Did you notice that that lyle got a haircut yeah and he's and he's wearing he's wearing the uh he's wearing the supervisor's hat now he's supposed to be in charge? Jim welcome back, hey youtube, gold, bebeluș, heck yeah, nice spooky good to see you kooky? How are you i did say i was vandalized. What are you talking about and wayne nice to meet you bro, can't, really shake your hand. I only have one bottle of hand sanitizer, but welcome you're going to be joining the youtube gold team today, what's your specialty. Whatever you need nice, so you can operate any equipment. I need a dozer guy. I didn't lie on my resume. Oh you saw that episode. Yeah right there, yeah well honey, got a promotion. Apparently, Bine, Baieti. I uh. I know crazy joe good to see you show me the bling everyone's, always wanting to see the bling on there that's what we were able to do last season. Are you ready to unbox some new equipment? Oh hell, da, because i already spent this season's earnings. What what i took a loan out got a ten thousand dollar loan, and i know that we will be able to double up how many teeth are gold. Ei bine, he doesn't get no more teeth. Uh wayne i'm gon na get you uh with lyle in the back we'll, get you to start unboxing that middle box right there, the large one, if you could pull it out into your area, please crazy joe! If you could, please uh go over and open those two large long boxes right there and uh, jim and pookie.

If you could go ahead and open up that box right there that's standing up. This is why you have a team of people. Oh, we got a nice big conveyor. Look at this thing. În cele din urmă, look at that awesome, boss, it's, a remote operated, conveyor, Bro, that's awesome. This should carry some serious pay. o, da, digital burrito, 12 volt bro, look at the size of the motor on this yeah. What do you think of that that's badass Music? We needed a new set of conveyors yeah. We needed something that could move some serious pay. Please you need to lay that down and slide it out. This is from gold fox right here: gold, fox, Sua, da, yeah don't touch me yeah, that's right, the official gold fox hat rookie. Please keep what are you talking about? Oh we're, gon na double our gold man. You see that double the size of the wheel, double the size of the gold it's, a no brainer yeah. Are you kidding, see right there that's why you wore your mining hat today, wow double the gold bigger the wheel, dude Music! Mulțumesc. I told you not to tell anybody about that you're doing an excellent job, supervising if you could start encouraging more people. That would be great Music. 64 inch sluice run gold hog mats with a nugget trap. That is a trommel that you see over there with the hopper feeder or the hopper. That is a five inch diameter uh with quarter inch holes in that uh trommel.

This will have legs and a stand and a new pump that's unreal. da, i had to get a new pump for this. I figured you'd like the upgrade i like to go big a upgrade moments later wayne. You already got this together, Bro, you do have experience in this field. What a crazy that's 24 inches across people right. îmi place. The gold handle on there too. Look at this look at that thing of beauty, it's, just so quiet and everything gets washed on the inside from the washer. So now this trommel has everything get washed as it moves through it. Look at this huge noggy trap in there yeah, absolutely oh! da, these are super popular machines. nebun, joe you're gon na show us you're. Gon na show us the first movement of this big big goliath. da, all right i'm, just gon na hit this here power button. Oh, let me see this digital display. Bine, so well i just hooked it up. There yeah put it turn it on so we're at 45 la sută. I would imagine that is speed, wise yeah, oh listen to that. It'S beautiful, like it'll, go real fast wow, but we don't need it to go that fast, it's silent, except for a little rub once in a while we're going to need, like a giant excavator or something to fill this man kind of busted in the big bucket Don'T you have a bigger bucket. I do have a bigger bucket actually and thank you for mentioning that, because tobias breaker actually sent us a a a metal bucket here for the other loader look at this.

This is a new design bucket that they came out with pookie thanks for putting this together buddy, it looks great nice. I like that so much i like the heart that's a nice addition. Oh you got a couple of boobies that's nice. I like boobs there. Este 3, 700 gallons per hour. That is a one and a half inch hose yes, it's a monster, and there is the feeder for the uh. All of these hey. I know that you helped, with the very first uh very, very first uh reservoir yeah, and so i need you to start thinking about setting up the second reservoir and i'll. Show you, where we're going to be doing that oh we're, doing some digging yeah. Ei bine, not a lot of digging, but a lot of framing, i know i know right i set up. The saw here is a tarp that tarp is the same size tarp we have in the other reservoir, but i want to set this one up differently. I'Ll show you, Bine, boys. The only way you need your hard hat. The only way we're going to uh get any extra gold going, obviously is to get the new plant going. So we will use this what's the length 10 picioare 10 feet and what's. The width like six or five, so we will set up a new pit here, we're going to frame it in put a uh put a tarp underneath it and then that way.

