We covered this about a year ago and about a year before that. Basically, i like to do yearly checkups on games just to see where theyre at in their early access. Now with this one, i had time to play a lot actually before i made this video uh so anyways there is a vod up on my twitch stream. Right now, where you can see me play the game in long form for about four hours, if you wanted to dive a little bit deeper on in and see how the progressive elements and the meta progression work all that kind of stuff. But this is a first person, shooter thats, drawing heavily from like borderlands and from a number of different sources. It is a roguelike. Basically, you go as far as you can, while collecting guns and fun equipment and upgrading it and all that kind of stuff. And then, when you die, you go back to the beginning. You use a bunch of currency in order to upgrade your camp so that you get more bonuses and then you carry on for another run, were going to spend about 25 30 minutes with the game today and see what theyve added a spoiler alert. Its a bunch of stuff, the game is actually in really really good shape right now, ill. Give you my thoughts near the end about my playtime, with it over on twitch in condensed form once we get to the end of the video.

Hopefully, somebody will mark that in the timeline so that you can get there quickly and easily uh, but without further ado make sure you check the discord in the twitch stream and we will start the video off all right. So here we are inside of our base camp. This is where you always start out: uh weve got a number of benches over here, theyve all been upgraded, multiple times, because ive been playing the game a whole bunch. This right here is where you can pick what class you want to play: theres four classes in the game as of right now, theres the guardian. There is the recon theres, the engineer and theres the commando. Basically, the guardian has a safety bubble. Uh, i would say the guardian is probably the the most new player friendly, because hes got what is effectively a world of warcraft paladin bubble uh. He can go immune to damage for like x amount of seconds. If you get in over your head and thats, actually a utility thats really really helpful, considering how fast paced this game is and how fast paced it tends to come at you uh we have the recon. The recon has the ability to turn invisible. Its kind of like invulnerability, but a little bit different, you go invisible. Everything loses track of you. You are not allowed to attack out of stealth, however, he does have a laser dagger that allows you to deal damage out of stealth basically and do like a bunch of damage.

Uh weve got the engineer who has a drone that flies around and deals damage, and then the drone apparently gathers scrap as well from enemies and then weve got a scrap blaster its a homing energy ball. That does 65 damage. I actually dont know if i have used the engineer yet i know that ive played the recon. I know that ive played the guardian and i know that i played the commando. The commando is all out fury thats. Basically, the commando is all offense, no defense uh. He starts out with a rocket launcher that he can fire just whenever he wants. He can also hes got a little shotgun thats on his melee that he can use. Hes also got fury. So if you take down an enemy, you get three fury and then rocket hits will kind of like buff that and make things happen for right now. Lets try out the drone guy, because ive never played him before. In addition, you have gadgets. Gadgets are effectively kind of boons that you give to yourself at the beginning of the game. As you start out, and so like weve got the mini vacuum right. There allows us to collect xp from further away before it despawns. We could bring an extra weapon slot. Weve got football shoes so that if we jump on enemies heads we deal a bunch of damage, weve got the gas lighter, so the brobot rebooting speed is up by 40 percent explorer slippers.

So we dont take floor. Trap damage quite as much. Those are actually pretty useful because there are some pretty dirty traps in this game. Weve got the pogo stick. So when we crouch, we can jump to do a mega jump. This game does have secrets and areas that youre gon na have to figure out how to get to, and so that might actually be a really really helpful thing to have. Weve got rocket, pants weve got stop, watch and weve got fancy. Pins lets go for the double jump. I like the double jump, all right, so heres our character right here, uh theres, our drone. It looks like we can launch him whenever and just kind of deploy him around looks like there is a cooldown on it. I dont know how long he lasts, for if he just like fights to the death on v, weve got our little plasma ball thing that we can throw right there, but its got to cool down. So keep that in mind – and in fact this little plasma thrower right here replaces our melee, so our character does not have the pugilism skills that some of the other bots have other things that you can play around with. You can change the difficulty around on that side over here. I think this just unlocks more weapons, as you upgrade it. It unlocks more weapons and more things for you to play around with so lets. Just start the game off.

