This is a toothed bucket you're running the 4200. Today yeah, then there is a lot of uh vegetation around here. I need you to start going around and kind of start digging. This out, all around the mine site make sure to leave the tree. That'S in the pond there, but other than that yeah dig in please. That is your duty for today, cleaning out the mine site. Mr lyle, i hear a squeak yeah she's speaking a little bit and no spitting on it. Didn'T help no hey so loosening off that trying to, but i have girly fingers, yeah it's, not easy. Bine, i'll come back to this and help you in a moment appreciate it. We got one threatening cloud on this side, beautiful skies and then a friggin threatening cloud on that side. So we're hoping for the best welcome back hi mr geologist how's it going good man i'm glad to have somebody that actually knows why we're digging, where we're digging here absolutely we're, looking to find the best gold in the best holes yeah. This has been a glory hole so far. It is getting wider and thicker and more used by the day. Ei bine, the deeper you stuff, your bucket, the more gold you find in the bottom of the pit. I and so i've got an idea today, i'd like to move a conveyor into the pit uh to help the big johnson load, the trucks a little bit quicker.

Do you think that would be a help? I think i think it could help as long as as long as we stage the material appropriately and we load rapidly. It should help. da, we we may need to make it rapid with everything going on sluice box. Hei, i rapidly need some pay dirt here. da, we need pay on the way for sure hold on uh. We need to get the conveyor in there. First i like who you're hanging out with today. You guys almost look like the same. You sure age a lot in the week. They they say when you're in the sun, your fingernails and hair grow quicker, and i think he looks way more like a finally, someone here that looks older than you. Lyle has basically insisted that i take this off the hopper. da, he says he likes a much wider hole. da. I do appreciate a wide hole so i'm. Only here to oblige a wider hole is easier to dump your load in. Mulțumesc. Poftim.. Everybody always says why don't you just use the volvo rock trucks just to dump right in here and it's, because it's, a goddamn rc show it's an rc show. We use rc's it's a cookbook. My therapist said that this was pure gold remnants of the american. From last week that guy rick look at this there's, literally russian. Writing on that what's that senator putin that that's, not even real we've, been duped, that's, not even real.

Oh, they found a hole in my lawn and it wasn't even real. I knew there was something funky about that. Did you guys spend any of that tanky guys? You guys may want to call a lawyer you're the master rigger you want. Do you want me to do it? I can do that. This looks like it's a challenge eh. I like what you did here. It was just too far down. You know what let's drag it from the front: let's go ahead and turn it around and then drag the belt yeah just yep there you go yeah bring your hook out. Please your hook there. It is lower and bring it out yeah. I don't know if that's going to hold i'd like to have a clevis put through that this is youtube. Gold bitch, we don't use clevis let's, go let's. Put it through here, that'll. Give it a long there pull forward. Stop stop stop now. You got ta hook and lift in lift up a little bit there. So you don't lose that there you go i'll! Try to move these boulders! noroc, drag it in on the funnel road. Bro Music yeah, like a pro dude Music Music. Doing a great job man, you know what stay there yeah stay exactly let's get the johnson to lift it in no problem. Everybody clear, clear, i'm gon na need some out like an outrigger. Somebody needs to set up a line to hold that stable, yet uh.

We need an extra long line. You think it's easy to run into mine site don't, you it's, making the right way. Do we do we want to fire it up? Do we we don't have any pay. Yet how am i supposed to fire it up all right, because we haven't fired the jenny yet we'll fire it up as soon as we get this in here. Bine, it's a very good point, though out of the pit, so you don't get hit, but you got to go over there, so it doesn't hit my excavator. You got ta swing the wrong way when you swing it around. Do you guys even know what's going on here? No okay! Here we go charles hold your hand. What are you doing? Oh, nu, i don't feel, like anybody has taken this seriously who's side super today. This site's always super. Oh god, please do not hit the cab. eşti gata? We just need to get it. One foot, oh great, i'm swinging it anyway that's what he said. Oh jesus, somebody get in there and grab the other side. Not you Music cited newbies. Just let it down hey magic words, firing it up, fired up. Steve'S, ready to rock and roll shaker on everything's going loose boxes are running the omnifox round and round. She goes washing goals. Let'S get some pay moving good job, Hmm! Ei bine! If you're new here welcome to the youtube gold mine site, you are watching season.

