjust that and you need to take a look at That, okay, because a lot of times, people will set it really low.

I mean like five percent or something like that, which is probably what it should be: okay, because until you get to like a five percent kind of a thing you probably shouldn’t mess with that. I mean that that’s, my that’s, my thinking on that uh, a quick, quick note uh on on on long flights and long distances. Did you hear the news, our good friend dustin donnell’s, moving to new mexico? No, i did not um yeah. Apparently, you know uh real estate. You know real estate’s going crazy in hawaii, just like here, like, like a medium price house, is like almost a million dollars there, so he found a nice place in new mexico, but he won’t be coming back for a year because he’s waiting for his son to Graduate from high school but uh so those long distance, uh, uh uh. You know uh range test off the side of that mountain there, the the maui maui mountain or whatever he calls it it’ll be a thing of the past uh eventually, but new mexico there’s. Probably a lot of great opportunities out there that to do some long distance flights – oh i’m, sure he’ll find i’m sure there are plenty out there in new mexico, his family, his family lives in new mexico anyway, oh okay, okay, that makes sense that that means a Lot but that’s the dental update of the evening. Well, you know one of the things that i have to say.

You know with my new flying location and one of the things that i really like about it: okay, it’s it’s a straight corridor, and it really it kind of helps me focus when i’m thought to keep things straight, to keep things on the line. It really does it really does a good job and, like you guys said you know, when i did my first flight. One of the things i really like is you know, there’s a lot of green around there there’s a lot of colors and it really helps things pop out and i’m. Really as nice as the lake was or whatever you didn’t get, you didn’t get those vibrant colors. You get you’re getting now. You know there’s a lot of dull colors around the lake there’s, no doll here and it’s, and the nice thing is it’s. Two minutes from my house. I mean you. Can’T literally can’t beat that bill. That looks a good spot for your rc cars, also, maybe even your rc planes. Yes, that will be. That will be absolutely positively perfect. For that i couldn’t i couldn’t ask for a better spot, plus it’s quiet up there. Okay, nobody goes up there. That’S, a nice thing, it’s meant as kind of like a park but nobody’s up there, so that that’s where private park – yes – and i ca – and i kind of like that, although i have to say this, this was interesting on my last video of the master shots.

Video somebody asked me says: why did you park on the grass i’m, like son, i said because i didn’t want to park on the road. I mean really yeah yeah. Well, i mean uh, it was it you’re, not it’s, not you’re. You were allowed to right. It wasn’t like it was yeah there’s. No, you know there’s no problem, there’s, no problem with something you’re, a big four wheel, drive truck it’s, not like you’re, getting stuck or anything right, yeah that’s, not gon na happen, i mean hey and marcus. At least bill will have somebody come up to happen on his shoulder when he’s in the middle of the flight and and and scared to be jesus out of them. Oh that guy sparkled, the heck out of me man, i’m, telling you it was like imagine first. I heard breathing, you know and i’m going. What that could you imagine if you’ve been flying a dji tv drone with the goggles when that would have happened, yeah well and they got. Let me add, i want to make perfectly. The guy was really a nice guy and – and i offered to you, know hey when i’m done here. I’Ll show you whatever, but you know right now, i’m busy. Well, you know the you know the person who the person who scares me the most and it will sneak up on me unintentionally, all the time. Valerie. Okay swear. You know what i am buying her for christmas.

I kid you not okay, i found it it’s it’s a velcro on her wrist. I found jingle bells to put on her wrist with velcro because she would literally come up to me, and this is when i first started out doing drone reviews. I was in the kitchen on the island next thing. I know she was like right behind me and i mean i would literally jump out of my seat and then the ninja. Then oh, my gosh she’s stealth. She, you said you got her something. You know the jingle, i thought you were gon na, say guy tap shoes or something i told i told her. I said you know what i said if the u.s government finds out about you, i’ll, never see you they’ll try to oh yeah you’ll, be on covet missions every season. Yes, i will never. I will never see you again: okay, that’s yeah yeah yeah, so you know be that as it may here. Okay, with this whole thing about the mini, you know i just kind of want to wrap this segment up here. You know it’s a wait and see kind of game because you know there have been some many videos come out with with the femi. You know, um not not a lot to digest here. Guys with that i mean you know and obviously there’s nothing yet with a hubsan and there’s plenty with a mini too so it’s kind of like it’s kind of like uh, which one is the best while on the paper.

Obviously the the hobson xeno mini pro is, but you know, that’s a way to be seen. So i want to add one thing i was looking on one of the rc forums and uh. They were suggesting that we may see that hubsan mini by june, and i don’t know what information they have. You know people can say whatever they want yeah bill. I got some some of my sources and ages say that uh well, they told me in april. They said they thought they were going to see it next month in may, but these are all well on my part, there’s.