I cant express to you how much i like this loading screen. I dont know what it is about this loading screen, but i really really really like it for some reason that loading screen right there just makes me feel kind of happy now at the beginning of the game, youre going to have some options here. I wonder if i can get up and over right there hold on im im squirreling, give me a second. I can in fact get up and over here there you go. Wrenches are meta progression, so the more wrenches you collect, the more you can upgrade your character in between runs and usually wrenches are given to you through finding secrets and stuff all right. So inside this chest, weve got a mod im, not gon na pick mods for right. Now. Until i know what guns i have and so weve got a long bow. Weve got a fire gun. Weve got the power glove and weve got the pump shotgun im gon na go with the pump shotgun. Everything in this game is color coded theres assault, theres, precision, theres demolition and theres technology. Those are the four stats. If you look at the coloration of your gun over on the right, when its listed inside of your hud thats, basically the color that youre looking for when you pick up items its going to flatly increase your damage. So if we pick up this reel right here, which increases our fire rate and our reload speed, it will make us better with assault and it will make us better with demolitions.

So this will make our gun just hit like 10 percent harder. All right in we go: oh boy, lots of bombs and things flying around all over the place. Yeah go ahead and give him my drone real fast. I would like to have my drone out just let him kind of do his thing. Well, wipe that thing out. Real quick, you do want to be aggressive in this game because you do kind of like level up and get stronger and get perks from those little orbs that are flying out of the enemies and those little orbs do despawn, and so the game actually fully expects. You to kind of be balls to the wall, while youre playing and lets go ahead and wipe out what we can here, thats a loot drone. I would like for it to die im gon na drop. A drone over here were gon na try to stay moving. Just keep it nice and fresh im gon na try to fight to a corner. Let me get a reload rock real fast drones appear to be doing a lot of our heavy lifting for us right now. We got that guy right there and it looks like he dropped. Some loot looks like he dropped. What did he drop? I cant get up there yeah. I need a jumping platform hold on xp there we go weve, leveled up and weve received a perk and we can go triple bomb, scrap, blaster fires, three explosive projectiles, but damage is decreased and it no longer generates scrap on takedown, deploying a drone and triggering the Repairo drone grants your drones.

An invulnerable bubble for four seconds increases: okay, yeah. We can do that there you go so see all my drones are down, and now i can give them kind of like a little protective carapace as well of the energon crystals lets wipe this dude out real fast man i havent played in about a week and A half im feeling kind of rusty right now i was breezing through this, like it wasnt. Even any stress i was getting to the last level every time on stream and now im feeling like im, barely making it. My health is full though so. Obviously, i havent been getting hit that much theres a challenge room over here so well go ahead and we will do the challenge room simply because the challenge room tends to give you pretty good loot and helps you develop your build a bit uh. What kind of gun did we have over here? Weve got the shock rifle yeah. I could probably yeah sure that seems pretty cool the shock rifle so all energy weapons in this game they overheat, none of them have a magazine, and none of them have like a maximum amount of bullets. They can fire uh, they all just kind of overheat, depending uh. Double jump allowed us to get through that challenge. Room no problem, grandmas, shotgun, uh, thats, one of the best guns in the game. In my opinion, grandmas shotgun is freaking disgusting. I take grandmas shotgun.

