This is dan. Thank you for watching squirrel stampede. Yes, we have r o b l o x to spell out and open and to see what kind of mystery boxed figures we find inside. Also, a drone seems to be flying around here. This really nice jailbreak drone vehicle. Looking nice and shiny got ta check that out plus a few other fun surprises for roblox spring 2022. So lets check these out and see what we can uncover squirrel stampede. So its series 11, this time and i wasnt sure we were gon na – see these guys again because of the way they have been packaging, roblox toys of late a little differently with the series one two deluxe figure packs i kind of wondered if the block series Here was going to continue after 10, but there is 11 in a deep purple block style, not sure who really is in this series, so lets open up and kind of figure that out Music all right. We begin with tank warfare. Tanker tank warfare seems like a game. I should try sometime. We have a character here, holding a rose in his mouth with a nice, solid, helmet, look and uniform of tank warfare, i suppose also holding on to quite the machine popper there. So a good combo of helmet and accessory weapon exclusive virtual item code weve got private normans helmet. I love how they label these now. Back in the day, we were like what what is under here continuing on with tradition.

There are 24 mystery boxes in series 11 to collect some interesting characters: bubble, gum, simulator, guy, flag, wars, red theres, a monster islands, character theres. Our tank warfare, dude uh, the funniest guy – might be this tower: hero slime king. What is that thats? The smallest? Maybe boxed figure ive seen and a couple other really interesting characters, but not the most solid set weve seen deluxe mystery packs build a figure. Oh, we do have the werner weenie. We can check out today. Thatll be kind of fun and a few others in here that look pretty good, then theres, some core packs, the double packs and some game packs out there tower defense. Simulator has its own pack. Oh weve got the uh jailbreak drone to look at today, too uh. The operation beach day, that was a pack i may pick up and then the avatar shock figures. Those have been a lot of fun too. I feel, like those have been taking the place of these boxes because of the abundance of accessories that you get. But you know what these boxes are still so iconic for about five bucks. You get this cool little case, plus a roblox figure, its kind of fun. You never know what youre gon na pull. So i suppose i can see these going on all the way up to series 20 right. Okay lets find another one lets bring out the tilted o the tilted o in roblox and to see who we can find Music from god.

Tycoon, god of wind lets not get too windy in here. This characters. Skin features a suit of night armor with winged theme in white. I, like these giant fluffy wings in the back here. Theyre, rising up pretty high, no hand weapon accessory with this character, but i guess most of everything is placed into the detail of this suit. Almost kind of has robot legs. Is there a face under that helmet? I wonder oh its on there tight. No, that is just one solid helmet, so thats kind of rare, usually theres, always a face under the helmet for the exclusive virtual item. There is a winged headband, so just like the headband, it is wearing weve got the winged headband thats kind of a fun one. So a very regal character for this collection to look for kind of fancy. I like it and we can continue on our spelling of roblox. With the bee rub get this one out. I seem to be pulling from the battle games pretty heavily today so far. So this character is from operation scorpion operator, so this operator, fellow in a camo panted armed banded suit with a helmet of gas protection. He seems quite happy for being gassed. Oop and hes slippery pretty good detail all around on his uniform and also with an accessory weapon popper. So a little bit of fun. There. Exclusive virtual item is the open gas mask, so a secondary gas mask to go along with our helmet that we got earlier.

I wonder if you could wear them at the same time: oop he dropped his weapon, thats. Okay, though so a couple soldiers over here they will group well together. Now we just need to find someone for the god of wind to hang out with this is box. L for rob l, Music – this is from back on bacon baconette. Am i saying that all it right, pecan bacon be gone? Fake, annette? I dont know what im saying, but quite the muscle the figure looks to be a female skeleton of the dead, perhaps with a quite bulked up body, i dont believe ive ever seen a bulked up body style before in the skin box. Like this, i feel like this is the first time. Of course, we cant forget about super noob whats that mega noob these two feel kind of similar together, although obviously a lot shorter. She has a pirate sword also as an accessory and exclusive virtual item. Weve got a baconette which must be her face. Perhaps that kind of looks like what that is. This is a game i better check out. Maybe sometime, as i really dont even know how to say it so then like what could i possibly learn right, possibly learn a lot so theres kind of a super noob friend mega noob, i would say one of the more interesting character skins of series. 11.. I do prefer all the interesting weird versus say the military, guys theyre cool, but theyre kind of just kind of like just military guys.