Three episode. 13. it's been a hell of a journey watching everything change around here. The mine site has expanded over the years. Hey come here, shut it down, alrighty boys. I know you all work hard and it's getting kind of warm out today, very humid, with everything in the air and uh lyle what's up. I bought you something. Did you yeah take the top one? Okay that's for you? nu! nu! It was in the case. You fool, oh hey! Here we go look at this nice. Uită-te la asta.. You like beer, dreptul de, you're, a beer man! Sure here we go. Oh you like something else. I know that here that's for you, Domnule. Oh it's, stretchy there you go. Oh everything for you. Lyle stretches here you go. Mulțumesc. I know that not everybody can be here every weekend, no right! nu, so i figured that we could have a representative on the site for us through bob over there. Bob can now yes, it's easy bob. da, his favorite song is she's, got legs ironically, so here is his beer belt. Who would do the honors charles? Please go put the beer belt on bob but first hand, one out to steve grab one for yourself. There you go steve crazy. Bob will now be representing no, he doesn't drink. He doesn't get one. I have one today yeah there. It is i'm good, Domnule. Mulțumesc. There go put it up on bob rocking a red drip.

I love how close this beer is to my heart dude. It can hang there all day in the heat right 327. I should have got five i'm. îmi pare rău, if i would have known, cred, that's what that's older, perfect charles, you know you get nervous with it. You can't walk with it you're holding that fanny beer there. Ei bine, that's nice, probably going up here, fanny we'll, fill it up again that's going to sound, really different in london. You know what fanny means over there right before anybody fires it up. I might as well fire it up perfect fired up. Oh six tyler! I i have this problem: can you fix that drink it? îmi pare rău, i don't want to alcohol abuse. Mulțumesc, sir that's. The way i appreciate the donate. Oh, the donation yep like a boss. Well done nice job, Domnule. ce s-a întâmplat? Lyle uh from rumor has it that the conveyor is not working already yeah man it's not working already nope. We just dragged it in there: it's not working man, Bine, the motor is blowing, and then this isn't working we have to drag it out, drag it out. That seemed like a complete waste of time. We need to get pay moving. Hey oh yeah, like we spent all that money just to get that in there. For whatever reason, the white conveyor is not working the what the white conveyor, the white conveyor, da, it's, clearly white with orange on the end.

Do you need me to say white and orange no caucasian present. President conveyor is that better big johnson, now deep in the hole another load dumped in the rear load after load? Look how big this pit has gotten dude your dog made a friend what's interesting about thisis that although the johnson continues to dig, we don't ever really see the johnson move from that same spot, but the hole gets bigger. Ei bine, that's johnson's hole, he's working that hole constantly he's constantly backing up yeah in and out in and out of that hole all day. It makes me think about those rocks, Deşi. If there's rocks right there, we should almost try to dig in and around those rocks, Deoarece, if anything was washing over this at any point, we would think it would be in between i'm merely an equipment operator. I think that's more of a question for a geologist type person that's. A very good pointgeologist come here. da, Domnule, i have a theory sandal man about these rocks right here, we'll see what we're looking at here. You have a theory all right, that's great more than a theory. I'Ve got an education on this son. Oh let's hear it. What we're looking at here is some of the bedrock and in between you'll, find multiple sheets of bedrock and there'll be riffles in between where the gold has settled below, and we want to dig with the hoe and find the gold in those gaps.

I thought bedrocks. Didn'T have any gaps, because it's bedrock well sometimes there's places where it kind of overlays on each other. The way that it forms is a little bit different. It looks a lot like river stone to me, but but you're gon na you're gon na find gold in between these rocks. You see and that's the big deal. So then we should go deeper. Then we really should we got ta come around the outside. You got ta work your way around and you got ta. You got ta ease the hole in and eventually you're gon na shove, that box or that bucket as deep in the hole as you can and dig as far down into your mud yeah, and when you get right into the bottom you're going to find some of The best highest quality gold in there that looks like rich dirt that absolutely is rich dirt, but the deeper you go, the richer it'll get. Can you please explain to the viewers why we don't have overflowing uh dump trucks? Ei bine, because you see, if you have overflowing dump trucks on a day like today, with this much wind, you'll lose pay, as as the wind blows dirt away excellent. Thank you make sure that you've got nice even loads that are below the level. That way, you can keep that pay inside inside the truck you just had a giant rock truck drive in between your legs i'm used to big things between my legs.