We'Re gon na have a trough. That'S gon na handle the all the tailings and then we'll have a settling pond exactly on the other side, with a divider in the middle, so the water will be able to seep over and we'll put a container for the tailings to be caught in here. Yeah sound good awesome, oh looking good, so wayne's giving sluice a hand right now, we're getting the framing worked out for the new plant. Oh, nu! Is it out of battery soon after there they are getting to work, making sure everything's getting fired up. If you missed in the last episode, we actually have a giant pit starting back there. The drill results actually showed that there is quite a bit of gold. Look at this in goes the frame. These are two by tens, guys great job, guys you're gon na have to put the tarp down under it. Primul, it looks amazing, so jim is down there cleaning and skimming the pond. Normally we use filtered water uh, but not today, he's having to use the manual filter. The roads are looking good, even though we've had lots of rain and humidity around here. The main trommel and shaker plant is set and ready to move some soil and lyle is doing an excellent job of supervising bob. In the background doing a backup supervisor he doesn't have any arms or legs, but we're an equal opportunity employer. Here everybody gets chances. Yep jimbo doing a good job man that water looks crystal clean, not easy running a gold mine.

I thought i heard you call beer breakwas that true? That is true. în regulă! Aștepta, which one are you choosing? This should be ricky's beer Laughter elder here. You want me to hold it for you over here, i'll drink it. I have no shame if it's beer it's going to try this one. I don't think there's even beer, it's apple cider west coast, ipa, drăguţ, see all that loading. King'S money actually went to the beer fridge right, jimbo nice wow. How is that it's very sweet yeah don't do sweets. îmi place. It goes with your outfit rusty guy myself, i don't like sweet guys black ice black black ice. You got to get rid of it. nu, nu! nu! nu! nu! No black ice! You got to redeem yourself after that elderflower yeah. We should have been putting this on an rc trailer to pull it out. o, da, we don't have one big enough: whoa whoa whoa whoa, careful whoa. There was a stick in your way. Yeah we can take. Ei bine. We can have people drive underneath it right into here. Da, but we've got to leave this road. We got to get the conveyor uh a little bit more feed it. There you go so let's go to the absolute max. We can go with that. That is the max that's, the max. What do you think lyle super conveyor, yeah bob approves in the background i can see just from the smile on his face that he likes it staring at the wooden rope Laughter.

What is it ready to go nice twisted? We were just letting you set it up. I love it wayne. Thank you for lending your expertise today, nicio problemă, Bine, so he does what's his cousin that's when michael wasn't able to show up he sent wayne and i think that's, a very responsible thing to do. I'M excited to see who's the better dozer operator, though so that is a lot of water to push through that hose. We may end up shortening it up. On the other side, there it's a lot of weight, huh yeah 3700 gallon plus we have the nautilus battery to uh, run it so it's ready to rock and roll crazy joe. Can you come here for a sec? Could you please take this very inadequate light hammer over to jimbo there to pound in stakes, and i had another complaint on youtube that we weren't being safe enough? Could you please go put that by the green trauma belt? nu, that says power fist right on it. What are you insinuating? Your black ice is is, is full here you go, oh we'll switch michael's there. You go totally forgot. Where i put that so satisfying. I got your safety flag up. There actually i'll buy the buy the trommel that's not going to show anybody. Now you know what the only thing that has loud sound that's, what he puts the visual aid around don't trip on the generator. We need like a flag for this, no one's going to see this no because it's bright, green yeah.