Every single time that i can get it over here weve got a couple of items. We can get crit damage up. We can raise our assault. We can raise our elemental damage. We are running energy and demolitions right now, so i think the battery is probably the best thing to go for lets go ahead and head on back. It looks like our path is going to take us out this way. I also wanted to give accolades im a big im, a big synthwave guy. I enjoy stuff like dance with the dead. If you dont know what synthwave is the type of music thats, inspired by sort of like 80s cinema and stuff, like that, if youve ever seen, the old dawn of the dead from like 1981 or whatever most of the music? In the background of that could be classified as like very very early synthwave and so anyways, the the musician that made the music for this game. His name is noise cream and he is very, very, very good, and this comes from somebody thats. A big fan of synthwave, so ive got dance with the dead. You know what i mean. Ive got perturbator ive got like ive got all that good stuff on my playlist and so anyways. I this game soundtrack is a banger. I i highly recommend that if you play this game or dont even play this game like if you just see this video – and you find this videos music to be really really good – he is on spotify uh.

His albums are absolutely fantastic synthwave. If you are into that genre of music definitely recommend checking him out theres nothing inside the secret up here, i must have collected it on previous runs. The game is procedurally generated, but the secrets. So basically, the game is made up of tiles, and so the tiles are kind of like constructed together like legos and so anyways that up there is one of the secret tiles, but it looks like i already got the goodies out of it uh. This is a resupply area. Lets go ahead and see what we got. We have an archibus. The archibus is quite good as well. I do like the archbis and the archibus is a hybrid weapon. The archibis is basically a sniper rifle in this game, which i didnt expect because, to my mind, an archivist is sort of like a very rudimentary early gun. That is not very good at being a gun, but you know whatever weve got drone damage plus 10 right. There yeah ill take that sure why not? I do have the key to this door, so one of the meta progressions of the game is that youll find secrets and those secrets will have a key in them. If you find that key, you have it permanently and basically youre able to open those doors that you normally cant open for the rest of all of your runs for as long as you consider to be playing the game and so that door right there at the Beginning of the game, youre not going to be able to open it, but ive already collected most of the keys.

So we can open that. I dont know if its gon na bequeath upon us any real type of benefit. I dont, i dont, really know you know the efficacy of the queefing right here. Weve got the throwing knife thats a precision weapon im, not really that interested in it im gon na grab what xp. I can, though, before i kind of get into trouble here, and it starts despawning on me. Give me grandmas shotgun im going in were doing this from the shoulder. Sometimes you got to get up close and personal with the enemy, all right who doesnt love a mag, fed semi automatic shotgun. I mean everybody loves that idea. Let me see if theres any secrets or like bypasses over here, doesnt, look like it all right lets. Go ahead and we will take care of business up inside this corridor, all right, just kind of give them a nice little bit of the strafing action. I highly recommend like as a tip, having played this game a whole bunch uh. I do recommend that you take out turrets. First turrets tend to be like a primary threat that needs to be dealt with most games. Turrets are kind of like a minor annoyance. This game, the turrets, are in many cases much much worse than the stuff thats actively chasing you. We do have a chainsaw over here. There are variants of all of these guns, thats important to know and so anyways a level one chainsaw is gon na, be nowhere near as good as a level five chainsaw.

I know crazy concept right, but it is the truth. So you are going to want to be upgrading your weapons to kind of be of the same tier with all. Basically, you want your weapons to be of the same tier as the level that youre on so like if youre on level, one level one weapons are fine. If youre on level two, you probably want to start scrounging around for level two weapons thatll take us to the quarry. Can i go back, though? Let me let me take a look at my map here. I dont really want to leave, but i think this door is sealed behind me. Yeah the the door did indeed seal behind us, so unfortunately theres nowhere to go but forward. I guess well just head on into the second level and see if we can rally up some trouble there. Ah, we got a b rank, not too bad ill. Take that we collected enough cells for the game to be happy. We just didnt move fast enough and, like im perfectly fine with that, i tend to be the kind of player that goes through every single nook and cranny of a level to find every single thing and so long ago. I abandoned any hope that im ever going to get any sort of reward that relates to me moving quickly or doing like speed trials effectively. All right, there are little storyline blurbs that are up in the top right hand, corner that you can check out just in case youre interested in the storyline and whats going on.