Hei. I got some intel, apparently that we should be trying to scratch around those rocks yeah. I was hearing that, how could you hear that it was all the way across the mine lyle? Are you literally getting dirt and loading yourself? I am tyler you're off excavator you got ta run rock truck we'll, get him running dirty right away. Hey you need your vest on yeah. You need to be visible, you're wearing the color of dirt. Bine, listen! Listen! I'M! Not getting another safety! Uh inspector out here, you're on the mine site. You require ppe, hard hat and visibility you're the color of dirt. Am, like me in the car you signed the contract. Goodbye, go get it. I haven't upgraded this thing since loading cakes and it never had dirt in it lyle's nervous a little bit there. You go. Oh try not to hit the conveyor that's that's lesson, one. Bine, such beautiful dirt into the trommel, gets spun around and around as it gets washed as it gets washed. All the big chunks come out fall into a collection pan, but everything else smaller gets caught in the nugget trap and then goes down these uh sluice mats to get caught and retrieved youtube gold, boys, Muzica, Muzica, Muzica, deci Muzica, Music right now, it's getting separated into Three different sizes, the largest of the sizes, come down here to the conveyor into the hopper up this conveyor and then onto the middle of this conveyor.

Over to the shaker plants. Shaker plant has spray bars, it is shaking and any big pieces of gold will come down through to here, just a constant rate of pay flowing through the plant. Azi, my security dog in the background taking care of business here comes another load of pay. Coming from the funnel mine, looking good boys beautiful, what is this nice hold on? Bring it over it's a little warm, but we'll take an extra beer any day. This must have been oh it's, busted, Deschide, Uh, you poke a hole in it right there. Oh, you know what that's yours is it yeah that's the rule around here you find it you drink it. I mean he did open it. Muzica, bună treabă, sir good job like a boss, now you're getting in there. Are you hitting anything hard Music yeah just try to scrape as much off the top as possible. You'Re full here comes the next truck i'm. Getting out of your way lunchtime, boys lunchtime, let's shut her down, shut her down, shut her down lunch time, yeah well, that's. All that's that you're all six feet apart, one two: Trei: Patru: Bine, so they all been complaining that you're not been getting fed well enough around here in the comments section on youtube: lyle really! Ei bine, you were one of them, so we went the extra mile babe you got lunch ready. I also have a nice little wand to wash it away after you're done with all your digestive issues go ahead, rip into it.

You'Re welcome thanks. Mulțumesc. Just dump it out will ya. I mean the bags, not the pot. Poftim.. Oh there you go see, they said we didn't, treat you well here at artsy sparks studio right there. There there's, no straws, you get a cup yeah there's, no straw! You you on you, you signed the form that had the little check box. Did you want a straw and it said no, i didn't see that well, that's, not my problem. Mcdonald'S cheese man, it's awesome. Look at these guys! Happy! În cele din urmă, happy all i had to do was serve you fast food. Apropo, this was not sponsored by any fast food restaurant, even though there's a label on there. We should cover that up. Vă mulțumesc foarte mult. Poftim.. Do it the right way? Boys? You know how to do it. da, bob. I can't believe how far the gold mine has come. After all these years, you my trusty security guard by my side, time after time, 100 attendance rating. Much like myself and uh boys, you feeling well nourished. All your vitamins been fed with the beer and the hamburgers oh yeah fire back up hold on yeah. It looks like more of that stone see if you can get around it. aplauze, Muzica. So so those rocks are slowly getting more exposed. This almost feels, like we shouldn't, even be watching this kind of thing. This looks like the symbol for gold rush season: 10.

: hey try to get get the dirt in the box. Don'T hit the box with the shovel. Oh, let me guess: it's a bucket it's, a bucket with the bucket i'm. So sorry beautiful gold, oh there's, a piece of gold right there. Oh my god, it just went underneath smile. Uită-te la asta.! I didn't do it look at this. Come here, it's stuck. What look at this right here? Uită-te la ea! Look at that i'm in the mud. Oh, how did you see that i was watching it? I literally watched it going around around the top. Oh my god pick it up, grab it so nervous. That is a big chunk. Dude! Look at that good job, buddy beautiful gold, oh there's, a piece of gold right there, nice that didn't make any better dude gold nice. We saw gold right there can i see it it's all yours, dude i've always wanted to catch gold on camera. În cele din urmă, in season three very cool: look at it look at look at it. Look at it right there you're right. I wonder how much we're losing there's another piece, yeah dude look right there, ah gold on the ground. I should probably grab that eh so that whole piece. We should probably dig this like one area and just put it right in there. Hi gold, dude amazing turn. This back on, i guess so, yeah all right. I got this cleaned out. Can we move this a little closer? Maybe yes, bună treabă, lyle, another one in the dirt.

