I am kind of curious of what this is, but i do remember ordering some stuff to help me with my videos to try to get them better to get uh better quality sound or better, and i figured it may do some reviews on them. So that way, if yall, ah thats, what that is, ruko f11 gym 4k wi fi camera brushless motor its a super long range. I remember when i ordered it its been a little bit because i just got back home also inside this box. Ah, like i said, need stuff for better videos right, so i got me a tripod, joby tripod and i went and already opened this thats going to go for the the iphone we will get to that. But this right here lets open this up. We want to be very careful with it. Wow look at that. Look how well this package inside of a nice box its got a case with a zip bag. So your case dont get dirty now that thats really good shipping right there, thats good quality. Look at that case, that is a nice case unzip it all right were off the bat. You got your instructions. I am definitely definitely gon na have to use theres instructions on how to use your gps mode remote control its got your emergency stop. So we would definitely have to go over there. Here is a a charger, so theres a charger. Now if yall are hungry, this said do not eat so dont eat them.

What is this? Look like another charger uh looks like some screws and an allen wrench little small screws, an allen, wrench, ah extra blade, thats what the little small screws are for, or blade mount having blades on it may not be extra yeah. Oh look at this lets. Take the controller out. First, its plastic got like metal knobs, but its its very, very good quality, and we will have to figure out how to work this. That is, that is good quality. That is very nice, and this is heavy enough to probably be the battery yeah. That is the battery. We will put this on charge and test this. This mommy jimmy out i cant, get over the case quality. Oh yep them are extra blades all right. We did that wrong opening this one up then open this, so this is nice. I hope it runs and does everything that said it was going to do, because this quality of the drone looks nice. The controller the case is very nice. Well, usually, when i get new toys, usually im not the first to play with them, my wife is and which is probably a good thing. Um that way i just get aggravated and tear them up, shes pretty patient. I want to show you this controller and everything. This thing dude this thing can do all kinds of stuff all right all righty. I was wanting to show you all this. Its got image follow gps music.

You can have music playing in it. Vr vr looks kind of weird uh. The filters got your zoom all right. When you hit the filter button, you got all kind of uh, you can change it. I mean like sketches, look at that look at the different filters, thats, none that you can put on black and white. You record like this. Thats, i thought that was pretty cool all right. Well, i havent played with it much also its got a camera on it. You can turn it on on the video part and you can turn your camera on uh the mic on, and i guess it picks up through the phone, because its got really good, audio and um Music Music, and it also has a come back to home. Every time Music, i didnt do a lot with it. I do know that the camera i thought the camera was broke, but its not its its moves and you can its got to zoom in return the home, which i tried to return to home, and then it come in here like its going to – and i guess It got confused to smack the wall, its already got some scratches and stuff on. It were trying to try to figure it out, but i thought it was pretty cool and everything that he can do uh and its kind of kind of heavy uh. So i think its going to do good in the wind.

There is some william blowing um, so that is thats. My review on this.