I do see potential places that we can get secrets from over here and more wrenches sound, really good unless ive already gotten this secret. Have i already gotten this one? I feel like ive, probably already gotten this one yeah. I dont see anything up here, but then again it does seem to go higher and higher. So, like maybe i just havent gone far enough. I dont think i have the power of jumping nation thats going to be strong enough to get me up onto that platform. Right there, so i think, weve gone about as far as we possibly can lets crack open our health and we will crack open our crate over here. Weve got a couple of mods that we can play around with. We can pick up some lubricant. We can pick up the gamepad. We can pick up the elemental resistance, okay ill, probably go for another drone damage. Yes, thatll bump up my demolitions, its not exactly what i want right now lets go ahead and give my bots a little bit of a shield im. Just gon na kind of run in where i can here wipe these guys out there we go put a couple of shots on them perfect. I think the rooms been cleared. Lets head to the next engagement boys. I dont like it when youre up on me like this. I need you to respect my personal boundaries. Please, im gon na come back around well get the little detonator right.

There looks like everythings dying in good form, love the fact that my drones are just throwing down for me right now, theyre doing a really really good job. We did level up so lets. Take an upgrade takedowns grant 15 chance to trigger an explosion and drop. Three scrap increases the drone bubble and vulnerability by four seconds. Yeah lets do that. It seems like they want a beef in this direction. These guys are pushing up around the corner. So why not oblige them? Uh lets go ahead and get a little smoke bomb down over here. Thats, not gon na save you from my drones, though my drone seal, oh that hurt okay. That was a mistake. I should not have done what i did all right. Yeah theres a lot of you guys back here. Huh all right, fair enough looks like theyre all downed yeah. I think we got them all all right. I need to heal my drones. Theyre kind of beat up so well go ahead and use the drone heal on them, and then we will carry on uh get the explosive im going to risk my life to get the loot drone, because i just like making dumb decisions like that. Weve got a big bot right there. Hopefully, my drones dont go down im, going to go ahead and heal them and put a protective protective shell on them all right. What else we got going on around here, theres another room over there.

Dont really want to spark beef just yet hello, sir. Would you like to meet grandma and her shotgun? Oh, i walked right into it. Dude i saw it and i walked right into it. That was a big old f minus on my part. Luckily, we got a healing orb out of that loot bot right there, so were back up at full, but still all right, grandmas shotgun doing work out here. What you got for me: the cryo launcher its kind of cool, probably freezes enemies and stuff and its level. Two so ill take it whats our technology level at our technology levels at level one. So we honestly probably dont, want to play around with it too much that door will seal behind us if we go through it, so lets go ahead and check the other corridor. Real fast just to make sure that weve scooped everything we can scoop out of this level. I am once again sacrificing my time bonus so that we can get more loot. All right, you guys are down missed my shot right. There didnt lead him good enough. Well enough, i dont know if we should abandon grammar in this situation. What do we have going on over here? Oh its, a key card door? Ah, what did it say next to the door? I dont remember what did it say next to the door on the last level, it said something. Oh no, i got ta go back and check the video.

It said 656 on the door thats the nice thing about my entire job being on camera. There we go perfect, i can go back and review the tape uh. We got ourselves some progression currency right. There looks good and weve got ourselves. A heel. Weve got a chest right here with some upgraded plus two mods, all right all right. All right. I would like to push for more demolitions damage, so i think im gon na take the critical chance. Weve got another gun over here. Oh an assault, rifle very nice. I actually really really really like assault rifles in this game. What is this? Oh sweet, dude, free level up and then what are you? Oh, a free perk too hold on so weve got a chroma weapon grants a random element to each your non elemental weapons that you fire. You gain 10 shield. Picking up a cell regenerates your shield ill. Take the 10 shield and then weve got triple thick increases your resistance by 10. So long as your shield is up uh the hand beamer transforms your scrap blaster into a piercing ray that can apply critical hits yep thats a death ray. I, like death rays, uh as a fun spoiler right here. There is a gun in this game, that is a death ray and it goes boom and it just like lasers, everything thats in front of you and like penetrates in sort of like dragon, ball, z fashion.