I think so beautiful right there, you're gon na, think you place that there Laughter continues to eat and wash and digest spitting it out. The other side continually going through the plants, looks like we're backing up here a little bit. I wonder why we're backing up yeah that's, Bine, i'm unclogging, it just lots of biology, lots of weeds and stuff get sucked in here. You can see there's actually a hose in here like a piece of weeping tile and a big pipe that carries the water back down to the recycling area down here crazy boys. They found visible gold over there. Yes right it was. I saw it stuck right to the wheel or to the to the conveyor: da, hey beer down what happened yet we're good, oh dude! This is how beers get damaged and it's cooking hot. Oh! Could it bob that what you're you've got to do better than that? Buddy, you can't just be letting the beers out like that, hei, Bine, that was stuck. This came out from where you're digging right now. So wherever you were digging right now, i wanted like the last two that's right, so if it was if it was around the rocks, then he very well might be right. Look at this piece! Tyler! Oh damn! da, a huge one! Damn was stuck straight to the conveyor belt, so you guys keep digging in and around these rocks man yeah i've got them pretty exposed.

Now so i'll see what i can do. da, da, more more more was stuck to the conveyor belt whoa. nu, it went underneath it was lyle, it stuck yes, it went underneath and i saw it that's crazy, dude lyle picked it yeah. That was the wet conveyor goal goal: Muzica: Oh, Muzica, Muzica, Muzica, Muzica, Muzica, Muzica, all righty boys it's. The end of the day shut. Her down yeah this wind has been crazy. Mr sluice, i see a nugget from here buddy right at the top. Oh that's, just exciting. Look at that one buddy that one's huge look at that pool crazy and up in there. Oh, that is definitely dude pick it nice piece of gold, the size of that look at that hey, you can feel the weight of it man. You were right, Dude, look how clean that is. You were right, it's, a very good goal in the bottom of that big hole, yeah that i'm excited to dig more than that means we get more. Is that gold, or just a rock that's gold, pull it holy a whole bunch of big ones? Aici, look at that dude a lot of pickers up there. Look at that one there's that is it just a flake, oh i'm, getting eager now right here: Bine, let's, get it washed up water on water on so we're, going to rinse the tailings anyway. You want more pressure, you never know no that's the good under a lot of pressure, as it is Applause, so there's, multiple layers of screening in there right now.

So it allows different aggregate sizes to go through to the different layers that i have right here. Da, it is getting it into the lower area. I want nuggets. I want nuggets too. We should probably still run something over that just to make sure we don't miss anything you're in the shadow Applause, nimic. I was hopeful, but i don't. Oh, oh right, there holy look at that. That is nice. That is why we wash the tailings anyway next look at this that's incredible. It never fails to surprise me what gold looks like in the sun. Probably why it was worshipped so well, you can see right there. These big pieces are starting to work their way over nuggets on their way to the catcher dude that's impressive, that's, one, Șapte, seven different nuggets: hey we touched 20 astăzi. Is that nuggets or pickers? I guess it doesn't really matter: a nugget has 20 grame. We have not seen 20 grams at all. Oh it's, pretty sweet little glory, hologram i'm, feeling that yeah i'm feeling good about it. Dude watch out there you go that's when you brush it towards you, your brush, isn't even wet. Yet there you go. Bine, you ready boys, hike, we're, ready, let's feed it speed the beast. Gold gold, Du-te, Du-te, Du-te, Du-te, Du-te, Du-te, Du-te, Du-te, Du-te, Du-te, Du-te, Du-te! Go go: Du-te: Du-te. Du-te, Du-te, Du-te, Du-te, go all the way down. It'S like there's a whole bunch over here it's like scooping ice cream Applause, Bine, wheel of gold boys.

