No money has exchanged hands and no one has had approval on what i say or do in this video. Hey folks welcome back to the channel, so this day and age were living in the sub 250 category really got popular, and now it seems like its kind of like dying out a little bit, but the idea of sub 250 is still there and the requirements from Certain governments, you know its still sub 250 for grams for some arbitrary reason, but some of the sub 250 quads that ive seen are just not good um theyre heavy theyre over built and they dont leave you a whole lot of room uh like to add a Gopro or anything like that, um and ive flown plenty of sub 250 quads like uh like this. This is the 533 tiny trainer this one here this one, this one i really like this is the uh, the baby hawk hd and then weve got other offerings like that. Arent binding flies like uh like this guy here this is the bqe rip squeak. This is a really really good frame, um and then theres other ones like the diatone roma 35. Like this guy here recently, i was contacted by rob from ronin fpv and he said hey. Do you want to take a look at my ronin mark ii frame ive? Seen the mark 1 before it looked like a really good design, yeah sure, why not take a look at it and he sent me the ronin mark ii, and this is it this little frame? You might be thinking, oh, its a cute little three inch frame.

No, this is a four inch frame. This is a four inch arm frame. I can imagine, after talking to rob over the internet a little bit, um hes, just an independent dude that has a real passion for has a real passion for fpv, and this is his own design, his own creation, not sure if hes cutting him himself or if Hes out sort of seeing the uh the cutting of the carbon fiber, but this frame is very well designed and ill. Tell you why uh previous to this one of my favorite frames was this one: the bqe rip squeak this little guy here. This is a this. Is a three inch frame? The bqe rip squeak frame is a pretty light frame, as you can see, theres not a whole lot of carbon fiber. You have a base plate, uh, two arms, a couple: little sandwich plates and a top plate and thats about it. Theres not much to it. This looks like a rip squeak but like a rip, squeak plus almost its bigger arm, so this will swing a four inch prop and not only does it have just a base plate and a top plate in the arms. The arms are boomerang arms, they add a little bit of rigidity to them um, but it also has a like a lower sandwich plate to i dont know, maybe maybe help absorb some of that that crushing force. If you hit an arm, it does feel like the arms will break pretty much right here, thats kind of where you want them to break in a crash um, nothing, fancy, no chamfered edges or anything like that to drive the cost up.

But this frame clocks in at 54 grams its not the lightest, its, not the heaviest, but i think it strikes a good balance between weight and durability, whereas you look at something like the this guy here. This is a diatone roma, three five. So this is a three and a half inch frame super fancy carbon fiber with all the chamfered edges and all the the cnc goodness. But this frame is a pig this frame weighs in at about 75 grams. That is a ton for a little three and a half inch quad, especially when youre trying to get to that sub 250 mark. Some of the really neat features about this frame is yes, it does use the boomerang arm so its its a you know, you break one. You break two type thing which yeah it is what it is um. It does support a 16 by 16, a 20 by 20 and a 25 uh whoop size flight controller and in the back in the trunk, where all the junk goes uh we can mount a 16 by 16 or 20 by 20 stack flight controller ptx whatever it Is you want to put in the back uh an air unit, a um, a shark bite system, whatever it is that you want to throw in there? It has the space the front camera mount pretty neat little design its just a straight slot. You put the camera wherever you want, and you just slide it back and forth: try to get the front of the carbon fiber out of frame and also try to protect your lens.

At the same time, this does have quite a snout on it. Having that that split deck design does have a bit of a snout on it, so this should offer some pretty decent camera protection up in the front there. Now one of the downsides ive, seen to the boomerang arms, is, if you look at how the carbon fiber is cut its not perfectly straight down the arm and thats because of the fact that these arms arent 90 degrees, theyre uh, you know theyre more of an Obtuse angle, so you do have to have that compromise when youre cutting the carbon fiber, whether to split the difference and just have those strands long running as long as possible versus just straight down the middle. This whole frame comes very well packaged this dude. You could tell by opening the package what you see inside that he does have a very passionate. He does have a lot of passion for what hes designed here and his product his his baby, his design uh lots of extras in the box. I dont know if thats just because he sent it to me but um, he kind of made it sound like this is exactly what you get when you buy retail, not just like a review sample a lot of cool stuff in there patches, lego, straps. One thing that i did notice is: there is an awful lot of waste in the in the packaging um. You know the way things are right.

Now we got to worry about actually having a green outdoor to go fly in having a decent world to fly in and man there is a ton of plastic waste. Look at this. Every single piece of cut carbon fiber was in its own bag. It does come with some extra hardware. I did strip out a screw while installing the arm, so it was nice to have an extra screw or two in case you do uh, really reef down on them and strip them out. It comes with the nut inserts pre installed in the base plate, which is always a plus because those things they seem to really confound a lot of people and ive seen a lot of really messed up builds because people try to pull them in with a bolt And a washer um, and it just it just doesnt, go well unless theyre pressed in from the factory. So thank you for that. He does have all the stls for putting like a crossfire antenna or uh arm, skids and stuff, like that on his website very good website, um, probably one of the better fpv websites, and on another note, if this is like one of your first builds, i really Think that this might be the way to go, he has documented every bit of the build process which parts to use and how to tune and set everything up: uh thats something thats missing from just about every manufacturer out there.

This is very, very important information that a lot of people get confused when they start to build their first quad like putting the nuts and bolts together, yeah thats great. But how do you make it fly right? He has the whole tuning process on his website and i think, even has just straight up betaflight presets that you can flash this thing, so that is a huge benefit of the this frame, this company and the time that has been put into it uh, i cant Say how detailed this is. It is crazy, detailed, very, very detailed. So you know i look at a lot of frames. I i get a lot of buying and flies, and things like that and um right now, my favorite, my favorite kind of sub 250 quad to fly is this one? This is the baby hawk hd its. You know its just a great all rounder its super fun to fly, but im pretty sure that this is going to be something that im going to build up here in the near future and uh put through its paces. I really like this frame. I am a little skeptical about how well the m2 hardware will hold up. I hate m2 hardware in just about every scenario other than holding a camera in place. They do tend to strip out very easily both the heads and the threads tend to strip pretty easily, but the heads can be mitigated by just using good drivers if youre looking for a good set of drivers in the video description.

I have a link to these. These are mippy drivers. These are the paragon of hex drivers. I know they look old school and not very good, but trust me, these are the ones you want all right, folks, sound off down below what do you think of this frame? Do you think this is a good contender for a good four inch frame, a good sub 250 frame say the heck with the whole sub 250 thing run what youre wrong slap a big old gopro on it and hope for the best. Remember the lighter you make it the more its going to survive when it crashes or the higher the chances. Are you got less kinetic energy smacking, the old, concrete, the it passes, all the checks in the beginning. It passes all the preliminary checks hey. Is it easily serviceable yup? Is this one easiest? Is this one easy asleep? Is this one easily serviceable hell, no get rid of that thing, its uh? What i like about the bqe rip squeak super easily serviceable theres, only a few parts to it, and if you break one its its like one or two screws to repair it, none of the arms share stack screws. That is always a bonus. You ever find a frame that the arm screws share the stack screws. Yet you know what that one probably should go and not be an option just from a serviceability aspect. Theres no reason you need to do it unless, like theyre, pulling off some super new trick, design thing um, otherwise, theres not really a whole lot of reason for it all right, guys, thats it.