It is an incredibly entertaining weapon. I do have assault levels, i mean i have more precision levels than that me thinks that maybe i should start actually working on a build yeah, thats kind of cool ill. Take this for a little bit. I dont know if its gon na be as good as what we were already running, but you know im down with it enemies face me. Oh my okay yeah, you guys are all very, very amped up and ready to fight. We got a demo weapon over there. Happy to see it uh lets go ahead and im just gon na kind of like jump and try to stay out of the way heal my drones give them a shield, knock him out. Oh boy. This is a challenge room so basically that little meter at the top weve got to kill mobs until the little meter runs out thats. All you really need to know about this room. These tend to be the make it or break it rooms that get players into trouble, because it is very, very intense and there is a lot of gunfire and things flying around go ahead and kick out my drones one more time, because i think they got destroyed Or at least one of them did luckily, my drones actually split aggro with the robots, so they do give me a little bit of cover to play around with when things get hot and hairy out here.

What have we got? The graviton launcher: okay, with its alternate fire, it doesnt have an alternate fire. Okay, a lot of the guns in this game have an out fire. Unfortunately, we dont really have most of the guns that have like an out fire. As far as i know, because outfire should be on right click yeah, so it might be that we just dont have high enough tier weapons just yet they do eventually get like an oh thats, both though oh that draws from both of my stats. So technically, oh, never mind i dont have technology. I replaced all my technology gotcha whats this over here uh weve got the sheriffs carbine its an upgrade. I think i can take it a little lever action right here. I think i can live with. That looks like weve got something going on in here. Let me get another bot up, or at least heal the bots that i have yeah this weapons a little bit more precise, every single enemy in the game. If you see the little red circle on them, that red circle is their critical hit zone, and so, if you hit them inside that red circle, you get like mad damage, its basically the same as a head shot, except that robots, like only if theyre stylized. In a certain way, do they have heads, and so you know, i think we got them all. We leveled up the patch suit triggering repair drone regenerates 50 of your maximum shield, yeah ill.

Take that that sounds good im, not gon na read the other one. That goes into our build uh. We have a level two dual uzi assault weapon right here. This weapon is super fun, but ive found that its not that good, like i like this weapon, because i, like anything that gives me like ridiculous, sheer volumes of just like grakata but, like you know, were not really running assault weapons anyway, so ill, throw it on. In here we do have a boss, fight in front of us, so were going to want to kid up a little bit before we go into the boss fight i would like to so that gives me precision right there and a little bit of assault that would Buff up my assault weapons and i think its a good idea lets go ahead and take it ill. Take the heal and its boss time baby the diggy mole. There are some very, very original boss fights in this game. This game has a couple of boss: fights that im not sure ive ever seen, developers actually do that with a boss fight. There are boss fights where youre like surfing on a rail the entire time there are boss fights where youre falling like down through different pits and youre like mid air fighting with enemies like there are some really really cool boss arena and boss fight arrangements in this Game all right, yeah were not really laying this guy low are we lets, try something else out see if maybe we get something a little bit better out of the old sheriffs carbine, oh okay, all right ive been chunked in the face.

It was painful im gon na go ahead and shield my bots real fast. They are actually putting out decent dps right now. Im actually really really happy with how the how the bots are doing like theyre, putting a solid amount of pressure on this boss. There we go and hes now down. I dont know why the boss has like a pixel art explosion effect. I assume its like a placeholder or something until later on in the early access it doesnt really fit in. I noticed it while i was streaming as well. Oh, we actually did get through that level as fast as the game wanted us to fair enough, but i dont know why thats there, the game does have comic book blurbs in between each of the acts that you bypass every time you defeat a boss, youve gone From one act to the next uh, these comic books are not completed yet theyve got the primitive drawings in there, but they havent been smoothed out and they havent had all their shading and all of their ink lines and everything else done. It will give you a little bit of insight as to the world and the lore, but for right now were probably gon na like go over the top of it, so that we can get to some more gameplay all right, the aqua station. This is a new level. I havent seen this one, this ones new ive played for like four or five hours, and i dont think ive ever had a level in the aqua station.