I want big numbers today. You want to fire it up. vă rog, Domnule! There you go so, Domnule, you will feed this side. Mr geologist, no not right there, but like around this side, or you could actually put it right hereis what i meant to say: it's, that side on my other bowl yeah. This wheel turns up yeah, exactly there's gold right away, sir there's a flake just a bunch of flakes mine and gold. Look at it all whoa nice. He just did two spoons. That was insane nice. I love good gold days holy that's, a nice one, yeah yeah. Every now and then oh, i saw yes, oh there's, two there's, no nice here's me nuggets okay, we'll lean it back just a little bit. There goes one beautiful clean, hopefully not the last, în regulă, let's rewash. It let's see what we got in here. Om. It is back on ready for the gold train giggity gold train on oh, Dumnezeule, man got ta be hitting 20 astăzi. Look at that mess dude all the way into the bottom. da, good work guys. da, i paid to bring that geologist in today. Ei bine, he actually paid to come in today, so that's the beauty of it. Știi, știi, nu-mi place, Bine, so look at that. Can i get him to ride. Look at there and a chunk of paper towel: Bine, good he's, dribbling! I know three, two one, not bad god. Every time we do that we're, like oh it's, gon na, be huge, and then it is Laughter that's, pretty decent that's, decent it's like trying to read tea leaves.

Is it telling you a story exactly i mean my wife's told me, she's seen bigger, but wow yeah. She told me now: it was windy, as outside agreed bring it inside to do the way everything is dried out. Now everybody can hear us again. The gold is beautiful. We get to weigh it up you! You want me to set this up for you too. Aici. nu, no i'm. Sorry this this seems to be like a normal scale. You could fit in. You just happen to have this in your pocket all day time to take a bit. îmi place, that's what you said: Bine, cool! Mulțumesc, sir power, does this? Do troy ounces grams that's? All all i needed anyway, pounds quarter ounces. Eight pounds wait a second beautiful yeah there. It is zeroed out see when we're outside. If there was any wind, it would frig with it wouldn't it yeah. Bine, it's still a little damp boys that's, Bine, Bine, i can't do all this, so somebody help me out here juicy. I want to see this look at this nice big display, good thinking, man, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, five grams, Wow, seven point three: seven come on twenty eight twelve! You guys were always. I said: 18. Dude. îmi place. It catches all the gold. Oh, nu, Oh, da! Look at that 18 on the button. 18 grame, drăguţ. Nice almost 20. Azi, oh an extra piece in there, every little piece counts: man, 18 grame, that's, decent good job boys.

Thank you for the advice, glad we're glad we were starting to dig in and we'll we'll dig more around those rocks next time as well yeah exactly so, i suppose for full weigh in there's all the gold we've done. This is all 12 other episodes yeah. Do we want to compare scales, see how accurate it is? Yeah just go ahead. Go ahead, pour that in there see if it is 18., so gentle yeah 17.9 that's pretty dang close man. What about the couple little pieces that oh there's one right there? Yes there's! One in the bottom of the pan, one in the pan, we're terribleoh you're, just dumping it all over. Look at that 18 grams right there perfect all that effort to get it out of the ground. We'Re just spilling it right back on there here. Bine, pour it in yeah, exactly 18.1. That makes sense, Deşi: okay yeah it's, not touching anything 18.. Here we go count it out: matt. 19. 20. 21. 25. 30.. Here'S, an ounce, 35, 40, 44, 40. 52. 110, 125. Wow 125. Is that four ounces dude dude? I want to make sure i don't pour it all over everything right now. Take your time come on now you want to take that part. Nu există. You go no last time you're holding it, you didn't push the record button. Remember you told me to kind of forgot. I forgot to uncut look at that 125.. I can do this.

I can do that no worries, oh you can do it. Om, yeah big big slap on the back that's, true there's, something that's built out because of this middle thing. Here is catching me: there we go four ounces, guys a couple of flakes under there. Unbelievable we'll get him man, but four ounces almost to the well i'm freaking with it now: Bine, four ounces, dudes, unbelievable job boys. Thank you for all your help. In digging the gold out of my backyard, i could not do it without you. da, we had a good time. da, thank you very much. Hats together on three youtube gold, one, two, three yeah! You guys kick ass, and so do you too so make sure to leave a comment see in the next episode? Oh this chicken, Oh, băiat, you're, so lucky, oh trey, rocks huh got him.