I was just about to see if only they painted it in a bright, attractive, color right people could see color yeah, uh joe, and i should grab uh plum bob there and we'll put plum bob on the corner of this thing to make sure it's level that's. How plum bobs work right? That is, and i hate him so much that why do you hate him he's here every day, he's here every day, oh dude, he doesn't, priveşte, Bine, ask him! If he's, Bine, oh put on a little weight, did he bob weighs a ton for no arms and no legs? I could hit him with the kia and i need a new car so round and round. She goes this trauma here does not have a spray bar on the inside. We have an auger right here which pushes all the pay through comes down into these sluice boxes and then into the final sluice run right here, all the dry stuff that comes out the other side that stuff this tailings comes up onto this conveyor gets dropped into This conveyor down into the shaker through the spray bars and gets spit out the other side and the the clean gold washes uh into the gold hog mats and then, Desigur, desigur, all the tailings go in here. This has a pipe way up top so when it gets to the overflow level, it starts to overflow back down into its pond, and this shaker plant actually has a separate pump.

That'S over here, that's run on our generator uh that pumps all the water up through and cleans the gold who left all these wires up front we're gon na trip all over these. You want youtube. The youtube viewers are ruthless yeah. I get emails and hate comments about the unsafetyness all the time, god dang it dang it tripping hazard, careful don't trip, what's wrong, this box, isn't working. What did you do? Did you try spitting on it um? Did you try no it's a brand new motor? This is a very specific box. This is a very specific box. The box was working. Sir Applause wayne on the dozer gets a chance to show off his skills. I figure he's going to sink it right here. Oh, nu, it's, pleasantly surprising. I haven't been able to fix uh dozer two, yet i got a new controller on the way for it, but electrically it's just on the fritz, so we got at least this one rolling. Ah nice job. I got ta ask to the viewers right now. Let us know your favorite piece of equipment post it up in the comments section below we want to know which your, which is your favorite piece of heavy duty, rc mining equipment. We have here crazy, joe waving to his buddies, giving the signal that he is ready to start up and get mining himself come on. Let'S make this happening. Wayne continues to push the dozer and the dirt jimbo.

Acum, using the inadequate hammer to drive the stakes, yeah there's flat ends on those stakes too. Right. No points trying to make this as difficult as possible, since we're still worried about people being uh getting the flu, please make sure that they are getting their hand sanitizer. Exactly these guys getting it all squared up the frame is looking fantastic. I wonder how many people are often surprised at the lengths we go to to entertain others jimbo continuing to pound away on his wood. Bine, it's time you cleaned it too close. You have to squirt it from a distance away. Squirt it towards him ready, get closer, you'll, never catch it from there yeah that's. How it's got to be done: social distancing, bro nice. You got a cigarette i'm, getting a tan off your forehead yeah. It does look a little loose doesn't it it's like it's almost like this. I saw that you must have had something in your track, because this was completely compressed. It just came out again remember when we first started youtube gold, Oh, da, it looks different now doesn't. It it's crazy how much it's developed man wow from our first shaker plant with the fish pump with the fish pump. Yet now look at the operation running in on lipo. I think we're ready to go global. Those are awfully bright, so he's going in for a foot bath here, we're going to put some little fish in here that eat all the dead skin off of him.

Basically he's just going to be a helmet by the end of this oh hand, sanitizer excellent. Mulțumesc, beauty make sure everyone gets hand. Sanitizer! Please i haven't got yeah pookie, you got ta there you go. Oh Laughter. Is that nail gun plugged in? Did you plug it into the wall? Absolutely good! Keep going it's, Bine, the tarp is made out of tarp material. I made me one of them. I just woke up like this. Oh hello, difficult, oh lunch! Could you please go put it on the table. Mulțumesc. Yours, mulțumesc. Mulțumesc. That'S, great man youtube goals, da. Ei bine, it looks like i'm going to be the nice guy here and i will help sluice here. You go. nu, i i can do two jobs at once: Bine, build a mat, big he's. Obviously the well water is very cold sluice box is very old and he has a hard time regulating heat throughout his body keeps all his heat to the core. Your hard hat fell off again. We need you to have here before you put those on put these on it's extra safe. So i got a comment from the youtube viewer saying that your glasses needed to be protected when you're using this air nailer and make sure that you were wearing the hard hat yeah exactly yeah scuba, scuba, steve lyle, showing excellent pressure for his age. The last pan we'll use it's cold, your glasses say a lot bro it's hot up here, it's cold down there you're married it's been cold down there for a long time, not like way down there pop one.