Nice dude. I love it when games still have ways to surprise me. Well, after the fact uh well take our healing lets go ahead and open up our mod crate see if we can find anything good here. That is a flat increase right there, although we are going to want to start to focus a little bit more on like one type of gun and get up to, like you know, 70 80 plus damage so lets choose assault. I guess that is what well do we will choose assault weapons and we will see how it goes. Hello, boys, how are we going to give my bots a shield real fast, i dont, think were dealing enough. Damage were going to need some weapon upgrades and were going to need them pretty soon. The enemies should be going down a lot faster. Then again, i said that this is a bad weapon. I havent been a big fan like i love so heres the thing i love the dual e, using the way that they feel but like theyre, not that great of a gun and ive learned this lesson already, and i should have stuck to my meta gut that, Like knows, and just gone with, like an upgraded shotgun or something, but here we are so were just gon na – have to fight kind of slow from here, because we dont really have mad dps to knock these dudes out. Im gon na need to put out another drone real fast, because one got destroyed.

Im gon na push my way on in theres a mine right there, so im gon na have to keep that in mind for later theres. A sniper rifle sniping in this game is incredibly satisfying. If you nail the headshot with a sniper rifle the little orbs that the enemies drop, they automatically magnetize towards you and you collect them, which means that you can basically clear rooms from like 900 feet away and be rewarded with all of the xp. For clearing that room so sniper rifles, i have found to be intensely satisfying in this game, but then again, i think this game locks down most of the basics of first person, shooter game design, uh. Most of the guns that ive played around with in this game are incredibly satisfying. I dont think theres been like a single gun so far that ive been like the action on this feels bad or like the impact on this feels bad. You know what i mean like. There are guns that i like, and there are guns that i do not like, based on just like what they do and their attributes, but all of them feel good and feel satisfying and have very good sound effects and stuff like that, and so this is one Of those games where i really do feel like the developers have taken the time in order to make the fundamental attribute of the game, the shooting the thing youre going to be spending all your time doing feel very, very good im going to take some damage right Here to get that loot drone there we go.

I probably should not have charged this room so aggressively trying to get it, but i was hoping he would drop a gun. I ate a missile right there and i ate it with my mouth hole. Um. Oh, it went through his legs. We almost got him. Hes got that little teleporty bit dude were getting kind of starched right now, im having a bad time in the dungeon. This is called bad dungeon right here. An assault pistol, im gon na. Take it because the uzis are just not doing it for right now, its taking us too long to clear rooms, which is how theyre getting hits off like you really need to kind of have a strong alpha in this game in order to take care of business. Oh, i dont have any drones out either im, not even using my special abilities, okay, nice little level up right. There knock you out bullets flying around everywhere. However, we do have explosive goodies happening put out. Another drone make sure that we keep our nice little stable. Of drones, rocking and weve got a level up to play around with elemental spirit. Your elemental damage has a 35 chance to ricochet on an enemy or we can go chroma blaster. It deals damage of a random element when you use it and increases the damage of that element for 30 seconds or im. Sorry 30 for six seconds sure why not well go all in on it.

