As the smoke from the wildfires remain to blanket the meadowsthe #YouTubeGOLD crew is hard at the workplace. We continue our quest towards our 1/2 oz of Gold for the season. I absolutely have a lot more respect for the Gold Miners of the world. since also in 1/14th scalethis Sh!t is TOUGH! Krazy Joe and Newbie 101 are onsite today to offer "Sluice box Steve" and also I a hand. Sluice box is excellent on the controlsut we have a lot a lot more we can do with new operators.

Are we going to find Gold?! Evident! The true trick of this programis nothing you see is "real". Everything is generally staged (well as much as we can plan when playing!), as well as though we are extracting genuine gold (yes it's actual pay dust), real Gold is the experience we get as buddies, what we really hope the audiences get watching a couple of goofballs delight you with some really great toys. One mans leisure activity, is one more's home entertainment on YouTube! Now all I have to do is to continue learning how to sluice for Gold. We are all novices, we have never extracted prior to. yet, I have actually always had a passion for Radio Control, and also for finding Gold!

" YouTube de aur" is a #Parody collection based around the GOLD Shows of TV that all of us recognize as well as like. #GoldRush #YukonGold #BeringSeaGold every one of these are shows that my household take pleasure in seeing!

A great deal of audiences ask me concerns about the items I utilize in my videos, and I have actually discovered to pass along this details in my video clip summaries. I hope it assists if you wonder regarding my HD Tools. I bought every one of my Strong Building and construction tools distributed by a business called "RC4WD". Right here is a web link:

I am utilizing the older design of excavator, the 870K wheel loader, the DXR2 Dozer, and the 797F Haul Truck. These makers are really excellent. and also EXTREMELY HEAVY! All steel, aroundTrue hydraulic systems that have ample power for your Radio control designing needs.

I have actually always understood that making a GOLDEN GOOSE would be possible with RC models. and finally I get to understand this dreamalso if the scale is all 1/14th in size!

" 1 Million Sights Club":


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