I always like the weird so weve got were now at oh yeah were at o. So what do we have? An o Music flag wars red, so this is a fun one that i kind of wanted to look at and share funny that it says red, but its almost in between red and orange, its very fluorescent hard to totally pick that up on camera. But it is not exactly red begs the question: wheres flag wars: blue right is, i got ta look up flag. Wars feels like we need a counterpart. The figure is basic with torso and pants just in red, but then we have shoulder pads with a little spiky banana hot dog things on them and then a really cool, spiky helmet piece, so thats, nice and then the flag is a really nice. Little touch too. Very bright and vibrant and exclusive virtual item code were looking at tattered red flag. Oh, what happened to your flag? Why is it tattered this ones fun, though, im glad we picked this one up looks really nice and bright. Typically, all you have to do is pick up a few of these and youve got a wild collection of characters. R, o b l o x, our last box in the spelling of roblox Music. Oh no, its our first repeat, operation scorpion the second. Luckily, i always come prepared and picked up a couple extra boxes. Just in case we saw a repeat: i wanted to see a full set of six, so heres, another xbox Music and what a great rebound weve got.

Werewolf mystery scraps, so a robot themed skin from werewolf mystery sounds like a game. I really should check out and a very awesome looking figure. This definitely deviates far from the traditional roblox figure standard, total robot with robotic arms body legs head and even these cool backpack pieces. So real special piece today, not sure if weve seen, maybe a similar style, robot piece before theres. So many figures now to keep up with on roblox, but this one definitely feels unique and it is a fun one to look for what do we have for virtual code? It is a scraps shoulder pal, oh cool, so we can get. Maybe maybe thats like a pet shoulder pal. It kind of floats around well have to check that out. Maybe add that onto my list there thats a good looking figure. Wow well done with that one great one to finish off in this collection of first six, so yeah, i really started to think that the deluxe mystery packs were going to take over these smaller mystery boxes. Series 2 here was much easier to find earlier on than series 11 they release at such awkward times. This is werner weenie with exclusive virtual item, and the only really difference of these is the build a figure options and most of the time i dont typically care too much to find or build the figure. So i kind of just now look for my favorites. The most unique and werner weenie has to be the most unique here and out of box few different items to open inside theres, werner weenie, now thats a pretty funny and silly cartoony wiener figure for you with.

I believe these are stretch, arms or bendy arms. I should call them not your typical roblox arm style for sure, so these are bendy. You can kind of give him that weird old school cartoony loopy look uh. The legs are straight, though theyre plastic, but these arms are bendy for your bendiness and then lets figure out whats in all these little mini packs. So i guess you do get a little more accessory with the deluxe mystery packs, but you dont get a nice container box to hold them in kind of like those container boxes. Look at werner, weenies, scary, headpiece switch. Oh, this is for the uh build a figure. I thought we could switch his head too, and you probably could on many other figure, but that is the head for tower defense, simulator, molten, boss, okay, i got ta say: maybe it would be fun to build that one, then, for some accessories for werner weenie weve Got a can full of weenies and a plate full of hot dog for him to hold on to, and i think this is a tamale shooter. What is this? Does it open up? It almost looks like it would open up. No open, interesting exclusive virtual item code. Is the can of chili backpack and a character guide, so a really unique and fun and silly character in the deluxe, mystery packs and its nice to know exactly what youre getting because again like when i doubled on operation scorpion guy, its kind of a bummer thats? A loss of six dollars for the same, so i thought this one was also a fun one.

Road to granbys, fricklet and ive never played a road to granbys, but i like this little fricklet character because again, its off scale of a typical roblox figure off theme. I should say and uh you know now im getting there to the tower defense simulator boss. I may just have to hunt down a few more of these in this series. Lets get out of the pack and a bunch of dough, so the fricklet also has bendy arms funny two bendy arm figures in the same day, ive, never i dont believe ever had a roblox bendy armed figure. I think maybe there has been some before i just never pulled them. So if new to me, let me know in the comments if youve pulled a bendy armed figure before or maybe i have – and i forgot weve seen so many of these now its hard to keep them all in order lets get out the accessories all right did. I get everything there is a character guide, always loaded with character guides. Oh, oh, my is this granby yikes. This might be something i have to play over on the gaming channel. That is so creepy. I dont know who this is im guessing its granby right. Maybe creepy little doll that comes with a bricklet and then a rocket launcher always room for a rocket launcher. If i can hold it very nice, a banjo for our fricklet kind of difficult to get the fricklet to hold it and hey.