Look at that you're right. I thought we'd see a lot more coming out the back than we are. We should put down a wooden mat right here, because it's going to start washing away the legs. Oh there we go look at that one, Oh, nu! That'S supposed to oh yeah that's, how they wash everything on the inside hey. În cele din urmă, everyone was always asking us to get a trommel that had a washboard yeah, a washbar yeah boys yeah. Now we got one awesome, so kelly and heidi from gold fox sent along a small bit from mine number, Șapte, their gold mine and said thisshould be the first bit to go through the machine wow. So let's, do it youtube who's operating jimbo? Are you going to do this there? It is sir let's see what you got been a long time since jimbo been on site Music, raise it up high there buddy there you go beautiful. There goes first one up. This will be interesting to see if any actually falls down in here. We'Ll want to watch that boys watch for any kind of loss. At least we know where it'll go got a little on the hopper here, i'll feed it in yeah, oh lost, Bine, i'll cover it covering the loss; okay away, it goes make sure to cover under just in case we have some loss yeah. There goes boys amazing, rookies cleaning it up there. That'S amazing. That flow is fantastic rivers all the way down the sluice into the final sluice beautiful.

What an amazing machine awesome big upgrade boys now we're going to move some dirt yeah. So what we're going to do now? We learned from what we saw we're going to level out that top conveyor, so it's a little bit closer to the hopper, also raising it closer to the top. So we can get the white loader in okay, so container. Acum, aici, pookie fired up dude. That is a huge amount of flow here comes fitting. Here should fill this up, so this will catch a lot of those tailings and our whole theory is that it's going to overflow and and leave most of the tailings in that pond, going into this settling pond seeping through across to the other side, to where the Pond to the pond pump let's let's get to binding yeah fire up the generator generator firing up the generator Music generator on so he's, getting ready for the pump for the shaker plant here's, all the tailings water on here we go. I'Ve changed the spray pattern. A few episodes ago, so now we get a lot more water flow up at the top, where it's necessary a little less at the bottom. And of course this is where all the tailings run off. We check periodically from time to time, make sure there's nothing shiny. In there, and now we got it shaken away. Here'S, the uneven motor it's got a weight on it that shakes this whole shaker on top of the springs, and it comes down to the sluice box conveyor on everything's on good, bun, good fire up this one use a leveling stick on the side.

Now the flow is going, we got pay coming down the chute good job, boys youtube gold. Looking great uh, i noticed you have a very small shoot there, Domnule. I do have very small shoes. I was hoping that this might help you just put this right here. That'S, a little bit of wow that little bit of hair will make all the difference. Is that better that's totally better good what he said? He was having a hard time hitting the hole so, instead of having the conveyor over there right now, jimbo's gon na be using uh that old area for pay. You can see we added a lip to the conveyor, so we don't have any loss at all. We lowered the conveyor down lots of flow grizzly bars, keeping out any huge boulders and then down into the nugget trap. Getting washed over the gold hog match straight down into the end and then recovering a lot of the heavy stuff, and it continues to pump away. You ready to go on the slide Music, Oh, Muzica, oh there's, one right there look at that! You can see it. Frumos, Oh, a whole bunch in there nice i'm, loving it, keep it coming. Boys insanity, oh it's, got ta, be my tenth load already yeah. This is a great road it's, a little narrow, there's only one spot. We can pass sluice box, checking all the angles making sure everything is rolling right. It almost needs a vibrator on the side, hey to shake it down.

Here comes the new, the new bucket from tobias breaker. This is all metal. New rock bucket is absolutely beautiful. He sent it specifically for us to load pay into a wider chute. This is part of the reason why we needed a wider hopper here. Look at that. So we do get quite a bit of loss at the bottom. I see there's loose it ain't, easy running to mine site, but i got ta tell you. It is a lot of fun what's wrong, what's wrong the motor just burns up on it. No smoking hot! Bine, we can switch it for that conveyor. That'S, there don't shut her down, leave it going, leave it going just money on the conveyor right there, so amazing this one carries it away. A little faster. Have this on slow it's a very warm day today. This motor is brand new it's a little bit warm, which means it's working but not too bad. I think that's just fine. Look at that and then on the long conveyor, this one's at 54. it's going nicely for the time being, we have to manually remove the tailings it's almost like. I need a giant excavator penalty. If you don't make the sounds, you watch loading kings. o, da, always nice i've heard of that show yeah they're one of our big sponsors here, that's uh, you know it's just the way of the road yeah loading things great show these volvo dump trucks are absolutely spectacular to look at all hydraulic silent.

