First, we are going to do speed and lets test the calyour first and its starting to top out now, 113 114 and thats it. It can go 114 miles per hour. We are now gon na try the drone so lets test its top speed im not doing much better now still going so it can go 140, but on when youre turning ive seen it go up to 142.. So make your own judgment on that. But we now know that this car, the drone, is much faster. We are now going to try the cornering, as in, like handling, were going to do the calior like what we did last time so were lets. Do this just see how fast like how big we need to do it so roughly that big, okay now lets try the drone, and here we are with the drone, so lets, try it already its much terrible, much more terrible, much much more terrible. So for the handling, we think we know which one has the cake for this one. The kelly one now lets test height and i know a lot of you guys know the height but lets test it anyways. Just for fairness. It can go up to that. Blue ridge on the million dollar dealership, as you can see a little about so now, lets try the drone again and now heres the drone and were gon na do the same thing same measurement. It could go double the height because its up to this ridge and thats, roughly around the double height.

What do you say? Double eyeballing it maybe, but you can make your own decision, but we know that the drone can definitely fly higher than the kellyar. We are now gon na try, the acceleration. I will be able to see it on when im recording, but you guys will know when the thing is recorded. Therell be text on side to show you how fast it goes. 0 to 60, like this normal and now lets, try the drone just eyeballing it. I think i know who wins but youll get the right answer once i record and make sure that everything is all edited and all that now its practicality. I gon na give the kelly or it because it holds double the amount of people, even though you dont necessarily need to go that high, but this thing does get stuck in there, so Music. This one is a little more versatile. This one can hold a lot more people, so i say theyre both kind of masked on that one. So that is the video of comparing the kelly or to the drone. I think we know um who wins if, but it is determined on what you kind of want. If you want a nimble sports car get the kelly or it has the best handling out of these two.