Weve got a challenge. Room over here lets go ahead and take a look at it. How bad is it gon na be? Okay? Oh boy, yeah. I couldnt read the pattern on that room. My eyes lost sight of it im thinking you got ta jump in and go man. I really wish i had solved that the right way, instead of just foreheading it, oh you got to go up and over the top gotcha okay, i see it oh hello, barrel cannon. Would you like to be my friend yeah, absolutely uh. We get to pick something up over here, lets go ahead and we will go for whatever gives us assault and demolitions levels. There we go. Weve got a lot of increased damage now no healing back in here to be spoken of, and i have been playing kind of shabby just because i probably should have. I probably should have done a warm up run before this, but man way she goes seems to be doing pretty good lets go ahead and reload. It real fast, well see how it performs in this next room, its pretty good. You got to nail the arc on it, i think, and until you do youre not going to get a lot of kills but lets get a drone out. Luckily they gave me a nice little pit to fight from right there i mean honestly from my tf2 experience. We kind of want to be above the enemy when we use a weapon like this and so having like a triple jump or something like that would be very, very helpful because then we could get some altitude and just stay up above and fire down since weve Got like explosion on impact with no hop uh.

Luckily, weve got a cool little room right here to resupply so theres, some health were not quite in bad shape. Weve got the junk beam. I think the junk beam is the death ray yeah. This is one of my favorite guns in the entire game. It also puts down a shield on its secondary fire so that you can hang out behind it and you can just kind of swish swish cut the enemy in half. It is an enjoyable piece of equipment. This one has burst fire on its secondary, and this one doesnt appear to have a secondary, still fun stuff looks like we found an early access area, but this is roboquest. I hope you guys liked it. Let me go ahead and throw real fast im going to throw so you guys can see what the meta progression looks like so were just going to walk right into the middle of this mayhem and were going to get toasted well, apparently walking right into the middle Of the mayhem worked out perfectly fine. Well, i say that as if i didnt lose 90 of my health next room fighter, there we go there, we go put some oomph on it. Put some umph on it. Boys put there, we go. Take me down fight mer. There we go all right, so weve been knocked out ill show you what the meta progression looks like now, so that you can decide whether or not thats something you wanted to jump on into uh.

Basically, you come on in here, and you are going to go to your station upgrades on this side and with your station upgrades youre gon na unlock wrenches and youre. Just gon na basically upgrade these right here. So youre gon na get more weapons that come out of weapon caches, uh, youre gon na unlock new characters and youre gon na get more healing stuff like that. I think ive got a lot of these already like upgraded as high as they can go without me. Upgrading other things so ill, probably just push the weapon chest up a little bit. I dont know how high this progression level goes, but maybe ill report back. Once i get a little bit further on into the game. Heres. My thoughts about roboquest, uh rubble quest is fantastic. That concludes my thoughts about the game. No im just joking around but roboquest is a very, very good game which pays careful attention to the details that will make a game pop like everything from the soundtrack to the progression to the in game. Upgrades and sound effects are all done very, very well theres. Nothing to complain about on that side, theres a solid variety of firearms, although i dont think that a few more could hurt, but you should see a good chunk of them within your first four or five successful playthroughs, where you make it like really far into the Game, but there is variety in the firearms primary and secondary abilities as well, so youll also want to dedicate runs to playing around with different builds and loadouts, along with the perk sets of the individual characters themselves to really get the most out of any type of Run and i think that gameplay loop is what the game does really well at nailing, its, not a game that pulls punches.

This is a tough game, its not an easy game, but once you get a feel for it, youll start to progress, but just be aware that, like a lot of the boss, fights and challenge rooms are going to take a bit of precision on your part. If you want to carry on now really, my only suggestion with roboquest with regards to improvement is that it needs more stuff and more than likely, thats, probably on the way. Considering the game is in early access. So, if youre into roguelites with a penchant for borderland style, ballistic insanity backed up with a killer soundtrack by noise, cream, uh theres, a very solid chance, youll find a lot to love inside the confines of roboquest. My name is plattercat. I sift through the file to find whats worthwhile every single day in the world, the indie game, so that you dont have to today up on the chopping block we had roboquest tomorrow, we will have something else.