This fella huge amounts of pay, look at that bigger than a quarter inch. Oh it just went in oh there. Este, he saw it. It was floating right on top right here. It was right there there, it is yeah, so quarter inch right, it's over quarter inch, so we got ta. You know what we'll run a metal detector over this just to make sure we don't get any more hits in there. Look at that buddy, oh that's, almost the size of my toothbrush. Exactly buddy wait! Look at that i'm gon na need that to help pay off the loan nice jobthat's awesome, i guess we should just save that. Hei, oh let's, put it in the nugget trap. Yeah it's in there nice see what's problem is, is he's got teeth on that bucket he's, not able to scrape against that bedrock proper, so he's just got to start swinging out i'm surprised that you're hitting rock just below. I wonder if it's just a boulder, it seems kind of weird because we're on an elevated platform anyway, it's kind of bedrock either well, we haven't dug down too far. Ei bine, we are close to the mountains there's lots of bedrock. That is very true. The rocky mountains is just a few uh miles away: it's true that's, true there's, bedrock everywhere yep. That is true. Everybody knows that this is looking amazing. I can't believe how how the tire prints have just like worn all this in oh we've done a lot of trips.

Today you have yeah, a lot of mo has been burned. Bine, boys shut her down Applause yeah, so sluice is going to go in he's, going to start releasing the two wing nuts on the bottom, a couple of wing nuts. Releasing the wing nuts here start pulling out. These gold hog mats be ultra careful with those bro. We start disassembling. The plant now trauma comes down, conveyors come in wash plant comes apart, look at you guys, head in there like you're a couple of ostriches, yeah what's, going on trying to figure out what you see you better look in. There see gold and lots of it all the way up here. Oh, is there oh look at that in the back nice. So in this whole matted area, yeah right underneath the screening too interesting and all that dudes nice, i would hope for more gold or else to getting the bigger gold wheel would be dumb nine grand payday today i freaking hope. So we got 10.. o, da, Bine, drăguţ! Oh look at right there. Oh my god, holy! Look at that that's, where the little stuff is hey. We'Re. Looking at a beast, that's a honeybee! Look at all the gold come on. Get out, see you later dude right now, sticking right! There that's so weird, hei, hai. We got to bring this down so it's, not falling right out the back of the trauma. Da. nu, i think that's part of the issue is we didn't have enough steepness on it.

Oh, maybe yeah too flat, maybe come on in let's wash this down there, water on yeah, nice and gentle got it yeah, just pops that right out rinse that down bud. Oh, Dumnezeule, is there a good golden look at this right up in the corner, told you boys. This was the right area. When i went up in that airplane, we all laughed when we got in the utv but nope. This is proving to be right. The miners moss caught a lot that's a lot of gold. Look at that dude, look at it all it's, so pretty so look it's all coming out of there: that's crazy water on water, more mats, perf! Oh! Look at the gold! Oh right! There look at the gold more equipment, more gold. I always said it told you. The wheel was going to make a huge difference. I always said it more and more equipment more gold there. It is that's the right way to say it. Look at that piece. da, look at that damn! Oh, it was formed under immense pressure right here. Ei bine, i'm, pretty sure it just gets pushed up from the ice in the ground in the winter time there we go. There was still a piece of gold in that map when it sunk. That'S fine it's in the bucket, so everything in the bucket now needs to go in the pan. Then we're going to pour it into the classifier here: lots of gravel that's, where it hides, though we're using a much smaller container, to make the gold look much larger.