This is kind of cool. Its the torso to our molten boss, what a find i can place his head on to his body now hes slowly forming into this world, and this might be going to him too. What is that? How do you even attach this? Where do you attach this? I dont see a spot: oh this isnt, the wing. This is his sickle weapon, so granbys bricklet is important to building this guy. He got the central part of his body and his weapon. He kind of looks like he was playing a game of natural disaster survival and the tornado ripped off his legs and arms then blew away and now hes still walking around and for exclusive virtual code. With this guy, you get a freaklet shoulder pal, oh fricklet, shoulder pal its just fun to say the word fricklet i got ta. Look that game up almost forgot. Another nice feature of the deluxe mystery packs. Are these little character card info tip things? We have warner weenie by roblox 450 robux type bundle description. My hot dog has a first name, its w e r, n e r, buy thats kind of a hard thing to say, uh tips and tricks. This figure is based on the werner weenie bundle which debuted in the avatar shop on december 21st way back 2019.. Werner weenie is one of the most favorited arthro bundles on roblox. Did i say that right, arthro wrote to gambies card the road to granbys house can be long and difficult be sure to check buildings for supplies.

You can build to your hearts content in granbys sandbox, which is available in private servers. If you get knocked out eat a tooth to get back up, it helps to have a friend who can bring you one so interesting. I might really have to look into that if its not too much of a long play game, these two have been fun. I may just have to look for a few more and build of that boss figure for now lets. Take a look at the deluxe figure packs the gang of fries dont gang up on these fries. They may look like the side dish, you know and love, but they arent meant for eating designed by mxh moud. I picked up this figure for several reasons, obviously, mostly because of the absurd silliness of a walking roblox french fry guy, with all the fries inside hes standing a little bit wobbly articulated, though with shoulders and elbows and wrists knees and hips. So you can move him around a little bit, but he is a little top heavy with all those fries. I was also curious how many fries come out. Did the fries come out? I think one does because this little ketchup thing has a spot for one. So sure enough, you can remove a fry. How many fries can you remove? Oh, you can remove the front three. This guy looks like a banana and oh, this head gear comes down and you can remove all of these guys in the second row.

Oh, this is fun the guys in the third row, though they are stuck down and theyre all one big hunk of plastic now getting them back into where they were before thats, probably pretty much impossible. I forgot where everybody was. You just want to make sure that their faces are pointed forward. I think theres taller ones that you can recall going in the back each one of these has such a funny face. So these are great. I had to see these guys. These are really funny that guy fell asleep. This guy is there and then you can flip up the headphones again um kind of in their way. Now i should have flipped them back. It flipped them back when youre taking out your fries, because now i have to pull those out again flip it over and there you go so that is ultimately hilarious. I love this guy hes a little bit different and part of the deluxe fancy figure packs. What do you call these again core packs on the list here and they release a little bit off schedule to the other um typical series, 11 stuff, probably in between 10 and 11., so a really funny pack, a lot of fun variety. Today, we finish off with a vehicle from jailbreak the drone plus a couple jailbreak specific figures: exclusive virtual code, the mini drone. This vehicle looked certainly interesting, jailbreak drone the never ending chase between criminals and police soars to new heights in batomos jailbreak.

This drone provides the ultimate in speed and aerial maneuverability for both cops and robbers. I got ta add a jailbreak to the list of gaming, its been a while, since ive played that one drone commander and elusive escapee included. I always admire how well jazz wares does to these vehicles. Lets check it out outside its so sleek, like something from a spy movie or a james bond film, little rotor propellers up on top and also one in the back just a very cool metallic silvery, bluish color to it and somehow we get inside. I dont believe the cockpit rocks open. I think you just kind of pop off the top, like so theres a little bit of a hinge there, but i dont see how it would lock in so you just kind of remove like so so who gets to drive the drone, the elusive prisoner or the Drone commander, i suppose the drone commander is faring around the elusive escapee here so theres. Our drone commander with helmet looking good sunglasses, underneath every pilot has to have pilot glasses, placing him inside plenty of room for both of them and theres a little bit of storage. In the back here so thats kind of a nice little extra feature, oh weve got some things to place in weve got a taser weapon, weve got a little radio piece and weve got a carry case pack, its been a while, since i played i got ta.

Remember everything that goes along with it and placing back down our cover here for flight again, the rotors they spin and they kind of rotate in and out, which is kind of neat theres a little bit of movement here, but not too much. I dont really see that doing anything more than rocking just a tiny bit and uh over on the bottom. I forgot theres an extra little storage compartment there. I wonder if we can place the elusive escapee in there like hes hiding, oh its close, i might have to break him up into pieces, maybe its that hat well, hes going to be tight, fit break an arm off and he might be able to elusively hide Inside the drone, as the commander flies about great vehicle pack, this is one of my favorites of any of the vehicle packs ever its a really nice set. Plus, you can add your own sound effects, so those were some of my favorite items from roblox spring 2020. Lots of different things, as always to look for if you liked todays video dont, forget to give us a squike, a squirrel live and a squament which roblox character figure. Are you looking for hunting around for this spring? Also over at squirrel stampede gaming, we will try out one of these roblox games, one of these days as we catch up to gaming.