Yep very good rinsing all the old dirt off the table. I love the new paint job on this table. It'S awesome, da, Uh! Thank you so much easier to pick out the gold on it. Now that big trommel, yes well! This is all the tailings right. da, so this we have rinsed once there. Oh look at that. Oh look at that right. There that's why nice look at that. One: sweet, that's, that's, the one that that we saw earlier that was hanging out on the tailings area and there is another one. I am so glad we checked its way to the outside here. Da, look at that everything else floats away: oh there's, another one i'm trying to interrupt it. Oh hey nice more in here than i thought you guys, aren't missing anything, no we're, actually a lot less than we thought almost nothing like really none Music. I think this year, we're gon na, have to melt some of this down before we take it in look at all of it. If we get enough to melt, make a 1 14 scale bar gold, brick yeah, gold bar yeah, i think people would like to see that i i think if i see enough light clicks, if we can get to 10 000 like clicks on this video, then maybe We can smelt it into a bar. More equipment equals more gold. Ei bine, i thought a bigger wheel was twice the size as the original one.

The first one's only 12 inches it's wheels 24 inches bigger wheel, bigger gold. It makes sense to me when i say it: it totally makes sense when you hear it: Bine, the main event, the main event. noroc, Oh, this is heavy. I wish that was all gold it's heavy. Aici vom merge. Oh, i just saw a big one: gold gold gold falls away there. It is dude insane big gold on a big wheel. Uau, look at that jesus yeah boys Laughter, that's, all coming from the funnel yeah that's, all out of the the funnel mine that's right crazy. It just keeps going. Are you still got a little more? o, da, insane, all those little flakes. I saw a little hint. I saw a little peak back there. I took peek. What did it look like it? Let me take a peek yeah, bigger wheel, bigger gold, amic, Bine, buddy i'm gon na turn down the water go ahead and put her in there, hoping for the best hurry up nice wow, drăguţ. da, a symphony of gold, wow it's, still it's, still got huge flakes out here, they're riffle riding right now you got huge places back here. You got it you ready for the big reveal. Oh, i see it one two three! Oh my god, look at that that's! Some big chunkies holy cow god, damn that's a lot of gold yeah. Oh you brought the hairdryer nice. Thank you kj still appreciate.

Oh, we need the magnet look at all that gold insane a total of three plants running about 75 baterii, 232 beers and how much water about 50 bottles? Ei bine, nu, that must have taken at least 200 gallons over there. Yeah almost the same amount in beer, though almost bring it into the side. Baby let's uh bring over the uh, bring over the scale. Buddy see what we got. That is an insane amount of gold right there. Anybody want to take their picture with the gold. I suggest let's start taking pictures of rookie actually taking a picture of himself. This way we get a real action shot and then pictures of you guys taking pictures, ceea ce este mare, see youtube gold right, taking pictures we're, all taking pictures of you taking pictures, stop it gently gently somebody do that somebody count out what is it one? Two point: two four point: four already: Patru: drăguţ: Cinci, Șapte, twelve nice all right: Șapte, Cinci, eight three holy! Oh, Dumnezeule! Eight six keep going ten times our first ten gram day: Oh, Oh, Dumnezeule, almost twelve four, and if we left the black sand out twelve four someone said twelve four. I said twelve flat: oh nine, Patru, oh dude, over our first season in one day. da, da, gold fox came through boys, heck yeah, vaca sfântă, oh it's, getting lighter and it's dry, and still i see so it is 12.3. It is drying a little bit.

That'S. Bine, Deşi, and it's a cheap scale, dudes bring it over come on over bring your hats in on three youtube: gold boys, one two, three yeah. I want to mention that we're all going camping next weekend, no youtube gold right, yeah yeah. We got to go prospecting bye, Dude, Acum, it's only 12.1 who stole the goals, who's standing closer. Who am i going to do? I never even came close. I already got my tooth. I know i took out the loan, but i still still don't want to be. nu, nu, nu, no that's, for you put it in your hand. You feel on your finger. Yeah yeah here take one little piece: this is your day's pay. How many you got? nu. I got two one. Two minutes on my paycheck yeah wait same. I got ta pay off the loan, god damn: Bine, everybody yeah! Actually everybody gets a piece here. I was putting everything away and thinking the viewers didn't get a chance to see a total way out. But if that was see it says more now, 12.6 that's, crazy and then last week's. All everybody's dude lyle should be about 17.. Look at no 23., damn 23 grams dude yeah. We did it jesus! da, man on our way you can retire with us, keep shrinking. I got ta get a better scale, it evaporates it does it does. You got to be careful with it and there's a piece right here.

Oh no that's, just spray paint it'll take a billion years. That'Ll turn into uranium.